SDFC-T Phoenix

SDFC-T (Tirol) UES Phoenix

Launched during the final day of UEEF control over Tirol, the UES Phoenix was able to spirit off world over 500,000 souls, civilian and military alike. The original ship, named the Chrys'va was one of 25 Nupars-Zytsche Class ships manufactured by the old Fantoma Shipyards. At over 1,000 years old, the ship's Protoculture Matrix had been all but depleted as the ship acted first as a Trade Ship of the old Mercantile Republic, then as an Orbital Colony for the citizens of the Kridanik Clan. Damaged during the Ci'va Insurrection, the Chrys'va was landed in what, in the past, had been a lush oasis. Left abandoned, with only a caretaker staff the ship languished, and, as the Robotech Masters Empire began to crumble, the desertification of the region accelerated until the ship was taken by the sand. Only the Caretakers, hereditary descendants of the old maintenance staff remained within. Rediscovered by the UEEF during their liberation of Tirol some 10 years ago the ship offered the UEEF an opportunity, One, to study the massive ship, Two, to turn it into a northern outpost and military base, and Three, to refurbish it in the event the Invid returned in greater numbers. While priority was given to the first two objectives, the repairs, with help from the Caretakers, took the better part of a decade to complete, and it was only the Haydonite Betrayal that prompted the crash program that allowed the ship to rise again on September 6th, 2044. Like her new UEEF assigned namesake, the Phoenix is reborn.

Intended to fold the nearly half million passengers to the safety of Karbarra, the fold drives powered down under strain. While the Phoenix has escaped the Valivarre System, the interrupted fold has left the Phoenix many months away from the worlds of the Karbarran Hegemony.


Crew Compliment:

  • 9000 Crew, UEEF Aviators: 10,000, TDF Aviators: 2,000, UEEF Marines: 27,000, TDF Legionnaires: 6,000

Civilian Population:

  • Human: 175,000, Zentraedi: 20,000, Tirolian: 300,000, Other: 5,000


  • Length: 4.5 Miles
  • Height: 3,970 ft
  • Width: 3.6 miles
  • Weight: 6,280,000,000 tons
  • Power Source: 1 Fantoma Heavy Drive Yards Super Capital Reflex Furnace powering 1 Mk.III Graviton Expulsion Drive.

Mecha Compliment:

  • Alpha: 8,500 (All types)
  • Beta: 4,000 (All types)
  • Bioroids: 9,000 (All types, UEEF and TDF)
  • Destroids: 3,000 (All Types)
  • Cyclones: 20,000 (All types)
  • Assault Craft: 200
  • Horizon Transports: 150
  • Support and Logistics Craft: 500

Colony Features of Note:

  • Level 1 / Civitas Decorus / Top Side:

Level 1 Map


  • Level 2 / Suburbs / Downtown:

Level 2


  • On Base
    • Observation Deck
    • Briefing Hall
    • Gym
    • Proving Grounds
    • O Club
    • Parade Grounds
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