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Robotech War & Peace

…is a friendly game, taking place after the events of the Haydonite/UEEF War. The 4th Robotech War is over, with the UEEF triumphant. Now, in 2050, five years later! the UEEF, renamed the REF (Republic Expeditionary Forces), is part of the Sentinal Confederation. They work now to secure the peace as nation states and criminal elements forced under the radar due to open war have begun to resurface and assert themselves.


The War & Peace Campaign is played on OpenRPG as well as AIM.
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Game Master: War & Peace

  • ten.xoc|2yelrutc#sirhC
  • Official 'Helper Elf': Carrie!
  • Current play times are Sunday evening from between 5:30 PST/7:30 CST to 9:00 PST/11:00 CST

Site Authors

  • ten.xoc|2yelrutc#yelruT sirhC
  • moc.mia|eirrachsarc#rekatihW eirraC

House Rules

  • ten.xoc|2yelrutc#yelruT sirhC
  • Marcus

Useful Spreadsheets

  • This spreadsheet is to easily and quickly determine distances and speeds of your Robotech Capital ships. There is also a calculator that will tally up the Time Dilation one would experience (Based on the only line of canon lore found in the shows, please feel free to adjust, or omit.) Note that the calculations in this spreadsheet assume that the Fantoma Sector is 6000ly distant from Earth.

  • This spreadsheet is to easily and quickly determine missile volleys from 1 to whatever against a single ship, a flotilla, or the entire Zentraedi armada. (You as the user will have to determine what the missiles hit, and how many of them, but, at least you will be able to rapidly determine how many actually will hit.) You can also factor in layers of defense for your fleets.

The sensor ranges and other information is utilized from the now defunct Cheetorne Robotech page

Please provide feedback on these so that they can be made better!!!

WP News:

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  • Our First session was logged on Feb 24th 2009!
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