Invid RCC

R.C.C. Skills

Lore Invid: +20%
Optics Systems +5%
Language: Native: +2%
Literacy: Native: +2%
Zero Gravity Combat
Pilot: RCB/Overlord +20%
MECT RCB/Overlord
Navigation +5%
W.P. Energy Pistol
H.T.H. Expert

Simulagent M.O.S

Undercover Ops: +10%
Language of choice: +25%
Literacy of choice: +15%
Performance: +10%
Intelligence: +15%
Interrogation: +20%
Tracking (People) + 10%
Pilot 2 of choice: +10%
Lore: Earth +10%
WP of choice

Overlord M.O.S

Military Tactics +15%
Naval Tactics +15%
Detect Ambush +10%
Detect Concealment +10%
Pilot 2 of choice
Sensory Equipment +10%
Navigation: Space +15%
Combat Flying
WP of choice

Scientist M.O.S. (Choose one Sub-Field listed below)

Computer Operation +10%
Mathematics: Basic +8%
Mathematics: Advanced +12%
Sensory Equipment +15%
Salvage +15%

  • Protoculture Engineer + 20% (Invid Alchemist)
      • Basic Electronics +15%
      • Basic Mechanics +15%
      • Biomechanical Maintenance +15%
      • Electrical Engineering +15%
  • Xenological Medicine +20% (Invid Geneticist)
      • Veterinary Science +15%
      • Biology +15%
      • Pathology +15%
      • Chemistry +15%

WP Knife

RCC Related Skills

- Select 4, +2 Secondary with no bonuses.
- Select 1 new O.C.C. Related and 1 new Secondary skill at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 15.

Communications: Any +5
Domestic: Any
Electrical: Basic Electronics only
Espionage: Any
Mechanical: Automotive only +5
Medical: First Aid only +5
Military: Any +15
Physical: Any; except Acrobatics
Pilot: Any
Pilot Related: Any
Rogue: Any
Science: Math Only
Technical: Any
W.P. Any
Wilderness: Any


+1d4 to MA, ME, PB
4d6+6 SDC, +1 on Perception Checks, +2 on Disarm,
I.S.P.: ME + 1D4x10 + 10 per level.

Invid Powers/Natural Abilities:

  • Sense Protoculture:

Range: 2 miles.
Can sense Protoculture signals through walls, inside buildings, through the hulls of spacecraft and up to 600ft underground. Can ONLY detect active Protoculture traces.

  • Protoculture Optics:

Range: 2000ft.
Can see Protoculture through the hide of mecha, spacecraft, walls, and up to 100ft underground. Can ONLY see active Protoculture traces. Can recognize Protoculture signatures as well, allowing the Invid to identify the specific weapon or vehicle.

  • Sense other Invid:

Range: 30 Miles
Can sense the presence of other Invid of as few as one and knows when they are coming towards her. This ability triggers automatically whenever Invid are present.

  • Teleportation via Energy Conversion:

NOTE: Allow this power as necessary, NOT all Invid have, or should have this ability.

Range: Short Range: 30,000 miles +1000 per level
Cast time: Two attacks.
May transport two human sized beings or their equivalent mass. May carry one additional human sized being or equivalent mass every other level.
Range: Long Range: 400,000 miles +2000 per level
Cast time: Dependant on distance travelled. Approaches the speed of light the further the distance travelled.
May carry one person with her, plus one every 3 levels.
The Invid must rest after either teleporting or travelling long distances. The Invid will need to sit down and rest for 5 minutes after each Short Range Teleport with -1 Attack and combat bonuses and Spd. reduced by half during that time. The Invid will need to sit down and rest for 20 minutes after Long Range travel with -1 Attack and combat bonuses and Spd. Reduced by half during the rest period.
Any passengers may act normally after teleportation/travel, and would be advised to protect the Invid during his/her rest.

  • Chances of a Successful Teleport:
    • Teleporting to a familiar location, or a destination visible from one’s starting point. (Location may be seen thru an optical enhancing device.): 99%
    • A place visited only a few times before (2-6 times): 85%
    • A place seen in a picture (the picture is being looked at during the moment of teleportation.): 80%
    • A place never visited before, but described in great detail: 58%
    • A place never visited before and known only by name or from a brief description: 20%
  • Results of Unsuccessful Teleport:
    • 1-40% Appears in wrong place. No idea of present location; 3D6x100 miles off course.
    • 41-75% Appears in wrong place. No idea of present location; 1D6x100 miles off course.
    • 76-98% Teleport several feet above ground; everybody falls, suffering 4D6 damage.
    • 99-100% Teleport into an object.
  • Telepathic Communication:

Invid may communicate with the Regess regardless of her location in the universe. Invid may communicate with lower caste Invid within 3,000 miles. While they may listen, they are under no obligation to obey, and any order by the Regess automatically supersedes that of the Invid. To use telepathy the Invid must concentrate for 15 seconds and focus on the transmission. The Invid may also receive any transmission sent by the Regess or Hive Brain within her vicinity but cannot hear the narrow band communications of lower caste Invid.

  • Clothing:

The Invid may conjure a familiar outfit (must have been worn at least once) per level. The Invid’s skinsuit is considered the characters default outfit and does not count. The outfit may not be armor, or offer any protective qualities.

Other Abilities: The Invid may choose 1 ability per level starting at third level.

  • Empathy:

Range: 100ft
Duration: 2 melee’s per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 4
Saving Throw: Standard
Empathy is the ability to be aware of, feel, or otherwise notice, the emotions of other people, animals or alien beings. The strongest emotions are usually the easiest to determine: hate, anger, terror, love, etc. Probing for emotions can be useful in determining of something is nearby, but cannot pinpoint their exact location.

  • Mind Block:

Range: Self
Duration: 10 minutes per level.
I.S.P.: 4
This is the ability to completely close oneself from the universe. When intentionally blocking, the Invid may not use any of their other powers. It can be an invaluable tool when dealing with potentially destructive forces. It also confers +1 to saving throws vs. mental attacks.

  • Mind Bolt:

Range: 100ft per level.
Damage/I.S.P.: 1D6 per every 6 I.S.P.
The Invid can focus his/her mental energy into a powerful bolt of force and hurl it at a visible target with amazing accuracy. Mind Bolts are +4 to strike (Hand to Hand bonuses do NOT apply. An additional 10 I.S.P. will allow the Mind Bolt to strike at +8.

  • Bio-Regeneration:

Range: Self
Duration: Permanent.
I.S.P.: 6
The Invid can repair damage taken by up to 2D6 Hit points or 3D6 SDC per minute. Invid must concentrate for a full minute to begin the healing process. The Invid may continue to heal so long as he/she has I.S.P. up to 4 minutes after which a 15 minute rest is needed.

  • Deaden Pain:

Range: Touch
Duration: One hour per level.
Length of trance: 2 minutes.
I.S.P.: 4
The Invid can deaden pain temporarily. May negate existing pain, or act as a poor man’s anesthetic.

  • Increased Healing:

Range: Touch
Duration: 2D4 Days.
Length of Trance: 1D6 hours.
I.S.P.: 10
The Invid is able to stimulate another person’s healing energies, dramatically increasing one’s recuperative powers. Hit points and SDC recovery are double the normal professional treatments rate.

  • Summon Inner Strength:

Range: Self
Duration: 10 minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 4
The Invid is able to draw on his/her inner reserves of strength to ward off pain and fatigue.
Add +10 SDC
Add +2 save vs. poison or toxins
Add +5% to save vs. coma/death
Fatigue is temporarily forgotten for the duration of the effect.

  • Teleport Object:

Range: Touch
Duration: instant
I.S.P. 20
This ability allows the Invid to cause physical matter to disappear and reappear elsewhere. The Invid can teleport one pound per level of experience a distance of 50ft per level of experience. This is one way teleportation, once sent, the object cannot be called back.

  • Teleporting small object into one own bags, pockets etc is an automatic success.
  • Teleporting the object in the pocket bag or someone in line of sight has an 80% success rate.
  • Teleporting the object to anywhere within range and line of sight has an 88% success rate.
  • Teleporting the object to a familiar place has an 88% success rate.
  • Teleporting the object to an unfamiliar place has a 60% success rate.
  • Teleporting the object to a completely unknown place has a 45% success rate.

Failure means the Invid has NO idea where the object is. It may be anywhere within the Invid’s range.

  • Clairvoyance:

Range: Self
Duration: 6D6 Melee’s
I.S.P.: 4
Base Skill: 58% +2% per level of experience.
The Invid is able to feel glimpses of the possible future. Clairvoyance is unpredictable and cannot be turned off and on at the characters whim. A clairvoyant trance may be attempted once per day. Sometimes a clairvoyant image will occur without the Invid trying.

  • Telepathy:

Range: Read Surface thoughts up to 60ft away or two way communication within 140ft.
Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 4
Saving Throw: Conditional / Standard
Beyond the Invid’s natural ability to converse mentally with members of their own race, the Invid may communicate with others not of their species. Messages are one way, unless the recipient also has the power of telepathy.

  • Force Field:

Range: Self or up to 40 ft per level of experience
Duration: 5 minutes per level of experience
MDC of field: 30 per level of experience.
I.S.P.: 30
Reminiscent of the force field used by the Invid’ to protect their Hives, the evolved Invid can focus his/her mental energy to project a temporary barrier. The barrier is static and cannot move once formed. However it is air tight. If the Invid is killed or rendered unconscious the barrier vanishes. The Invid may only create one barrier at any one time.

  • Invid may only select this power after attaining 7th level.
  • Energy Field:

Range: Self
Duration: 2 minutes per level of experience
I.S.P.: 30
The Invid is able to surround him/herself with a energy barrier that conforms to his body shape and enables him to physically move and fight. The field has 10 MD per level of the Invid character. Hand held items, hung from the back or atop the head are not protected. Any skill requiring manual dexterity suffers a -30% while the field is active.

  • Radiate Horror Factor:

Range: Self; affects all that come within 100 feet if the Invid
Duration: 5 minutes per level of experience
I.S.P.: 8
Saving Throw: -1 to save vs. HF
The Invid channels his mental energy, alignment and emotions and radiates it into a aura that is intended to frighten.

  • HF of 10 if character is of good alignment.
  • HF of 10 + 1 per three levels if character is of selfish alignment.
  • HF 12 + 1 per three levels if character is of evil alignment.
  • Add one HF point if character is insane or enraged beyond reason.
  • Intuitive Combat:

Range: Self
Duration: 2 melee rounds +1 per level of experience
I.S.P.: 20
This form of telepathy is geared towards giving the Invid the advantage in combat.
While this power is active the Invid is unable to use any other power or natural ability.

  • Bonuses:
    • +3 Initiative
    • +1 Strike
    • +1 Parry
    • +3 Dodge
    • +4 Pull Punch
    • +2 Roll with punch, fall or impact
    • +2 Disarm
    • +10% to abilities conferred by Acrobatics or Gymnastics as well as Swimming and Climbing
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