UEMC Weapons & Equipment

Additional Weapons and Equipment available to UEEF/UEMC personnel.

(Subject to the pilots Service Record and Supply Availability)

The UEMC uses all the standard Weapons of the UEEF, from the ubiquitous H-90 Gallant, to the new H-260 Valiant. Weapons from the old UEG armories are also available. In order to support a marine Fireteam, other, more specialized weapons are usually called for, from Sniper Rifles to crew served Grenade Launchers. Other weapons, like the AA-1 and AA-2 Mines can also be used, but are are rarely employed by the UEMC, since they, like their predecessors before them, prefer to be on the offense, leaving the defense of an objective, or area, to the UEA (United Earth Army).

GAU-15 78mm

  • Primary Purpose: Assault / Anti Mecha
  • Range: 5.0 km
  • Damage: 6d8 MD for single shot; 6d8x5 for a 5 round short burst; 6d8x10 for a 10 round medium burst; 6d8x20 for a 20 round long burst.
  • Rate of Fire: The pilot can fire as many single shots as his combined hand to hand attacks per melee.
  • Payload: 50 rounds stored internally.
  • Notes: -4 to strike within 500m; Mecha under 100 tons struck by the GAU-15 must make a piloting roll at -15% to avoid being knocked to the ground
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