The sea is dangerous and its storms terrible, but these obstacles have never been sufficient reason to remain ashore...

The UES Magellan, true to its namesake has (metaphorically speaking) circumnavigated humanities route to and from the Calypsi Colony.

Built as a demonstrator to test the self-sufficiency of the Calypsi Colony (deposited upon Calypso Minor by Megaroad-02) the Magellan Project has succeeded brilliantly. Calypsi, being the oldest of Earths colonial ventures hosted the Magellan Project to prove that, in the event that the damage wrought by the Zentraedi Rain of Fire was irreparable, the ability to create a new home world for humanity was possible.

Thus, the UES Magellan and her escort ships the Agamemnon and the Bismark were built locally, with no outside assistance from the UEG. Now, returning home to prove their success, the Magellan has folded smack dab into the center of the Fourth Robotech War.

Built along a closed-loop ecology the colony can sustain itself indefinitely provided the delicate eco-system is not damaged beyond it's ability to maintain homeostasis.

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With a population carrying capacity of 350,000 residents (not including crew and military personnel.) the colony is able to provide for itself on long haul emigration missions and deposit it's precious cargo on habitable worlds in safety and comfort.

Notable Locations

Upperton District: As the name suggests, an upper middle class residential area that houses a Shinto shrine that has become the home of the 145th Tiger Squadron.

Maidens Call Restaurant: A cute little cafe, with a pair of Maidens blowing on curved horns standing as statuesque sentries outside the front doors. The 'Call' is located in the forward part of the colony dome and the rear of the CCI (Carrier / Colony Interlink) respectively and sees a lot of military customers as the area is transited by UEEF personnel going to and from work in the Command section of the Colony as well as those stationed aboard the Magellan's carrier escort.

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