Maximilian Vinai

Full name: Maximilian Vinai
Nickname: Maxipad
Call signs:
Age: 20
Birthplace: Tirol
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 185lbs
Hair Color: Black
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Tiresian
Birth Order: Third
Siblings and Parents: Mother, Father, two siblings.

Psychology Profile:

Views on Earth:

Views on Aliens:

Views on War:

Medical Profile:

Possess a scar like tattoo in between his shoulder blades which resembles a wolf's face.

Military History:

  • Assigned to the UES Bunker Hill
  • Participated in the Battle for Reflex Point
  • Assigned to the UES Port Arthur
  • Assigned to Phoenix Battle Group CARGRP 2
  • Assigned to the 1st Marine Raider Detachment (MARDET 1) UES Yukikaze
  • Detached Duty: Kato Zano Airbase: Karbarra.
  • Participated in Operation Undermine.
  • Participated in the Battle for the Karberran Asteroid Belt


Born the last of three children, Maximilian Vinai came to life on the Planet Tirol on April 10, 2022, to parents Victor and Selene. Graced with his mother's brain, but his father's looks, Maximilian (or Maxi as his elder siblings referred to him childishly), oddly enough wasn't a heavy hitting workhorse like his brothers. And because he was the baby, his mother allowed him more study than chore time, something his father was against. This however, paid in dividends as his aptitude skyrocketed. His classes were accelerated and were 2 steps ahead of his peers. This didn't hold well for much of the people who knew him in school, gaining the unfortunate nickname Maxipad (due to the notebook which was always in his hand.)

This all changed once he was old enough to participate in the school chorus. From nothing to something overnight, Max soon found his place in the world. Max out-shined most of his competitors, save for 3 new found friends. They stuck together and eventually formed a little singing clique. II Smooth was a smashing success at the school talent show, however none of them ever had the desire to make it a career. They were just 4 boys who enjoyed singing. At around 11th grade in high school, the alto Jerik Williams, had died from a rare strain of bronchitis. The remaining three sang their unfinished song, ironically entitled "Left Unsaid". Kevin, soon then departed from the group to focus on his love life, as did Michael, who wanted to try out for the interscholastic sports teams. Max was heartbroken by all this, which fueled his desire to sing and write even more. II Smooth is a tender subject for the man now.

But it was his family's reaction to him enlisting in the Marine Corps which took a toll on their relationship. His mother, having been assaulted by a female marine once before due to circumstances she still won't speak of to this day, was completely against it. His brothers poked fun at him, saying he would more than likely die from training due to his lack of experience with hard labor. His father was the coldest, simply turning his back on his son. He never offered any sort of malicious words or gestures, but he also never spoke to him after wards and simply pointed towards the front door.

Max served 4 years as a simple radioman while using his free time to study more about communications techniques. His CO, noticed he was a corporal with a Bachelor's degree, and recommended him for OCS due to his abundant wealth of knowledge and know-how. He graduated from OCS 5th in his class (only on the count that his PFT score was a low 1st class).

Max continues to write music and sing on his free time, hoping to one day even produce records in an attempt to reach his family again, and hope he can indeed come home again.

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