Mecha (Updates)

Among the many VF/A-6, VF/B-9, MBR-12, and ZBR-10 mecha used by the UEEF, the venerable Destroid has seen a resurgence. Some were recovered on Earth, from abandoned warehouses and Pre-Positioned Stockpiles that survived bombardment, looting and the elements. But most, oddly enough came from the stocks of the SDF-3 herself. Sent along on the Pioneer Mission the Destroids of Project Excalibur proved very useful against an enemy that detects Protoculture. Some models, namely the MBR-04 Tomahawk and MBR-07 Spartan were relegated to the scrap heap, replaced by the more able ZBR-10, and in some cases the MBR-12. However the support role played by the ADR-04 Defender, SDR-04 Phalanx, and HWR-00 Monster were hard fill, and thus, in that limited niche those three mecha were subject to SLEP (Service Life Extension Programs) and retained within the UEEF arsenal.

A number of these have been spread throughout the fleet and many were sent to Earth to participate in the assault on Reflex Point. It is worth mentioning that since the support Destroids were already, for all intents and purposes, invisible to the Invid, being powered by Fusion reactors rather then Protoculture Cells; these support mecha did not necessitate the installation of Shadow Technology.


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