John Magna

Full name: John Tyler Magna
Nickname: Razor
Call signs:
Age: 20
Birthplace: SDCV-55 UES Resolute
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Canadian
Birth Order: First Born
Siblings and Parents: Only child. Parents were killed when the UES Resolute was sunk in combat against the Regents forces in orbit over Optera.

Psychology Profile:

John is what most people would describe as 'the strong silent type'. This is because of the death of his parents at an early age. Becoming an orphan of the fleet at age ten caused him to retract into himself as protection. Thus he never gets to close to anyone for fear of abandonment/Death. The loss of his first squad further justified his introversion. Though quiet and aloof, John is friendly and courteous to all people. Especially women and children.

Views on Earth:

Having very little to remember his parents by, John would very much like to see Earth. He believes that it is his true home and his birthright. John hopes to free his legendary home world from the tyranny of alien enslavement. When he's finished, he hopes to find some living relatives and reconnect with his blood family.

Views on Aliens:

John feels a strong kinship with the Zentraedi race. In his mind the Zentraedi are orphans of the Robotech Masters, and that makes them more like family in his eyes. This is the reason he has volunteered for the Battloid Core. With 90% being Zentraedi It allows him to be closer to his orphaned friends. John is wary of other alien races, especially non human looking types. He hates the Robotech Masters and the Invid with a passion. They are the reason why he and the Zentraedi were left to fend for themselves.

Views on War:

Medical Profile:

Military History:


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