State Of The Galaxy

Sol Sector:

  • Earth:

In the wake of the 101st Expiditionary Fleet's assault on Reflex Point and the breakneck rebuilding push in the years following, the landed colony ships have become the hub metropolises for Earth's peoples. The construction of New Monument City’s civic and military centers is complete and now houses the Leonard Administration’s offices and personnel. Across the globe other centers of power in Oslo, Mexico City, Johannesburg, St. Petersburg, and New Brasilia administer to their regions, reporting to the ASC General Staff. The ASC, in order to, better protect the populace have adopted a Humanity and Earth First policy. Non humans are no longer considered citizens, merely residents, and their rights under the law are limited.  

  • The Armies of the Southern Cross:

Having survived the Invid Invasion by going underground, the ASC had been able to husband much of their post invasion strength, as well as build up a solid network of contacts and outposts. This network served as the backbone for the ASC's resurgence onto the global state. Now, with Supreme Commander Eli Leonard as the political and military head of the UEDF the ASC has begun a mass rearming. With ships of the line streaming out of the Mars and Jupiter shipyards, and volunteer and conscript soldier alike being trained in droves, the ASC has all but acquired total dominance over the majority of the planet and solar system. Following a hardline doctrine of Earth and Humanity First, the ASC forges forward in their task of ensuring that alien invaders will never again be able to bring harm to their home world.

  • The UEEF:

The UEEF has two major planet side bases of power; Tokyo, Japan, and Alice Springs, Australia. The UEEF on Earth is caught in a peculiar bind. Now that Earth has been liberated, the need for the UEEF has been greatly diminished. In a way, the UEEF has succeeded TO well. Already, many line units have seen their affiliation transfer from the UEEF banner to that of the newly constituted UEDF. In orbit, where the UEEF where they had a clearly defined job, UEEF ships are being released to fight the Haydonites in the Fantoma Sector. General Reinhardt, who at first had fought tooth and nail to have any tonnage released to assist in Fantoma Operations is now, as ships pour off the ASC assembly line, seeing all but a token UEEF presence transferred out system. General Reinhardt should be happy, but, cannot shake the old saying of "Be careful what you wish for…". This due to disturbing reports of anti-alien sentiment running amok dirt-side. The UEEF is also suffering a personnel crisis as a humans recruited from within the system are mustering out and transferring planet-side. To compound this, non-humans from the surface are fleeing into orbit in droves and while seeking a place in the UEEF reduces the overall manpower issue in terms of number, in terms of training, the transformation from rustic to professional soldier is resource and time consuming.

  • Independents:

Singular city states and smaller autonomous regions have risen and fallen over the last decade, first under the Invid Occupation. While some communities banded to gather for mutual protection from the Invid, others grew by openly supporting the Invid in return for protection or leniency. Still others retreated underground just to survive. Now that the overall security of the planet has been established, first under the UEEF aegis, and now under the umbrella of the ASC, the city states that survived the occupation turned on one another as anti Invid factions, bolstered by initial UEEF support leading up to the Battle of Reflex Point,used the arms and material given to them against sympathizers while others made land grabs while they could, all while small scale conflicts between neighboring states break the overall calm.  

  • Invid:

Not all the Invid followed the Regess’ siren call. Some, a small fraction, stayed behind, these groups usually fall under one of two classifications. The first being those consumed with bitter rage and hatred for all species non-Invid. These factions operate much like the more aggressive human Baronies, some harass their neighbors, and others are satisfied with holding onto what they have, with an iron fist. The second type of faction are those enamored with Earth and it’s culture, these are primarily newly evolved Stage 5 Invid, and seek to find their place in the only home they have known. These Invid while naïve, are not stupid, and while they may give the humans the benefit of the doubt, they well understand that to the average human they are still the enemy, a defeated enemy yes, but an enemy regardless. So, they strive to maintain a low profile and blend in. Some individuals are more vocal about reconciliation, namely Lancer and Sera, who preach understanding, citing the Zentraedi Precedent. Only time will tell if these words will fall on open minds, or deaf ears.

  • Mars Base:

The fleet yards of Mars are working overtime to rebuild and retool after the battle for Reflex Point and the Haydonite Betrayal. In terms of allegiance, Mars Base belongs to the UEDF as its foremost in-system colony; something the UEDF wants to maintain. For the last 20 years their entire focus of production and society has been to reclaim Earth, and as such, are dedicated to its protection. However, due to the close work with the UEEF over those same 20 years a sizable part of the Martian populace empathizes with the UEEF and their outward focus, seeing it a somewhat romanticized light.

  • Jupiter Base:

The Jovian system is the largest and furthest concentration of UEDF power in the Sol System. (Various outposts dot Neptune, Uranus and beyond, but none of these facilities maintain any permanent staff over 200). Jupiter Base serves as the final stop off before leaving the system as a whole as well as the first likely point of entry. Thus the base is structured like an overly large spaceport and border crossing facility. The base also administers the vital Helium 3 mining facilities that orbit the massive gas giant, and the expansive refinery stations that process the valuable commodity. Other military sub facilities fall under Jupiter Base’s umbrella. Various listening posts, space docks and even a Flight Test Facility all make up the JBC: Jupiter Base Complex.

  • Neptune:

Of all the outposts, Neptune Base is the largest, housing upwards of 4,000 personnel. Neptune Base is also home to an R&D facility, originally constructed in 2013. The base operated up until 2022, when the lions share of it's staff was transferred to the passing SDF-3 on it's way to the Fantoma system. (A seemingly final slap in the face of the ASC by the UEEF.) All but decommissioned, the facility sat unmanned until 2032 when advance units of the UEEF revived it as jump off point for ships returning to bolster Jupiter, Mars, and finally the Moon. By 2034 the JBC had superseded Neptune Base as the 'Entry Point' into the Sol System and the facility was reverted to it's original function as an In-System R&D facility.

  • Pluto:

The UEDF does not maintain any settlements this far out save for one. Near Pluto orbits Macross Island. This landmark is an orbiting graveyard and memorial akin to Arlington, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and sites from the Vietnam Memorial to the beaches of Normandy all combined. This facility is sacred to humanity and it's caretaker staff diligently and reverently tend the graves of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of humanity. Due to the sensitive nature of this facility an entire Carrier Group is tasked with its protection, on snap fold alert, waiting on call, in Neptune orbit.

  • Overall State of Affairs: Sol Sector:

Low intensity internecine fighting continues on Earth between various factions; Invid, Human, Zentraedi, UEEF, UEDF, ASC, and everything in between. The UEDF maintains that they are the major power, but those in the know recognize the ASC as the entrenched and established power bloc. Never-the-less, reconstruction continues. Sporadic Haydonite incursions occur from time to time, but UEEF and UEDF intelligence believes them to only be probing sorties, and harassment raids. So far the UEEF Fleet in system has been able to either destroy, or run off the (known) Haydonite presence. The GMP and UEEF Intelligence are working together to locate and root out any possible Haydonite infiltrators and outposts before any foothold, however slight, can be made. This is one of the few instances where the GMP and UEEF cooperate in any meaningful fashion.

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