Komillia Maeless

Full Name: Komillia Maeless
Nickname: Red Oni
Call Signs: Magical (As in Magical Girl since she Cosplays)
Age: 23
Birthplace: Mars
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Violet
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Race: Zentraedi Warrior Elite
Ethnicity: Meltran
Birth Order: Middle
Siblings and Parents: Brother in squad, parents dead in battle.

Pychology Profile

The quote "Not by Power, nor by Might, but by the Spirit" is easily the best way to describe her underlying philosophy. To this extent she has embraced passion, optimism and zeal, to the point of describing herself as hot-blooded. Even when her parents died, she only mourned for a brief period and only saw inspiration in how they lived and died. Her personal philosophy has implications for her fighting style, she always prefers direct forms of combat to indirect ones, or combat that relies solely on overwhelming firepower. Her personal philosophy and a training accident during her academy days has caused her to have an extreme aversion to and possible of phobia of missiles, and frequently calls them the weapons of the soulless.

View of Earth:

Earth is where the Zentraedi found a life outside that of the warrior, and must be preserved.

Views on Aliens:

Being an alien herself, she prefers to judge by actions rather than personal origin. However, there are still some prejudices in her that she keeps repressed. The most important of which is that she thinks of Tiroleans as cold and arrogant manipulators that were in desperate need of being knocked off their high horse. She has this image in her head of Tiroleans as pampered aristocrats who have not earned their right to exist and have forced others to take on their hardships for them. The recent betrayal has Komillia thinking that the Haydonites are nothing but murdering traitors. However, this is more of a knee-jerk reaction then a deeply rooted belief and may be swayed with personal experience.

View of War:

Life is conflict, so as long as life exists there will always be war. Everlasting peace will only come through some Act of God rewriting the very laws of the universe, or through the more likely scenario of mass-extinction of all life in the universe. However, intelligent life should be civilized enough to make rules of warfare and abide by those rules as to not cause any truly unnecessary suffering.

Medical Profile:

Most of Komillia's medical history is the typical childhood diseases and colds. Due to a training accident where a live missile exploded near her, she has some light scarring on her back and shoulders.

Military History:


  • Participated in the Battle for the Lentactal Pass.
  • Participated in the Battle for the Heptac Basin.
  • Assigned to the 33rd MEU UES Yukikaze
  • Detached Duty: Tirol: Point R: FOB Bastogne.
  • Participated in the Battle for Point R
  • Assigned to the Phoenix Battle Group / DESRON 14
  • Detached Duty: Kato Zano Airbase: Karbarra.
  • Participated in Operation Undermine.
  • Participated in the Battle for the Karberran Asteroid Belt


  • Participated in the Battle for Ancyra.
  • Participated in the Battle for Chaffa.
  • Detached Duty: ADFS-606 Valley Mistress
  • Participated in the Battle of Haydon IV
    • Sensor Nebula AO





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