Vehicles of the UEMC

The UEEF Marine Corps, like any military force cannot rely on a handful of vehicles to carry the day, no matter how versatile the machine or skilled the operator.
In many ways, General Leonard was correct. There would always be a need for mission specific weaponry. Purpose built weapon systems designed to do one thing incredibly well instead of requiring an already overly complex machine such as an Alpha, or Silverback, to adapt. In tandem, the variable mecha could fall back on the steady base of the mission specific designs and, in turn, the mission specific designs would act as a force multiplier to their more mission agile siblings.

The issue of cost also plays an important role, variable mecha are expensive, not only in the resources necessary to create them, but in the man hours needed to care and maintain them as well as training an operator in their complexities and use. Non transformable, dare we say, conventional, equipment is cheaper to produce, easy to fix and easier to use.

The UEEF Marine Corps makes use of a variety of non-transformable mecha, some dating back to the early 2000's. Upgrades and SLEP programs have kept some in service, while others are reincarnations of older, reliable designs.


  • The next evolution of the venerable Humvee, new body styling and integrated armor plate coupled with aspects of Robotechnology found aboard the SDF-1 have made for a sturdy, well rounded vehicle. As ubiquitous as the M299 and M399 (Both also in wide use within the UEEF) the M599 is a common site within UEEF military formations and occupy a vital place within the UEMC TO&E.

Vehicle Type: M599
Class: Multipurpose Utility Vehicle.
Crew: 1 plus up to 5 passengers.
MDC By Location

  • Main Body: 100
  • Wheels (4): 15
  • Windscreen: 25

Speed: 85mph

Cargo: 350 tons and can haul a 4 ton trailer.

Weapons Systems:

  • Can mount any of the Cyclone or Silverback's hand held weapons, as well as any ASC heavy weapon on the turret mount. (Weapons damages the same, only the styling is different.)
  • Systems of note: Smoke Lances x12

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