Interlude 5 - Part 1


[07:43:18] GM: It is the next day and your 'Winnabago' has been emptied. Assuming that the team keeps their old detail, the group is once again sent out into the debris field.
[07:44:15] Carrie: (( lol, winnebago ))
[07:44:20] GM: ((Also to toss out, if you guys want to assign new callsigns to the various temas within the overall unit (33rd) let me know))
[07:45:24] GM: everyone that is not actually inside the 'Winnabago' roll a perc.
[07:46:13] 2 LT Komillia: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[07:46:44] Lt. Jaron: (they actually let us take it out, interesting)
[07:47:20] GM: (well, yall found it, it's your toy)
[07:47:46] GM: (of course, when you get back to the fleet and all, you'll have to turn over the keys…but hey)
[07:48:39] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:48:45] Lt. Jaron is inside the pod
[07:48:55] CWO2 Sarah: (( so are we all allowed to take stuff that will /fit/, this time? or no? ))
[07:48:58] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee ))
[07:49:08] GM: ((my way of letting you futz with new mecha so you aren't in your smae dealall the tiime lol)
[07:49:30] CWO2 Sarah: (( since the Beta doesn't fit, I was curious ))
[07:49:53] 2 LT Komillia looks about the debris field in her Bioroid.
[07:50:02] GM: Sure, what would you like to fly, and, the Beta fit perfectly fine inside, it's just to big to go thru the doorway into the flight deck
[07:50:17] CWO2 Sarah: (( that's what I meant. And forget it. ))
[07:50:27] CWO2 Sarah: (( the Bioroid can, though. Hrm. ))
[07:50:40] GM: this is correct
[07:50:52] CWO2 Sarah: (( *is alpha trained now, probably not allowed near em tho* ))
[07:51:09] GM: Komillia you do not see anything …note worthy…
[07:51:21] CWO2 Sarah: (( hee he ))
[07:51:33] GM: busted pods here and there, a few fighter pods , some power armor
[07:52:19] Lt. Jaron checks sensors as they fly along but speaks "Just head to a large piece of debris for now"
[07:52:46] Lt. Ishida: Roger that. [1d100] => [58] = (58)
[07:53:06] Lt. Jaron: sensory [1d100] => [63] = (63) vs 65
[07:53:24] GM: For note, Sarah is on patrol with yall in an Alpha
[07:53:31] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee. ))
[07:53:32] GM: will wonders never cease
[07:54:00] CWO2 Sarah flies escort just for now, peering out the cockpit quietly. "Right…"
[07:54:01] GM: What are you looking for Jaron?
[07:55:00] Lt. Ishida sitches to a private comm channel to Sarah's Alpha. "You are looking very smart in your new fighter." She says with the hint of a smile in her voice.
[07:55:25] GM: Jaron?
[07:55:49] 2Lt. Aylanea flies along and peers around as well.
[07:56:05] GM: then roll your percs you two lol
[07:56:23] CWO2 Sarah switches comm as well, and laughs. "Well, trying to look useful, anyway." [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16) perc
[07:56:29] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d20] => [5] = (5)
[07:57:00] Lt. Jaron: any energy signatures
[07:57:01] GM: Sarah, you note a larger concentration of Invid carcasses
[07:57:31] 2 LT Komillia: ((Sorry, made the mistake of leaving Discovery Channel on, can't turn away from the science…))
[07:57:52] GM: Nothing conclusive Jaron, are you using your mecha's sensors or the Winnebagos?
[07:58:05] Lt. Jaron: winnies
[07:58:39] GM: kk, yeah, you cant tell (unfamilier device, and you rolled 2 away from your limit…)
[07:59:07] GM: And sarah I noted what you saw, see
[07:59:59] CWO2 Sarah blinks a little and frowns. "More Invid this way, might be closer to one of their ships this time…" She peers arounhd just a little.
[08:01:13] Lt. Ishida: Shall I change heading?
[08:01:45] Lt. Jaron nods "Yes, full speed"
[08:01:52] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [3] = (3)
[08:02:30] GM: Ishida manuvers the ungainly craft like she's flown one all her life (with that roll) and changes her course and speed.
[08:02:59] CWO2 Sarah peers around the wreckage further, considering it, and watching for anything that might ook familiar to her.
[08:03:09] GM: ook ook
[08:04:12] GM: As you proceed you an see many decimated Invid fighter craft, almost all with the space booster pack. Anything more will require a more in depth look
[08:05:00] CWO2 Sarah: (( look ))
[08:05:01] CWO2 Sarah: (( rar ))
[08:05:30] CWO2 Sarah flies in a little towards it, not wanting to get too far away, to see if there's a home craft for any of them any closer. She flies up closer to one, to peer at it more directly.
[08:06:00] 2 LT Komillia: ((ok, got finished with the thing on black holes and set the Steven Hawking show to to DVR…)
[08:06:04] GM: Sarah, the one you fly up near looks like it was hit by a massive amount of shrapnel
[08:06:34] CWO2 Sarah blinks at that and looks for potential shrapnel sources, trying to figure out compensation for drift and whatnot, and looking around again.
[08:06:45] 2Lt. Aylanea just flies back near thhe pod, watching.
[08:07:26] GM: well, since most shrapnel sources explode, thereby creating the shrapnel, finding the csource will be very difficult
[08:07:39] 2 LT Komillia follows the lead of the others, and pokes about with sensors and eyeballs. [1d20] => [9] = (9) PERC, [1d100] => [50] = (50) vs 60 RSI
[08:07:40] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( depends on how much of it exploded. heh. ))
[08:08:10] GM: Again, I need rolls there sarah
[08:08:11] CWO2 Sarah: [1d100
[08:08:17] CWO2 Sarah: (( yes, working on it ))
[08:08:22] GM: kk
[08:08:50] GM: Komillia your sensors ping back a larger chunk some 45 miles distant
[08:09:28] CWO2 Sarah: [1d100] => [22] = (22) navigate: space vs. 75%, [1d100] => [57] = (57) RSI vs. 70%, [1d100] => [18] = (18) Optics Systems vs. 69% (to get better view further)
[08:09:33] CWO2 Sarah: [1d10+1] => [3,1] = (4) (and perc)
[08:09:43] 2 LT Komillia: "Something big 45 miles out. Bigger than what we are looking at."
[08:10:17] Lt. Jaron: "roger, head that way Ishida"
[08:10:23] GM: the damage looks like that cuased by missile fire
[08:10:32] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [2] = (2)
[08:10:42] CWO2 Sarah nods quickly. "Right…" She watches for the contact, and moves withn the group, quickly.
[08:10:44] Lt. Ishida is getting better!
[08:12:14] Lt. Ishida: ((I'm going to stop rolling for her general piloting rolls now in the Winnabago, since with the prior and especially last two, it's obvious she can fly it, so any rolls she will need to make will be for combat or unusual circumstances))
[08:12:42] GM: ((also keeps for useless skillpadding lol))
[08:12:57] Lt. Jaron: "Suki, I'm heading to cargo for quick exit if needed. Once there, find a place to light"
[08:13:18] GM: Suki turns the craft as requested.
[08:13:26] Lt. Ishida: Will do.
[08:13:38] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol. ))
[08:13:43] Lt. Ishida opens the cargo bay doors.
[08:13:46] CWO2 Sarah: (( ))
[08:14:19] GM: Ahead you can see the left overs of a trio of ClamShips
[08:14:22] CWO2 Sarah keeps watching along for the bigger contact, pondering and wondering what it is.
[08:14:27] CWO2 Sarah: (( or not ))
[08:14:36] CWO2 Sarah blinks at that, staying close to the others.
[08:15:04] GM: one looks like it took a heavy particle beam dead on as it's center section has been blown thru and you can see all the way thru the ship and out the back
[08:15:19] Lt. Jaron climbs down to the cargo bay and watches the scene
[08:15:35] CWO2 Sarah winces a little at the totally blasted through one, shivering slightly.
[08:16:21] GM: another has it top clamshell ripped off and damage to it's engineering section
[08:17:11] GM: the third looks relitivly whole in comparison, the shell doors are closed and there is some damage to the upper hull
[08:17:50] GM: that thrid one is also 'out of formation' drifting about 5 to 6 miles away from the other two
[08:18:07] 2 LT Komillia follows Suki. ((Sorry, I'm having a hard time focusing tonight…))
[08:18:18] Lt. Jaron points to that one out of habit and radios "Head to the fall one"
[08:18:31] GM: ((Have you been blinded by Sciance James?))
[08:18:44] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol. ))
[08:19:11] Lt. Ishida turns the camper towards the one Jaron indicated (I assume it's the one thats most intact?)
[08:19:50] CWO2 Sarah looks at the 3rd one and blinks slightly at the thought, pondering what happened to it and why it's out of formation. ([1d100] => [49] = (49) fleet tactics 59% and [1d100] => [17] = (17) lore Invid 74%)
[08:19:50] Lt. Jaron: (yes)
[08:20:12] CWO2 Sarah: (( or was it just the one still alive after the other two were blown away? ))
[08:20:28] 2 LT Komillia: ((More or less.))
[08:20:51] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *blinds with marshmallow hell to the eyes* ))
[08:21:43] CWO2 Sarah: [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2) perc as well if needed
[08:21:48] CWO2 Sarah: (( *facepalm* ))
[08:21:51] CWO2 Sarah: (( squirrel! ))
[08:22:07] GM: Sarah, you know that standard operating procedure is to close in with the enemy to just outside of range of their big guns, open the doors and unload their cargo, tactics wise, it would appear that the damage the ship took was sufficiant to disable it, any further detials wil require to get closer.
[08:22:08] Lt. Jaron peers that way at clam ship (perception [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9); detect concealment [1d100] => [13] = (13) vs 70; sensory [1d100] => [61] = (61) vs 65)
[08:23:18] GM: Jaron, you notice damage near where UEEF intell places the command deck of these craft
[08:23:40] CWO2 Sarah blinks a little bit at that. "Should I approach it? It looks like it was disabled possibly before launching ships, almost…" She adjusts course for it, trying to sense for anything, and checking instruments. [1d100] => [69] = (69) RSI vs. 70%
[08:23:43] CWO2 Sarah: (( heh ))
[08:23:58] Lt. Jaron: "We are all going in"
[08:24:26] GM: Ishida bring the winnabego over the clam ship, looking like a baby clam ship next to it
[08:24:58] 2 LT Komillia: Almost puts you in the mood for seafood.
[08:25:21] Lt. Ishida: Hai, but this is not the kind of Sushi I desire.
[08:25:33] Lt. Jaron hops out and lands on the clam ship "Suki, you can come if you want"
[08:25:50] Lt. Ishida: Okay
[08:26:13] Lt. Ishida debarks after setting the pod down on the clam ship and engagng the 'parking break'
[08:26:56] CWO2 Sarah nods a little at that. "Yeah…" She flies down for it, to see if she can find a way in, even the damaged command deck will do. She tries to keep aware for potential problems though as well.
[08:27:21] Lt. Jaron moves to command deck area to see if the team is able to enter
[08:27:28] GM: Sarah it is easy to enter the command deck, there is a large hole right above it
[08:27:43] CWO2 Sarah: (( will the Alpha /fit/ though? ))
[08:27:45] GM: The hole looks ripped open
[08:27:45] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:27:54] GM: Easily
[08:28:25] CWO2 Sarah blinks at the hole, frowning at it and considering what might 'rip' a hole into a deck. "Ripped through…" She frowns, and flies down into the command deck, switching the lights on and looking about.
[08:28:32] CWO2 Sarah: [1d20+1] => [16,1] = (17) perc
[08:28:50] Lt. Jaron moves behind Sarah "Please becareful"
[08:30:22] GM: The inside is a mess, it's also almot comical. You see dead Invid in Enforcer armor , some blown apart, , evidanced by either their top or bottom half missing, or nearby, one has had his face put right thru a console and the pilot looks like something very large impacted him in the back embedding him into the pilot station, bent backwards in a very painful way.
[08:31:06] GM: youalso see weapons impacts all around
[08:31:09] CWO2 Sarah winces just a little at that and tries to sense for any power in the systems or anywhere, to see if it would come online. "Yes, I intend to be." [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9)
[08:31:12] CWO2 Sarah: (( ack ))
[08:33:20] GM: You can feel some residual power, but you know that these craft aren't fuled for long term engagements
[08:33:30] Lt. Jaron tries to decipher the weapons used on the occupants (intelligence [1d100] => [42] = (42) vs 65; history [1d100] => [76] = (76) vs 70)
[08:33:49] GM: Intell points to Zentredi weponry,
[08:34:31] GM: the impact to the pilots staion also bears a curious similarity to the footprint of a male Power Armor
[08:34:59] Lt. Ishida: Intell [1d100] => [29] = (29)
[08:35:17] Lt. Ishida giggle snorts at teh pilots station
[08:35:49] Lt. Jaron moves to see if there is entry into the interior of the clam "Guess Zents wanted some payback here."
[08:36:15] CWO2 Sarah peers around and frowns lightly, thinking. She tries to tap a console, glancing around. "Doubt it'll be flyable, too much damage to the control systems. Feel bad about saying it, but I'm hoping the stasis failed and all, depending on whether they launched before this happened."
[08:37:18] GM: Jaron you note the answer to part of that, as you look along the hull and can see some 5 to 7 foot large holes, revealing Invid Armored Scouts within
[08:37:56] GM: ((there really is no inside to these ships, just the command deck and maybe one more deck below for engineering. the troop area is just a honeyomb of slots for mecha
[08:39:34] Lt. Jaron: (yea)
[08:40:20] Lt. Jaron: "Sarah, you know how long your kind can survive inside one of those?"
[08:40:21] 2 LT Komillia gets up onto one of the clamsships and looks for a way inside. [1d20] => [18] = (18) PREC, [1d100] => [72] = (72) vs 60 RSI.
[08:40:46] GM: Inside which clam ship and inside where, teh command eck or the troop area?
[08:40:52] CWO2 Sarah: [1d100] => [2] = (2) Lore Invid
[08:41:01] Lt. Jaron: (troop area)
[08:41:50] GM: question was to Komillia
[08:42:07] CWO2 Sarah peers out at the hull, frowning at the thought, and following out to see about getting into the troop area. She tries to keep herself 'aware' enough to potentially sense anything bad, but…
[08:42:12] CWO2 Sarah: (( the roll was for Jaron's question btw ))
[08:42:25] GM: as to the question you asked Sarah, … let me look
[08:42:55] 2 LT Komillia: ((I'm sorry, I'm bowing out for the night, I cannot focus at all and feeling a little light headed.))
[08:43:26] 2 LT Komillia: Disconnecting from server…
[08:43:26] James (exit): 20:43
[08:44:14] GM: about a week
[08:44:17] CWO2 Sarah: (( ack. ))
[08:44:40] GM: actually
[08:44:58] CWO2 Sarah: (( ack at James leaving, but… ))
[08:45:09] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee ))
[08:45:14] GM: lets say a few months, give or take (theose Shocktroopers hide ungerground, and you figure they wait for a good amount of time)
[08:45:21] CWO2 Sarah: (( true ))
[08:46:15] GM: So sya for the lil ones, 3 to 4 months
[08:46:18] CWO2 Sarah shakes her head a little bit. "Months or so, depending on the situation. This long? Not happening. Should check to see whether they burned through their fuel supplies trying to stay alive or not, though."
[08:47:35] Lt. Jaron nods "Alright, lets check"
[08:47:49] GM: It takes a little looking, but you eventually discover that the ship is fully sticked with 250 Invid Armored Scouts, and all are long dead. Sarah you realize that as Stage 1, they are drones, and without orders from the Stage 4 pilots, they just sat, and died.
[08:48:01] GM: ((stocked))
[08:48:55] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee. true. ))
[08:48:55] Lt. Ishida: A bad way to go, better to die in battle…
[08:49:57] CWO2 Sarah checks the mecha for fuel cans or whatnot. "Yeah, kinda sucks. Part of why the system overall doesn't work really." she shakes her head slightly. "No orders from the pilots, and the little ones will just sit there and die without even trying to save themselves." She shakes her head.
[08:50:47] Lt. Ishida: I must say I admire the Zentreadi tactic, kill the handlers before they can open the bays, and you effectivly kill 250 in one strike.
[08:50:58] Lt. Ishida: Very eficiant
[08:51:15] Lt. Jaron: "Indeed."
[08:51:31] Lt. Ishida: I will have to remember it.
[08:52:34] GM: Going to make a roll here to see if you get a bonanza. Under 35% the order never came to power up. [1d100] => [64] = (64)
[08:52:56] GM: Nope, all the power cells are drained, they lasted months, but eventually, expired.
[08:53:07] GM: ooooo wiat a minute
[08:53:12] GM: wait just a minute.
[08:53:40] GM: if they are in the clam ship, it stands to reason that they would draw power from the ship itself until released,
[08:53:47] CWO2 Sarah: (( durn ))
[08:53:53] CWO2 Sarah: (( yeah ))
[08:53:55] CWO2 Sarah: (( lolol ))
[08:53:56] CWO2 Sarah: (( ))
[08:53:58] GM: only then would the scouts go to internal power
[08:54:22] GM: so, yeah, you have a bout 500 PC cells off the scouts and another 500 off the Booster packs
[08:54:59] GM: ((figure two each)
[08:55:03] CWO2 Sarah glances over towards Suki and shrugs. "Yeah…" She sighs just a little. Then she checks the cans and ooooohs. "We're in luck though. They're on external power until doors open. We just bagged tons of PC cells."
[08:55:41] Lt. Ishida looks at Jaron. "It is how you westerners say. Cha-ching?
[08:56:14] Lt. Jaron smiles "Yes."
[08:57:08] Lt. Ishida: Do you wnat me to tow or push this back to the Yuki? I do not relish the idea if shucking 250 lobsters
[08:57:57] Lt. Jaron: "yes, if needed we can help with our thrusters"
[08:58:09] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [38] = (38)
[08:58:11] CWO2 Sarah snickers just a little and nods, trying to cheer up. "Yeah, it's a jackpot for sure. I'm sure they won't mind, especially considering who we're fighting. They died, but it helps us fight the original culprits." She laughs softly and hmms, glancing to Jaron and laughing. "I'm probably the one who'll wind up shucking a lot of them.e"
[08:58:48] GM: Without releaseing the 'parking break' Suki engages the pods engines and flys the big clam back to the 'Nest'
[08:59:04] GM: ((parking break = mag pads/docking clamps))
[08:59:13] Lt. Jaron heads out and prepares to fly escort
[08:59:56] GM: It is a SLO flight back with that much mass. And the looks upon the other pilots and bridge crew when they see THIS sight approaching is one for the record books.
[09:00:44] Jess (enter): 21:00
[09:00:44] CWO2 Sarah watches that and laughs softly, pondering that and snickering and shaking her head. "Should tell em I decided to bring the family back for dinner, just to see how they crap themselves."
[09:01:02] Attempting to assign the role of Player to (875) Jess…
[09:01:55] Lt. Ishida giggle snorts again
[09:03:49] Lt. Jaron smiles
[09:04:06] CWO2 Sarah grins a little.
[09:04:09] GM: The shucking of the lobsters becomes the peeling of potatoes oredeal for the flight deck, as the Invid Scouts and their booster packs are brought in, piled up, and pilots in battloids crack open the tiny craft and tear out the power supply then chuck the discarded cout overboard.
[09:04:31] GM: (cout = Scout)
[09:04:42] CWO2 Sarah: (( and you made fun of me for ook ;p ))
[09:04:45] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee ))
[09:05:03] GM: (yeas but a monkey doesnt say cout cout, they do however say ook ook)
[09:05:11] Jess: (appaerntly i dunno whats going on so ill be quiet
[09:05:51] CWO2 Sarah: (( they just brought a damaged Invid clamship back to the Yuki, the command crew was killed before a launch order couldbe given, so the scouts all died without powering up ))
[09:06:04] CWO2 Sarah: (( basically, 1000 PC cans right for the taking, which is being done now. ))
[09:06:35] Alicia: (ok well ill assume im in my quarters or some where else then
[09:06:42] GM: In a bit of macabe humor you can see a few pilots in their mecha playing with the scouts, makeing them dance and so forth
[09:06:47] Lt. Fallnya: (err why did it switch to that
[09:06:57] GM: yes miss Keys
[09:07:22] Lt. Fallnya: (who?)
[09:07:31] UEEF picks up scout and holds the pncers out all the way and syas "I love you THIS much!"
[09:07:48] GM: (joke hon, Alicia Keys)
[09:07:57] Lt. Fallnya: (dunno her
[09:07:58] CWO2 Sarah would help with the shucking in fact, really, as much as possible while not needed elsewhere. And as for playing with the scouts, who better than the one who could power it up and make it wave as a joke before popping its cans, after all?
[09:08:05] GM: (famous singer I think)
[09:08:48] Lt. Fallnya: (any way where am i now
[09:08:54] Lt. Ishida refrains from touching the dead things.
[09:08:56] Lt. Jaron smiles at the pilots play "Enjoy your fun"
[09:09:14] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee. ))
[09:09:18] GM: On the Yuki, say yeah, off shift
[09:10:02] Lt. Fallnya guess ill be in the dojo or excersize area practicing her boxing with a oversized punching bag
[09:10:20] Lt. Fallnya: (least i think i gave her boxing lemme check
[09:10:20] GM: wow, thats not nice, calling Jaron such things
[09:10:47] CWO2 Sarah does however have something of a drained expression while she does the shucking, so doesn't do too much humorous stuff anyway.
[09:11:01] Lt. Fallnya: (*gives GM a left hook then a foot to the groin!*
[09:11:17] GM: Yes YES! Oh GOD YES! Again!
[09:11:26] CWO2 Sarah videotapes it and sends it to It Only Hurts When I Laugh and AFV
[09:11:29] CWO2 Sarah: (( er, ooc that ))
[09:11:36] GM: Beat me whip me, make me feel cheap!
[09:11:54] CWO2 Sarah: (( AFV. Your home for groin shots since always. ))
[09:12:17] Lt. Ishida opens a channel to Sarah after a few minutes of watching her shuck scouts.
[09:12:27] Lt. Ishida: You should not do that.
[09:12:38] Lt. Fallnya simply ignores every one sept the man who has the unlucky job of holding the bag and just focuses all punches as if shes hitting some one in the face (most likely the major
[09:12:48] CWO2 Sarah perks up and peers. "Do which? Tease the others, or something else?"
[09:13:13] Lt. Ishida: Extracting the power cells.
[09:14:17] Lt. Ishida: You do not have to prove yourself, and if you keep doing that, I think you will feel bad about it later.
[09:15:20] Lt. Jaron watches the cell collection
[09:16:05] Lt. Fallnya: (Guess ill be boxing till some one comes by
[09:17:21] CWO2 Sarah sighs just a little. "It needs to be done, and I might as well help." She shrugs. "I feel a little bad about it already really, but…" She shrugs.
[09:18:49] Lt. Ishida: Do as you will then, and I will help you tend your guilt later.
[09:19:04] Lt. Ishida returns her craft to it's bay and moves inside.
[09:19:13] CWO2 Sarah mmmhs and smiles. "That sounds like it might be something enjoyable." She grins and keeps on working.
[09:19:49] Lt. Ishida changes and heads to the gym
[09:20:02] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee ))
[09:20:25] CWO2 Sarah mumbles to herself. "Asides, close to a funeral as they'll get, having one of their own handling it."
[09:20:29] Lt. Fallnya: (wonder if i can break the chain on the boxing bag when suki walks in
[09:21:45] 2Lt. Aylanea puts her own mecha away, stretches out, and heads for the ship at large as well. She grins a little, slipping on some nice tight short shorts and a nice tight sport bra, and wanders in the direction of the gym herself.
[09:21:58] GM: you can try, roll a nat 20 and it snaps
[09:22:18] Lt. Fallnya: (rolf i doubt ill get it
[09:22:22] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[09:22:31] GM: and that is a negative
[09:22:34] Lt. Fallnya: (no but i probly get a few stuffings out
[09:22:54] Lt. Fallnya: (And where the fuck is eric
[09:23:14] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
[09:23:22] Lt. Fallnya: (lol that got it
[09:23:25] Lt. Jaron soon stores his mech as the cell collections slows down.
[09:23:56] GM: but it is a nice dull whump sound as Suki enters wearing her workout attire (giggity) her left arm is wrapped up in bandages and she walks with a little less spring in her step than what Lurana is used to.
[09:24:34] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( heeheehees. ))
[09:24:50] Lt. Fallnya draws back a nother time with a bit more of an angy glare and whallops the bag again (for the 2nd d20)
[09:25:05] Lt. Jaron heads to the major to report findings
[09:25:19] GM: oh the poor bag handler.
[09:25:25] CWO2 Sarah stretches out once the collecting ends, heading for her own quarters for a shower, and putting on something fresh for her own wandering through the ship.
[09:26:54] Lt. Ishida turns as the bag breaks free and watches it tumble as the spotter jumps out of the way. Without a sound she makes her way to the free weights and starts a cycle of reps with 5 pound weights with her left arm.
[09:28:11] Lt. Fallnya: "Shit not again!" just simply glares at the bag obviously fumeing about something
[09:28:19] Lt. Jaron knocks on the Major's door
[09:28:30] Maj. Kavashera: Enter
[09:29:04] Lt. Fallnya yanks off the gloves and walks over to the bag and attemps to lift and rehook it if the hook wasnt damage then grumps about how week the chain was and goes to find a nother to put it back up
[09:29:26] Lt. Fallnya: (if the hook was damaged she does the latter half
[09:29:41] GM: reattaching the chain is easily done, but your spotter relents from holding the bag anymore
[09:30:14] Lt. Jaron enters "Sir, we founded a nice collection of cells and armor material, 500 invid scounts with booster packs"
[09:30:39] Lt. Fallnya she dosent force him but instead goes to the weights and decides to test how much she can lift on the bench instead
[09:30:46] Maj. Kavashera: I saw that, good work. That should help the war effort.
[09:30:50] Lt. Fallnya: (if i remember you can lift 5x your str score?
[09:31:02] Lt. Fallnya: (or carry that much lift 2x that
[09:31:29] Lt. Ishida continues with her reps, slowly, methodically.
[09:31:57] Lt. Jaron nods "Suki and Sarah a doing well considering their injuries"
[09:32:00] Lt. Fallnya: (any one confirm?
[09:32:28] 2Lt. Aylanea heads into the gym and idly wanders towards the mat, trying to stretch and do splits before she does anything else.
[09:32:31] Maj. Kavashera: Ah, good to hear, I see that she's quite the bus driver now.
[09:33:23] GM: Ay and her splits. ((Ay walks into church, does her splits before anythig else then takes communion))
[09:33:39] Lt. Jaron smirks "Yes. She seems to have a knack for zentraedi vehicles"
[09:33:57] Maj. Kavashera nod
[09:34:11] Maj. Kavashera: They are pretty easy to operate
[09:34:35] Maj. Kavashera: And how are you, I see your girlfriend is back aboard.
[09:34:55] Lt. Fallnya: [20*20] => 400 carrying lifting x2
[09:34:59] Lt. Fallnya: [400x2] => 400x2
[09:35:05] Lt. Fallnya: [400*2] => 800
[09:35:41] Lt. Fallnya she puts 700 lbs on the bar smiling as she lays on the bench and begins to do reps with it doing 5, then resting for a moment, and repeating
[09:35:54] Lt. Jaron is caught off guard alittle "I'm good sir. Glad she survived the incident. I think she performed the mission satisfactory"
[09:36:24] Maj. Kavashera flips thru some papers on his desk, looking at them idly.
[09:36:45] Maj. Kavashera: She did, and she didn't blow up the SAR craft this time eaither, so, thats progress.
[09:38:05] Lt. Jaron nods
[09:38:07] Lt. Ishida refuses to take the bait, and continues on with her Physical Therapy
[09:38:46] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol. ))
[09:38:46] Lt. Jaron: "Just wishing to keep you in the loop sir. If there isn't anything else"
[09:39:11] 2Lt. Aylanea watches the two doing that, raising her eyebrows and just keeping on doing the splits, and trying to keep herself otherwise as flexible as possible.
[09:40:06] Maj. Kavashera: Nothing now, just keep your platoon ready to go. Repairs are almost complete, but the Hyadonties are still out there, and you can bet the farm they are still looking for us.
[09:41:23] Lt. Fallnya takes a towl and wipes her self a moment befor going back to her reps with the 700 lb bar
[09:42:12] 2Lt. Aylanea tries to do handstand pushups, and do a full split upside down while she does them, just as practice
[09:42:21] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lemme know if I need a roll for that ;p ))
[09:42:42] Lt. Fallnya: (dont think so
[09:43:47] Lt. Ishida continues her reps, enjoying the eye candy of two toned and sweat glistining hardbody zent females doing splits and lifting weights.
[09:43:48] Lt. Jaron nods and salutes as he departs
[09:43:56] CWO2 Sarah stays in quarters meanwhile and uses time to recover from earlier, closing her eyes and napping just a little bit.
[09:45:25] 2Lt. Aylanea keeps doing her combo splits/handstand pushups, not sweating /too/ much, but still enough. And she's only in the sport bra and short shorts, so it's an interesting view with her upside down.
[09:47:43] Lt. Fallnya lets the bar rest a moment and sits up wroking her arms around a bit "Been to long sence i done that… getting out of shape again…"
[09:49:41] 2Lt. Aylanea doesn't rest, she keeps on trying to do her pushups, doing her reps quickly, even as she adjusts once in a while to keep so she can breathe.
[09:50:29] GM: And where does Jaron go now?
[09:51:25] Lt. Ishida sets her tiny weight down, and huffs. then kneels down and moves into position for push ups, , spreading her legs slightly for balance and using her good arm, does a series of one amred pushups
[09:51:33] Lt. Jaron sends a message to everyone's communicator as he heads to the mess Message: Be Ready. Might have to go out and fish for Haydonites again.
[09:51:34] Lt. Fallnya looks around for something else to put weight on and lift or arm bar with something tied to her feet or even something to do other than Aylanea for flexible training
[09:52:03] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( your boyfriend might not like it if you do me for your flexible training ;p ))
[09:52:08] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ))
[09:52:24] Lt. Fallnya: (lol i think hed watch actually
[09:52:43] Lt. Fallnya communicator is in locker dont want to accadently crush or damage it unfortunatly will get the text later
[09:53:27] CWO2 Sarah wakes up as her comm beeps with that, sending an affirmative response quickly and going back to her resting.
[09:53:31] Lt. Ishida pauses as her communicator beeps from her gym bag. rolling up she retireves it, reads, and returns the comm to her bag, then continues her workout
[09:54:10] 2Lt. Aylanea tries to adjust into a one handed handstand and reaches for her gymbag with the other hand, to check her communicator message quickly.
[09:55:02] 2Lt. Aylanea eventually gets up though, and relaxes for a moment, watching the others and smiling.
[09:55:44] Lt. Fallnya: "Guess we got a message from jaron?, Ill see it later on mine left it in the locker didnt want to drop something on it or damage it."
[09:55:57] GM: Oh Ay, I think you're gonna have to make a roll for that lil trick
[09:56:13] Lt. Fallnya: (yea belive it would be a balance %
[09:56:25] Lt. Ishida: I think you should confirm reciept Lurana. Just my opinion.
[09:56:52] Lt. Fallnya: allright
[09:57:17] Lt. Ishida: You to Aylanea
[09:57:30] Lt. Fallnya Rolls onto her hands and hand walks folding her feet and laying them on her rump and pads to the locker area [1d100] => [94] = (94) vs 63% sence of balance
[09:57:33] Lt. Fallnya: (oh crap
[09:58:00] GM: As Suki speaks to you, you crash and burn
[09:58:00] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [52] = (52)
[09:58:03] Lt. Fallnya slips and face plants as her own brests throw her off balance and allmost bumping into ay
[09:58:21] Lt. Fallnya: (you have sence of balance ay?
[09:58:22] Sorry I don't know what /oos is!
[09:58:26] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( vs. 83% for me ))
[09:58:27] Lt. Fallnya: (otherwise its like 20%
[09:58:33] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( level 4 acrobatics ))
[09:58:58] GM: Poor Jaron missing sweaty hotties falling on one another…
[09:59:04] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lolol ))
[09:59:32] GM: It's moments like this where Suki really considers taking up photography
[09:59:38] Lt. Fallnya: (ummm isnt acrobatics blocked from pilots
[09:59:39] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( rotfl ))
[09:59:42] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( she should. ))
[10:00:00] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *would put on a show for the camera, you /know/ that* ))
[10:00:23] GM: NO skill crap, not going there, whats on your sheets is legit, Not going there, lol
[10:00:56] GM: Oh Ay would do incredible things for the camera I'm sure
[10:01:14] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( gymnastics and wrestling are blocked ))
[10:01:17] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( not acrobatics ))
[10:01:35] GM: Okay, aside from borderline exhibitionism in the gym, is there anything else you want your characters to do?
[10:01:59] Lt. Jaron: (negative here)
[10:02:06] GM: really?
[10:02:13] Lt. Fallnya: (negative except rape jaron
[10:02:15] Lt. Fallnya:
[10:02:25] GM: well you can take that to Buddy Chat
[10:02:35] CWO2 Sarah: (( bad Lu ))
[10:02:36] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:02:42] GM: unless he wishes to resist and then we can roll saves
[10:02:44] Lt. Fallnya: we done started one for just a little later in the evening
[10:03:04] CWO2 Sarah: (( I's just napping, and Ay is showing off. ))
[10:03:14] GM: Save Vs Lurana +3
[10:03:20] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:03:29] GM: if you are sweaty that adds +4
[10:03:42] Lt. Fallnya: (lol she got a shower actually
[10:03:59] GM: to slip away, nothing to do with smell
[10:04:20] Lt. Fallnya: and besides im joeking about the rape
[10:04:25] GM: lol
[10:04:42] Lt. Fallnya: so next morning?
[10:04:44] GM: okay, since james and eric are away…and I really do want them about for the next part…
[10:05:01] Lt. Fallnya: ill kick erics ass then
[10:05:19] GM: I will start the lead in and get the set up established
[10:05:51] CWO2 Sarah: (( mkay ))
[10:05:54] Lt. Fallnya: (well james and eric are ground pounders perhapse we can have them on the transport waiting till we hit the ground?
[10:06:15] CWO2 Sarah: (( what makes you think we're hitting ground? ))
[10:07:06] Lt. Fallnya: (simple logic
[10:07:12] Lt. Fallnya: (we havent been planet side in a while
[10:07:14] GM: The next morning, the Major pulls you non injured folks off Winnabago duty and puts you on CAP to keep your skills honed, plus it's your turn to play security.
[10:07:51] CWO2 Sarah: (( wee ))
[10:07:56] CWO2 Sarah: (( *isn't injured. Nope* ))
[10:08:06] GM: In other news, one of teh teams from the Miyuki found a old Tirolian crusier
[10:08:26] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee ))
[10:08:39] GM: Of course as scuttlebut has it, it's mising it Command Citidal
[10:09:09] GM: I will post a pic of it in a second
[10:10:31] Lt. Fallnya: (looks more zentradi than Triolian
[10:10:50] CWO2 Sarah: (( heh ))
[10:11:27] GM: And that would be Lu's opinion lol
[10:12:17] GM: On Patrol
[10:12:54] Lt. Fallnya: (not on the flight deck to select gear/mecha ordinance first?
[10:13:05] GM: sure, go ahead
[10:13:23] GM: I have to walk dog , she's at the door to my room looking at me…
[10:13:41] GM: saying Chirs, please take me out, please, so I dont mess up your carpet
[10:13:56] GM: brb,
[10:14:30] Lt. Fallnya Arrives early to begin slecting her ordinance, and mecha befor Jaron arives
[10:15:12] CWO2 Sarah: (( LOL ))
[10:15:26] CWO2 Sarah: (( poor Chris. ))
[10:15:45] Lt. Jaron would arrive early enough to sign off on anything and clear things with deck officer
[10:16:12] Lt. Fallnya jaron would see her eyeing a beta like a piece of candy
[10:16:13] CWO2 Sarah goes back to her usual for CAP, of course, since they're not needing to be in the Winnebago or anything. She checks the Beta over and does her preflight, looking around just a lil bit and waiting for the others.
[10:16:56] CWO2 Sarah: (( looks like a single-boom SDF-3 almost ))
[10:17:29] CWO2 Sarah: (( they did say the SDF-3 was closer to the 'original' version of Zor's fortress, just with two gun booms rather than one. ))
[10:18:18] Lt. Jaron moves over to Lurana "You having a change in taste?"
[10:18:44] CWO2 Sarah: (( heeheehee ))
[10:18:53] CWO2 Sarah: (( naw, she just wants to be on your ass all mission ;p ))
[10:19:00] Lt. Fallnya: "Nah trying to decide between the two, never actually flown from this one befor except in training just befor week 2 graduation remember?"
[10:19:51] 2Lt. Aylanea makes sure everyone is getting ready and such, even as she starts her own preflight checks, smiling a little and relaxing in her seat.
[10:19:53] Lt. Fallnya: "Of course final decision is up to you."
[10:20:19] Lt. Jaron nods "Yes but its up to you if you feel comfortable with it. They aren't my taste"
[10:21:06] Lt. Fallnya: "Wouldent hurt sepcially if i was on your ass the whole flight." *she winks not saying that loud enough to make it ovbious she said any thing to him
[10:22:09] Lt. Jaron smiles "I wouldn't mind that at all. Do you think you still got the controls down for it?"
[10:23:01] GM: Suki listens and is with the group but is sans her CVR-3 since the Major has told her she still cant go out an play in a combat capacity.
[10:24:09] Lt. Fallnya: "Of Course, just as long as you dont keep me tied to your ass when we both need the extra manuverability."
[10:24:43] CWO2 Sarah listens to that discussion and snickers slightly at that comment.
[10:25:13] Lt. Jaron smirks "I know when to loosen my grip love."
[10:25:41] GM: As you prep Suki walks over to Sarah's craft and performs a Shinto blessing
[10:26:00] Lt. Fallnya: "Allright your call then, but im not going non leathal this time, try and make me again."
[10:26:13] GM: Complete with teh sprinkling of water and monastic chant
[10:27:18] Lt. Jaron smiles "I won't nor did I plan on it this time. Last time was a test for you and the brass; you passed their expectations"
[10:28:17] Lt. Fallnya: "really now, what put the dobt in me and missiles, hell untill the rabbit incident i hardly used them."
[10:28:58] CWO2 Sarah blushes at Suki doing that, raising her eyebrows just a little at her, but not saying anything, other than a quiet "thanks" when she's done.
[10:29:32] Lt. Jaron shrugs "The beta is yours, so suit it up. I must prep myself"
[10:29:51] Lt. Fallnya: "Regular or super config?"
[10:30:06] GM: Super duper Gary Cooper
[10:30:55] Lt. Jaron smiles as he walks away "Nothing too fancy"
[10:31:02] GM: http /
[10:31:35] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol. Sarahs is a super as well, right? ))
[10:31:39] CWO2 Sarah: (( *snugs* ))
[10:31:58] GM: all are unless Jaron decides to deny you
[10:32:04] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol, cool ))
[10:32:14] Lt. Fallnya: (was asking to see if we were going regular configs or super config
[10:33:08] Lt. Jaron he moves over to Suki "How much longer are you off CAP?"
[10:33:55] Lt. Ishida: Until the 30th, but my arm is feeling better, maybe earlier.
[10:34:34] Lt. Ishida: I am shooting to be back on duty the 35th.
[10:34:38] Lt. Ishida: 25th
[10:34:48] Lt. Fallnya confirst with the tecs for full load of SRM Heaps, MRM arm mounts to be placed with Multi-Warheads, and the underbelly to be loaded with Proton orpedos if they have extra belly mounts available for them
[10:34:55] Lt. Ishida: ((tirolian clander! what! /shifty eyes))
[10:35:31] GM: CAP birds do not usually get underwing stores
[10:35:40] GM: they need speed
[10:36:19] Lt. Fallnya: (far as i know the extra wing mounts wont affect space speeds?
[10:36:38] CWO2 Sarah: (( more bulk for the engines to push ))
[10:36:42] CWO2 Sarah: (( so yes, it will ))
[10:36:46] GM: and there are no MRM's mounted on a Legios
[10:36:58] Lt. Fallnya: (beta
[10:37:08] GM: LRM's are used for ship killing and such
[10:37:12] Lt. Fallnya: (going beta for this run
[10:37:42] GM: ahh, kk, and no Multi's those are in short supply
[10:37:46] Lt. Jaron nods to Suki "Very well. I would have you enjoy us but lets avoid the Major being on our asses for now"
[10:38:02] Lt. Ishida: It is as you say.
[10:38:04] Lt. Ishida nods
[10:38:19] Lt. Jaron heads to his bird and preps
[10:38:51] Lt. Fallnya: (Plasma napalm then?
[10:39:02] GM: sure
[10:39:07] Lt. Fallnya: (and LRMS can be used for fighter killing if you want tot ake out multiples
[10:39:25] GM: right but those mean techs wont give you any
[10:39:30] CWO2 Sarah adjusts for takeoff with the group. "Acknowledged, takeoff ready…"
[10:39:44] 2Lt. Aylanea checks in from her Alpha. "Ready for launch."
[10:40:13] Lt. Fallnya shrugs and just goes for the MRM wing mounts then with full load of MRM Plasma/Napalm then insted of the multi-warheads for mass fighter burnage
[10:40:18] Lt. Jaron radios "Actual ready"
[10:40:48] GM: You launch! Suki heads to teh CIC to do CIC type things
[10:40:57] GM: [1d4] => [3] = (3)
[10:41:12] Lt. Fallnya attatches to jarons ass befor launch as he looks back he gets an eye full of MRM missiles
[10:41:38] GM: Three hours into your four hour CAP you have logged upwards of 20 bogus contacts.
[10:43:02] Lt. Fallnya simply sits back and relaxes to let jaron do the flying while she just watches the scanners
[10:43:12] GM: roll it
[10:43:18] Lt. Fallnya: "Gawd remind me not to fly back here again i forgot how cramped this fucker is
[10:43:21] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [14] = (14) vs
[10:43:32] GM: Sensor go beep
[10:43:55] Lt. Fallnya: 63%
[10:44:19] GM: ((it's a good bet that if you roll under 20%, you succeed lol))
[10:45:10] Lt. Fallnya: "Contact again, Range (spouts the rang), Position (gives the clock positon), Bearing (gives a bearing on its sensor given direction of travel
[10:45:19] Lt. Jaron smiles "I might" and checks sensors ([1d100] => [46] = (46) vs 65)
[10:45:41] GM: Jaron you are able to confirm Lu's sighting
[10:46:21] Lt. Fallnya switches trying to do a private comm chanel [1d100] => [50] = (50) vs 78% "Could allways trap me in here and take advantage of me later."
[10:46:37] GM: ((you dont need to roll for simple stuff like that lol))
[10:46:50] Lt. Fallnya: (right but she didnt want fleet to hear )
[10:47:22] GM: ((you just say private channel, stuff like that is easy skill rolls are for combat, stress, or unusual situations))
[10:48:16] GM: ayhow
[10:48:21] GM: anyhow
[10:49:26] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( heehee. ))
[10:49:31] GM: Jaron you have confirmed Lu's reading
[10:50:36] CWO2 Sarah checks her own sensors and such, looking around as well, thinking about it, looking for any confirmations as well. [1d100] => [46] = (46) vs. 70%
[10:50:56] Lt. Jaron confirms "Alright, stay sharp everyone. Lets check it out"
[10:51:00] GM: the track is at 245 +10 at 6 miles
[10:51:10] CWO2 Sarah: "Acknowledged…" She adjusts course quickly.
[10:51:36] GM: that means, 245 degrees based on the solar comapss, 10 degrees above you at 6 miles distance
[10:51:52] 2Lt. Aylanea adjusts her own course quickly to head in for it. "Adjusting to stay in formation to target."
[10:52:33] Lt. Jaron tries to sync up "Roger that" (sensory [1d100] => [76] = (76) vs 55)
[10:52:49] GM: It does not take you very long to get there, and when you do, nothing seems out of the ordinary
[10:53:13] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks a little and hrms.
[10:54:04] CWO2 Sarah tries to sense for anything out of the ordinary, herself, looking around and sighing.
[10:54:14] GM: roll
[10:54:19] CWO2 Sarah: [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12) to see if there's anything awake there
[10:54:21] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:54:41] GM: nothing but you
[10:54:49] Lt. Jaron: "Could be shadow tech"
[10:55:16] CWO2 Sarah shrugs. "Either nothing is close, or it's cloaked enough for me not to notice, yeah."
[10:55:31] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [11] = (11) perc [1d100] => [53] = (53) vs 68% sesor
[10:55:36] Lt. Jaron checks sensors again before looking around (sensors [1d100] => [81] = (81) vs 65; perception [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9); detect concealment [1d100] => [27] = (27) vs 70)
[10:56:20] Lt. Jaron detachs from Beta "On your own now"
[10:56:25] CWO2 Sarah tries her own sensors and tries to look around for what she knows as well. [1d100] => [84] = (84) RSI vs. 70%, [1d100] => [2] = (2) Detect Ambush vs. 75%
[10:58:45] CWO2 Sarah gestuires to a large piece of debris nearby. "There's the most likely hiding place, full of places to be hiding." She marks it on scope, to note it to Jaron and the others.
[10:59:28] Lt. Fallnya flips a few switches and takes formation along sarahs lone beta
[11:00:03] Lt. Jaron: "Affirmative. Lets move in, Madresa hang back if it tries to escape"
[11:00:28] Lt. Fallnya: "I see it, to bad they didnt let me have one LRM to fire into it to see if any thing comes flying out."
[11:00:47] GM: you see it? really?
[11:01:01] Lt. Fallnya: (after she notes it i would
[11:01:03] GM: ahh nm, you see the debris chunk lol
[11:02:21] Lt. Fallnya stays in formation on Carries Flank given that her beta is the only other in the formation
[11:03:10] Lt. Fallnya as we get closer she tries to probe it with the Betas powerfull sensors [1d100] => [3] = (3) vs 68% RSI
[11:03:16] Lt. Fallnya: (Critical pass
[11:03:18] GM: you move closer to the debris, it is 700ft long, 300 feet wide, maybe 40 to 50 foot thick, looks like a nice chunk of hide off a Zent Crusier
[11:04:01] Lt. Fallnya: (least by most % games 1-5% is critical pass )
[11:04:41] Lt. Fallnya swirms a bit in the cockpit of the beta waiting for the data to come through
[11:05:00] Lt. Fallnya: (woops 63% not 68_)
[11:05:16] GM: Oh, well a 63%, you fail,
[11:05:18] Lt. Fallnya: "Im picking up an Infra Trace very faint."
[11:05:25] GM: would have passed if it was a 68%
[11:05:29] GM: lol I kid
[11:05:35] Lt. Fallnya: (rolf )
[11:06:21] Lt. Fallnya: "Who gets the honors to investigate?"
[11:07:16] Lt. Fallnya: "And i have movement." *checks where if its in the debree or near it or behind
[11:07:36] Lt. Fallnya: (Behind me that is
[11:07:48] GM: I have movement, I have signal, in fornt, and behind. Thery close man, they, they in the wall man! Game over man! GAME OVER!
[11:08:02] Lt. Jaron: "If you have it, check it"
[11:08:38] CWO2 Sarah blinks a little at that and frowns, nodding. "Check it for sure." She quietly checks for traces of infrared or movement herself. to confirm. [1d100] => [35] = (35) RSI vs. 70
[11:09:06] Lt. Fallnya She nods and goes in then for a closer look flicking on the Headlamps so not to smash into any thing doing a fancy flip above the debree then into it [1d100] => [33] = (33) vs 73% for the stunt
[11:10:10] GM: You can pick slight heat Sarah. Lu, you bring you Beta over the debris and around the other side, as you complete the manuver, there is nothing directly ahead of you.
[11:11:13] CWO2 Sarah frowns just a little and moves to cover Lu, sighing softly. "confirming heat trace, too…" She frowns just a little at it, watching carefully.
[11:11:47] Lt. Fallnya: "Hmm, Looks like i gota go EVA to investigate." *She manuvers close to the debree and extends a leg to try and grapple it onto it and reaches behind her for her Gallant"
[11:12:36] GM: However, as you move in, followed by Sarah, and as you unstrap your seat belts, the enemy pounces upon you from slightly above in a dark nook. [1d20+9] => [13,9] = (22) Ambush!
[11:12:58] GM: You are hit in the [1d100] => [14] = (14)
[11:13:10] GM: Chest Missile bay
[11:13:13] GM: for…
[11:13:32] GM: [2d6*10+30] => 70
[11:14:07] GM: However the thick armor of the missile bay covers hold.
[11:15:17] Lt. Fallnya in reaction to being shot she bumps the control for those very missile bays as they pop open and fire a pair of heaps randomly, due to her being jostled around
[11:15:27] GM: init
[11:15:44] Haydonite: [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7)
[11:16:15] CWO2 Sarah: [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23) (if I can see him)
[11:16:27] Lt. Jaron: init [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
[11:16:41] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
[11:16:46] GM: only Sarah and Lu sorry, the rest of you are on teh other side of the debris
[11:16:55] GM: roll a perc Sarah
[11:16:57] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( okie ))
[11:17:05] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [18,1] = (19)
[11:17:12] Lt. Fallnya: (does my 2 missiles still launch randomly?
[11:17:26] GM: you see it as it opens fire.
[11:17:34] GM: roll a weapons systems roll Lu
[11:17:39] GM: -25%
[11:18:09] GM: and a strike -10
[11:18:12] GM: blind fire
[11:18:35] Lt. Jaron: "Hostile! Engage!"
[11:18:51] Lt. Fallnya: (shes not fireing at any thing goof, she bumped the control when she was joslted without her seatbelt
[11:19:02] GM: no you dont get to pull that
[11:19:15] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [36] = (36) vs [68%-25%] => 68%-25%
[11:19:18] GM: no military machine will fire off a 'bump'
[11:19:27] CWO2 Sarah: (( heh ))
[11:19:32] Lt. Fallnya: [68-25] => 43
[11:19:46] Lt. Fallnya: (dont give me that crap )
[11:20:07] GM: [36=25] => 36=25
[11:20:13] GM: [36+25] => 61
[11:20:23] GM: and now your strike roll at -10
[11:20:25] Lt. Fallnya: (i did it the opposate
[11:20:38] GM: I adjusted it )
[11:20:38] Lt. Fallnya: 61 vs 68% or 36 vs 43%
[11:20:52] GM: strike - 10 if you please
[11:21:16] Lt. Fallnya: doing the math sence char sheet hasnt been updated
[11:21:35] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20+8-10] => [10,8,-10] = (8)
[11:21:51] GM: updated with what? you are current
[11:22:13] Haydonite: [1d20+8] => [6,8] = (14)
[11:22:27] CWO2 Sarah: (( interrupt, since I got higher roll? ))
[11:22:29] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee ))
[11:23:00] Lt. Fallnya: (bsides i said randomly technically and yes it is possible they would have locked onto any thing with the wrong IFF and i just did that wrong any way
[11:23:09] GM: You hustle back into a forward sitting position and toggle the trigger loosing 2 misisles. there is a massive explosion in front of you
[11:23:12] Lt. Fallnya: would be a 3
[11:23:25] GM: 2
[11:23:36] Lt. Fallnya: )3 to hit
[11:23:36] GM: (875) Lt. Fallnya: (does my 2 missiles still launch randomly?
[11:23:40] Lt. Fallnya: (not 2 missiles
[11:23:44] GM: ahh
[11:23:45] GM: kk
[11:23:48] GM: moving on
[11:24:08] GM: Sarah you need to call your inturrupt before Lu rolls lol
[11:24:14] Lt. Fallnya: (Sheet is not current
[11:24:32] CWO2 Sarah: (( oh, so its to my spot in the order already? ))
[11:24:38] GM: however you do indeed have init so you may strike,
[11:24:39] Lt. Fallnya: (just refreshed it
[11:24:49] CWO2 Sarah: (( thought I'd interrupt before the Haydonite fired. ))
[11:24:53] CWO2 Sarah swears into comm. "Bogie spotted, engaging." She fires all three of her guns at it, quickly, trying to eliminate the threat and save on her missiles until the problems are bigger. [1d20+6] => [12,6] = (18)
[11:25:15] GM: Sarah you see the Haydonite Shade avoid the snap fire form Luranan's missiles (roll damage by the way, for splash damage)
[11:25:27] GM: [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13)
[11:25:43] GM: But the enemy is unable to avoid your fire! Roll damage.
[11:25:45] CWO2 Sarah: [(3d8+2)*10] => 160
[11:25:46] CWO2 Sarah: [(3d8+2)*10] => 140
[11:25:48] CWO2 Sarah: [(3d8+2)*10] => 180
[11:25:50] Lt. Fallnya: [4d6*10] => 100 splash
[11:25:58] GM: you take 50
[11:26:00] CWO2 Sarah: [160+140+180] => 480
[11:26:09] Lt. Fallnya: (who takes 50?
[11:26:15] GM: and the Shade is chunky salsa
[11:26:17] GM: you dear
[11:27:00] GM: not only is the shade chunky salsa but you bore thru the debris it was hiding in, blowing a hole clean thru
[11:27:35] Lt. Fallnya: (you didnt say shit about their being a blockage less than 10 ft from the mech
[11:27:46] Lt. Fallnya: (so im gona have to call you on that sorry
[11:28:33] GM: not necesarily fromt he missiles, but form the crud blown free from teh debris being blown free and hitting you
[11:28:44] GM: minor damage tho
[11:28:48] Lt. Fallnya: (wouldent have enough force still yet
[11:28:51] CWO2 Sarah nods just a little. "Scratch one Shade. Those are short range fighers though, aren't they? It's a good bet that the enemy may know we're here, if that thing is around, especially if it got a transmission off before we killed it."
[11:29:52] Lt. Fallnya: (least on my understanding of a heap blast
[11:29:55] Lt. Jaron: "Possible. We should check the area more, especially around larger pieces of debris."
[11:30:01] GM: Sarah, you dont know much about the Haydonite Shade, to difinitivly know it's range, hell, an Alpha can (go Tommy Yune) from the Earth to the moon unassisted. What you DO know is that they are recon craft.
[11:30:54] Lt. Jaron reports sighting and elimination to command "Lurana, take lead to the larger section in grid 19.3"
[11:33:26] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol. They're not /that/ long of range, though. They're not gonna fly half a quadrant or anything. ))
[11:33:39] GM: Well, no
[11:33:54] GM: of course not, but then again, Hyadonites aren't exaclty flesh and blood…lol
[11:33:55] Lt. Fallnya: "Take point then?… (Switching to private) "Tho wouldent that be more for a recon pilot?" *with a simple shrug and begins heading to that grid
[11:35:36] Lt. Jaron: "Affirmative Lurana, just for now"
[11:36:08] Lt. Jaron follows as wingman for now and tries to sync the team again (sensory [1d100] => [91] = (91) vs 55)
[11:36:13] Lt. Jaron: (boo)
[11:36:33] GM: you fail
[11:36:44] GM: You go home! Get memo from commander!
[11:38:17] Lt. Fallnya looks at her sensors [1d100] => [70] = (70) vs 63% then back out the fake windows utalizing the betas cameras to look around "Gawd never gona get used to seeing space without my own eyes when i have to fly these."
[11:38:24] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [13] = (13) perception
[11:38:42] GM: After some time of searching, you come up cold. Either it was a solo bogie. Or the others are better at hide then you are at seek.
[11:38:59] CWO2 Sarah listens quietly to that, adjusting in to follow behind Lurana, raising her eyebrows and watching around. "Damn… [1d100] => [97] = (97) RSI vs. 70%
[11:39:05] CWO2 Sarah: (( ouch ))
[11:39:12] CWO2 Sarah: (( guess I don't see anythin either. ))
[11:39:19] CWO2 Sarah: [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) perc as well
[11:39:22] CWO2 Sarah: (( rotf ))
[11:39:25] GM: Cinimatic resolution,
[11:39:33] Lt. Jaron slightly aggraviated since sync isnt working and looks out to see if he notices anything (perception [1d20+2] => [19,2] = (21))
[11:39:33] Lt. Fallnya: "Looks Quiet again…"
[11:39:34] GM: you dont find anything else
[11:39:58] GM: Jaron, does notice something however, glinting in the distance
[11:40:09] GM: in open space
[11:41:31] Lt. Jaron relays information "head out to the far grid, adjust heading 20%"
[11:42:38] GM: you fly for a few minuts and come across a small ship
[11:43:21] Lt. Fallnya hmms a moment scanning the ship [1d100] => [84] = (84) vs 63%
[11:43:30] GM: the glinting you saw came off of solar sails. The body of the ship is roughly the size of a Horizon.
[11:43:49] Lt. Fallnya: "Hmm my sensors seem to be blocked or i cant get a reading on it"
[11:44:09] GM: ((not bajoran, but this image is the CLOSEST i can find to get across the unique frame of the vessle)
[11:44:17] CWO2 Sarah blinks and tries to scan it as well, curious. [1d100] => [89] = (89) RSI vs. 70.
[11:44:36] Lt. Jaron: "interesting"
[11:44:43] GM: The sails are in tatters and a few of the spars are snapped.
[11:44:48] Lt. Fallnya: "Board?"
[11:44:56] Lt. Fallnya: "Or Tow in?"
[11:45:27] CWO2 Sarah peers a little at that and raises her eyebrows. "Could be something interesting. I have a space cyclone for the salvage still, so I could board it…" She ponders.
[11:45:32] Lt. Jaron tries to get hold of command (radio [1d100] => [36] = (36) vs 80)
[11:46:04] Lt. Fallnya: "Dont need that, just need a jet pack."
[11:46:04] Comm Transmission: Hitman Actual this is Homeplate, we hear you.
[11:46:34] Lt. Jaron: "Look at our vid and tell us what this is and who is from"
[11:46:40] Lt. Jaron: (its)
[11:47:39] Comm Transmission: Stand by one.
[11:47:46] Comm Transmission: [1d100] => [65] = (65)
[11:47:47] Comm Transmission: [1d100] => [57] = (57)
[11:47:48] Comm Transmission: [1d100] => [67] = (67)
[11:47:49] Comm Transmission: [1d100] => [42] = (42)
[11:48:45] Comm Transmission: Okay, we're still looking, but that ship doe not match anything in our database. But the markings are Tirolian, bearly.
[11:49:37] Lt. Jaron: "Roger that. Investigating"
[11:49:43] Lt. Fallnya: "Tell them we are prepaired to board if need be."
[11:49:55] Comm Transmission: Bangel Flight has just launched to relieve you, RTB, at this time, bring the ship in with you if you can, otherwise tag it for later.
[11:50:48] CWO2 Sarah: (( how big is it? ))
[11:50:54] CWO2 Sarah: (( small small? ))
[11:50:57] CWO2 Sarah: (( *looks* oh. ))
[11:51:01] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee ))
[11:51:26] CWO2 Sarah hrms just a lil. "Well, could probably take it with Legios combos…"
[11:51:31] Comm Transmission: horizon sized hon
[11:51:31] Lt. Fallnya: "I hate to waist missiles one of you think you could put these in my bomb bay?"
[11:51:53] Lt. Jaron ponders a moment "Permission to board? Command?"
[11:52:23] Comm Transmission: Affermative, once you return with it, otherwise it'll have to wait.
[11:52:52] Lt. Fallnya she jettisons the missiles on her wings opening her bomb bay
[11:53:13] CWO2 Sarah: (( put one of /what/ in your bomb bay, Lu? ))
[11:53:17] CWO2 Sarah: (( o.o ))
[11:53:24] GM: really?
[11:53:30] Lt. Fallnya: (the missiles she just jettisoned off her wings
[11:53:43] GM: and I said that you did not get any underwing stores
[11:53:44] Lt. Fallnya: (there not active so shouldent blow correct?
[11:53:48] GM: so lets move on
[11:53:55] Lt. Fallnya: (oh nvm
[11:54:04] CWO2 Sarah: (( asides, even if you did, legios with battloid on front wouldn't need em jettisoned ))
[11:54:29] Lt. Fallnya changes forms and grapples onto a sturdy poriton and tries to push it with her full jets
[11:54:42] GM: roll piloting
[11:54:49] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [49] = (49)
[11:54:52] CWO2 Sarah: (( *shrugs* whatever though. ))
[11:55:09] Lt. Fallnya: 73%
[11:55:20] GM: As you garb on you note the tiny craft is incredibly fragile, but you are able to avoid adding any structural pain to it
[11:55:21] Lt. Jaron: "Everyone help with the pushing"
[11:55:41] Lt. Fallnya: "Carefull dont come in to hard
[11:56:08] Lt. Fallnya: "Thing has space rot, or usual evidence of being out here a long time."
[11:57:25] CWO2 Sarah sighs just a little and adjusts, trying to help gently move it if she can. [1d100] => [95] = (95) vs. 85% piloting
[11:57:29] CWO2 Sarah: (( yeouch ))
[11:57:34] CWO2 Sarah: (( *facepalms* ))
[11:57:45] GM: One of teh spars snap and the tatterd sail wraps around your fighter
[11:58:15] Lt. Jaron: "Very well, me and Madresa will flight escort while you and sarah….easy sarah. Extemely fragile"
[11:58:19] GM: Jaron roll a tactics
[11:58:35] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [25] = (25) vs 80
[11:58:51] Lt. Fallnya manuvers gently closer to sarah to unwrap her vessal if she can [1d100] => [20] = (20) vs 73% pilot
[11:59:02] Lt. Fallnya: (not sure what to roll to unwrap her
[11:59:07] GM: Jaron, they way it looks to you, Lu has it in hand, if you can extricate Sarah great, but only one should push, any more, and it's to many hands in the cookiejar
[11:59:40] GM: Lu is able to manuver so that Sarah has slack to work with
[11:59:53] Lt. Jaron: "Maybe only one. Sorry Sarah."
[12:00:05] Lt. Jaron transforms to battloid and help Sarah
[12:00:27] GM: Sarah you are optically blinded as the golden foil sail is draped over your cockpit
[12:01:36] Lt. Fallnya keeps an eye on her engien heat switching closer to Guardian formation for the extra push and slowly builds throttle so not to cause any damage to the craft or to burn out her thrusters
[12:01:45] CWO2 Sarah swears softly and tries to adjust for it, to unroll or back out of the sa or something if she can. [1d100] => [18] = (18) vs. 85%
[12:01:53] CWO2 Sarah: (( sail ))
[12:02:03] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [28] = (28) vs 73% once sarah is freed
[12:02:16] GM: Sarah you are able to manuver yourself out of the 'fabric'
[12:02:25] GM: with Lu's help
[12:03:08] Lt. Jaron once Sarah is free, transforms back to fighter and takes lead "Everyone else make sure no debris is in our flight path with this egg"
[12:03:35] GM: You make it back blasting or otherwise removing any dangerous debris in your path
[12:04:30] Lt. Fallnya: "Well engiens a little hot, but not to bad least the engiens on this bird can handle some extra pressure than their used to."
[12:05:08] Lt. Jaron: "somoene else can take over if need be Lurana"
[12:05:13] Captain Rienard (Ships Captian): Hitman team. Come in.
[12:05:20] Lt. Fallnya: "No need."
[12:05:36] Lt. Fallnya goes silent while the captain speaks letting jaron do the talking
[12:06:26] CWO2 Sarah: (( heehee ))
[12:06:28] Lt. Jaron: "Hitman Actual reading Captain"
[12:06:45] CWO2 Sarah blinks up as the captain calls, staying quiet.
[12:07:08] Captain Rienard (Ships Captian): Interesting find that. Please settle it off our port aft quarter.
[12:07:10] Lt. Fallnya: (brb gota use the ladies room
[12:07:50] Lt. Jaron: "Affirmative Captain, well do"
[12:07:58] Lt. Jaron: (will)
[12:08:06] Captain Rienard (Ships Captian): Thank you Lieutenant. Rienard out.
[12:08:06] Lt. Fallnya notes the position and throttles all the way to move it there [1d100] => [13] = (13) vs 73%
[12:08:53] GM: choice is your I can go later, up to you, otherwise we call it here
[12:08:57] Lt. Jaron radios "You heard the Captain Lurana." He watches her manuever it "Seems you havent lost your touch"
[12:09:17] CWO2 Sarah smiles just a little at that, raising her eyebrows and settling into escort, nodding.
[12:09:19] CWO2 Sarah: (( I'm good ))
[12:09:22] Lt. Fallnya: (heres fine
[12:09:22] Lt. Fallnya: i gota go potty
[12:09:43] CWO2 Sarah: (( can't you potty and return? ))
[12:09:59] Lt. Fallnya: (gota wait my turn
[12:10:12] CWO2 Sarah: (( … oh ))
[12:10:15] CWO2 Sarah: (( ))
[12:10:21] Lt. Fallnya: (going
[12:10:38] CWO2 Sarah: (( I suppose we could call it here then. ))
[12:12:28] Lt. Jaron: (I can go or not, up to you all)
[12:12:45] Lt. Fallnya: (back
[12:13:00] GM: kk, give me a sec and we will continue,
[12:13:02] CWO2 Sarah: (( woo!\ ))
[12:13:35] CWO2 Sarah: (( *cheers* ))
[12:15:40] Lt. Fallnya: (*Stuffs a dildo up carries twat to quiet her till gm returns
[12:15:47] CWO2 Sarah: (( eep ))
[12:16:02] CWO2 Sarah: (( *squirms* ))
[12:16:02] GM: and back
[12:16:07] CWO2 Sarah: (( *TACKELS* ))
[12:16:22] Maj. Kavashera meets you as you land
[12:16:23] Lt. Fallnya tugs string on dildo
[12:16:24] Lt. Fallnya:
[12:16:37] CWO2 Sarah: (( bad lu, back IC. ))
[12:17:12] Lt. Fallnya lands with the tresure and opens all cooling vents on the engiens as smoke boils up probly from the extra use of the engiens
[12:17:27] Lt. Jaron exits his alpha and salutes "Sir"
[12:18:13] Maj. Kavashera: Seems you Hitman find all sorts of odd nick nacks out there.
[12:18:27] 2Lt. Aylanea climbs out of her own Alpha as well, and stands to attention quickly for the Major, raising her eyebrows at the comment.
[12:19:03] Lt. Jaron: "Thank you sir. We try our best."
[12:19:27] Maj. Kavashera: Tell me about your dust up?
[12:19:53] Lt. Fallnya stays int he cockpit a tad longer makeing sure the mechs not gona blow or any thing then clambers out allmost falling cause of how cramped the Beta is
[12:20:14] Maj. Kavashera looksat Lu and snorts with a slight smile
[12:20:34] Maj. Kavashera: Some folks fall out single file, you my dear, fall out single pile.
[12:20:57] CWO2 Sarah hops out of her own Beta easily, glancing over at Lu's fall, she suddenly thanks the universe that she's short.
[12:21:05] Lt. Fallnya: "And pple wonder why i tear up punching bags."
[12:21:28] Lt. Fallnya: (i said allmost fall
[12:21:32] Maj. Kavashera: Easy Lieutenant.
[12:21:47] CWO2 Sarah: (( okay, almost fall. lol ))
[12:22:02] Lt. Fallnya: "This is easy for me Major."
[12:22:09] Lt. Jaron: "a lone haydonite, was hiding some debris. Wasn't armored heavily, guessing scout of some sort."
[12:22:24] Maj. Kavashera: Only one?
[12:22:37] Lt. Fallnya: "Shade, obviously scouting."
[12:22:51] Lt. Fallnya: "Or lost one."
[12:22:55] Maj. Kavashera: Obviously
[12:23:11] Lt. Jaron nods "yes sir, we went searching for more until we found this" thumbing back to sail ship
[12:23:17] Maj. Kavashera: Okay…well…
[12:23:24] Maj. Kavashera thinks
[12:23:33] CWO2 Sarah frowns just a little for a moment, thinking about that.
[12:24:29] Maj. Kavashera: File your post flight, I'll let the captian know need to get moving from here.
[12:24:40] Maj. Kavashera: ((know we need))
[12:25:19] Lt. Fallnya: "Mind if we open it up and see what we found to sir?"
[12:25:45] Lt. Jaron nods "Yes sir. Already have command to board"
[12:25:51] Maj. Kavashera: After you file your reports
[12:26:37] Maj. Kavashera: Then, you can get that japanese terror off my hands.
[12:26:39] Lt. Jaron: (orders from command…..stupid fingers)
[12:26:54] CWO2 Sarah snickers just a little bit at that..
[12:26:57] Maj. Kavashera: Also, Ensign Austin will be joining you.
[12:27:10] Lt. Fallnya: "Who?"
[12:27:15] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow
[12:27:39] Maj. Kavashera: One of the bunnies, comms, and Triolian.
[12:27:55] Lt. Jaron: "Yes sir"
[12:28:30] Lt. Fallnya mumbles to Sarah about having a bridge crew liability along
[12:29:04] GM: After your paperwork you are met buy Suki holding a data pad. Standing next to an attrative blonde Tirolian UEEF Fleet officer.
[12:29:21] Lt. Jaron: "Team, CVRs and sidearm only when we board. Just incase there are surprises"
[12:29:40] Chorelle: Negative Lieutenant
[12:30:03] Lt. Jaron looks to the Tirolian "Why so Ensign?"
[12:30:09] Chorelle: Flight suits only, if that craft is as fragile as we think, tromping around in body armor might cause more damage then we need.
[12:30:39] Chorelle: ((rather EVA suits))
[12:30:59] Lt. Fallnya: "Do we even still have those?"
[12:31:08] Chorelle: Of course we do.
[12:31:14] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks a little and smiles to the blonde Fleet officer. Then raises her eyebrows at the comment, nodding.
[12:32:08] GM: The EVA suits are basically an updated ASC EVA pack with a helmet.
[12:32:36] Lt. Fallnya: (umm i dont have acess to my books but i had assumed the old SDC suits lol
[12:32:47] Lt. Fallnya: (from the first war
[12:33:06] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( surprised it isn't Anji coming along with us, really. lol. ))
[12:33:37] GM: Well the flight suit is what you wear under your CVR, so it straps to that
[12:34:30] Lt. Fallnya: (got a pic?
[12:34:46] GM: whats on your back is the UEEF version of the ASC EEVA pack
[12:35:00] GM: yeah it's waht Lu is wearing in that pic,
[12:35:10] Lt. Jaron ponders a moment "Tactical armor then, sidearms still."
[12:35:11] GM: thats your flight suit, it's sealed
[12:36:00] GM: CBR-5 it is, with a CVR three helemt and the EEVA pack
[12:36:25] Lt. Jaron looks to the ensign "Any objection theres? If not, we enters in 5 minutes"
[12:37:01] Chorelle: No objections, our Rabbit is ready on Pad 1
[12:37:01] Lt. Fallnya: "I havent worn CBR-5 sence basic.. id have to get some issued."
[12:37:18] Chorelle: You have 4 minutes 30 seconds
[12:37:43] Chorelle strolls to the Rabbit.
[12:38:06] Lt. Ishida shrugs as if to say, "Dont ask me."
[12:38:22] Lt. Jaron rolls eyes and signs something on a tech datapad "I've sign off on them, just go put it on"
[12:38:29] Lt. Ishida goes and gets her CBR-5
[12:38:34] 2Lt. Aylanea nods just a little and heads to get one as well.
[12:38:40] Lt. Fallnya shrugs and goes to get an issue of CBR-5
[12:38:46] CWO2 Sarah hurries off to get one as well.
[12:39:11] Lt. Jaron goes and puts one on as well.
[12:39:13] GM: Later, once you are all ready, the Rabbit lifts off and takes you to the other ship
[12:39:40] GM: The hull is caked in dust (think 2010 Space Oddesy, USS Discovery)
[12:40:24] Lt. Fallnya shuffles a bit uncomfirtably in the CBR-5 "dosent fit like CVR.. and smells like some one else had it…"
[12:40:27] GM: The rougly ovoid shaped hull has a hatch to the rear
[12:41:03] CWO2 Sarah laughs just a little at Lu's shuffling, not minding her own so much. She watches the hatch quietly as it comes up..
[12:41:38] GM: The Rabbit stops a small distance away and the rear depressurizes after you have all sealed up
[12:42:05] GM: the Ensign leaves the Rabbit first and floats slowly over to the craft.
[12:43:08] Lt. Fallnya follows along behind (side arms means H-90 or new stuff?
[12:43:27] GM: whatever you wanted to bring so long as it isn't huge
[12:43:34] Lt. Jaron smirks "Probably did if you didn't keep your first issued. Just don't think about it." then follows behind Lurana, alittle clumsily.
[12:43:34] GM: so leave the railgun behind lol
[12:43:46] Lt. Fallnya: (what railgun?….
[12:43:57] GM: Suki floats over gracefully and alights next to the Ensidn
[12:44:02] GM: Ensign
[12:44:05] 2Lt. Aylanea pushes out on her long legs to float over to the other ship.
[12:44:15] Lt. Fallnya floats along behind after the rest
[12:44:26] GM: The ensign wipes dust away from around the door until lettering is found.
[12:44:34] GM: [1d100] => [76] = (76)
[12:44:35] CWO2 Sarah pushes out quickly as well, to fly along over, making sure she's close with the others.
[12:44:42] Lt. Fallnya: "Was issued CVR-3 after my CBR-5 was taken away as i was a pilot not a ground grunt
[12:45:20] GM: She withdraws her pad and starts to scroll thru what looks like an alphabet primer
[12:45:42] Lt. Jaron: "I've had mine but I guess that was due to recon training I guess"
[12:45:53] GM: Suki looks over to Jaron and points to her pad. "I brought our books."
[12:46:19] Lt. Jaron smiles "Nice, I will need to borrow another soon"
[12:46:31] GM: [1d100] => [66] = (66)
[12:46:45] CWO2 Sarah watches quietly as the alphabet primer is used, raising her eyebrows a little.
[12:46:52] GM: The Ensign matches a few of the letters, and then manipulates the airlock.
[12:46:56] GM: [1d100] => [75] = (75)
[12:47:08] GM: The door slides open but stops part way
[12:47:38] Lt. Fallnya she flots near the rear with her H-90 and Berretta 990
[12:48:16] GM: The ensign shoves at the door a little but it doesnt budge very much, she floats back.
[12:48:42] Chorelle: Okay, lets see some Marine muslce.
[12:48:47] Chorelle: ((muscle))
[12:48:59] Lt. Fallnya she shrugs and moves closer and presses against the door
[12:49:01] Lt. Jaron motions with a hand "Lurana"
[12:49:38] Lt. Fallnya: (20 Agumented str if you count the zent augmented
[12:50:28] GM: do your thing
[12:50:40] Lt. Fallnya: (what do i roll
[12:50:54] GM: good question
[12:51:01] Lt. Fallnya she shoves against it tryint to move it aside or inward or out lol
[12:51:12] GM: roll a 30 sided, get under your PS
[12:51:26] Lt. Fallnya: [1d30] => [8] = (8) vs 20
[12:51:44] GM: You are able to budge the door
[12:51:56] GM: it catches again at the half way mark
[12:52:02] Lt. Fallnya makes it look easy and dosent even break a sweat
[12:52:24] Lt. Fallnya: "Good enough or do you want me to break it?
[12:52:59] Lt. Jaron: "I think thats good enough"
[12:53:16] Chorelle: It should do, provided we can close it, I'm hoping there is still atmosphere aboard.
[12:54:09] GM: You pipsqueeks will have no issue sliding inside, you males and lage busty zents will have to squeeze in with comical resuslts
[12:54:28] CWO2 Sarah blinks at that and nods.
[12:54:45] Lt. Fallnya isnt to busty but still more than human once every ones in tries to close it again
[12:54:49] Lt. Fallnya: [1d30] => [9] = (9) vs 20
[12:55:10] 2Lt. Aylanea tries to breathe out and make sure she's deflated enough to squeeze her bustline through it, trying to fit through sideways one boob at at time if she needs to.
[12:55:18] GM: it takes a good half hour to transit inside. the ensigns hope of atmosphere is dashed however as the ship had sprung a leak long ago
[12:55:47] GM: Ay is all like Squeeeeeze BOinggggg pantpant rest, and Squeeeeeeze Boinngggg
[12:56:06] Lt. Jaron makes it in easier than Ay and Lurana
[12:56:21] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( more like try to feed one in, move body through, turn the other direction to squeeze the other one in after. ))
[12:56:22] GM: yeah, you only have to Squeeeeze boing once
[12:56:44] GM: lol
[12:56:48] GM: anyhow, you are in
[12:57:11] Lt. Jaron pulls out a flashlight and turns it on
[12:58:05] Lt. Fallnya activates the shoulder light on the eva pack
[12:58:16] No match found
[12:58:16] 2Lt. Aylanea switches on a light as well.
[12:58:33] CWO2 Sarah switches hers on and looks around quickly. [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3)
[12:58:37] GM: lights are on
[12:58:44] GM: SQUIRREL!
[12:58:47] CWO2 Sarah: (( ship lights? lol ))
[12:58:50] CWO2 Sarah: (( and yeah, squirrel ))
[12:59:02] Lt. Jaron: "So Ensign, do you know anything about this vessel?"
[01:00:00] GM: the insides ahve various articles floating about, writing instruments, books, clothing, and other assorted things. it is evidant by the interior that this ship did have internal gravity.
[01:00:31] Chorelle: Not a clue, never seen one like this before, but, I'm just here to translate, and be the captians eyes and ear.
[01:00:44] Lt. Fallnya tries to grab one of the clothing to look at it
[01:01:29] Lt. Jaron nods ands moves ahead, shining the light ahead. Trying to find the cockpit (perception [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12); detect concealment [1d100] => [25] = (25) vs 70)
[01:01:57] Chorelle: immedialty forward of the airlock is a wardroom, with sumptuous seats and a low set large table, foks and othe rutensiles floak amidst cups and bottles of what you figure is, was, booze.
[01:02:14] GM: Sorry, edit hell that was supposed to be the GM
[01:02:20] 2Lt. Aylanea looks around curiously as well, raising her eyebrows just a little. [1d20] => [5] = (5)
[01:02:24] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[01:02:33] GM: wow, my spelling..god
[01:02:47] GM: Forks, utensiles, float
[01:02:57] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( heeheehee ))
[01:03:29] GM: There is wood trim, and the floor is bedecked with rugs
[01:03:51] GM: a book case lines the port and starbord walls.
[01:04:29] GM: this appears to be where the occupants would greet visitors, and not necessarily have to take them all the way into the ship
[01:04:40] Lt. Fallnya did try to grab some of the clothing
[01:05:00] Lt. Jaron moves over to the books and tries to decipher a title or two from his readings
[01:05:33] GM: the clothing is small to you Lu, but the fabris is high quaility, if old
[01:05:42] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks around at all of it. "Looks almost like it's someone's personal toy, from the setup."
[01:05:45] GM: roll it Jaron, and suki has taken the opposing wall
[01:06:26] CWO2 Sarah looks around herself, taking it in and nodding in Aylanea's direction.
[01:06:28] GM: The ensign looks over the books as well
[01:06:59] Lt. Fallnya: "Hmmm wonder if i could get this made in my sized" *she makes a joke holdint it over her jokeingly
[01:07:41] Chorelle: Hmm, this is Tiresian allright, but, the dialect is off.
[01:08:02] Chorelle: The characters are old
[01:08:14] Chorelle: [1d100] => [35] = (35)
[01:08:37] CWO2 Sarah hmms at that. "Off how?"
[01:08:48] Chorelle: By P'tok, it's Rilican!
[01:09:03] Lt. Fallnya: Pilican?"
[01:09:11] Lt. Fallnya: Rilican i mean?"
[01:09:25] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [81] = (81)
[01:09:38] Lt. Ishida: Sounds familier…but I cant place it.
[01:09:47] Lt. Ishida sifts thru her pad
[01:09:58] Chorelle: [1d100] => [18] = (18)
[01:11:01] Chorelle: It was an ancient Tirolian nation, Rilac, Tiresia, and Su'tone
[01:11:27] Lt. Fallnya: "Whats so special about it?"
[01:11:43] Chorelle: Those were the major three to survive the Pae'rana Wars
[01:12:17] Chorelle: Ultimalty Tiresia won, of course.
[01:12:28] Lt. Jaron nods
[01:12:37] Lt. Fallnya: "And, just seems like a nother group of my races slave masters
[01:12:38] Chorelle: [1d100] => [49] = (49)
[01:12:55] Chorelle: This was centuries before your kind was created
[01:13:12] Chorelle: maybe even millenia
[01:13:35] Lt. Jaron places the book back "Ok, lets see what else we can find onboard"
[01:13:38] Chorelle: [1d100] => [41] = (41)
[01:14:12] Lt. Fallnya: "So hun what do you think id look like in this if it were my size?"
[01:14:16] Chorelle: By Earth calanders, the Pae'rana Wars took place around 5 to 6 hundrad AD
[01:14:37] CWO2 Sarah blinks a little at that and nods.
[01:15:05] Lt. Jaron smiles and comments "oh lovely dear but I will dream about it later." He moves to exit the room
[01:15:54] GM: moving forward, you pass a restroom on one side and a closet on the other.
[01:16:22] Lt. Fallnya tests the restroom for functionality just out of curious
[01:16:29] GM: the hall is wide wnough to accomodate the passage of two people, bearly, one would have to back against the wall
[01:17:07] GM: the rest room is non fucntional, the water long gone, but the interior is elegant
[01:17:16] Lt. Jaron keeps alert, cause he hates surprises as of late (perception [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19); detect concealment [1d100] => [59] = (59) vs 70)
[01:17:19] GM: it is only a toilet, and a sink
[01:17:25] Lt. Fallnya shrugs and checsk out the closet
[01:17:52] GM: towles, bedding, and other ships stores.
[01:18:58] CWO2 Sarah looks around quietly, raisng her eyebrows.
[01:19:01] GM: futher along you come to a door with a window that is opaque with age.
[01:19:08] Lt. Fallnya: "Hmm could resupply our doorms from here"
[01:19:36] Lt. Ishida: This all has a very Jules Verne feel to it all.
[01:19:43] Lt. Fallnya: "Or at least put it in a mizers hord."
[01:19:56] 2Lt. Aylanea glances around as well, taking note of the window and walking to it to peek at it. "Hmm…"
[01:19:57] Lt. Ishida: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
[01:20:01] Lt. Jaron looks for controls or handle to open, if not; lets the ensign up to open
[01:22:05] GM: The door slides open with the minimal of fuss, exposing an other lounge, with a circular table in the center. there are couches around the circumferance, the cieling is a large window segemtned into geometric shapes. a crack runs along it. on the couches are foure mummified bodies in matching garb
[01:23:02] Lt. Jaron moves in and across the lounge, looking for other exits/entrances
[01:23:10] CWO2 Sarah … winces at that and frowns, shivering. "Er… yikes."
[01:23:24] GM: there is one door leading forward
[01:23:42] Lt. Fallnya resists the urge to poke the corpses
[01:24:42] Lt. Jaron takes a breath "Unless anyone wishes to converse with them, lets move on"
[01:25:31] 2Lt. Aylanea coughs at that and moves up. "Really funny…"
[01:25:53] Lt. Fallnya: "Was actually curious what might have killed them dont appear to been decompression"
[01:26:07] GM: Lu…
[01:26:28] Lt. Fallnya: (mummified, you didnt say eyeballs hanging out
[01:27:43] Lt. Fallnya but does shrug and move on
[01:27:49] GM: two of the bodies ar close to one another, both are sitting, one looks to have died holding a book. one other is lying on an apposing couch, the fourth has a pistol in his hand, and a bullet hole thru his temple.
[01:27:49] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( a slow leak wouldn't suck their eyeballs out, just vent their air, and they'd die from lack of it ))
[01:29:01] Lt. Fallnya: "Hmm this one appears to have shot him self actually, that one no clue." *but moves on
[01:29:10] Lt. Jaron goes to open the other door
[01:29:23] CWO2 Sarah frowns. "Looks like one knew it was gonna happen, or caused it by shooting himself possibly." She shrugs, and follows along.
[01:29:58] GM: There is a hallway with 4 doors two on each side
[01:30:18] GM: each room seems to be a crew quarters
[01:30:26] GM: that held one occupant
[01:30:55] Lt. Fallnya hmms and looks at each of the quarters in turn, typing up what she finds in each from cloths to else
[01:31:06] Lt. Jaron: "Hmm alot of bodies."
[01:31:06] GM: the clothing is all male
[01:31:19] Lt. Jaron moves on down the hall (perception [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19))
[01:31:35] CWO2 Sarah: (( held, not currently holding ))
[01:31:47] CWO2 Sarah looks around as well, raising her eyebrows. [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
[01:31:48] GM: there are uniforms, nothing military as such, but more merchant marine, there is a spacesuit for each, and then some off duty wear
[01:32:53] GM: the hall moves forward then opens onto what can only be the bridge.
[01:33:28] GM: there are 5 seats, two up front, two facing rear and one in the center in front of a ornate Astrolabe
[01:34:13] Lt. Fallnya: "Crew was apparantly all male, Musta been real boring no sex life here."
[01:35:07] Lt. Jaron: "Ensign, possible onboard computer that recorded events that we might use?"
[01:37:19] Chorelle: I agree, here would be the place
[01:37:28] 2Lt. Aylanea keeps looking around, raising her eyebrows slightly and watching quietly.
[01:37:38] Lt. Jaron: (sleep starting to hit)
[01:38:06] Chorelle: correction NOT an astrolabe, an Armillary Sphere
[01:38:57] Chorelle: one that is rornate, intricate and 4 foot in diameter
[01:39:04] Chorelle: ornate
[01:40:10] Lt. Jaron moves to the sphere "Interesting." (sorry but must go soon)


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