UEMC Weapons

The UEMC uses all the standard Weapons of the UEEF, from the ubiquitous H-90 Gallant, to the new H-260 Valiant. Weapons from the old UEG armories are also available. In order to support a marine Fireteam, other, more specialized weapons are usually called for, from Sniper Rifles to crew served Grenade Launchers. Other weapons, like the AA-1 and AA-2 Mines can also be used, but are are rarely employed by the UEMC, since they, like their predecessors before them, prefer to be on the offense, leaving the defense of an objective, or area, to the UEA (United Earth Army).

M-307/312 Mk.II ACSW (Advanced Crew Served Weapon)

In the late 1980's the SAMP Project gave birth to the M-307 / M-312. Utilizing 'Smart Shell' ammunition the weapons were revolutionary, despite this, the project was canceled in 2007. However, upon the arrival of the SDF-1 in 2009, the SAMP Project was resurrected. While the older Mk.19 was upgraded to the Mk.25, the Mk.25 is meant to be mounted on jeeps, and other armored vehicles. Due to the unique attenuated recoil system, the M-307 does not require mounts or sandbags to be employed by dismounted infantry. The M-307 / M-312 is also lighter (only 50 pounds, four pounds lighter them the Mk.25) and has longer reach, (6,000 feet as opposed to the Mk.25's paltry 1,700) making it ideal for the Marine on the go. The M-307 also makes use of 25mm rounds, instead of the bulkier 40mm. This allows for more ammunition to be carried, and the rounds can be used in the M-303 Grenade Launcher that is often attached to the M-55 Wolverine.

  • Range: 6,000ft
  • Damage:
    • FRAG: 4D6 to a 12 foot radius for a single round, 2D6x10 to a 24 foot radius with a 6 round burst.
    • HEAP: 6D6 to a 3 foot radius for a single round, 3D6x10 to a 8 foot radius with a 6 round burst.
    • Tear Gas: Saving throw vs. 16 to a 24 foot radius.
    • Smoke: None, can obscure a 40 foot area per round.
  • Payload: 50 or 100 rounds in a disintegrating link belt.


The M-307 operators have the option of swapping out the 25mm barrel and replacing it with a 12.7mm (.50 Caliber) barrel, effectively converting the M-307 into the M-312 in under 2 minutes (1min 47sec)

  • Range: 5,000ft
  • Damage: 2D8 per round, 2D6x10 per 20 round burst.
  • Payload: 500 rounds in a disintegrating link belt.

Image courtesy US DoD / End War

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