Campaign House Rules

There are a few differences within the W&P Campaign, mainly little things, aesthetic things, and things I think should be, or not be, depending on the situation.

Chat/Action Interrupts

We use a number of interrupt codes during other players actions to show we need to state something, example:
[ ! ] - Your character wishes to say something or attempt to take an immediate action. Please wait until the GM calls on you, this interrupt is first come first serve.
[ ? ] - You have an OOC question for the GM or another player. Please wait until the GM calls on you, this interrupt is first come first serve.
[ A ] - You wish to make an "Aid Another" check. Please wait until the GM calls on you, this interrupt is first come first serve, only 2 Allies may help another character make an Aid Another check.
[ AFK ] - Signifies you are completely away from your computer.
[ BRB ] - Signifies you are at your computer but unable to respond.
[ Back ] - Signifies you are back from AFK or BRB.
[ Pass ] - Means to skip your current or next future turn. You may also put a number beside it to indicate you plan to Pass for the next several future turns (up to 3 only please!). If you choose to Pass, its assumed your character automatically goes along with whatever general action the party takes (Such as walking to town)

Holding Actions

A Character may choose to intentionally lower his winning initiative to "Hold his action" for that turn, to 1 point lower then his opponent. In the following turn he will receive a +1 to his Initiative score on top of his normal roll and bonuses, and may use any left over Attack/Actions not used in the previous round. You may only use these extra actions if you WIN Initiative in the immediate following round, and may not hold your action in the round proceeding the round you held your action in last.
On Marcus's turn he Wins Initiative but decides to declare that he is going to "Hold His Action" this turn - automatically losing his initiative. An Invid Enforcer attacks him 3 times, of which he parries once and dodges twice, leaving him 2 of his 5 actions unused. The following turn he rolls and ties the Enforcer, but gets a +1 bonus to his score, giving him an Initiative win, and receives 7 actions total this turn (5 normal + 2 held = 7). He uses 4 of his 7 actions to kill his enemy, 2 to dodge counter attacks, and 1 to change his speed. Next round he is engaged by an Invid Shock trooper and once again wins initiative, opting to hold his action again. He uses 4 of his 5 actions to dodge attacks, and saves the last giving him potentially 6 actions if he wins the initiative next round. He rolls and scores low, losing to the Shock trooper even with his bonus, and so has only his 5 actions for this melee.

Adjustment: Missiles

Missiles are laid out for basics in all of the Palladium manuals, but I feel they need some expansion on. Primarily are the seeker heads on missiles. The A-Typical missile uses a Radar Seeking warhead unless otherwise stated below:
EF/DF/ASC: Missiles typically use Radar seeking for all their missile types.
Zentraedi/Meltrandi: Typically use Radar guided missiles for their SRM's and MRM's. LRM's are typically Image Guided
Masters: When they do use missiles (A rarity) they typically use Image Guided
Invid: Protoculture Guided

-Typed of Warheads Seeker Bonuses
Unguided (Mini-Missiles) - HtH Bonus to strike
Radar Guided / Heat-Seeking - +2 to Strike
Image Recognition (IR) - +3 to Strike
Protoculture Guided - +2 to strike + Invid Protoculture Sensor Bonus (If applicable)
A.I. Guided "Smart" - +5 to strike / +3 to dodge 2 melee attacks per turn
Remote Guided - Use half of pilots strike and dodge bonus, half of pilots attacks a turn
Radiation Guided - +3 to Strike, +6 to strike if fired while in pursuit of target or target has sustained reactor damage.
High Maneuverability – Adds +2 to Strike / +2 to dodge and 1 additional melee attack to the bonuses granted by any Warhead Seeker.

-Dodging Volley's of 4 or more
A Character can dodge 1 additional missile in volley's of 4 or more based on their level, starting from level 3. At level 3 a character may attempt to dodge a volley of 4, after that every 2 levels the character may dodge 1 additional missile.

-Missile Notes
Plasma Missiles: Do half their original damage in the following turn against the target(s) they struck. As Plasma "sticks" to its target, its damage would be almost corrosive in nature as it burns.
Napalm Missiles: 90% chance to ignite flammable materials. Napalm will burn for 2d6 rounds against flammable materials, 1d6 rounds against non-flammable.
"Multi"-Warhead Missiles: The main missile body does not eject additional missiles, but MIRV style warheads which can propel themselves an additional 90 feet to their target, have an MDC of 10 each, and receive an additional +2 to strike against large targets, +1 to strike against mecha sized and smaller. The first attack/action of the missile is to see if it reaches its target, the second to see if the warheads hit as programmed.
"Reflex"-Warheads: Denote Nuclear missiles (See Palladium rules for radiation effects)
Cluster-Bombs/Warheads: Work like Multi-warheads, except where noted. Typically 2d6 Bomblits hit, each doing 3d6 damage on average to each section of the vehicle/mecha. If the unit they attack is larger then the cluster bombs blast radius, then only apply damage to the immediate surrounding sections (if a very large target, then simply multiply the damage against 1 section such as the main body by the number of bomblits that hit)
Gravity-Bombs: This has been a constant question for a lot of people, and Palladium does have rules for it. Typically Bombs come in Small, Medium, and Large versions of normal missile types, and pilots are -4 to strike stationary targets, -6 to strike moving targets, and -10 to strike small moving targets (such as a cyclone), blast radius are doubled though. Precision versions of bombs do exist and are +2 to strike large/stationary targets, and +1 to strike large moving targets. Small targets such as mecha and cyclones are a straight die role.

HEAP Missiles: Are Armor Piercing missiles, so do x3 times the amount of damage on a critical hit.

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