News Wire Updates

News Wire Updates!

News reports from Earth. Due to the time lag, most reports are two to three weeks after the event has occurred, depending on where within the Fantoma Sector the reader is. The editors understand the inconvenience this causes our loyal readers.

Letters to the editor can be addressed to Col. Newman at our AFN Offices on Moon Base AluCE. (Until further notice our offices on Tirol have been closed.)

  • September 10th 2044
    • Eli Leonard secures ASC autonomy over old Brazilia, Argentina and Venezuela Quadrant.
  • September 29th 2044
    • Mexico City Incident: UEEF forces sent to rebuild and reoccupy old RDF Mexico City facility run afoul of resistance fighters and bandits. ASC forces from Brazilia Quadrant rush to assist. In the aftermath of the battle many bandits escape but the Mexico City facility is secured.
  • September 30th 2044
    • Eli Leonard holds a meeting with Prime Minister Alistair Finch, Leonard is able to convince Finch that UEEF forces are ill equipped to handle occupation and peacekeeping missions, missions best left to the ASC who know the lay of the land, and who won’t be seen as outsiders by the locals ‘left behind’ by the UEEF Pioneer Mission.
  • October 7th 2044
    • ASC Officially handed local jurisdiction over North America Quadrant. (Prime Minister Finch, to his credit, thus far only allows the South American Sector and North American Sector to shift to ASC over watch as a trial and that UEEF forces will continue their peacekeeping operations active alongside ASC advisers.)
  • October 14th 2044
    • Food Riots near Point K are subdued with minimal loss of life and property due to presence of highly trained ASC CDU and GMP units. UEEF units performed admirably but glaring deficiencies are noted in fire discipline and local understanding.
  • October 19th 2044
    • Inquiries into the cause of the Riots show that the continued presences of UEEF forces are a drain on local food reserves. Prime Minister Finch, in a bind, caught on one side by Eli Leonard's arguments of occupation and Gen. Reinhardt’s pleas for reinforcements for his operations in the Fantoma Sector orders UEEF forces to scale back their operations in perpetration to return to Fantoma Sector.
  • October 20th 2044
    • With the impending redistribution of UEEF forces off world, UEEF Personnel offices receive an influx of separation or reassignment requests. Statistics show that almost 36% of ground-side UEEF personnel have either chosen not to reenlist, requested separation from the military, or have requested permanent transfer to an Earth based posting. However, the UEEF was quick to point out, that, of the large number of requests, over 80% come from UEEF personnel originating from Mars, Venus, and Jupiter Bases.
  • October 24th 2044
    • With severe manpower issues Gen. Reinhardt is only able to send three under strength Regiments to Karberra as reinforcements. Of the three, two consist of over 45% new recruits.
      • Arriving on Karberra on October 28th the two “Training Regiments" conduct their boot camp in situ while the third combat ready Regiment is rushed into battle.
  • October 29th 2044
    • With the shift in manpower from UEEF to ASC command, the ASC is given primary control over the South and North American Sectors as well as the Scandinavian Quadrant and Africa Sector.
    • UEEF Combat Forces begin moving to Far East Sector, Australia Quadrant, and off world bases.
  • November 15th 2044
    • Last UEEF Combat Forces leave South American Sector. Unconfirmed reports of large scale refugee migrations out of South America are heard.
  • November 20th 2044
    • UEEF Outreach programs in Indochina Quadrant bear fruit and reconstruction presses forward.
  • November 27th 2044
    • Old ASC Secondary HQ near Lake Victoria brought partially back online.
  • December 15th 2044
    • Amidst protestations, information regards the command decisions regards the Adm. Rick Hunters authorization of the release of NS weaponry upon Earth are leaked to the general public. The outcry is incredible.
    • In order to quell the tide of dissent the calls for the arrest of Adm. Rick Hunter, leader of the UEEF, and those within the UEEF upper leadership are allowed to be heard. Prime Minster Finch pleas for calm, and 'experts' are called on the look into the issue. Thus creating the Reflex Point Commission.
  • December 29th 2044
    • UEEF barracks in Arkansas bombed. 309 dead.
    • ASC mobilizes to restore the peace, UEEF personnel tacitly prisoners within their own compounds. Only those UEEF bases in the Indochina and Indonesia Quadrants as well as in Australia and Japan are less affected although protests are common amidst calls for Prime Minister Finch to arrest UEEF upper leadership in Admiral Hunters stead and to disband the UEEF entirely.
  • January 9th 2045
    • Order is restored in the wake of the “December Massacre” although Prime Minister Finch’s refusal to place Gen Reinhardt under arrest or disband the UEEF keeps the embers of discord smoldering.
  • February 14th 2045
    • With public outcry still festering and with no sign of improving, Eli Leonard suggests trying Admiral Hunter in-absentia as a way to help reduce the tension, he argues that, regardless of the outcome, at least there will be a few months respite as the trial is conducted. Prime Minister Finch relents on the conditions that Ambassador Minmei agrees and that he be tried in a UEG not an ASC court.
  • February 19th 2045
    • Ambassador Minmei agrees to the trial, confident that her one time love will be vindicated.
  • March 2nd 2045
    • ASC Base in the Africa Sector is operational and able to conduct unrestricted operations. Locations for smaller satellite bases are surveyed and construction begins in mid March.
  • March 27th 2045
    • Signs of growing resentment towards the UEEF. In some areas, city states outright reject any UEEF involvement. The ASC offers aid as public opinion begins to shift.
  • April 13th 2045
    • With the first warships rolling off the Mars Base production lines, Eli Leonard suggests to Minister Finch that UEEF forces in orbit can be released for duty in the Fantoma Sector as ASC ships take their place. Finch agrees hesitantly, aware that with every UEEF soldier that leaves the Sol Sector his power base dwindles ever more.
  • April 17th 2045
    • With the commissioning of the TSCS Parmenion, TSCS Hannibal, and TSCS Charlemagne, three Ikazuchi carrier groups are rotated to the Fantoma Sector to assist with the ongoing ‘Planet Hopping’ campaign into Haydon space. (The three new ships are of the new Parmenion Class, an up gunned and up armored Tokugawa derivative.)
  • May 4th 2045
    • UEEF Forces in the Mexico City area are withdrawn and disbursed between Point K and Moon Base ALuCE.
    • Non Human emigration continues towards the Far East Sector, Australia Quadrant and Moon Base ALuCE.
  • June 20th 2045
    • First signs of institutional anti human bias seen in smaller cities and townships in South and North America.
    • With the passage of the Arkansas Accords, Inter-Marriage between humans and non-humans are forbidden. Extramarital relations between humans and non-humans are forbidden. Non humans are also prohibited from holding public office.
    • UEEF General Reinhardt urges Prime Minister Finch to reverse the pattern of events and restore UEEF control over global affairs.
  • July 1st 2045
    • Prime Minster Finch (now known as Minister Flinch), in a series of poor public showings and disastrous debates, is unable to slow the groundswell of public anti-human sentiment.
    • First signs of open dissension within the once loyal and multi-racial UEEF see's the arrest of outspoken mid to high level officers under Article 88 (Contempt towards Officials) of the UCMJ.
  • July 25th 2045
    • Admiral Hunter is found criminally negligent in-absentia. The UEG court finds him solely responsible in order to spare the rest of the UEEF upper leadership from possible trial. Finch, in a final act, pardons the majority of the UEEF high leadership, absolving them of any crime however slight, that may be brought to bear in the commission of their duties in retaking Earth. Eli Leonard accepts this under the condition that Finch resigns. Finch agrees.
    • With more ships coming off the Mars Fleet Lines, Prime Minister Elect Leonard reluctantly allows Gen. Reinhardt to continue his offensive against the Haydonites. But warns that ASC military support will be minimal. GMP Observers are dispatched to the UEEF fleet as a whole to monitor the situation.
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