Ships Cat

The Yukikaze took on this fluffy creature after it stowed away aboard Lt. Fallyna's Alpha. Since then it has made the ship its domain.


While there is no official name for the animal yet, obviously a former denizen of a Genesis Pit, the crew have been heard calling it Snowball, Fluffy, Blinky, Muffin, Fleabag, alongside 'Hey-you' and 'Get-out-of-here'.

Of late the wayward cat has gotten into trouble aboard ship as cats are wont to do. Some of her, yes, it has been determined that it is a she, more benign quirks includes napping on random Squadron members beds, and leaving furry mice in places where they are most likely to be stepped on. She also has an affinity for gnawing on plant life, as Suki's bamboo plant has discovered.

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