Sarah Amdahl

Full Name: Seren
Nickname: Sarah Amdahl (only name publicly known) / Raspberry
Call Signs: Slugger / Cougar
Race: Invid
Age: 8 years in current form (appears 18); 41 overall
'Birth' Date: February 12, 2042
Birthplace: Praxis Central Hive
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Fair/Light (on rare occasion will glow an even lighter color with a yellow-white energy halo around it. Usually means she's doing something scarily Invid.)
Siblings and Parents: Parent and most siblings left in the closing moments of the battle of Reflex Point to avoid Haydonite weaponry.


Publicly Available Background Information:

Lived on a very rural farm with extended family, separate and away from living parent, was essentially kept worked on that farm until she left. Never had a chance to get out and meet people or have a relationship or anything, just did farm work and protected it from potential crop thieves. Got fed up with it once she was old enough to be able to understand the situation, and left for the resistance after seeing what horrors were going on in the world around her. Family objected and tried to catch her and drag her back, but she ran long enough and escaped. Once she was gone, she took up arms, learned the military equipment the others were using, and very willingly stood up to fight. Most of her family died or vanished in the war, including her parent by war's end. She thinks a few other relatives /might/ have survived, however.

Not Publicly Available: Information is basically true, if you adjust for the fact that the 'relatives' were Invid and the parent was the Regess. Sarah was in dispute with the other high caste commanders at her hive routinely about what constituted actual Resistance activity, and actual Resistance membership. Brought her into odds with others since she refused to claim that a young kid finding a Cyclone and going "ooh, motorbike" and trying it out did NOT qualify as resistance activity, and that a 90 year old woman from a local village was NOT active resistance, regardless of what the greedy symp trying to turn her in said. (she shot the symp in that incident.) When she finally departed citing 'irreconcilable differences', she was branded a traitor to the Collective, and they attempted to hunt her on a local level for some time after she left. This prompted her to escape from New Delhi, India, clear to the opposite end of the world in North America.

Psychology Profile:

Tends to be very cheerful in most circumstances, is oftentimes smiling. Some have said her smile usually seems permanent enough to give them the creeps. Like she might keep on smiling while pulling out her pocket knife and putting it into one of them. She would never do it however, she tries to be kind, nice, and gentle with everyone. Unless they're being a problem… She is quite willing to deal with problems as they come!

Views on Earth:

It's become home. And she'll do whatever she has to, in order to protect her new home, and make certain people have their chance to get back to their normal lives. She wants to see Earth back to the way it was described as being before the wars, when things were pretty and nice. She has high hopes of that, though there's uncertainty behind especially with the Haydonites attacking.

Views on War:

If people are infringing upon other people's rights, she certainly won't deny the need for standing up and fighting against it. In fact, she'll be one of the first to stand up and be willing to protect the rights of the infringed upon party. She was quick to join the Resistance and learn a Beta in order to push back and protect the innocent people from Invid infringement.

She left the Collective to get away from wars being fought for the wrong reasons, after all. Fighting to protect innocent people is totally different, it's a just cause.

Views on Other Aliens:

Depending on which kind of alien it is, she ranges anywhere from slightly nervous to very nervous, depending on how 'nationalistic' said alien is. Someone who's particularly proud of being Zentraedi or Tirolian, and their 'long heritage' and 'birthright' make her more nervous than people who want to be a part of helping to rebuild Earth. Honking on about how cool one's own people are in comparison to another group, while in the other group's military, seems uncool to her. Especially how their own people's military 'beat' the military of the group they're now working for.

With other Invid, she has some worries that not all the ones who stayed behind did so to defect. She worries that some may have stayed behind to get their 'pound of flesh' after the fact, wanting to continue attacking the humans. She does not take pride in the Invid or much of what they've done lately, for herself. Haydonites make her very nervous, due to the experiences the Invid have had with them

Medical Profile:

Sarah suffers from no conditions affecting her physically.

November 9, 2044: Traumatic incident with slightly misaimed teleport jump while getting Suki to sickbay more quickly. Induced some fear of heights due to trauma and shock. (Undiagnosed)

Beyond that, unless someone is highly trained in Xenomedicine, and even then unless they've dissected/studied Invid to know the physiology (which would make Sarah nervous due to fear of being dissected herself), essentially no doctor is qualified to check.

Military History:

Sarah's prior experience has included a period as a civilian, and as a resistance fighter in the Dakotas, taking orders from an organized resistance unit and their leadership/CoC. Not actual military experience, but it is experience in being part of a disciplined unit, and acknowledging/following orders.

  • Participated in the assault on Reflex Point.
  • Assigned to the UES Yukikaze.
  • Participated in the Battle for the Trinity Fleet Yards: Tirol Orbit.
  • Detached Duty 'Tango 556'.
  • Participated in the Battle for Keyhole Callisto: Jupiter Orbit.
  • Assigned to the 22nd MEU (UES Yukikaze).
  • Detached Duty: Tirol: Anver'sa.
  • Participated in the Battle for the Lentactal Pass.
  • Participated in the Battle for the Heptac Basin.
  • Detached Duty: Tirol: Point R: FOB Bastogne.
  • Participated in the Battle for Point R
  • Assigned to the Phoenix Battle Group / DESRON 14
  • Detached Duty: Kato Zano Airbase: Karbarra.
  • Participated in Operation Undermine.
  • Participated in the Battle for the Karberran Asteroid Belt
  • Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CWO3): January 05, 2045
  • Participated in the Battle for Ancyra.
  • Participated in the Battle for Chaffa.

Prior to departure from them, she served with the Invid Collective a long time as well, both in her humanoid form and in the previous form. She doesn't generally like to think or talk about that, though.

Personal Relationships:

Sarah is currently involved in an intimate relationship with Suki Ishida.

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