UES Stellar Jungle

Name: UES Stellar Jungle: SDCV-95 (SUNK March 3, 2044)
Class: Ikazuchi Super Dimensional Carrier
Commissioned: 2040
Keel laid down: 2041 Tyrol Orbital Space Yard Facility 339

Captain: CAPT Tidus Grey (Deceased)
Executive Officer: CDR Clayton Jamil
Carrier Air Group Commander: LTCDR Dirk Revan

Embarked Squadrons:

VFA-82 Thunderbolts
VMA-145 Tigers
VMA-205 Reapers
VFA-77 Fairy
VFA-414 Harpy
VMA-199 Dragon
VFA-226 Chimera
VFA-60 Sphinx
VMA-156 Susana-oh

Operational History:

2041-2043 ???
2043-2044 Assigned to the 101st Reclamation Fleet
2044: Escort Duty: Sol System

SUNK: March 3, 2044

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