Interlude 1: Part 1

[09:38:58] GameEmit (GM): Okay, : Lt. Ishida, and Sarah are led from the captains quarters by a pair of VR-041 clad marines. A notable departure from the accepted CBR-5 standard aboard most UEEF ships of the line.
[09:41:52] GameEmit (GM): Lurana has had to ask directions to the nearest simulator facility as this is fore her, like the others, her first time aboard a Shimikaze class ship, (outside the main hanger bay, that is)
[09:43:25] GameEmit (GM): Crewman and pilots alike gape as the two diminutive pilots are led to the brig, wonder what they had done, or who they are, being marched at gunpoint down the corridors.
[09:44:38] GameEmit (GM): (Note: You are all still in your CVR-3 and Flight suit.)
[09:47:16] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would wonder the halls then asking crewman for directions obviously tho in another world on herself as she seems to be following the other two in a way even tho shes wanting to go a different way
[09:48:12] Sarah doesn't pay too much mind to it, just staring forward. She can sense the Cyclones well enough, and knows to be nervous. She's not exactly capable of fending off a Cyclone by herself after all. She just sighs a little helplessly and moves along where she's being take to, without a word.
[09:48:31] GameEmit (GM): Led into the brig the two are put into a cell and locked up. Two cots, one on either side of the 15 x 15 square flank a exposed toilet and sink fixture.
[09:49:17] Chris (GM): (Where are you asking directions to? Lurana)
[09:49:28] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (simulator)
[09:50:13] GameEmit (GM): You are informed it's two decks down, right next to PriFly (Primary Flight) opposite the Squadron dayrooms
[09:51:26] Lt. Lurana Fallnya nods and tries to follow the way down
[09:53:52] Lt. Ishida (GM): In the cell Suki regards her surroundings with a blank expression on her face. Then walks to the left most cot and sits down on it with a sigh.
[09:55:52] Sarah slumps just a little bit at the sigh, moving over to the other cot and slumping onto it. She looks at the cell a little and shakes her head, closing her eyes softly.
[09:56:51] Lt. Lurana Fallnya reaches into her pack pulling out her new cd taped by yellow dancer the only memento she got from earth
[09:57:31] GameEmit (GM): The CD is bright and shiny, but alas you have no CD (well, MP3 or something more futuristic) player
[09:58:29] Lt. Lurana Fallnya curses lightly wishing she didn't pack so light before leaving her room but she was in a hurry having overslept a bit
[10:00:08] Lt. Lurana Fallnya slips it back into her backpack and picks up her pace heading seemingly aimlessly wanting to go to the sims, but possibly heading to the brig as well
[10:03:38] Lt. Lurana Fallnya undecided she wonders aimlessly till she finds any thing she wants or needs to do badly
[10:03:47] Sarah tries to replay the entire mess of battle in her head, thinking for a moment and frowning, shaking it again. She hmms very softly then.
[10:03:55] Lt. Lurana Fallnya probably making any one she passes by recoil at the smell she gives off to
[[10:04:41] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (shes wandering lost lol)
[10:04:57] Sarah: (( she wet herself at the shockwave, no clothes to change into ))
[10:05:05] Chris (GM): I thought only men didn't ask for directions…
[10:06:15] GameEmit (GM): As you wander aimlessly you hear your name "Fallyna! Hey! You Fallyna?"
[10:06:34] Lt. Lurana Fallnya turns around looking up. "Yes why?"
[10:07:53] Deckhand (GM): A deck hand trots up and then recoils. "Gah! You reek!" >koff< "CAG sent me to find you, show you where the crew berths are, gawd, and the shower." He waves the air in front of his face and turns ."Follow me…not to close.">
[10:09:47] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "trying to find the BX, I don't have any thing to change into…Brig, or Sim area…in no particular order, probably officers mess to i need a drink…"
[10:11:01] Deckhand (GM): "Look, I'll make you a deal." he says. " You get yourself into the shower and give me your size and I'll GET you a new flight suit myself!"
[10:12:09] Lt. Lurana Fallnya spouts off her size for both panties, bra, and flightsuit "Guess I'll just use the soap in the shower area this time.. never did like the stock stuff…"
[10:13:10] Sarah: (( probably just made that guy's day ))
[10:13:32] GameEmit (GM): He leads you to the head and informs you he'll drop your stuff off at the door.
[10:13:59] Lt. Ishida (GM): As Sarah hums she hears a creak from the other cot.
[10:14:01] Lt. Lurana Fallnya and passes him her chit card so he doesn't have to use his creds "No need I showered with males in basic…
[10:14:35] Deckhand (GM): "Well, the captain is a bit more formal, so, ladies room is over there."
[10:14:55] Sarah blinks and opens her eyes at the creaking, looking over to Suki quickly. "Again, I'm sorry about this, ma'am."
[10:15:24] Lt. Ishida (GM): You note that the creak was Suki laying back on the cot. She is sounds asleep.
[10:15:29] Lt. Lurana Fallnya she shrugs and goes into the ladies room stripping already her armor clanking on the floor before he even gets a chance to bolt shes in just her panties barely slinking them off before the door opens
[10:16:19] Sarah blinks at that, and smiles just a little. She lays back as well, trying to avoid making her own cot creak if she can, and closes her eyes again.
[10:16:40] Deckhand (GM): The guy watches for a few seconds, then leaves.
[10:18:31] GameEmit (GM): Sarah and Suki are both awoken by the sound of the door being swung open. A deep thud thud thud of armored boots enter and you see Major Kavashera standing between two guards.
[10:19:17] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki swings off her cot and comes to attention.
[10:21:37] Kavashera (GM): The Major returns it crisply, then glares at Sarah. Reaching behind him he swings a mealt cushionless chair into the cell. He takes a seat and settles back as a Marine sets up a tripod and puts a video camera atop it.
[10:23:38] Sarah sits up on her cot, watching a little bit wide-eyed. She cocks her head at the camera, and… refrains from rolling her eyes. She doesn't respond to the glare at all.
[10:23:45] Lt. Lurana showers using the standard soap dispensed from the shower unit grumbling a bit as it leaves her reddened almost like sunburn thanks to her minor allergy to it
[10:23:58] Kavashera (GM): "I'm going to ask some questions, and you will answer them, you will not lie, you will not mince words , you will not use platitudes or analogies. Do you understand?"
[10:24:28] Lt. Ishida (GM): "Yes sir." Suki replies immediately.
[10:25:21] Kavashera (GM): He looks at Sarah, awaiting her answer.
[10:25:26] Sarah nods silently.
[10:26:08] Kavashera (GM): "Do you understand? yes, or no?" He repeats, tapping the camera, his eyes cold.
[10:26:26] Sarah narrows her eyes then. "Yes, I do."
[10:28:52] Kavashera (GM): "Good." He looks at Suki, "I have your records already, so no need to go over all of that. However, you." He looks to Sarah, "We know nothing about. Let us start it simple shall we? What is your full name, place of birth, and age?"
[10:30:25] Lt. Lurana Fallnya finally turns the water off feeling clean again her skin pinker hued than when she stepped in thanks to her slight allergy to the standard soap product in the showers and at all the sinks. She steps to the door peering out a moment before stepping out
[10:31:41] Lt. Ishida (GM): A fresh set of clothing is in a folded pile on the end of a locker room bench. In lieu of panties and such is a sports bra and spandex exercise pants thing.
[10:33:03] Lt. Lurana Fallnya prods at the spandex sighing lightly and tries them on…
[10:36:02] Lt. Lurana Fallnya finding them rather… uncomfortable, ponders on going around in her flightsuit without any thing down there (freeballing i believe is what males term it when they don't wear underwear lol )
[10:37:05] Lt. Lurana Fallnya sighing she resigns to using them tho the sports bra is fine much like what she always wore…
[10:37:22] Sarah takes a soft breath at the questions, before starting in with her answer. "Original name is Seren, the only name I've gone under since leaving the Invid has been Sarah Amdahl. Place of birth was a hive on Praxis. Age… hrm. In current form, 2 1/2 years."
[10:39:38] Lt. Lurana Fallnya finally pulls on the new flightsuit and takes the bags these were in and tucks her other one in there for later washing along with her panties and bra, and grabs her armor sliding it in there a swell she make sure he brought back her cred chip card
[10:41:03] Kavashera (GM): "How old in total." he says
[10:45:43] Sarah thinks for a moment, trying to figure it out. "From hatching? 35."
[10:45:43] Lt. Ishida (GM): @ Lu, your stuff is all there, he didn't rip off your card
[10:46:38] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would check still the same to see how much he spent off it for what he did bring her…
[10:47:05] Kavashera (GM): Where did you assume your current form?"
[10:47:46] Sarah: "New Delhi, India."
[10:49:33] Kavashera (GM): "What was your position in New Delhi?"
[10:50:33] Lt. Lurana Fallnya wonders out of the shower locker rooms trying to get used to the feel of the spandex pants hugging her legs grumbling a bit under her breath as she steps out looking for the man
[10:52:59] Sarah keeps talking. "Originally I was a field officer, involved with recon in force and solo work. After a policy dispute where I was determined 'unfit' for that," She rolls her eyes at that, and her expression sours a little. "I was sent to be a liaison officer to the sympathizers." She represses a soft shudder.
[10:53:03] Deckhand (GM): He's waiting. "Feel better?" He points down the hall. "Crew berths are this way…" (he shows you around the basics, where the squad room is, the sims, the mess hall, etc )
[10:54:22] Lt. Lurana Fallnya nods thanking him then heads back to the BX for a lil personal time before heading to the sims asking him one last question. "Where is the Brig?"
[10:56:57] Kavashera (GM): "I asked you not to use analogies please. So I will ask you to define 'field officer' for me. This Policy dispute, define that as well. Remember, it will help you to answer completely." He says, slightly miffed, but calm.
[11:00:04] Deckhand (GM): "Brig? Brigs up on Deck 4. Why do you want to know where the brig is?"
[11:02:10] Sarah cocks her head. "I was supposed to find resistance camps, and actively patrol for straggling resistance members. As to the policy dispute, it was a combination of things. Staying too long watching when I knew it wasn't a resistance group for one. According to them it made me 'soft', because I outright refused to attack a 13 year old kid who'd found a Cyclone in a wrecked ship and decided to hop on it and try to give it a joy ride. I stopped him and explained the problem to him, and what might happen with the others, yes. But I wouldn't shoot him."
[11:02:50] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Not your concern…" *she waves him off and heads into the BX solo grabbing a cart and goes shopping for replacements of what was left behind and possibly lost from her old ship starting with a months worth of standard groceries (200 credits there), slipping her sunglasses on she moves over to womans clothing now…


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