145th Tigers / VMA-145
145th Tigers Squadron Flash

145th Tigers History

The original 145th was a Air Refueling Squadron of the Ohio Air National Guard (OANG) based out of Rickenbacker ANGB. This unit served with distinction from 1956 until 2011 when the Zentreadi Rain of Fire vaporized their home station and all of their airborne assets. The 145th designator remained unused until it was resurrected as a UEMC (United Earth Marine Corps) ad hoc squadron aboard the UES Steller Jungle. The 145th was a mixed asset unit of VF/A-6 Alpha's and Spartas 1A3 VHT's tasked with point defense duties. With only three members initially, the squadron was woefully undermanned, but spirits are high and the new unit is eager to prove themselves. With the destruction of the UES Steller Jungle on March 3rd, 2044, the 145th Tigers transferred their command to the UES Magellan Colony ship pending word from UEEF Fleet Command at Moon Base ALuCE.

Officially transferred to the Magellan after the Battle of L5 the 145th Tigers have been assigned to the UES Magellan R&D Department under the command of Lt. Colonel Melanie McGregor. Due to the expected low mission and ops tempo the Tigers have also been tacitly 'loaned' to the Magellan's CDF (Colony Defense Forces) , reporting to Commander Sanchez. A new member, a Lieutenant Taira Langley, has been assigned to them as liaison to the CDF. With 2LT Langley help the Tigers have secured a new home within the Magellan's Upperton district.

145th Squadron leader Suki Ishida's personalized Alpha

Squadron Roster

  • Squadron CO: 1LT Suki Ishida
  • Squadron XO: LTJG William Jameson
  • Flight 1 Lead:
  • Flight 2 Lead: BvLT Sarah Amdahl
  • CDF Liaison Officer: 2LT Taira Langley
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