William Lee

Full name: William Barton Lee
Nickname: Tank
Call signs:
Age: 17
Birthplace: North America: Texas
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 350lbs
Hair Color: Red
Race: Human / Zentraedi Hybrid
Ethnicity: North American
Birth Order: 1st of two.
Siblings and Parents: Grandmother, Mother, Wife (Deceased), Half Brother.

Psychology Profile:

Views on Earth:

Having been born on Earth he vies it as his home, hates being in space, and don't like Aliens with burrs up their rears trying to destroy constantly. Will seriously consider decking any body who bad mouths it.

Views on Aliens:

Lee generally likes most aliens allied to humans but HATES Tiroleans, due to his fathers death when he was but a toddler, in the master's war. HATES Slugs (I.E. Invid) due to the death and destruction cause to many people dear to him by them. Has Rabid hate of Haydonites above Tiroleans and Masters though

Views on War:

Lee Veiws this as the natural state of sentient life, however he stongly feels civilized people should codify it to prevent uneeded collateral damage… He knows not all races are so honorable though…

Medical Profile:

Lee has a large burn scar on back and several healed bullet wounds.

Military History:

  • Resistance Fighter: Earth: 2041-2044.
  • Basic Training: Mars Base: Camp North
  • Assigned: Phoenix Battle Group / 33rd MEU / DESRON 14


William was born in late 2027 to what some would consider and in appropriate relationship, he father Robert, himself half Zentraedi, married his mother a full blood zent from the 1st Robotech war…. at the tender age of 15 and Robert was the result of the union. it was a brief love that end in his fathers death shortly after his conscription into the Forces of the ASC. fortunately he had his mother and grand mother to raise him during the difficult person of the Invid occupation…. both his Grandma and Mom lead a resistance group so he grew up in a violent and dangerous environment. He received his field training from ASC survivors, and constantly hung out with the technical support, learning all he could, by age 13 he had killed his first bandit, and by 14 he had 20 Invid kills under his belt. He fought hard for someone so young, and was at reflex point where he lost his love Sara Gallagher in the savage fighting. Upon finding out about the neutron-s backup plan he was furious…. The only thing that made him join The Expeditionary force, was his love and respect for his mother and grandmother who did so themselves and suggested he do so…. That and his dislike for the Haydonites duplicity.

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