Ships of the Line

Hayes Class Destroyer


The Hayes Class destroyer was an interim design that was designed to replace the Garfish as a fast attack vessel. However the Garfish's utility as a pocket carrier kept that design from being decommissioned. The Hayes Class DD is a fine ship, and is generally recognized as the precursor to the more capable Shimikaze Class Battlecruisers. While earlier models had a integral fold drive, those being built after the Haydonite attack on Space Station Liberty will have to do without. As the US Navy did in WWII, the UEEF must do now, namely, 'build as many ships as fast as possible as cheap as possible.' This is not to say the Hayes Class is flawed or substandard, far from it, it is just that expensive features such as Fold Drives and certain amenities for the crew have been omitted in order to ease and speed production. Like the 'Tin Can's' of the Pacific, the Hayes Class is spartan, and built to do one thing well, to fight.

  • Model Type: Hayes Class Fast Attack Destroyer
  • Class: SDD Super Dimensional Destroyer
  • Ships Complement: 45
  • Mecha Pilots: 12
  • MDC By Location
    • Forward Hull Section: 14,500
    • Aft Hull Section: 15,500
    • Launch Bay: 900
    • Heavy Particle Beam Turret: 1000
    • Particle Beam Turrets (2): 300
    • Retractable Anti-Ship Lasers (20): 125 each
    • Main Thrusters (3): 700 each
    • Maneuvering Thruster (6): 350 each
    • Pin Point Barrier (3): 3000 each


  • Atmosphere: 400mph
  • Space: .25 Light Speed
  • Maximum Range: Limited by ships stores, usually 3 to 5 months.
  • Fold Drive: 10 lyph (60 Parsec range before Fold Drive needs to cool off.)


  • Length: 675 ft
  • Beam: 190 ft
  • Height: 120 ft
  • Weight: 64,000 tons

Mecha Compliment

  • 6 Legios Alpha/Beta Fighters
  • 2 Spider Bug
  • 2 Rabbit Shuttles

Weapon Systems:

  • HPC-440 Siege Cannon
    • Range: 186,411 Miles
    • Damage: 2D4x100 per Barrel. 4D4x100 for two barrels and 6D4x100 for all three.
    • Rate of Fire: Twice per melee round.
  • HPC-240 Double Barreled Cannons (2)
    • Range: 62,137 Miles
    • Damage: 1D4x100 per Barrel, 2D4x100 for both barrels.
    • Rate of Fire: Twice per melee round.
  • HM-6 Heavy Missile Launchers (6)
    • Range: Varies with Missile Type
    • Damage: Varies with Missile Type
    • Rate of Fire: 1 2, 4, or 6 at a time
    • Payload: 6 plus 36 Long Range Missiles.
  • MLWS-40 Rapid-Fire 40mm Point Defense Lasers (20)
    • Range: 310 Miles
    • Damage: 2D6x10 per burst.
    • Rate of Fire: Each burst counts as one attack. (Attacks dependent on gunner, 4 if left on automatic)
    • Payload: Unlimited while main reactors are on-line. 20 additional bursts in turret reserve capacitor.
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