Sentinels Confederation


Sentinels Confederation

The Sentinels Confederation (or SenCon) is the governmental umbrella that covers the myriad races and their respective territories within the Fantoma Sector. The Confederation in it's current form is a more egalitarian version of older, Tirolian led, Mercantile Republic. In the old Republic, the Tirolian's held most if not all of the power, and once the Robotech Masters assumed control some centuries later, they held all the power.

Now, under the aegis of the Plenipotentiary Council, the Confederacy treats all signatory nations, including the Tirolian's, as equals.

Signatory Nations

  • Tirolian Republic
  • Karberran Hegemony
  • Garudan Freelands
  • Spherian Conclave
  • Praxian League
  • Peyrton States

The Sentinels Confederation was born from the ashes of the Robotech Masters Empire. In the wake of the devastating and costly Invid-Masters War, Tirol as a planet, was shattered, its infrastructure, economy, military, and society in ruins. With the UEEF’s arrival in sector around 2023 the balance of power in the region shifted sharply against the Invid, and by 2025 the siege and occupation over the Fantoma Sector in general and Tirol in particular had been broken. Over the next nineteen years the UEEF and the Tirolian peoples rebuilt their broken world. Farms were sown, cities rebuilt and the massive shipyards in orbit repaired and refurbished.

It was learned very early on that the Masters heading towards Earth had taken with them all that was useful from Tirol, including their population. All Tirolians of war fighting age had been stripped from the planet leaving only the young, elderly and the infirm. Of the 280 million that remained, and survived the Invid Occupation, were in no shape to govern, let alone provide for their care and defense.

So it was to the UEEF that the people of Tirol turned for leadership, security and sustainment. Under the Masters reign the need and skill to care for themselves had been stripped by the automation of all menial tasks, as well the concentration of power among the patrician classes. Those not of the Science or Warrior castes were kept docile and dependent. What the Masters left functional when the departed was destroyed by the Invid when they arrived and no living Tirolian beyond those assailing Earth had the technical expertise to repair them but for a handful of cast aside members of the Science caste deemed to old, to stubborn and to radical to tote along.

Mimicking the reconstruction models so successful on Earth following the Zentraedi Rain of Death, the UEEF set about rebuilding Tirol. Due to this, as well as the UEEF’s prior sacrifice of blood and treasure in liberating Tirol, the UEEF was, and still is, regarded as heroes and saviors. With the UEEF’s technical expertise and Tirolian fortitude Tirol would be deemed self sufficient in 2038.

With the Valivarre System a solid base of operations and industry for the UEEF the Sentinels War against the Invid strongholds within the Fantoma Sector were identified, isolated, and dispatched in detail. With every planet liberated more forces joined the fight. First Karberra and Praxis, Haydon IV, then Spheris, Garuda and Pertyon were liberated, the Invid were defeated, no long able to wage effective war, isolated on their last remaining world, Optera.

The only dark spot to the reconstruction efforts in the Valivarre System and the overarching war against the Invid was the abortive Edwards Coup of 2031. Over almost as soon as it began, Edwards was forced to flee only to be tracked down, a year later, and defeated over Optera.

In 2032, with Tirol secured from any Ghost Squadron hold outs the Coalition of Allied Planets aligned behind the UEEF Plenipotentiary Council, forming the Sentinels Confederation.


The Central Systems (clustered around Tirol) are currently undergoing stabilization and recovery operations in earnest. The lion’s share of any hold over resistance has been dealt with over the last four years (2046 - 2050) and what remains of hostile elements are usually limited to planetary governments, criminal groups, and the elements themselves. These principalities have been issues Republic Governors who are tasked with rebuilding their areas of influence.

These Governorships are highly prized appointments. The Central Principalities are by and large governed by lower level administrators in the pecking order due to the close proximity to the Capitol. Essentially, they are close enough to be given help, guidance and other assistance, and are also close enough were total autonomy isn’t a necessity.

Governors given responsibility over areas within the Tithing Principalities, while close enough to Tirol to receive prompt assistance, have a great economic responsibility as fully half of the major trade hubs for the Republic reside within the 'Tithe'.

Governors given authority within the Inner Principalities have a greater amount of autonomy and for them self sufficiency of their world is their prime concern. Those within the Outer Principalities and the Eastern Expanses are the furthest removed from the capitol and must rely on their own skills and resources, some consider this a banishment post, others an opportunity to shine. To aid them in this, the REF patrols these regions to ensure security, force of arms if needs be, commerce protection and limited police duties.
Each Principality region has their subdivisions and REF patrols are usually home based at the regional capital for there area of operations. Roving patrols are based at the Principalities Capital world and sortie from there, traversing the area in set and random patrol patterns. While the roving patrols do just that, roam the Principality, the more ‘static’ REF ships stay near planets and trade routes.

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