Interlude 2: Night 1


[07:53:53] (GM): Arriving at Moon Base ALuCE you see it a subdued hub of activity. All manner of shipping is present. Much of it is in geostationary orbit over the base, those in good condition are in a far reaching battle line, poised as a defensive screen while the ships damaged during the battle for Reflex Point, and those damaged more recently at Space Station Liberty and other locations throughout the sector are located further back and rescue teams can be seen tending to the task of pulling survivors and casualties alike from those stricken vessels. Below on the lunar surface, abandoned ships, no long able to sustain life have been ‘beached’ in nearby craters and salvage and repair teams work to restore them to fighting condition, or, dissect those that are to far gone, cannibalizing them for parts and raw materials.
[07:55:33] (GM): Landed on the base itself are the ship in need of light repair and re-supply and those, like 556 Heavy, that are dropping off and picking up. The control tower directs the Garfish to a nearby landing platform and cautions the pilot not to deviate from the glide path. The menacing lines of surface defense guns tracking the landing Garfish warning enough that the tower is deadly serious.
[07:56:51] Lt. Jaron stays the course
[07:57:08] (GM): Lurana: "Jaron, take us in."
[07:58:58] (GM): As you are bringing the ship in Jaron notices out of the corner of his eye that Lt. Ishida has entered the bridge, as she slips into the helm position next to you. She says nothing, not wanting to ruin your concentration as you bring the ship in.
[07:59:33] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [6] = (6) vs 70
[08:00:07] Sarah comes in behind Lt. Ishida, frowning outward as she sees all the damaged and beached ships. She closes her eyes for just a moment and bows her head.
[08:00:44] (GM): Jaron brings the lumbering Garfish in with a velvet touch, and touches down with out so much as a shimmy. Suki looks over with an impressed gaze and punches you on the shoulder. "NICE landing Jaron-kun!"
[08:02:30] Lt. Jaron smiles "Thank you ma'am"
[08:04:19] Sarah watches the landing quietly and breathes out softly as the ship touches down, pondering the size of the base, and the things that might be aboard.
[08:04:36] Lt. Jaron stands up and asks "Is this another pit stop?"
[08:05:24] Lt. Ishida: Lt. Ishida helps Jaron ‘complete the post flight and shutdown checklist in an impressive, to outsiders looking in, display of cross talk. "Port coupling 5." "Secure." Docking umbilicals." "Connected. And green across the board" etc. >
[08:06:41] Lt. Ishida: Suki helps Jaron lock down the ship and Sarah is awed by the cross talk the two employ as they run down the checklist…rats, was a good post too.
[08:07:42] Sarah isn’t exactly 'awed' by the crosstalk as much as she keeps paying attention to it, so she knows something about it for later in case she ever has to deal with such a checklist herself.
[08:09:09] Lt. Jaron smiles at Suki "Thank you once again ma'am."
[08:09:54] (GM): The ship secured, you receive the perfunctory welcome message from ALuCE tower. "ALuCE tower confirms engine shut down and docking clamps secure. Welcome to Moon Base ALuCE 556 Heavy. You have any patches?"
[08:10:17] Lt. Ishida: Suki laughs at the pilot / ATC humor.
[08:10:59] Lt. Ishida: well, not so much laughs, but snorts
[08:10:50] Sarah cocks her head just a little bit and blinks.
[08:11:48] Lt. Ishida: Suki looks up, "Air Traffic operators like to ask for squadron patches from visiting ships or planes." Suki clarifies.
[08:12:12] Sarah laughs a little. "Oh."
[08:13:04] Lt. Jaron lets Suki handle the formalities.
[08:13:27] Sarah: "Suppose that's nice if a squadron makes its name so the ops can say they knew em before that." She laughs a little.
[08:13:48] Lt. Ishida: Suki shakes her head. "You brought her in sweet." She nods. "The honor is yours."
[08:20:05] Lt. Jaron replies "Pilot here from the Maulers."
[08:20:51] Lt. Ishida: Suki looks over and nods "'Sundowners' here."
[08:21:19] Sarah just stays quiet for herself.
[08:22:08] Lt. Ishida: Suki snerks as she closes out her terminal "Sarah, you got any Invid patches for the tower?"
[08:22:40] Sarah rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "No. None from the tri-state resistance either."
[08:23:09] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods, still maintaining the facade of seriousness "A pity."
[08:23:31] Sarah just laughs and watches the screen then.
[08:25:20] Lt. Jaron asks Suki "Do we need to setup any system checks or security now or play the waiting game?"
[08:26:03] (GM): Lurana: "Well my chicks, lets go pick up our stuff, I figure, be back here in a 6 hours, have fun, and I'm off to find my folks."
[08:26:17] Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:26:29] Lt. Ishida: Suki shakes her head "Put her in standby, we're well within the defense cordon."
[08:27:00] Lt. Jaron: "Very well ma'am"
[08:27:02] Lt. Ishida: "Besides" She adds "What do they expect a transport ship to do in a fight anyway?"
[08:28:02] Lt. Jaron: "good point"
[08:28:12] Sarah: "Draw fire and get blown up so a warship can target the attacker unmolested, at the most." She makes a face.
[08:28:33] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods "okay, one thing."
[08:29:06] (GM): As you pass through the docking tube to the station proper a flight of Alpha Beta combo’s fly past, beefier then the models you are used to, with what look to be FAST packs attached to the legs and arms of the Alpha with a large pod atop the Beta. A stylized skull logo adorns the passing spacecraft.
[08:29:50] John points. "Hey look at that!"
[08:30:06] Sarah blinks a little at the fancier planes, cocking her head and oohing slightly. "Nice…"
[08:30:10] Lt. Jaron looks up "Nice, they've been busy"
[08:30:15] Lt. Ishida: Suki pauses and regards the craft, resisting the urge to press her face to the glass to see them better. "Super Shadow Fighters. I thought they were still on the drawing boards."
[08:30:17] John: " haven't seen anything like that"
[08:31:14] Lt. Ishida: Suki smiles, shaking her head. "Of course they give them to Fleet first."
[08:31:35] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow "Super Shadow Fighter? Haven't heard of it and definitely the first I've seen. Earth must be a little slow on intel"
[08:32:08] (GM): roll perc
[08:32:15] John: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[08:32:17] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18)
[08:32:36] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18)
[08:32:43] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
[08:32:45] (GM): In a far hanger, the interior of which is only visible at ground level rests a large ship, larger it seems then the SDF-4 Izumo. Work crews are busy across her hull and it seems that an endless trial of men and material are being loaded onto her. In fact, no less then an entire Regiment of Marines with full kit march aboard from four different gangways as you look on.
[08:35:05] Sarah looks over at the bigger ship and blinks a little bit. "Huh. Looks like they're loading up for something big. But then… I suppose a ship that size probably doesn't do anything small either."
[08:37:05] (GM): The interior of the base houses far fewer personnel than one would expect given the ships in the area, grim reminder of the harshness of space and the price of the Haydonite betrayal. The troops prsent move with purpose, a few, stand before a large screen that scrolls the names of the KIA and MIA pilots.
[08:38:31] John: Curious about his former commander John approaches the scrolling names and looks for Yancy's.
[08:39:31] (GM): Punching in the name "Yancy" the left most 'waterfall' of names scrolls to that name and you see him listed as "KIA: Confirmed."
[08:39:43] Lt. Jaron watches the event take place but ponders if there is a directory for the base nearby
[08:40:16] Lt. Ishida: Suki too, punches in a few names, and in all cases the query comes back either KIA or MIA
[08:40:56] Lt. Ishida: Looking over her shoulder at Sarah, she lowers her head and sighs.
[08:41:00] Sarah looks up at the big list, blinking and wincing just a little bit, at the long scroll of names. She sighs and looks around a little at everything else, feeling just a tiny bit out of place as she just watches the others punching in names, shrinking back just a little.
[08:41:05] John: John lets out a deep sigh. It was better to know than not, but it still had a deep effect on him.
[08:41:54] Lt. Ishida: Suki notes John and places a supportive hand upon his shoulder, she says nothing, but the gesture speaks for itself.
[08:42:54] Lt. Jaron: "They're in a better place for sure."
[08:43:35] John: "I hope so"
[08:44:23] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods "They are." She may be blowing smoke, putting ona front, but her words are strong, backed by a belief that she is correct.
[08:44:47] Sarah looks over to Suki just for a moment, looking down again as she sees the hand on John's shoulder, not wanting to disturb that though.
[08:45:20] John: "I can't count the amount of times that man saved my but"
[08:46:29] John: "When he needed me I wasn't there." He pauses and then turns and continues walking.
[08:46:38] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods. "honer him then." She rubs the bridge of her nose and cricks her back. "I'm hungry, who's for food?"
[08:47:14] Lt. Jaron watches John walk and looks to Suki "Sure."
[08:47:30] John: "I could use a bite" He perks up slightly at the thought of a hot meal.
[08:48:21] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods "I grew up here, I know this place in the Nihon quarter. Excellent Miso soup."
[08:48:51] Sarah glances to Suki a little bit and cocks her head. "Maybe in a minute." She considers then, speaking to Suki more quietly. "ma'am, would you happen to remember who called you to pick me up? I never really got any full names for that team I was protecting on the ground to check…"
[08:51:09] Lt. Ishida: Suki pauses to hear Sarah's words, then turn to the other. "Um, a minute please." And returns to the 'board', she pauses, thinking, then failing to recall the information withdraws her recorder and sifts through until she finds what she is looking for then types in a unit number into the system, a list of names scroll up, out of 32, only 8 are listed as Active.
[08:52:15] Lt. Jaron watches Suki a moment then to the loading of the big ship.
[08:54:36] Lt. Ishida: Suki pats Sarah on the shoulder then motions with her head to the others. "Come." she says softly
[08:54:55] Sarah sighs just a little bit, nodding and moving along.
[08:55:12] (GM): Jaron, roll a perc
[08:56:57] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15)
[08:57:57] Lt. Jaron begins to follow
[08:58:21] (GM): Looking about you are able to see a sign, much like the terminal scrolls at an Airport that lists the large docked ship as the UES Ark Angel
[09:00:27] Lt. Jaron follows Suki "That ship loading up was named the Ark Angel. Known anything about it?"
[09:00:43] Sarah thinks for a moment and lets her eyes lose focus as she just follows along behind Suki, trying to reach her other senses out a little further. Her expression quite curious.
[09:00:59] (GM): The group makes their way through the concourse, notable is the fact that there seems to be a division, self imposed most likely of marine, fleet, and base personnel
[09:01:27] (GM): Folks with the Intel skill, may roll
[09:01:32] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [81] = (81)
[09:01:41] Lt. Ishida: Suki shakes her head "Nope."
[09:02:06] Sarah: (( *doesn't have it. i r not that intelligent ;p* ))
[09:02:22] (GM): @ Sarah, NOOB!
[09:02:30] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [5] = (5) vs 48
[09:02:39] Sarah: (( *bites* dun call me a noob ))
[09:02:55] Lt. Jaron: ((may I then?) ))
[09:03:21] Sarah: (( *holds up a plastic spork in a threatening manner* ))
[09:03:56] (GM): @Sarah, of the two presences you sense, one is know to you as a Scientist, geneticist, one akin to the old earth Dr. Mengala. The other, you immediately recognize as "The First!"
[09:04:58] (GM): Jaron, after uttering the name once your mind whirls and you recall immediately that the Ark Angel is the first of a new line of colonization ships designed to replace the aging and now defunct, Angel Class colony ships.
[09:06:29] Sarah blinks a little at that, and gets lost in thought as she tries to poke the 'first' mentally, to be social and say hello, and all that.
[09:07:15] Lt. Ishida: As you stand motionless, Suki stops and returns to you and grabbing your hand, pulls you along with the rest of the team.
[09:07:18] Sarah: (( all the social niceties, and such, say hi, ask how she's doing, and… ))
[09:07:38] Sarah yeeks as her hand is grabbed, moving forward again.
[09:07:58] (GM): ((Sup girl friend! mmmm hmmm you see that 50 Cent yesterday oh shnap! He grill be kickin!))
[09:08:27] Sarah: (( *spews pop* rofl ))
[09:08:40] (GM): ((sorry, couldn't resist…))
[09:08:46] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow at Sarah and Suki before following again
[09:09:29] Lt. Ishida: Suki offers a sheepish smile and points at Sarah and hems and haws as if to say "she does this every now and then…'
[09:11:24] Lt. Jaron: "I will have to get adjusted to all this 'I' stuff"
[09:11:24] (GM): The team reaches a shuttle tram of sorts and boards it heading deeper into the base itself before taking a connecting line that runs some 10 miles away to the civilian quarter of Moon Base ALuCE. The area is spacious, well lit and seemingly oblivious to the goings on around them .
[09:11:30] John: bk
[09:12:08] Sarah rolls her eyes at Suki and shakes her head. "Sorry. Just thinking about something."
[09:12:39] (GM): ((If anyone has seen Macross Frontier, picture that city section, but underground… and you get the idea.))
[09:13:09] (GM): Jaron, this all looks familiar as there are MANY such cities on Mars
[09:15:09] (GM): Moving on you reach the Nihon quarter of the 'city' the architecture and signage change to match and you are now immersed in a conglomeration of 2010 Tokyo mixed with Meiji Era Japan.
[09:15:35] John: "Yea. Looks like Camp north sorta."
[09:16:17] (GM): ((Actually, Camp north was a hell hole compared to this, that was purely a military base designed to bring grief and suffering to new recruits… ))
[09:16:24] Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:16:40] Lt. Jaron looks around "Definitely more flash then I'm use to"
[09:16:42] John: (( all I had to draw from. ))
[09:17:00] (GM): ((no problem is cool ))
[09:17:20] Sarah looks around as well, blinking just a little bit as she takes in all the sights and such.
[09:18:02] John: "Reminds me of (Insert place here)"
[09:18:08] (GM): The restaurant in question is located within the more 'traditional' part of the Nihon quarter, here, you feel as if transported back in time, the populace are dressed in Kimono and Hakama, and the buildings made of wood.
[09:19:17] (GM): In fact the only people in 'western' clothing, are you, other troopers and the off resident making their rounds or here on business
[09:20:15] (GM): All the signs are in Japanese and Suki seems to have developed a bit of spring to her step
[09:21:38] Lt. Jaron tries to keep pace with Suki through the crowd "Anyone else know anything about this place?"
[09:21:40] (GM): @ Sarah, as you make your way through the streets you hear, within your MIND. "Sister? I am well, I am Ariel, and you are….Seren?"
[09:21:58] John: The Japan Town of ALuCE ,John thinks.
[09:22:30] Lt. Ishida: Suki points at a very off the beaten path hole in the wall establishment. "We are here."
[09:22:57] Lt. Jaron points to place "In there?"
[09:23:08] Lt. Ishida: "Hai, yes." Suki nods
[09:23:35] Lt. Jaron swallows and prepares to follow her in
[09:23:51] Lt. Ishida: Entering Suki removes her boots and sets them next to other footwear in the entry way.
[09:24:15] Sarah perks up a little as she gets a response, letting her concentration focus two ways, trying to follow Suki and respond inside her mind. *Originally anyway. Spent more time being Sarah Amdahl with the resistance than as Seren. What's going on? What are you doing here, and… happen to know who the other one here is?* She looks up meanwhile, in her attempt to divide her focus, blinking at it and removing her own footwear.
[09:25:03] Lt. Jaron does so as well
[09:25:16] (GM): @ Sarah, "I am well, it is good to see that not all of us left. Tell me? Where are you, it would be good to talk."

[09:25:34](GM): As you remove your boots the smell kills the entire base.
[09:25:36] (GM): j/k
[09:25:49] Lt. Jaron: (harhar)
[09:26:27] John: hehe, how did you know that my feet can kill.
[09:27:38] (GM): @ John lol, I had a hunch

[09:27:26] (GM): As you remove your boots the host of the establishment approaches and bows politely, then recognizes Ishida and bows even deeper and starts babbling in rapid fire Japanese, Suki bows, not so low and responds and the host looks at the group, mentally counts off the number present then beckons you all to follow, pulling you in front of at least 6 parties ahead of you, into the restaurant
[09:28:01] Lt. Jaron follows Suki
[09:28:49] (GM): The tables are low to the ground, there are no chairs but comfy looking mats suffice. The table you are sat at overlooks a Zen garden and is partitioned off by koji walls
[09:28:57] Sarah tries to let Ariel know where where they are, in terms of general area, and gets curious. *Well, again, not the only one. There's a third here on this base, s'why I wondered. And I know Sera stayed…* Meanwhile, she keeps following Suki quietly.
[09:29:53] (GM): @ Sarah "We must talk then. I will be there shortly…would you object to me bringing a .. friend?"
[09:30:42] John: "I'm famished! You'll have to order for me ma'am." He says to Suki.
[09:31:19] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods. "Please, Suki, or Ishida, will do just as well."
[09:31:37] Sarah cocks her head a little even as she follows, blinking. *A friend? Who? Not sure about the lines and such in this place either…* she looks about then, laughing slightly to John's comment. "Depending on how they label their menus anyway. I'd hope they know to label it for people who only speak English."
[09:32:10] John: "Ok ahh…Suki then."
[09:32:10] (GM): Without being prompted, a round of Sake is served and a light platter of appetizers is served.
[09:32:40] (GM): @ Sarah "His name is Scott Bernard, he is, well, I love him."
[09:33:25] (GM): Sarah notices that not a word outside of "Printed at Moon Base ALuCE" is in English on the menu
[09:33:56] Lt. Ishida: Suki translates (there are pictures as well) the menu for the team.
[09:34:07] Sarah almost laughs at the table, but holds it in, just smiling slightly. *Ah… found someone as well, did you? Lucky. I found Suki Ishida, about the same…* She blinks at the menu and cocks her head. "Er… or not." She looks to Suki and scratches her head just slightly, nodding at the translations.
[09:35:17] Lt. Jaron does recognize some sushi and orders that but points on the menu for the rest
[09:35:41] (GM): Whatever Jaron is partial for, within the fare offered, Suki is able to locate and order…
[09:38:04] Lt. Ishida: Suki seems, a slight bit embarrassed at the treatment the host has lavished upon them, but remains silent, and pours the Sake for the team,
[09:38:49] Lt. Jaron tries the Sake, as he's never had it before
[09:38:58] Lt. Ishida: Her own glass is left empty, and after a minute, she poke John, and motions at her empty cup
[09:39:41] John: "we should have a toast." John says and raises his glass.
[09:40:00] (GM): The drink is warm, 96 degrees to be exact and goes down smooth with a slight kick at the end
[09:40:56] Lt. Ishida: Suki looks forlornly at her empty cup
[09:41:07] Lt. Jaron pours Sake for Suki
[09:41:40] Lt. Ishida: Suki smiles "Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!" she replies, then joins the toast
[09:42:07] John: (( I imagine it's customary that you never pour your own Sake? ))
[09:42:21] Lt. Jaron joins the toast as well
[09:43:07] Lt. Ishida: (( correct ))
[09:43:19] John: "I apologize Suki, I didn't realize."
[09:44:04] Lt. Ishida: Suki bows her head slightly "Think nothing of it John-kun."
[09:44:15] Sarah glances to Suki and frowns a little, leaning in to speak quietly. "Mind if a friend, and a friend of a friend join? Someone I know knows another known resistance type from the military, and wanted to join us… Friend of friend is Scott Bernard if you heard of him."
[09:45:36] Lt. Ishida: Suki shakes her head at the mention of Bernard. "no, I have not heard of him, but yes of course we can make room." She waves over the nearby waiter and whispers in Japanese and within minutes, two more place setting are set.
[09:46:16] Lt. Ishida: Suki holds her glass up and looks to John, "It is your toast."
[09:46:58] Sarah nods. "thanks." She sends back then mentally. *cleared the two of you to get around the line for our table.*
[09:47:35] (GM): @ Sarah, "We shall be there in a jiffy."
[09:48:08] John: John still has his glass raised and continues. "To all of those who couldn't be here with us today, may we honor their memory."
[09:48:58] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods and repeats exactly what John said but in Japanese, that says KENPAI! loudly, quaffing her drink.
[09:49:44] John: "KENPA!" he downs his drink.
[09:49:59] Lt. Jaron downs the Sake without saying Kenpai
[09:50:39] Lt. Ishida: ((ooooo a contrarian! grrrrrrr lol))
[09:53:15] Sarah: Sarah nods just a little bit at that, repeating "Kenpai" and sipping hers promptly, looking around quietly after drinking it.
[09:53:21] Lt. Ishida: Suki waves over the host and babbles in Japanese. The host nods and leaves. After some small talk the host returns with two people in tow. One is a crimson haired woman, with ample chest and crimson eyes in a UEEF Bridge officers uniform and a hunky Lt Commander in his flight suit.
[09:54:51] Lt. Ishida: Suki, seeing the rank of Lt. Commander scrambles to stand to attention, and salutes. "Sir. it, it is a pleasure."
[09:55:34] John: John does likewise.
[09:56:03] Lt. Jaron gets up and salutes as well
[09:56:13] John: He stands at attention and snaps a crisp salute.
[09:56:38] (GM): The Lt Commander smiles and returns the salute. He is fleet (grr bite bite) "As you were." He replies formally. behind him the woman smiles softly.
[09:56:40] Sarah glances up at the two, cocking her head at the uniform on the crimson haired one and blinking just a little bit. "Already let you wear that, did they?" She smiles just a little at Suki's reaction to Bernard, laughing softly. "These are the ones I mentioned. Lt. Commander Bernard and Ariel." She stands properly as well, for Bernard, then, to not be the only one not doing so.
[09:58:05] (GM): Ariel smiles at Sarah, "No so much, I figured it would be more, low key." She looks to the group. "It is a pleasure to meet you."
[09:58:26] Lt. Jaron nods "Likewise ma'am" soon sits back downs
[09:58:44] (GM): Lt. Cmdr. Bernard: "Likewise." Suki nods, and motions to the open seats. "Please, sit."
[09:59:21] Lt. Ishida: Suki dutifully pours Sake for the newcomers
[10:00:24] (GM): Bernard" "Thank you." Ariel nods as well. "Yes, thank you, I hope we are not imposing."
[10:00:44] John: (( OMG, I'm sitting less than a few feet from Scott B. I thought this day would never come. ))
[10:01:37] Lt. Ishida: (( LOL ))
[10:02:30] Sarah nods a little bit at Ariel and shrugs slightly. "I just wear what got issued, and what I had before from being around South Dakota too long." She smiles to Ariel and glances around a little. Meanwhile, mentally she's laughing just a little bit at the seeming intimidation when they saw the Lt. Cmdr. bars. *Bringing him was a definite good idea.*
[10:02:30] John: (( and Ariel, is she as hot in person as she is in the cartoons? ))
[10:02:39] (GM): The host returns with two more menus and leaves them before a befuddles Scott and Ariel. Suki translates again, and the order is placed…
[10:03:17] (GM): Ariel smiles and mentally says to Sarah "Rank has it's privileges."
[10:04:17] (GM): Bernard. "So, what units are you with? Sorry, please, disregard my rank."
[10:05:49] Lt. Jaron speaks up "Was with maulers but being transferred"
[10:06:22] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods. "I was of VMA-111 Sundowners off the Oriskany. Currently aboard the Yukikaze now."
[10:06:56] Sarah nods just a little to Ariel, smiling as well. "For myself, I wound up with Lt. Ishida during the big final mess at Reflex Point, I pretty well got pulled straight in from the resistance."
[10:07:30] (GM): Ariel blinks. "Resistance, really?"
[10:08:22] John: 2nd Squad Hotel Platoon 54th MEU
[10:10:23] (GM): Bernard :Wow, don't I feel out of place." he laughs "Nothing but Marines." he laughs again, good natured. "Sorry, I was with the 21st Mars Division, 15th ACS"
[10:11:57] John says to Scott. "weren't you guys the first ones back to earth?"
[10:12:27] Lt. Ishida: Scott shakes his head. "That was the 10th, we were the second fleet in."
[10:12:39] John nods
[10:13:16] Sarah nods just a little bit at that and shrugs. "Mmmhmm. Wound up with her after an Enforcer melted my Cyclone and nearly melted me. Serves me right for going out and intentionally drawing fire in an 038 Cyclone." She smiles then, but mentally droops a little. *After departing two years before, and having to fly most of the way around the world in the process…*
[10:13:32] Lt. Jaron nods "Yes, my parents were in first….brother in the 21st"
[10:14:55] (GM): Scott nods solemnly at Jaron "Sorry to hear that, we got chewed up pretty bad." He pauses. "Some of us made it through, I'll be honest with you, the chances are low, but, don't give up hope okay, he might have made it."
[10:15:56] (GM): Ariel blinks again. "You took up arms against the all mother?" She says at Sarah
[10:16:21] Lt. Jaron: "Its ok commander. They did their duty and with honor."
[10:17:35] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods and smiles with pride at Lt. Fairman's statement
[10:17:53] John takes a second glance at the girl and backs off slightly.
[10:18:29] Lt. Jaron looks at Ariel a moment and whispers to Suki "She another 'I'?"
[10:19:30] (GM): Ariel notices and shrinks back herself. Scott notices. "I assure you, she is a devout ally Lieutenant." he puts his arm around her "She has been with us a long time, and faced down her kind just as courageously as I."
[10:19:58] John: John suddenly gets up from the table. "Well it was nice meeting you sir, but I'm afraid I have to go now." He excuses himself and heads for the exit.
[10:20:06] Lt. Ishida: Suki blinks. "I think so." Suki looks to Sarah for confirmation.
[10:20:21] Sarah shrugs idly at Ariel. "I saw plenty of things that you probably didn't. And I was fighting the occupation in general mostly. And the kind of unpleasantness I had to witness. I don't care how much complaint it drew, I wasn't going to blindly accept an elderly woman as a resistance leader when she could hardly walk , nor was I going to shoot that 15 year old kid thinking a Cyclone was a 'cool motorcycle'. And other such incidents like that." She nods to Suki a bit.
[10:20:47] Lt. Ishida: Suki stands, bows politely to Bernard and moves after john "John, Lieutenant?"
[10:21:17] John stops and waits for Suki.
[10:21:54] Lt. Ishida: "I, I really don't know what to say. Are, are you all right?"
[10:23:00] (GM): Back at the table Ariel sinks her head at John departure, saddened by it, Scott holds her closer, to comfort her.
[10:23:42] John: "I'm fine. Just need some time to calm down. I know that you accept them(Invid) with ease, but I can't forgive that easy. I'll see you later.
[10:24:23] Sarah rolls her eyes at John, shaking her head and looking over to Suki. "Both I would guess, but I won't comment further." She looks back then, shaking her head a little. "Sorry about him. Reaction to me is just as mixed."
[10:26:14] Lt. Ishida: "John." Suki calls after him "I, I understand what you feel, I do. I lost my family to them, all I know. My , my upbringing tells me to hate them, that they are the enemy, and, I gladly killed them in battle." She lowers her head. "But, i, I cannot explain it, I know they are our enemy, but, Sarah, and, I don't know, maybe Ariel, I cant say, I have to take Bernard at his word, if they turned on their own kind…isn't that at least something..?"
[10:26:52] Lt. Jaron eats in peace, avoiding the drama for the moment.
[10:31:41] John: "Never even had a chance to know my family because of then. All my closest friends are gone now too. So save the can't we all just get along speech for someone else. We could have gotten on fine if they hadn't decided to commit genocide and enslave the rest of earth. Screw them!" He stalks out of the restaurant.
[10:33:40] Lt. Ishida: Suki follows him out, waving the host to follow. "I won't stop you. Because I DO understand what you feel, you may have not had the luxury of knowing your family because of them, but, I was torn from mine." She pauses "I would like you to come back, for the meal. but if you must leave, I would ask you to wait, i will have the host arrange transportation back to the base…it…is a long walk."
[10:34:13] Sarah cocks her head a little at Ariel and shrugs. "This was clear over in New Delhi, realize." She shrugs, and rolls her eyes just a little at the conversation. "I love having such friendly co-workers now. The squad commander doesn't mind, but…" She almost laughs. "Came closest to killing me as well, while I was manning Lt. Ishida's Beta during the Haydonite attack on Tirol. Weren't quite out of range when she fired multiple Reflex multi-warhead missiles at a warship. The shock wave went through the Beta first."
[10:35:48] John: "I'll wait here ma'am"
[10:37:56] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods, respecting John's decision. She speaks tot he host and he nods, and moves to his station, and retrieves a phone from it. Suki sighs. "he will arrange for a taxi. Are you sure you wont reconsider"
[10:38:12] (GM): Ariel nods "Seems you have been through a lot."
[10:39:12] John: "What's to consider. I could barely handle being at the same table with one of then. Two is to much."
[10:40:42] John: (( Wow! Flawed characters are fun to play. ))
[10:41:18] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods. "I don't begrudge you your feelings. I still hold animosity myself. But, the fact of the matter is, the Invid are fled from earth, and we face an even greater foe. Any ally, ANY, is welcome. I can only speak for myself, but at least with the Invid, their aggression was up front. The Haydonites used us, and that, that is beyond reproach."
[10:41:28] Lt. Ishida: ((fuck yeah!))
[10:43:18] (GM): Scott perks up "They hit Tirol as well?" He shakes his head "Did they succeed?"
[10:43:59] Sarah laughs a little and shrugs. "Oh, plenty in the last week anyway. Lost the resistance Beta and the Cyclone on the ground, then Suki pulls me along to the Yukikaze and we get folded clear to Tirol. Then a while after we launched for that attack, the Beta decides it doesn't want to fire the four missiles I'd keyed up, and I had to jettison the rest. The four still there nearly totaled it. So we had to go back for another. That's the one that /was/ wrecked in the RMW blast." She shakes her head at Scott. "Nope. They hit the fleet that was there some, but another fleet folded in behind them and trapped them. They ran with their heads between their tails then."
[10:46:03] (GM): Scott breathes a sigh of relief. "Well, you did a far cry better than we, I was with the Icarus when SSL fell. Captain Grant detonated the last remaining stores of Neutron S missiles in order to wipe out the Haydonite fleet. We lost a lot of good people that day."
[10:46:52] Lt. Jaron finishes the meal and listens for the most part
[10:51:35] John: "I still can't stop feeling the hate! It boils up inside me and I want to burst. The Haydonites are a different story all together."
[10:52:19] Lt. Ishida: Suki motions for John to follow her to the Zen garden while the taxi is called up. "Talk to me."
[10:53:02] John: "I have never seen one but you can be sure if I did I wouldn't hesitate to blow a hole through their head."
[10:53:15] John follows Suki
[10:54:04] Sarah winces at Scott's description of that battle and shivers just a little bit. "Ouch… That's not good." She sighs a little bit. "I heard them talking about refitting ships with older Reflex weaponry at Tirol, that might help prevent the sabotage that was reported on the newer weapons." She pauses a little bit then and blushes just slightly. "Oh, and just tell me if I'm talking too much. The ones who knew me best knew to tell me to shut up sometimes." She sighs a little then, looking to Ariel worriedly, lowering her voice. "Know anything about the other one I mentioned before?"
[10:54:30] Lt. Ishida: "In that, you and I are of a like mind. The Haydonites are 'Hangyakunin' traitors." She pauses "And i will kill them as easily as I would a rabid dog."
[10:55:02] John: "Today when I learned that Yancy had died I almost lost it there. He was the closest thing to a father I ever had."
[10:56:19] John: "And to see the Invid sitting there smiling and conversing like they did nothing wrong enrages me."
[10:58:54] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods. "My father, I pleaded with him to stay and fight the Invid when they came. but, he told me to leave, and sent me with Aki, our clan retainer, here, to Moon Base ALuCE. I wanted more then anything to stay by my fathers side, and fight." She pauses and sits at a nearby bench "I harbored, a deep hatred towards the Invid, for taking me from my family, but, behind all that I am a warrior, and a pragmatist, it would seem to me that we have beaten the Invid, like we beat the Zentraedi, and Master before them, and now, we face a new enemy, one we know little about. The choice is up to you, but, with a foe that is willing to sucker us into vaporizing our homeworld…and given these Invid, and their desire, at least openly, to work with us…"
[11:00:09] Lt. Ishida: "Doesn't the enemy of my enemy become my friend?" She finishes, looking up at John
[11:01:44] John: "I will never trust an Invid. And I will never forgive either. All this constant loss of kinsman is wearing on me."
[11:02:10] (GM): Ariel: "Yes, she is one that experimented on humans, at the whim of her Hive brain. I don't really know why the UEEF have brought her here, but, I have not spoken to her, she knows of my presence, but has not spoken to me either."
[11:04:49] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods. "I understand. It does not change my feelings on the matter, but I respect your views, and know now that I alone cannot sway them." She rubs the bridge of her nose. "It would have been a fine meal." She says, smiling.
[11:08:30] Sarah frowns just a little at that, just… staring at Ariel almost. "That…really worries me just a little bit…" She frowns just a little and sighs. Probably nothing good then." She looks down and sighs just a little bit. "But if she isn't talking to you while aware of you, it really makes me wonder how close a watch they're keeping on her. It occurred to me that not everyone who stayed might exactly have 'clean' intentions. And unless Mother filtered for ones who didn't…"
[11:08:33] John: "I'm sorry about that Suki, perhaps today is not the best time for me. It will take time. Lots and lots of time I imagine; before I can accept them." He looks at her with a tired inflection in his eyes.
[11:11:49] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods "And I would apologize to you. Had I Known your feelings, I would have suggested against their presence (Scott and Ariel)." Suki looks about the garden, and the orderly tranquility within. "This place among others has always brought me peace. I will ask the host to call on you here when the taxi arrives. I have to return to our guests now." She stands and bows her head slightly.
[11:12:25] John nods
[11:13:58] (GM): Ariel: Indeed. Scott tells me that there is nothing to worry about, that in the past, the Americans spirited out , who was it you said dear?" Scott smiles "Von Braun." he says. Ariel nods "Him, to build things for them, and maybe that is what the UEEF seeks."
[11:17:27] Sarah nods just a little bit and considers slightly. "Still, if she were doing work for the UEEF, it doesn't make sense that she wouldn't talk to either of us." She sighs a little. "I just worry that somewhere someone might have stayed behind thinking they'll get their pound of flesh later. And that's bad for everyone." She looks over at Scott a little and hrms. "For myself, as soon as they'll allow it, I'm hoping to sign up more officially." She blushes then, looking at Scott. "I don't usually lose 3 Betas in 36 hours. Really."
[11:20:12] (GM): Scott nods approvingly while Ariel , well, doesn't.
[11:21:52] Lt. Ishida: Suki returns to the table and sits, ashamed and crest fallen. "Lt. Magna will not be rejoining us, I am afraid that irreconcilable differences will…" She trails off and takes another swig of Sake.
[11:23:06] Lt. Jaron would be surprised about losing 3 beats in 36 hour and almost says something but realized its Sarah that lost them not an UEEF pilot.
[11:24:25] (GM): Scott nods at Suki's statement "I'm sorry," Ariel slumps her head.
[11:25:15] Sarah smiles brightly to Scott and nods just a little, then cocks her head a little bit at Ariel, shrugging. "They need as many pilots as they can get to this point. And they're willing to stand up to the Haydonites. That's practically the golden door right there." She shrugs just a little bit, then sighs at Suki and frowns. "I am as well. Didn't mean to chase him off…"
[11:27:32] Lt. Ishida: Suki doesn't say much after that, and just sits, silent
[11:29:15] (GM): @ John, presently the host approaches, and bows "Beg forgiveness prease, taxi here." He motions for the entry way. Through the window to the restaurant you can see a despondent Suki, and the others as they are.
[11:30:18] John: John nods to the host an d gets up and walks for the taxi.
[11:30:42] Sarah pauses just a moment, then says something mentally instead of out loud. *Aside from that, ,I did manage to see Mother to make amends before she left. She said that Suki and I are connected somehow. I'm pretty much with her the whole way. Since she's a combat pilot and I know how to fly backseat for her…* A mental shrug.
[11:31:28] Sarah: (( should send her the rundown of the whole "this was a bad idea" scene, just for the lulz ))
[11:31:29] (GM): As John walks to the taxi he can hear hushed whispers from some of the staff as he walks past, then host, his head bowed escorts you to the genken (vestibule).
[11:31:48] (GM): ((up to you))
[11:32:14] Sarah: (( *does so then to illustrate* ))
[11:32:29] Lt. Ishida: Suki looks up at Jaron "Thank you for staying." She says in a slight whisper. Not bothering to touch her food
[11:33:37] John ignores the employees an hops in the taxi without a glance back he tell the driver where he wants to go.
[11:34:01] Lt. Jaron smiles slightly and gives her a slightly shoulder nudge marine to marine
[11:34:42] (GM): @ john, the taxi will drop you off where ever you want…
[11:35:10] John: "barracks please."
[11:35:57](GM): The taxi will take you will be a ten, maybe 15 minute trip, since traffic is light.
[11:37:53] Lt. Ishida: At the shoulder nudge Suki seems to smile somewhat, and eats a bite or two. Scott, eats his food as well as does Ariel,.
[11:38:54] Sarah settles in then and eats her own food, trying to get herself calmed down then.
[11:40:58] (GM): The taxi drops John off at the barracks facility on base, the area is teeming with troopers (think that scene from Starship troopers) you see the marines and fleet are at each others throat, and in the rec area you see the same, with Invid and Haydonite pictures on the dart boards and such
[11:42:06] (GM): Scott, back at the table starts with Jaron first, asking about him, his background and all that."
[11:44:48] Lt. Jaron: "Mostly planet side recon, not much space experience. They got me taking the helm of the garfish, thought I might be rusty but I was wrong. Its like what they used to say…ummm riding a bike"
[11:46:00] (GM): Scott smiles and nods. "Good to hear, if I didn't know any better, I'd be sure they will have me flying a desk." He shrugs, not to happy about the prospect. "Suki?" He asks.
[11:48:04] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods "Recon pilot myself, I lost my squadron early on, so, my wingman and I just bounced from place to place along the line, I lost him on the trip down to Reflex Point, picked up Sarah and breeched the hive. we ran into some cyclone and Invid command mecha, on our way in…"
[11:48:28] (GM): Scott blanches "It wasn't a VR-041 was it?"
[11:49:21] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods "actually it was, I fired on the Invid and disabled it, I think, and ordered the traitor to point out the Regess' chamber, he did, and well, it wasn't anything like I thought…"
[11:49:23] Sarah laughs a little and nods. "Yup. Sera eventually just decided that Suki was a loon."
[11:50:03] (GM): Scott turns slightly angry "That 'traitor' was lance Belmont of the 10th Mars Division., part of my team."
[11:51:32] Lt. Ishida: Suki gulps, recovering "My apologies sir, but, in context, he was an enemy collaborator linked up with the enemy. I did my duty." Scott tenses but a soothing hand on his shoulder from Ariel calms him "I, I suppose you did." He reluctantly admits.
[11:51:55] (GM): Scott looks at Sarah then.
[11:52:57] Lt. Ishida: Suki huffs at Sarah "I am not a loon."
[11:53:35] Sarah looks over at Suki. "oops?" She shakes her head a little bit. "Minor misunderstanding between Sera and I there, was eventually for the better that the attempted idea never got off the ground, though. I was trying to suggest to her that if we stalled Suki talking it might keep something else bad from happening." She glances over to Suki then. "That's why I again said it was a bad idea, once we got to her chamber."
[11:54:35] Sarah: "I wasn't sure how Mother would react, so I was trying to take the safest course seemingly available."
[11:54:47] Lt. Ishida: Suki shrugs "if I hadn't been deprived my Alpha, I am not ashamed to admit I would have fired on her…the Regess.
[11:55:20] Sarah shakes her head a little bit. "They never would have hit anyway, and you and it would've been vaporized."
[11:55:44] Lt. Ishida: Suki looks over the Jaron "Your a damn fine Garfish pilot, if I might say so myself" she says as much as a genuine compliment, as much as to change the subject
[11:57:02] Lt. Jaron smiles "Thanks. Guess a natural. But if we are finished maybe we can check out the city before departure?"
[11:58:10] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods "Hai, I will attend to the bill, please, it is my honor for you to be here."
[11:58:20] Lt. Jaron nods
[12:00:05] Sarah sighs just a little and sinks in her seat slightly.
[12:00:55] Lt. Jaron replies to Suki "Thank you Suki for dinner"
[12:01:41] (GM): Scott and Ariel walk outside with Sarah and Jaron . Ariel "it was good to see you, I do not fully agree with you joining the UEEF as a uniformed pilot, but if that is your will, then so be it. I think, that we should go now Scott, after what happened earlier…" Scott nods "I agree, good luck to you both, I can't tell you too much, but we will be counting on folks like you to carry the UEEF through, bad times are ahead…" His voice trails off, and he pauses "Look, between you and I, just conserve your protoculture, as best you can."
[12:03:06] Lt. Jaron nods "Thanks commander, been a pleasure"
[12:03:43] Sarah sighs a little as she walks along, shrugging to Ariel and sighing. She looks to both of them. "I'm sorry this went so bad, I didn't realize it would go that far down during dinner." She looks down at the ground a little. "And yeah. Whenever I can. Thanks for the advice, Commander."
[12:04:40] (GM): The pair nod and walk off, disappear behind an ally. there is a slight flash of light and they are gone, one can almost hear Scott say "Aww crap not again…."
[12:05:37] (GM): Back at base, John, buddy pal! wassup?
[12:05:50] Lt. Jaron shakes as if a cold chill and waits for Suki "Sarah, how many are there of your ummm special kind?"
[12:06:23] Lt. Ishida: Suki joins the others after a few minutes.
[12:06:54] John: Now considering he hasn't eaten, he heads for the closest thing to a restaurant.
[12:07:12] Sarah sighs at Jaron and shrugs. "Not that many still here." She shrugs. "and considering some reactions, I wonder if the number will drop." She looks to Suki then. "Thanks for the dinner ma'am. Sorry my bad idea ruined it…"
[12:07:43] (GM): The barracks chow hall is packed, but the line moves fast enough. The vittles are decent, but not fabulous
[12:08:22] Lt. Ishida: Suki frowns, holding a doggie bag in her hand, John meal, wrapped to go.
[12:09:07] Lt. Jaron looks to Suki "Anywhere else you'd like to visit?"
[12:09:39] Lt. Ishida: Suki shakes her head "No, my things should be waiting at the dock…I'm ready to go now."
[12:10:31] Lt. Jaron nods "Very well then"
[12:12:49] Sarah just follows along in silence, trying to not make a noise in any fashion whatsoever.
[12:12:52] John sits down and starts to chow down, having some difficulty in the NORMAL EARTH gravity. He watches helplessly as his food continually floats of his spoon and on to his plate.
[12:12:52] (GM): we all saw the shows, there was plenty of gravity on the moon, didn't ya see how much Ariel's boobs sagged!!!


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