With John

(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d20] => [18] = (18)
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): You recognize one of the 'guards' as one of the Town 'Militia', the mooks you saw when you entered the town a few days back
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): Says to guard, "Where are we being taken?"
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): The guard looks at you and smiles, and spits off the side of the vehicle. He laughs a sinister chuckle. "You'll see. Thief."
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): You travel for another 10 to 15 minutes and you can see the lights of Heptac'va in the distance and a large fortress compound looms ahead.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): ooc Am i completely enclosed?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): Open air cab…but they have you sitting in the center.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): What is the terrain like?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): rough, but not overly so, you can’t see that much because it's dark, but the moonlight illuminates some trees here and there
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John gets up suddenly. Using all of his strength John strikes the guard with his shackled hands and without pause he vaults out of the cab.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): roll strike
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): roll strike ^_^
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): You are able to shove the guard to the side and leap off the moving truck. roll punch fall…or any physical skills that would be applicable.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): roll
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): You land badly
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): ouch
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): I was expecting that
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): roll a D6 direct to HP and 2D6 to SDC
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d6] => [5] = (5)
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [2d6] => [1,1] = (2)
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): Very ouch
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): The hover truck stops and you hear Vendris' voice. "UEEF, if you do not return immediatly, we will kill the others. Do not test me in this."
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): Where did he land
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): you landed off to the side of the road, the truck proceeded on for about 70 or so feet before they stopped…(hover vehicles aren’t really known for their exceptional breaking ability..)
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John rolls off the road. He will keep moving and look for an escape rout(cover)
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): Vendris' voice repeats his vow to execute the other if you do not return.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John continues
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): There is the sound of a single blaster shot.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): blaster…
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): He keeps moving
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): roll a perc
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [2d20] => [19,13] = (32)
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [d20] => orpg.dieroller.d20.d20
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d20] => [14] = (14)
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): you figure it is a good 10 mile hike back to Anver'sa
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): Not worried about the hike right now. He keeps moving as fast as he can.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): okie dokie, roll a perc
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): ooc what is around me? Trees, water, bushes?
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d20] => [16] = (16)
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): There is vegetation all around, some offers good cover, some not. There are no bodies of water. The sound of the hover truck recedes into the distance.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): He takes the most covered rout deeper into the foliage.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): roll navigation
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d100] => [50] = (50)
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): pass
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): running further into the underbrush you are able to use a visible plume of smoke form Tsien'va as a land mark
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): Can I see my position on the map?
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): prob not
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): nope, yeah sorry
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): Ok. He keeps moving at a comfortable pace toward Tsien'va
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): roger that
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): 'Oh god, what have I done? I'll make that sun of a bitch pay! One way or another justice will be met.'
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): guilt…it's a mother fucker!
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): I'll be honest, I NEVER of one second thought you keep going LOL
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): hehe
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): 1st Rule of Gaming: Players Will do their OWN thing.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): true dat
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): So the other players still don't know yet what has happened with John?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): apparently not LOL
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): how frikkin cool is THAT!?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): fog of war baybee
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): Have you kept a log of the whispers?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): yup
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): well, I will, this is the first one that had rolls in it ^_^
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): I see
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): the rest was RP and I can deal with that in a narrative ^_^
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): I'll add some thoughts John has if you don't mind.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): please
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): hee hee hee and soon they will notice…where is John
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John moved kcuickly, forcing each step. He landed pretty hard back there and was in considerable pain.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): "Probably broke few ribs" he though as he plodded on.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): He stopped briefly to rub some mud/dirt on his face and the parts of his uniform. Hopefully it would make him less visible if they came back.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): He was hoping that Vendris was bluffing when he said he would kill the others. He hoped that shot he heard was just a ruse to get him back.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): hee hee hee
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): Jeron again calling for ya lol
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): lol
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): no this is fun!
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): now
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): lets see how long it takes for them to realize something’s wrong.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): no joke
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): I 'm betting another few minutes…before they send someone to check up on you
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): So these shackles have a chain linking them?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): hmm?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): shackles?
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): yes
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): yeah, basically a futuristic set of handcuffs
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): sdc?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): you don’t know…
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): ok. John stops for a moment and sits down. He takes the screwdriver from his pocket and pokes it through the chain link in the center of his leg shackles
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): He then proceeds to twist the screw driver around and round trying to break the chain with torsion.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): roll it
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d100] => [12] = (12)
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): SNAP! the leg shackles are separated
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): Excellent
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John gets up and continues as fast as he can
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): running
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): At least he can move al little faster now he though as he moved through the foilage toward the smoke plume.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): I feel like Harrison Ford lol.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): Dun de dunn dun dun de dunn!
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): still no one checking up on ya…
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): Hmph!
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): *Crosses arms*
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): lol
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John hated Leaving Bria like that but he had to do something.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): He couldn't stand by and be taken in like a low life thief.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John forced himself to breath. Each breath was an agony but he had to get help.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): He kept moving
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): The night air is cold, biting, but you press on, your legs feeling like lead weights, your heart pounding in your chest
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): In the distance you can hear the faint crack crack crack of weapons fire, and this far away from any civilization, you can see the tell tale flashes of light all around you, you recognize this as explosions and artillery fire, it seems that the entire area east and south of your Area of Operations is locked in combat
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): Do me a favor and put an arrow pointing toward my position off the map.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): i.e that scene in Saving Private Ryan, where they are walking on that ridge and the clouds are being illuminated by air bursts etc…
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): ok. thanks
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John will continue moving south and will try to avoid the areas under fire while trying to reach his objective.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): South south east
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): As you move along you can hear the sounds of jets overhead, roll perc
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d20] => [11] = (11)
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): your not sure, but, given your luck, they probably aren’t UEEF
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): How close do they sound?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): distant
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): ok. He continues moving.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): if they are going faster then the speed of sound, they have well passed you, if not, they are way up there
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): k
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): They still have no clue. Lu thinks I'm asleep. Heh
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): lol
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): so I figure it will take an hour and 20 mins for John to run the ten miles in game time?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): that is unless they notice you are missing and go looking for you…
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): taking account of his injuries and terrain
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): we will see.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John ran through the brush, half stumbling. He could only move so fast in the tarlight.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): John figures if they haven’t come back by now, that they wont…maybe the road might not be so bad after all, he fights the logic, part of him desperately wanting the ease of level ground, the other, desperately not wanting to get shot at
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): He decided to take the road. He would have to keep aware though. He had to make time and get to the others.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): The trek is far easier on level ground…although most every loud sound or crack of distant weapons fire causes you to cringe
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): hee hee hee here it comes
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): comes
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): "Fucking Haydonites! Why did they do this? And that fucker Vendris, he deserves to be tortured. The nerve! If he has harmed them I'll tear him apart."
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): bout time.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): lol
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): LOL
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): it's moments like this where I LOVE being a GM
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): heheh they are gonna be kicking themselves now
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): Don't forget that I left my armor and weapon there
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): nod
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): thank you
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): np
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John continues on the road, Thankful for the easier terrain.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): some time passes and you hear vehicles approach, and what looks to be headlights
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): What do they sound like.
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): roll a perc
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John darts off the road into the brush
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): He takes a spot where he can see the incoming vehicle.
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d20] => [7] = (7)
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): sounds weird, a kathump kathump and a vrrrrrrrrrr
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): presently a plodding Silverback and Cyclone pass by
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): actions?
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): John runs out and shouts at them, "Stop!! Stop!!"
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): How well do I know the laws?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): I dunno?
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): roll a int check,
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): [1d20] => [18] = (18)
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): what’s your character IQ?
(4) Lt. Magna: (whispering): 17 :(
(2) Lt. Ishida : (whispering): ugh, close but not close enough, yeah, you don't know the EXACT particulars, but yes, negotiation is probably key, and maybe, a bribe…money talks and bullshit walks… universal constant

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