Hell's Gate

Chapter 1

The year is 2044; the Haydonites have struck from the Shadows that bear their name and have rendered the UEEF fleet nigh impotent. The Earth is liberated, the Invid fled, leaving behind only uncertainty, despair, and those rogue elements that did not heed the Regess call to ascend and transplant. In orbit around the moon, the ships of the United Earth Expeditionary Fleet seek to consolidate. Now, a new chapter is beginning to be written. Aboard the UES Stellar Jungle, an Ikazuchi carrier at the van of a small flotilla, captained by the relentless perfectionist, egotist, racist, Tidus Gray. This ship, relegated to the escort duty of colony ships destined to repopulate the Earth after so many years of bitter struggle, has acquired new blood, young blood. Ishida Suki, born on Earth, her home Japan, known now as Nihon, spirited away at a young age into the safety of space. Sarah Amdahl, a resistance fighter from the Dakota’s, trained in the use of nigh obsolete mecha, and who harbors a deep secret. They have come together as part of the newly formed 145th Tigers Squadron. New meat for the grinder; unproved, untested, and now, relegated to the seemingly menial task of point defense aboard their mother ship.

With the appearance of the first wave of colonial transplants, damaged, having barely escaped a Haydonite raiding party and flanked by a new wave of devastating weaponry; our hero’s must now sally forth, and prove themselves worthy to a xenophobic captain and a motley cadre of fellow pilots.

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