SDG/C-06 UES Reprisal

SDG/C (Gunboat / Command) UES Reprisal

Class: Rineunadoa Magdomilla

The UES Reprisal is a refit Meltran Gunship. This class of ship used to house Female soldiers exclusively, much like the Sien Macross Class vessels housed only males. With the re-purposing of this vessel, larger areas have been remolded to hold living space for a larger crew as well as ancillary staff, contractors etc. As with older ships of this type, the originals had the upper decks, or the ‘Command Citadel’ designed for use by Tirolians with the rest of the ship designed for the larger Meltrandi or Zentraedi. To save time, only the city decks had been completely altered to accommodate Micronian sized individuals. Decks 9 and 10 and the Outriggers still retain the corridors and launching mechanisms for Zentraedi sized mecha, although the clamps and utility umbilical's have been refit for UEEF mecha.

Like the Sien Macross and Meltrandi Gunship, the UES Reprisal mounts a Heavy Reflex Cannon in its forward sections.


Image Copyright Studio Nue (Shimikaze to Scale)

Crew Compliment

  • Ship’s Crew: 950
  • Troops: 1370
      • 600 Ready Pilots
      • 300 Reserve Pilots
      • 670 Marines
        • 1 Security Company
        • 4 ADA (Air Defense Artillery) Company
        • 1 Artillery Battery
        • 2 Airborne Assault Platoons


  • Length: 1,200 meters (3,960 feet)
  • Beam: 340 meters (1,122 feet)
  • Height: 210 meters (693 feet)
  • Weight: 17,500,000 tons

Mecha Complement:

  • 6 UEF VF/A-6 Squadrons (144 Legios)
  • 6 UEMC VF/A-6 Squadrons (144 Legios)
  • 2 UEF VF/E-6 EWAR Squadrons (48)
  • 6 QF-3000 Ghost Squadrons (144)
  • 1 Horizon-V Squadron (12)
  • 2 Artillery Platoons (8 HWR-00 Monster)
  • 16 ADA Platoons (32 Defenders, 32 Phalanx)
  • 4 Mechanized Infantry Platoons (64 ZBR-11 Mk.II)
  • Cyclones: Lots

Design Features of Note:

  • The Command Tower does not serve any primary functions. The four decks that normally comprise the command tower have been moved deep within the ship onto Deck Six. The command tower does maintain a working bridge, but it is used for harbor navigation purposes only. The rest of the Command Tower holds a cafe and lounge for off duty personnel to enjoy during non combat cycles. Beyond that, the armor is slightly thicker than normal and the surrounding area mounts twice the anti-aircraft guns as normal, allowing the tower to act as a lure for enemy fighter-craft.
  • Decks 7 and 8 hold a small city complex reminiscent in size and scope as to what was held aboard the SDF-1. Missing however, are areas for transformation actuators, as the UES Reprisal does not transform as the SDF-1 did. Both decks hold shops, restaurants and other areas, including a Red Light District for off duty personnel to unwind as well as the housing for the civilian contractors that staff them.
  • Decks 9 and 10 hold additional hanger, storage and maintenance space. It is from Deck 10 that the Horizon-V’s and other service craft are launched with the remaining space used as a cargo hold above and beyond normal ships stores. Deck 9 holds the majority of the land based mecha as well as preloaded Horizon bunkers for quick deployment. Deck 9 also mounts an array of 64 individual Drop Tubes for orbital insertion of up to two fully armed Platoons.
  • The engine outriggers on either side of the main hull house the fighter bays and the storage, pilot billets, ready rooms, and maintenance facilities needed to maintain them. The on-board squadrons are split between the two with each holding 10 squadrons each. (240 fighter-craft / 384 if the Legios’ Alpha and Beta are counted separately.)
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