Full name: Masun Raihan
Nickname: Rayn
Call signs:
Age: 17
Birthplace: Deep Space
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 275
Hair Color:
Race: Human
Birth Order: Last
Siblings and Parents:

Psychology Profile:

Views on Earth:

Views on Aliens:

Views on War:

Medical Profile:

Military History:


Rayn is a 'tinkerer' (Skill: Field Armorer, Basic Mechanics, Basic Electronics, and Jury-Rig [Weapons Systems]), and takes on 'projects' like modding a weapon or stripping a weapons systems off a vehicle to try and see what he can do with it (ie make it portable, etc.). He loves to experiment with weapons systems/designs and armor. He loves weapons systems in general, and big weapons platforms in particular… Can you say Artemis?
And while he can pilot a Veritech but having been born and grown up in space, he loves to be on the ground (Pilot Skill: Military Tanks/APCs, Pilot: Motorcycle, Pilot Ground Veritechs, etc.)
It should also come as no surprise that he is a 'exercise head', and enjoys tests of physical strength and friendly competitions.

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