Suki Ishida (GoH)

Full Name: Ishida no Suki
Nickname: Kiki-chan (Used (only) by Aki) Sukiyaki (Used (only) by her Commando class mates.)
Call signs: Mouse (Given in flight school due to her diminutive size)
Age: 17 ½
Birthplace: Ishida Castle, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 125lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese
Birth Order: Second born
Siblings and Parents: All presumed deceased. Family retainer: Sen no Aki: Aki resides within the Nihon quarter of Moon Base ALuCE; he currently runs the affairs of the Ishida clan in Suki’s stead.

Psychology Profile:

General psychological makeup: Suki has a level head, is an adept learner and possess a keen desire to excel. She is outgoing and warm to those she trusts those that comport themselves with honor, the elderly and the needy. She is polite yet distantly cold when dealing with those in station above her that do not have honor, or her trust. To those beneath her in station she can be hard but understands that the defining characteristic of a leader is to bring out the best qualities of those under her command, thus she leads by example, but woe be to the malcontent or malingerer that crosses her. She lives by the seven precepts of Bushido.

Views on Earth:

She remembers Earth as her home and a happy place. Her saddest memory was of leaving it and her family behind on her father’s orders. Thus she looks upon Earth thru the prism of optimism.

Views on Aliens:

Suki recognizes that the Zentraedi all but obliterated her homeland in the First War and that they were sent by the Robotech Masters that, luckily, did not pay much attention to Japan in the Second outside of the occasional slave raids. She does not hate the Zentraedi and has no qualms about socializing with them, however the Masters are known to her as Kagainin (Evil people) or Tsujin (People who steal.) To the Invid she maintains a warriors hate. They are the enemy until told otherwise. The Hydonites are Hangyakunin (traitors), worthy only of death (unless quarter is ordered by her superiors.)

Views on War:

Suki is samurai; follower of Bushido, war is in her blood and has been as far back as the Edo Period of Japan. She does not abhor it, nor does she glamorize it. War is what it is. If she must fight then she must, and will do so with honor.

Medical Profile:

Suki is allergic to Penicillin. She has had a few sprains and bad bumps incurred during her martial arts and Academy training. She has no tattoos or distinctive marks. She suffers mild Fold Sickness which is treatable by Dramamine.

Military History:

Suki enlisted in the Academy at Moon Base ALuCE where she took her entrance exams then transferred to Camp North, Valles Marineris, Mars, for Boot Camp, then to the UEEF Academy for, OCS, Basic, and Advanced Flight. Having enlisted at the trailing edge of a mass re-manning after the 21st Mars Division's annihilation her class slot was ‘overbooked’. To keep her skills honed she opted to cross train as a Marine Commando until a Pilot slot opened up. Her first posting was to the UES Oriskany and she participated in the 3rd Reclamation Fleets assault on Reflex Point.


Suki is not comfortable around animals except horses, cats, dogs, squirrels, small birds, and other creatures she has had familiarity with during her short time on earth. Other animals frighten her until she gets used to them and generally she will avoid them until told by a trusted individual that they are safe.

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