Interlude 1: Night 2

[11:34:24] Major Kavashera (GM): The Major mulls your words, with obvious dispassion. "Why again did you decide to defect?"
[11:42:41] Sarah sighs very softly. "During the most major incident of conflict between what was right to be done, and what was wanted, I had no choice but to leave. That happened during the extremely short stint dealing with symps. It's only conjecture, but I think they may have been trying to sour me on humanity by sending me to deal with its worst at that point. During the incident, someone was trying to turn in a very elderly woman, a woman who could barely walk and hardly speak, in as a 'resistance leader'. The only real way to protect her was to get her back to one of the resistance groups I'd seen but never reported from before. I had to go through the symp to do it, though. And that would have leaked back anyway. That was… two years ago."
[11:49:24] Major Kavashera (GM): The Major sighs. "Look, you know what I think..I think that a load of bull. Come on! Thats to perfect, to fluffy." He leans forward. "Innocent looking simulagent is ordered to bring grandma back to the resistance group you claim to have known about but "never" reported on. The symps you are with ham it up, make you look the savior and off you go, infiltrated into the resistance." He glares at you. "And now, you're here, aboard a UEEF ship of the line. with your accomplice, unwitting or complicit, well, thats yet to be determined." He glares at Suki.
[11:55:04] Sarah coughs very slightly and shrugs. "It wasn't exactly a quick process, realize. I had been considering the departure before that point, really. Having to do it like that was the last thing I wanted. If I'd been able to plan longer and get myself away cleanly, I might have felt more safe with the local resistance groups. But with what I had to do, I had to run like hell and completely switch continents on both angles. That's why I showed up at Reflex Point, confirmably from the filed reports of the UEEF ground forces, with a resistance group from Sioux Falls in what was South Dakota, rather than anyone from India where I actually understood the culture. That kind of move is culture shock no matter how it's done. I didn't meet her until well after the start of the big battle at Reflex Point. She was picking me up from the rifle company I'd been assigned to guard after multiple bombing runs were complete. The only reason she got called is because the Beta I showed up in was blown to bits by that point, and an Enforcer unit melted my Cyclone and part of my armor while I was trying to get away from planting a bomb to get them in further. All confirmable, since the company was able to pull back, I'm sure they filed a report."
[12:00:47] Lt. Ishida (GM): At this point Suki sighs, then sits back on the cot, lies back, puts her hands behind her head and crosses her legs (she is still wearing her CVR-3) closing her eyes. "If you are going to charge me with anything I request legal counsel." She huffs.
[12:00:48] Major Kavashera (GM): The Major roils at that. "Oh is that right missy? I can have you shot for collaboration with the enemy!!"
[12:02:34] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki opens an eye and looks at him, then closes it again. "Then do it. Put your credits where your mouth is and blow me away. because frankly, If you were going to have me up on charges, I'd have been on the first transport planetside and dumped off to UEEF Intel, along with her…" She jerks a thumb at you. "In a cold box."
[12:04:03] Lt. Ishida (GM): "You saw the tape, I figure, from my Alpha, and her ships as well, and you saw the rifle platoons logs with them. So spare me the scare tactics. Sir." She adds.
[12:08:03] Major Kavashera (GM): The major harumphs and stands. "You would do well to curb that insubordination young lady!"
[12:08:04] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki opens her eye again and regards him as he stands over her. Swinging her legs back off the cot she stands causing him to backstep as she stands, draws herself to her full, yet meager, height of 5'4" and salutes. "Yes Sir, Major Kavashera, Sir.!"

[12:13:45] Lt. Ishida (GM): He leans in and down such that his nose is to hers. She doesn't waver, in fact, leans in closer to him, almost defiantly and meets his hard gaze with unflinching brown eyes. After a tense 15 seconds he stands up and laughs! "You really are a Marine Ishida! Born again hard!" He looks to both of you. "Get cleaned up, and draw new uniforms from supply and report to the CAG. These two fine individuals here…" he motions to the CBR-5 clad and fully armed Marines that entered with him. "…will keep you 'company' for the time being."
[12:17:01] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki salutes, only dropping it after he returns is and leaves. Without a word to you she exits the cell , pausing to address one of the guards. "I'm new to this class of ship, can you please point out a shower and then supply?"…
[12:17:25] Sarah snaps herself up to attention and salutes in her best, most crisp manner from what she's seen the others do. "Sir yes sir!" She follows Suki out then, holding at her question.
[12:19:00] Lt. Ishida (GM): The Marine nods, "This way." he says, as the other sneers at you in disgust as you move past him.
[12:20:17] Sarah responds to the disgust with a sweet smile, though she drops it when she's no longer looking at him.
[12:24:28] Lt. Ishida (GM): Arriving at supply Suki produces her ID card and is given a clean uniform. The Marine looks at you and a guard says "Civilian contractor." The supply sergeant nods and hands you a nondescript jumpsuit and pair of boots.
[12:27:15] Sarah takes the jumpsuit and boots, nodding quickly and checking them over, turning to follow Suki for the showers.
[12:28:48] Lt. Ishida (GM): At the showers, Suki shucks off her CVR-3 and dirty flight suit and takes a shower stall three down from yours and cleans herself up
[12:30:44] Sarah strips down as well, soaping up and enjoying her shower, lathering her hair and almost laughing, thinking back on things. She shakes her head into the water, and rinses her hair clean, stretching out and drying off before getting into the jumpsuit and boots.
[12:34:03] Lt. Ishida (GM): As you finish you see Suki already at the mirror meticulously grooming her hair and uniform.
[12:35:10] Sarah smiles and slips up to do the same, making sure all her hair is right in order, that the jumpsuit is straight, and such. Then she laughs just a little bit, her cheeks darkening slightly, and she shakes her head.
[12:36:35] Lt. Ishida (GM): If Suki noticed this she doesn't show it and waits for you by the door.
[12:37:46] Sarah smiles and slips to the door, looking to Suki a little bit. She's still blushing almost, though not as much. "Sorry ma'am. Just had a funny thought strike me from something you said back there."
[12:40:32] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki doesn't say anything, and oddly you don't feel anything from her, no emotion that is…
[12:42:15] Sarah droops just a little bit at that, and just follows along quietly then, shrugging slightly.
[12:43:41] Lt. Ishida (GM): The guards escort the both of you to the CAG's office. As you enter you can see he is talking to someone on his vid screen. "…yes ma'am. I understand, Yes, they just arrived." He stands as Suki enters and salutes "Ishida Suki reporting as ordered sir!"
[12:44:40] Sarah stands up straight fully behind Lt. Ishida, eyes wide and attentive now.
[12:45:48] Major Reese (GM): The CAG returns the salute and motions to the pair of chairs in front of his desk "be seated." he says. Suki does so, and sits ramrod straight in her chair.
[12:46:26] Sarah settles into her chair as well, trying to sit up just as straight out of respect.
[12:51:46] Major Reese (GM): On the CAG's desk are folders and disks. He sits and rubs the bridge of his nose. "The Captain's offer of posting aboard this ship stands…against my formally lodged objections. However there will be some slight changes." He looks at Suki "Lt Ishida, you will be assigned to the Bengals Recon section, Flight two lead will be going to Lt. Fallyna instead." He says, regarding her, as if testing her, baiting her. Suki only nods. "Yes sir."
[12:55:00] Major Reese (GM): "As for the Invid…you brought her here, she's your responsibility, she's been assigned to you. That means you will be flying together and bunking together, It's up to you to get her acclimated and trained in UEEF procedure. I assume you have no objections?" Suki looks at you, then at the CAG. (you feel her almost cry inside) "No sir, no objections."
[12:57:57] Major Reese (GM): He regards the pair of you for a minute then turns back to his monitor. "That will be all, you're dismissed. Flight schedule's are posted outside of PriFly." Suki stands and salutes, and it takes him a full 20 seconds before he finally turns and returns it, allowing her, and you, to leave.
[12:58:55] Major Reese (GM): "One other thing…" he says, just before you both leave the room.
[12:59:17] Sarah just stays quiet, not having been spoken to. She glances back from standing with Suki, as the CAG speaks again.
[12:59:31] Lt. Ishida (GM): "I intend to notify the squadron as to your wingman's status." He says to Suki.
[01:01:28] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki nods. "Yes sir, I understand sir. May I ask a question sir?" He nods "Go ahead." "Where are we to be berthed?" She asks. "Check with the deck sergeant. I'm the CAG, not a bellhop."
[01:06:29] Sarah just listens quietly, careful not to react to any of it.
[01:12:34] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki asks the guards for directions to the deck sergeant and is pointed down the hall etc etc. The Deck Sergeant shows you two to your room, a officers suite, with boxes in front of it bearing the name of two presumably deceased aviators. Entering, the room is stark, and barren but as is the case with all UEEF ship, spacious and well appointed with the proper amenities including bathroom facilities and a small living room of sorts that separate your sleeping areas.
[01:15:04] Sarah closes her eyes for a moment at the boxes with the names of the deceased, in respect to them, before following along into the room. She looks around at the room once they're inside and blinks a little bit.
[01:16:25] Sarah sighs then, looking to Suki and frowning. "Still getting you into trouble." She shakes her head. "I'm sorry… I didn't mean to get you into this."
[01:25:14] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki sighs. "The left bunk is mine." She says as she sits on 'her' bed.

To Be Continued?

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