Interlude 4 - Part 3.2


[07:16:24] GM: Allrighty, , I'ma gonna rewind just a tad to where Hitman flight is returing to the Yuki after their patrol and firefight. Anthony (still need a last name buddy) has been directed to land upon the Phoenix along with his flight and Marathon Class Garfish.
[07:20:30] GM: We go to Anthony right now as he brings his bird into final approach…
[07:21:27] Jess: (yey what we dont need a nother alpha lol)
[07:23:03] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:23:12] CWO Sarah: (( *paddles Jess* ))
[07:24:26] GM: Entering the cavernous lower bay of the Phoenix, you can see it is a hub of activity. An Ikazuchi is docked to, connected by three 'jet ways', a concourse straddles the extendable walkways (covered and pressurized) and you can see security and other military personel thru the large bay windows. You are directed to a smaller set of hangers, mecha sized and you and the other two surviving CAP pilots peel away from the trio of Marathon 'Fish…(dt)
[07:25:23] GM: Holographic landing light show the way and other service craft , shuttles, and outgoing fighters and bioroids are cleared from your path (dt)
[07:26:59] GM: As you swoop over a docked Shimakaze you notice sparks from arc welders and can see her top hull swarmed by space suit clad work crews. Roll a perc.
[07:28:38] Captcha: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[07:28:45] GM: ((What Tony is seeing, the rest of the team is aware of, having seen the same over the last few days))
[07:32:21] GM: Floating next to the Shimakaze, which, bears the number 55, and the name Shimakaze (indicating that she is the lead ship of the class) dt
[07:33:51] GM: …are what you make out to be the tripple barreled turrets of Garfish, floating loose, you can count about 4 of them. The work crews you can see are installing them into mounts on the hull. Looking forward of the main cannons you see two more have already been installed.
[07:34:39] GM: ((White indicates the location of the guns))
[07:36:44] Lt. Alleria: (basically adding smaller guns to the ship for more support, pin point targeting?)
[07:36:45] Captcha: Peering over the side he watches the fish. Admiring her.
[07:36:47] GM: Seconds later, you swoop into the designated bay and land. Deck crew in pressure suits move about their tasks and tow your craft off the main flight deck and into a large airlock, the doors cycle and your planes are towed onto a pressurized hanger deck.
[07:36:51] Anthony: Peering over the side he watches the fish. Admiring her.
[07:37:43] CWO Sarah: (( it's just fish guns ,being installed on a Shimakaze ))
[07:38:15] GM: (Tony didn't see as he flew over her fast, but no, those guns are anti shipping, anto cap ship, however, a slew of point D guns have likewise been added, but are smaller, and much harder to see within their retractable housings.)
[07:39:34] Anthony: With an exhale he awaits for the pressure to vent off. Adjusting the controls for towing. He closes his eyes deeply trying to get his heart-rate back to normal.
[07:42:37] GM: Tony, your relaxation is interrupted by the sound and vibrations of deck crew chocking your wheels and hopping atop your craft to assess it's condition, a ladder has been set up for you to debark.
[07:43:44] Anthony: He groans and detaches his helmet. Unbuckling himself from the seat, he turns to the side at the ladder.
[07:44:40] Technician: Looks like you got banged up out there Chief.
[07:46:24] Anthony: He smiles to the technician with a nod "Should've seen the other guy."
[07:46:42] Technician: Excellent!
[07:47:28] Technician: Flight ops is over there, past the crash cart. They'll be able to tell you where you get some rest and food. Welcome to the Phoenix!
[07:48:19] Anthony: He nods in confirmation. Climbing down the fish "Alright, take care of her."
[07:48:33] Technician: Roger that!
[07:48:42] GM:

[07:48:50] GM: Aboard the Yukikaze:
[07:49:48] GM: The Hitman team lands by one after another, the Alphas in Gerwalk and the Bioroids touching down on as is…
[07:50:44] Yukikaze Crewman: Welcome back hitman flight!
[07:51:04] Lt. Jaron replies with a nod "Thanks."
[07:51:07] Lt. Fallnya: (did Fallnya get any kills?)
[07:51:16] Lt. Fallnya: (or Alleria?)
[07:51:36] GM: I dont recall
[07:51:44] CWO Sarah: (( dun think so ))
[07:51:59] 2 LT Komillia: Well, that was fun.
[07:52:22] Lt. Ishida nods back to the crewman as they move to secure their craft. She looks over to Lurana.
[07:52:30] 2 LT Gamjin grunts and checks in with the mechanic of his Vindicator.
[07:52:33] Lt. Ishida: Thats the fifth convoy hit this week…
[07:53:00] Lt. Fallnya: "Yea and i guess I'm starting to slack, i didn't get a single knock down that round…"
[07:53:23] CWO Sarah climbs out and pulls out her helmet, frowning to Suki and blinking as she hears that.
[07:53:33] CWO Sarah: (( pulls off her helmet, rather ))
[07:54:16] GM: As you debark you note it is far easier to do so. Looking over you can see the digital readout on the wall indicating gravity is at 75% standard and the lighting is dimmed, with half the overheads on.
[07:55:17] Lt. Alleria comes out of her craft looking over and around "I wonder why they got the arti grav lowered?"
[07:55:23] Lt. Jaron looks to tech "Whats up with the enviro controls?"
[07:55:28] 2Lt. Aylanea walks over from her Alpha, definitely noticing the reduction on her long legs. "Yikes…"
[07:55:57] Technician: Power save…less juice for the grav plating. Same for the lights. Fuel shortage and all.
[07:56:04] Technician shrugs
[07:56:58] CWO Sarah sighs and glances over to the technician. "They lowering the temperature on the water heaters and such as well? Or isn't it quite that far yet?"
[07:57:01] Technician: Commodore ordered it. Squadron wide now.
[07:57:06] Lt. Fallnya: "Oh ya we are starting to run low on protoculture arent we…"
[07:57:07] Lt. Fallnya: "I sure hope the Angel finds Adm. Hunter soon"
[07:57:44] Technician: nah, you can still get a hot shower, hell, thats one thing you wont run out of, since we pipe the potable water thru engineering as part of the cooling system.
[07:57:59] 2 LT Komillia: "You'd think that we'd have better backup generators."
[07:58:02] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow as he thinks about the future
[07:58:08] CWO Sarah nods just a little at that, considering it.
[07:58:18] Technician: backups are fine, but, on standby…
[07:58:37] 2Lt. Aylanea makes a face. "Just hot food, eventually, since cooking takes needed power as well."
[07:58:43] Lt. Fallnya: "You do resize Komi that if we are forced on total backups we cant fold?"
[07:58:47] Technician: Hell, makes it hard to see inside your ships sometimes, but, thats why god invented flashlights.
[07:58:54] Lt. Fallnya: "Hell we probably can barely fight."
[07:59:14] Technician makes a half hearted salute to y'all and then buries himself up to his waist into the intake of Jaron's Alpha.
[08:00:10] 2 LT Komillia: "That's what we get for putting all our eggs in one basket honestly."
[08:00:34] Lt. Ishida just walks silently with the group to Flight Ops.
[08:01:04] Lt. Fallnya: "We are one to talk.. we Zentraedi have known nothing but protoculture powered vessels for Eons…"
[08:01:06] CWO Sarah sighs just a little bit at that and nods slightly. She closes her eyes just a little bit. "Flashlights. I hope it won't get to shutting /all/ the lights off quite yet." She shakes her head.
[08:01:46] LCpl Summerwind: Feh, then we'll just follow you around miss fire bug.
[08:01:52] LCpl Summerwind says as she walks up
[08:02:03] 2 LT Komillia: And look what happened when we started running low, or the Masters. It's called learning from others' mistakes.
[08:02:17] LCpl Summerwind: Crypto dump from last hop is compiled, and your codes for next week are on your pads.
[08:02:28] LCpl Summerwind says as she hands the crypto pad to Ishida.
[08:02:50] CWO Sarah looks over to Anji and laughs just a little. "Was just thinking the same thing, actually. Get outta my head." She winks in a teasing fashion then.
[08:03:04] Lt. Jaron follows and tails Suki to Flight ops for once
[08:03:14] LCpl Summerwind: So, we have a 5 to 1 spread, that the cat is in Fallnya's room, Jaron is the house favorite at 3 to 1, minimum bet is 20 credits. Any takers?
[08:03:47] 2 LT Komillia: No thanks.
[08:04:03] 2 LT Gamjin tosses 40 creds at Summerwind.
[08:04:20] LCpl Summerwind: 40 for the Thud Monkey! Anyone else?
[08:04:38] 2Lt. Aylanea tosses 30 creds to Summerwind as well. "I'm in."
[08:04:49] Lt. Fallnya: "Its not like you can lock a teleporting cat up?"
[08:04:53] LCpl Summerwind: 30 for the safe driver…
[08:05:46] Lt. Fallnya: "Sorry no betting for me"
[08:05:59] Lt. Ishida smiles at the banter, but doesn't put any money down.
[08:06:03] Lt. Alleria blinks "What are you doing?" as shes never heard of gambling
[08:06:37] Lt. Ishida: Alleria, miss Summerwind is what we call a purveyor in hardwood and ivory.
[08:06:56] Lt. Alleria: "A wha?"
[08:07:07] CWO Sarah hmms a little at that, laughing. "I would, but I'm too cheap, and would rather spend the credits somewhere else later."
[08:07:30] Lt. Ishida pantomimes a tabletop with her hand. "hardwood" and then pantomimes rolling dice. "And Ivory."
[08:07:33] Lt. Ishida: A gambler.
[08:08:47] Lt. Jaron comments "I'm not a gambler for sure"
[08:08:54] 2 LT Gamjin: I'm betting on Jaron's room, by the way.
[08:09:04] Lt. Ishida looks at Jaron, then at Lurana, then back at Jaron.
[08:09:05] Lt. Ishida: Right.
[08:09:40] 2Lt. Aylanea hrms a bit. "I'll go for Lurana's room, myself."
[08:09:49] Lt. Fallnya: "Umm what do you call it every time you play with me in bed?" She snickers as that is like gambling
[08:10:12] Lt. Ishida smiles, vindicated by Lurana's own admission.
[08:10:28] 2 LT Komillia: What are you going to castrate him if he doesn't perform to expectations?
[08:10:51] Lt. Fallnya: "What its not like the UEEF stops officers from having fun" She looks at ishida
[08:11:08] Lt. Fallnya: "Ummm no komi…"
[08:11:35] CWO Sarah shakes her head and laughs as Lu admits to the bedroom antics, glancing to Suki and just smiling.
[08:12:25] Lt. Fallnya: "That and it hasnt affected our duty, its not like you dont have some one" gives suki a gentle push into sarah
[08:12:27] 2 LT Komillia: But ma, always threatened Pa like that.
[08:12:36] Lt. Jaron smiles at the bed comment
[08:12:42] 2 LT Gamjin: I am disturbed you remember that.
[08:13:23] Lt. Jaron heads off to his room to check for the cat
[08:13:28] CWO Sarah wraps her arms around almost on instinct as Suki is pushed into her, for a moment.
[08:13:46] Lt. Ishida: Why am I being pushed?
[08:14:09] Lt. Fallnya: "Just cause"
[08:14:45] Lt. Ishida: I see…
[08:15:50] GM: Okay, everyone roll a 12 sided (except Tony)
[08:15:52] GM: [1d12] => [7] = (7)
[08:15:59] Lt. Ishida: [1d12] => [11] = (11)
[08:16:02] Lt. Fallnya then just smiles and pinches Jaron's rump and heads to her room to get ready for "Dreaded school"
[08:16:08] Anthony: ( cause I auto pass )
[08:16:57] Lt. Jaron: [1d12] => [10] = (10)
[08:17:29] 2 LT Gamjin: [1d12] => [1] = (1)
[08:17:32] 2 LT Komillia: [1d12] => [8] = (8)
[08:17:34] CWO Sarah: [1d12] => [12] = (12)
[08:17:51] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d12] => [9] = (9)
[08:18:43] Lt. Fallnya: [1d12] => [9] = (9)
[08:19:35] CWO Sarah: (( tickles Alleria and Anji ))
[08:20:22] GM: The group makes their way below after their post hop brief and meet Anji in the corridor, then , the doors are opened. Jaron, and Lu, the kittah is nowhere in sight within your rooms.
[08:21:01] GM: The cat is found in Suki and Sarah's room, and is sleeping atop the stack of old Tirolian tomes that rest upon their central areas' coffee table.
[08:21:03] Lt. Fallnya: (giving Sarah had high is in her room i guess )
[08:21:52] LCpl Summerwind: Ooo and y'all crapped out!
[08:22:17] CWO Sarah raises her eyebrows and laughs very quietly, slipping up to where the cat is sleeping, looking it over interestedly to see if it's comfortable and all. "aww…"
[08:22:21] Lt. Jaron smiles a bit but hopes it didn't damage anything
[08:22:23] Lt. Fallnya: "I didn't bet so i didn't lose shit" she laughs at the betters and goes to change
[08:23:26] Lt. Fallnya changes the kitty litter while shes here and puts out fresh food for it both dry and a plate of wet kitty food with a fish
[08:24:26] GM: At the sound of fresh cat food being opened, the cat wakes bounds off the table and 'ports mid jump. Landing next to Lu and the food bowl in a small flash of light. Purring the cat eats.
[08:24:40] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:25:03] CWO Sarah blinks a little bit at that, raising her eyebrows and shaking her head, laughing softly.
[08:25:18] Lt. Fallnya picks the kitty up and places her on her lap tickling her belly for a moment before putting her back down to eat
[08:25:41] GM: [1d100] => [91] = (91)
[08:26:08] GM: The cat does NOT allow it, and blinks away from your grasp, appearing on the other side of the food dish, and continues to eat.
[08:26:15] GM: grasp
[08:26:38] CWO Sarah: (( cats: deyz in ur stuffs doin things. ))
[08:26:42] Lt. Fallnya takes away the food then "No pets you don't get to eat then." she grins
[08:26:51] Lt. Jaron cleans up for the rest of today's events
[08:27:32] GM: The cat mewls sadly as her food is taken from her.
[08:27:38] CWO Sarah: (( *tsks* meanie. ))
[08:28:32] GM: Sarah roll a perc
[08:28:35] Lt. Jaron: (its a were creature be warned)
[08:28:41] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12)
[08:28:55] GM: Sarah, you can vaguely feel the kitties distress
[08:29:05] CWO Sarah: (( aww. ))
[08:29:33] Lt. Fallnya then pulls the kitty close to her and pets her putting the food back down trying to train it that it stays for pets it gets food
[08:30:06] GM: [1d100] => [50] = (50)
[08:30:08] CWO Sarah blinks up and looks over to Suki. "I'll be right back…" She slips out, trying to sense where the cat is now, to go to it.
[08:30:44] GM: The cat for now, allows itself to be petted as it eats.
[08:30:59] CWO Sarah: (( aww, cute ))
[08:31:04] GM: Sarah, you follow the feeling, and it fades as you get to Lu's door.
[08:32:00] Lt. Fallnya scritches near the base of its tail
[08:32:03] CWO Sarah blinks a little at that, shaking her head, looking at Lu's door, and raising her eyebrows. She pauses as it fades, trying to see if the connection with the cat is two way, and see if it's okay now.
[08:32:06] LCpl Summerwind looks around then shrugs
[08:32:24] LCpl Summerwind: Guess I'll head on out of here, before I catch a promotion or something…
[08:32:40] Lt. Alleria falls out of her door in a tangle of clothes "Dang it"
[08:32:54] Anthony: ( lol )
[08:32:58] CWO Sarah: (( rofl ))
[08:33:03] LCpl Summerwind looks down at Alleria.
[08:33:12] CWO Sarah: (( *tickles GM* ))
[08:33:19] LCpl Summerwind: Panties got caught in your big wheel again?
[08:33:44] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks as Alleria comes crashing down, hurrying out to check on her. "You okay?"
[08:34:08] Lt. Alleria was obviously was trying on a new garment but with no experience putting the particular thing on she lies there squirming as her arm is bent in one unnatural angle and a leg in another
[08:34:14] Lt. Alleria: "Not exactly"
[08:34:27] LCpl Summerwind: Oh dear god your trying to put on a bra!
[08:35:22] Lt. Ishida: Thats an officer your talking to Corporal.
[08:35:26] Lt. Ishida calls from inside her room
[08:35:28] Lt. Alleria: "Hey its not a bra…" she lies there having one on at least and panties the unusual obviously triolian outfit is being a pain for her
[08:35:44] LCpl Summerwind blushes.
[08:35:49] LCpl Summerwind: Sorry ma'am.
[08:36:08] Lt. Alleria bites Summerwind's ankle while shes down here
[08:36:32] LCpl Summerwind lets Alleria gnaw at her combat boots and snickers.
[08:36:39] LCpl Summerwind: She's biting me, can I hit her now?
[08:36:41] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks at Anji and looks down at Alleria better, raising her eyebrows and laughing just a little. "Maybe I can help get it on, between the two of us we'll figure out something…" She laughs a little as Alleria tries to bite the ankle. "You've had your shots, haven't you?"
[08:36:53] Lt. Ishida: Only if it's in self defense.
[08:37:00] Lt. Ishida calls from her room again.
[08:37:24] LCpl Summerwind cracks her knuckles and looks at Alleria and grin evilly.
[08:38:48] 2Lt. Aylanea snickers just a tiny bit at Summerwind's reaction to Ishida, though she looks down worriedly at Alleria for a moment.
[08:39:37] Lt. Alleria squirms like a worm on a hook
[08:39:53] Lt. Alleria: "By the way you hit me i got something worse i can do to you" she smiles
[08:40:10] LCpl Summerwind: Your right, I hate listing to lil girls crying
[08:40:30] Lt. Alleria: "Umm not exactly that, how sick do you think i could make you?"
[08:40:36] LCpl Summerwind: It's that damned shriek, you know, hits that one note….gawd, awful
[08:40:58] LCpl Summerwind: I thought we agreed no biological warfare?
[08:41:32] Lt. Alleria: "I never agreed to such"
[08:41:39] LCpl Summerwind shrugs
[08:41:43] LCpl Summerwind: Well…
[08:41:46] LCpl Summerwind walks off
[08:41:48] 2Lt. Aylanea coughs and blinks a little at that. "Oh dear…"
[08:41:58] LCpl Summerwind I hope I remember to reset your IFF codes for next week…
[08:42:14] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[08:42:19] Lt. Alleria: "Hell if it worked on machines i wish we could do it"
[08:42:30] Lt. Alleria: "Certainly would be quicker"
[08:43:07] 2Lt. Aylanea leans in to see if she can't scoop Alleria up to take back into the room.
[08:43:56] Lt. Alleria is easily scooped up unfortunately for her she is showing off her teddy bear butted panties
[08:44:10] GM: You are able to pick her up, her small frame so balled up is quite manageable. As you take her inside you wonder if the easiest way to extricate her from the mess she is in wouldn't be a pair of scissors.
[08:44:34] CWO Sarah meanwhile wanders back to her room, taking note, to ask Lu later about it. She slips back in and settles down.
[08:45:07] 2Lt. Aylanea hrms a little at the little girl being so trapped, trying to see if there's another way to extricate her more gently, without ruining anything.
[08:45:23] Lt. Fallnya adds more food to the bowl as she pets the kitty
[08:45:25] GM: Oil?
[08:45:57] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( heehee. *sets up censor for the oiling scene* ))
[08:46:06] GM: lolz
[08:46:09] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( j/k ))
[08:46:19] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( baby oil aaaaaaaallllll over. ;p ))
[08:46:31] GM: every nook and cranny
[08:46:39] Lt. Jaron eventually exits his room and looks at the mess
[08:46:54] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( short of molesting a little girl. I'd never do that. ))
[08:47:00] GM: Jaron you get to see the tail end of it, teddy bear butt panties and all
[08:47:06] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( rofl ))
[08:48:05] Lt. Alleria: Aylanea would notice the mess, clothing every where as if she couldn't decide what to wear
[08:48:52] 2Lt. Aylanea just stands there with the little girl scooped up, looking for a way to get her out more than getting her back into the room yet. She blinks at the mess in the room, bouncing the little girl in her arms slightly. "Always a wonder, what to wear, yes?" She smiles.
[08:48:59] GM:

[08:50:50] GM: The next day (your patrol was after classes) it are Lunch time in the quad. Alleria you see the same dreamy boy that has been around campus the last few weeks. He is surrounded by his entourage of good looking women and other males and they seem hung on his every word. he is tall, for a Tirolian, about 5"9" his hair is white, and comes down to his back.
[08:51:36] Lt. Alleria stares daydreamingly at him
[08:51:49] GM: As he talks to his throng, he looks, right at you!
[08:52:02] Lt. Ishida: Oh god, I think I'm going to be sick…
[08:52:08] Lt. Ishida says as she watches the display.
[08:52:25] Lt. Alleria buries her nose back in her book her pink hair sticking out the top
[08:52:40] Lt. Fallnya: "Could be worse…"
[08:52:40] Lt. Jaron is reading one of his books for now
[08:52:49] CWO Sarah glances over and rolls her eyes just a little bit, laughing. "Just breathe, nice and slow." She puts her hand on Suki's back.
[08:52:51] 2 LT Komillia: Bah! It's a bishie.
[08:52:59] Lt. Ishida catches herself looking at the dreamy man as well (PB21)
[08:53:45] 2Lt. Aylanea looks over towards the guy as well, raising her eyebrows just a little bit. She quite unconsciously licks her lips very softly.
[08:54:08] GM: When Alleria looks back up, he's still looking at her
[08:54:23] Lt. Fallnya toys with Jaron under the table
[08:54:36] Lt. Alleria blushes "Hes staring at me now.."
[08:54:51] Lt. Ishida: Go to him.
[08:54:55] Lt. Ishida jokes
[08:55:03] Lt. Ishida snickers.
[08:55:05] Lt. Alleria: "Whaaaa!"
[08:55:13] Lt. Alleria smacks Ishida with the heavy book
[08:55:57] Lt. Jaron enjoys it, not giving it away
[08:56:10] GM: make a roll there Alleria-chan
[08:56:21] Lt. Alleria: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[08:56:39] Lt. Alleria: (punny 9
[08:56:46] GM: [1d20+11] => [8,11] = (19)
[08:57:27] Lt. Ishida bats your hand away, effortlessly.
[08:58:00] Lt. Ishida: We may be in civvies, but I'm still your Squadron XO…
[08:58:01] CWO Sarah looks over a little as well, despite her comment, and her hand on Suki. She laughs a little to Suki's comment, rolling her eyes and glancing to Alleria, laughing and shaking her head at the attempted smacking. "Be good, or you might end up getting sent to your room when we get home, without your toys."
[08:58:50] Lt. Alleria obviously gets mad at the two and red faced thrusts her self up and walks off
[09:00:03] GM: As Alleria pouts and walks off the candy man walks past with his group and watches you pass and smiles at you.
[09:00:51] 2Lt. Aylanea raises her eyebrows and smiles a little as Alleria is smiled at, laughing very softly.
[09:01:02] Lt. Alleria is to red faced angry to notice
[09:01:19] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( aww… ))
[09:01:25] Kel'noz: You…with the pink hair.
[09:02:10] Kel'noz looks to his other friends and smiles. "I will see you later after classes."
[09:03:51] Kel'noz: Yes, you…you're new here aren't you?
[09:04:04] Lt. Alleria: "I am…"
[09:04:17] Kel'noz: So, what courses are you taking?
[09:04:21] Lt. Alleria: she shrinks back obviously flattered but shy like
[09:04:28] Kel'noz: I don't have you in any of my classes.
[09:04:33] Lt. Alleria: (umm i don't remember lol)
[09:04:38] Attempting to assign the role of Player to (2812) Carrie…
[09:06:02] Kel'noz: Your a shy one arent you?
[09:06:13] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *snickers* ))
[09:06:14] Kel'noz: I'm Kel'noz.
[09:06:37] Lt. Alleria: "Lt… i mean Alleria"
[09:06:48] Kel'noz blinks and then smiles
[09:06:56] Kel'noz: Lieutenant?
[09:07:08] Lt. Alleria: "Uh huh…"
[09:07:17] Yukikaze Crewman: Are you with the UEEF?
[09:07:30] Kel'noz: Are you with the UEEF?
[09:07:40] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[09:08:01] Lt. Alleria: "Yes, for about a year now why?"
[09:08:29] Kel'noz: Oh, nothing, just wondering, many Tirolians have joined them. So, what do you do for the UEEF?
[09:08:56] Lt. Alleria: "Field medic, but my specialty is im a pilot…"
[09:09:35] Kel'noz: Ah medicine, a noble profession, and a pilot too, how talented you must be.
[09:10:05] Lt. Alleria: "Meh i didn't want to be a pilot, but a computer glitch put me there" she shrugs
[09:10:38] Kel'noz: So you wanted to practice medicine and…I see, and they didn't allow you to go back to your practice?
[09:11:12] Lt. Alleria: "Not they allowed me sorta, allowed me to be a field medic or paramedic i guess is the proper term"
[09:11:34] Kel'noz: But it's not what you wanted to do was it?
[09:11:49] Lt. Alleria: "Originally no, but I've grown to like it"
[09:12:02] Kel'noz: How very interesting.
[09:12:04] Kel'noz he smiles
[09:13:09] Kel'noz: So, your, friends over there…I saw you with them, and they were laughing at you…
[09:13:29] 2 LT Komillia: ((It's a TRAP!))
[09:13:53] Kel'noz: ((her Ego cannot withstand flatter of this magnitude!))
[09:14:01] Kel'noz: ((flattery))
[09:14:03] Lt. Alleria: "they thought it was funny i was staring at you… is all"
[09:14:11] Kel'noz: Why would they think that?
[09:14:38] Lt. Alleria: "I'm… young…"
[09:15:44] Kel'noz: Ah, typical humans, to discount a Tirolian, youth should be nothing to laugh at, it's our time of innocence, and yet, they have you flying, and i imagine, fighting in their war?
[09:16:06] Lt. Alleria: "I chose to fight"
[09:16:14] Lt. Alleria: "They don't force me."
[09:17:03] Kel'noz: Okay okay, no need to get angry, it is just that I see so many that don't wish to fight that are forced to…I am sorry If i offended you.
[09:17:11] Kel'noz he smiles at you again, warmly.
[09:17:30] Lt. Alleria: "I'm not offended."
[09:17:38] Kel'noz: I'm glad
[09:18:16] Kel'noz: Well, I need to go, I'm sure I'll see you around. In fact, I hope I will.
[09:18:25] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *looks up and snickers at the SW jokes* ))
[09:18:56] Lt. Alleria nods and goes on to class
[09:22:29] CWO Sarah watches Alleria go off to class, glancing to Suki and shrugging a little. "It's not like I was being serious or anything…" She hrms.
[09:23:31] Lt. Ishida returns the shrug
[09:24:44] Lt. Ishida:

[09:25:25] GM: After Skool, the group has some time off…
[09:26:14] GM: As you make your way off campus, you see a familiar face walk past, looking a little lost.
[09:26:34] 2 LT Komillia: May I help you?
[09:27:00] Lt. Jaron looks about
[09:27:01] Mess Hall Chief: Huh? Oh, OH! Lt! Hey!
[09:27:17] CWO Sarah blinks a little bit at that, raising her eyebrows.
[09:27:46] Mess Hall Chief looks at you in your civvies and gawks at some and snickers over all, not at all used to seeing you out of uniform.
[09:28:25] 2 LT Komillia: The last hyena tasted delicious.
[09:28:35] 2Lt. Aylanea smiles at the chief at the gawking, raising her eyebrows and shifting position just a little bit.
[09:28:41] Mess Hall Chief bows his head slightly
[09:28:48] Mess Hall Chief: Thank you!
[09:29:22] Mess Hall Chief: So, yeah, Um, I'm trying to find the bazaar, the Captain wants a special meal prepared, just in case.
[09:29:31] Lt. Jaron waves at the Chief
[09:30:13] Mess Hall Chief waves back
[09:31:38] GM: crickets
[09:32:01] 2 LT Komillia: It's one level below just follow the crowds.
[09:32:08] Lt. Jaron: "What does he have in mind?"
[09:32:09] 2 LT Komillia: Yes, I suck at directions.
[09:32:13] Lt. Ishida: Just in case what?
[09:33:21] Mess Hall Chief: Oh, well, the Squadron Boxing tourney is coming up, and, well, the Captain has this standing bet with the Commodore, which ever ship wins, I become their chef for the year. Hehe, I guess someone likes my cooking…
[09:34:17] Mess Hall Chief: So far the Yuki's been able to keep me for the last three years…
[09:34:38] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks a little at that and raises her eyebrows. "Sounds like she needs to find a good boxer to keep you with the Yuki. Is the one who's kept you there still there to do it?"
[09:34:52] Mess Hall Chief frowns
[09:35:03] Mess Hall Chief: No, he bought it over Reflex Point
[09:35:59] Lt. Ishida: What about the alternate?
[09:36:27] Mess Hall Chief: Well, you put him into sickbay…
[09:36:38] Lt. Ishida: Erk, Oh…sorry…
[09:36:54] Lt. Ishida blushes and rubs the back of her calf with her foot
[09:36:57] Lt. Jaron smirks "Look likes Suki is the replacement"
[09:37:25] Mess Hall Chief looks her up and down, mainly down, since she's small.
[09:37:54] Mess Hall Chief: I dunno, the Miyuki's fighters is 6 foot plus, and the Commodore, he said he had something special planned.
[09:38:28] Lt. Jaron: "A Bearman or something?"
[09:38:48] Mess Hall Chief: Oh no, that would be against the rules, Human and Zent only
[09:38:57] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks a little at Suki, raising her eyebrows at that. "Woops…" She laughs a little. "I'm tall enough, but I'm not sure I'd be much of a boxer either."
[09:40:02] Lt. Jaron: "Well you would have to figure it would be something far out to truly be special"
[09:40:03] Mess Hall Chief: Well, the Major is training right now, but, I mean he's good, but, the Captain's seen these other fighters, and she's not convinced…
[09:41:07] Lt. Ishida: When is this boxing match anyway?
[09:41:22] Mess Hall Chief: A few weeks away.
[09:42:38] Lt. Jaron: "Should be interesting"
[09:42:55] 2Lt. Aylanea nods just a little bit at that. "Could definitely be interesting."
[09:42:58] Lt. Ishida looks over at Gamjin
[09:43:08] Lt. Ishida: Your big.
[09:43:13] CWO Sarah looks over where Suki is looking, and looks around to everyone else as well.
[09:43:52] 2 LT Gamjin: I'm a combat pragmatist, I'd knee the opponent in the family jewels three times in a row and be disqualified.
[09:44:08] Lt. Ishida nods with a smile
[09:44:10] CWO Sarah snickers a little at that.
[09:45:05] Lt. Ishida: Well, if anything, maybe we could figure out what the Commodore's ace is…
[09:46:56] Mess Hall Chief: That would be great!
[09:47:15] 2Lt. Aylanea nods a little bit, thinking about that. "Hm. True enough." She smiles to the Chief.
[09:47:42] Lt. Jaron nods in agreement
[09:47:49] 2 LT Gamjin: WE could eliminate all the worth while competition and but somebody who actually knows how to box for the Yuki, even if they aren't good, and expect to win.
[09:48:27] Mess Hall Chief laughs
[09:48:31] Mess Hall Chief: I didn't hear that…
[09:49:27] Mess Hall Chief:

[09:50:13] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: (test )
[09:50:44] GM: The Mess Hall Chief thanks you for the directions and leaves. As you make your way back to the Phoenix's 'Base' you can note a little bit of excitement from some of the technical staff and the off pilot.
[09:50:53] GM: i see ya
[09:51:51] GM: As you sign in, (lu is gone, so ah well, we move to the new squaddie being added to the team…and pick up where we left off in that regard.)
[09:51:58] Lt. Jaron moves over to a tech "I feel a vibe…whats up?"
[09:52:19] UEEF Sgt. : Something new at the proving grounds.
[09:52:56] UEEF Sgt. : Haven't seen it myself, but, a few Cyc-Jocks are raving,
[09:53:24] UEEF Sgt. : Looks like R&D's come up with something new
[09:54:13] Lt. Jaron nods and gives him a pat on the shoulder. He soon mounts up
[09:54:36] Lt. Jaron relays that info the the team on radio
[09:55:14] Lt. Ishida replies from the ladies locker room, bending over to reach her comm (giggity)
[09:55:31] Lt. Ishida: Sounds interesting, maybe we should take a look before wheel's up?
[09:55:48] 2 LT Komillia: Why not?
[09:56:36] That's the Tab key, Dave
[09:56:39] Lt. Jaron is preparing for flight and replies "I'll wait on you ladies"
[09:56:53] CWO Sarah nods a little. "Okay…"
[09:57:05] Lt. Ishida: We move as a unit there Lt.
[09:57:17] Lt. Ishida replies playfully…or is she?
[09:58:08] Lt. Jaron replies "I know, meant in my alpha reading."
[09:58:35] Lt. Ishida: Okay, we'll meet you at the proving grounds then.
[09:58:43] Lt. Ishida she snickers as she closes the channel.
[09:59:26] GM:

[09:59:38] GM: The Proving grounds, Tony you are here as well if you so wish!
[10:01:51] GM: There is a crowd, not to huge, but one that tells that something is up. As you jostle your way towards the front, you can see, from the viewing mezzanine a quartet of overlarge cyclones going thru their paces. (YVR-059 tab in the Mecha section)
[10:02:14] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Runs his fingers through short but messy dark hair. Rolling his shoulders backward he makes pressure at his biceps to release the tension which has built in his muscles. His flight-suit top portion removed and hanging from his waist. He watches the commotion.
[10:03:47] Lt. Jaron eyes the larger cyclone looking unit
[10:04:40] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: His eyes drift toward the group of lieutenant that gathers.
[10:05:40] CWO Sarah watches the bigger Cyclones and raises her eyebrows. "How well does it fold down for storage, though?"
[10:05:41] GM: It is not hard for those eyes to drift, since most, well, all but two, have bodies crafted by Dr Heinrich Von Finetush
[10:06:47] Technician: It doesn't.
[10:06:59] GM: Says a nearby tech
[10:07:00] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He gives a whistle, aimed to be kept to himself. Acknowledging the doctor's craftsmanship. His eyes return to the ship as he tugs his hands into his front pockets.
[10:07:28] GM: Hitman team, you can make a perc roll
[10:07:37] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15)
[10:07:41] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14)
[10:07:47] 2Lt. Madresa: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[10:07:49] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
[10:08:08] 2 LT Komillia: [1d20] => [7] = (7)
[10:08:12] 2 LT Gamjin: [1d20] => [7] = (7)
[10:08:27] Lt. Jaron comments to tech "so basically a larger cycle for larger battloid mode?"
[10:09:30] CWO Sarah considers that. "A heavier Cyclone for completely Cyclone based infantry units, then? Ours still need to fit in our planes. That might fit in the Beta's bomb bay, maybe…"
[10:10:58] GM: 14 + on the perc note a cat call directed towards the group, it was subtle…but none-the-less it was there
[10:11:38] CWO Sarah blinks a little at the cat call, looking around just a little bit to see who might be looking at them.
[10:12:40] Technician: Not sure about a Beta bomb bay…I don't think it would fit even in there
[10:13:00] Lt. Jaron keeps to himself for now
[10:13:57] 2 LT Komillia: I want one.
[10:14:09] Technician: Don't we all!
[10:14:28] Lt. Ishida resists the urge to press her face to the glass like a kid.
[10:15:39] Lt. Jaron: "its looks ok but bigger doesn't always mean better. It will definitely have some uses"
[10:16:25] Lt. Ishida: Looks like a half sized Silverback…
[10:16:29] Lt. Ishida looks at the Tech
[10:16:36] Lt. Ishida: How fast does it go?
[10:16:56] CWO Sarah nods just a little to Jaron. "If it means going in without the plane, I doubt I'd want it unless it's a complete ground insertion."
[10:17:39] Technician: Tops out at 250, with boosters 350…
[10:18:31] 2 LT Komillia: I'm going to marry one, gimme!
[10:18:46] Lt. Ishida: Looks like love
[10:18:51] Lt. Ishida giggles
[10:19:16] Lt. Jaron sighs
[10:19:34] 2 LT Gamjin just snorts.
[10:19:54] Lt. Ishida: Either way, good or ill, I'd love to try one out.
[10:20:50] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs a little. She watches the new Cyclones work, interestedly, nodding a bit. "Nice and fast. Could be interesting…"
[10:21:56] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *tickles people* ))
[10:21:57] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He takes himself closer to the group, watching the cyclone. "I don't know.." He says with a disregarding tone and snicker.
[10:23:14] Lt. Jaron looks to the new commenter "your opinion?" (to anthony)
[10:25:37] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He glances at Jaron, and bows his head respectfully. "Well sir.." pondering he returns his eyes to the machine. "Its as if the engineers are compensating for something well.. Personal."
[10:25:57] Lt. Ishida giggle snorts
[10:26:58] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: "Why make it bigger? Was it not the point for it to be a quick attack vehicle?"
[10:27:40] Lt. Ishida: The original cyclone was an escape vehicle for a downed Alpha pilot.
[10:27:55] Lt. Jaron nods "Maybe plus I like to enter a building without destroying it"
[10:29:09] 2 LT Komillia: "Yeah, well it appears with this one you can fight on your own rather than needing a second person to get the most of the vehicle, unlike the 'Back."
[10:29:11] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He glances at Lt. Ishida and nods "That is right." He says refreshing his memory. He returns to the cyclone "What I mean, its designed to move in or out quickly not for prolonged combat. If you wanted a bird, why not get a bird rather than put wings on a rat?"
[10:29:33] Lt. Ishida shakes her head.
[10:30:51] Lt. Ishida: I think it has a place on the field. Our inventory is made to much of hybrid vehicles, do many things, but none extremely well. A more specialized vehicle seems to me a good tactical choice.
[10:32:31] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Shrugs with a slight tilt of the head, not completely disagreeing or agreeing. He glances at them and smiles, eyes darting over Sarah, Ishida, Komillia, Jaron, and the rest. "But where are my manners, Chief Warrant Officer Second Class De La Gracia." He turns to a sharp salute.
[10:32:33] Lt. Jaron: "Possibly so Lt. Ishida but to quote a great one…Over specialized and you breed in weakness"
[10:33:14] Lt. Ishida: I counter with , jack of all trades, master of none…
[10:33:17] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Nods while in salute, acknowledging Jaron's quoting with acceptance.
[10:34:22] CWO Sarah listens quietly to the conversation, shrugging just a little bit.
[10:34:56] Lt. Jaron gives De La Gracia a casual salute and returns back to Suki "Maybe so but I think JOATs have more of a chance to adapt and survive"
[10:35:11] Lt. Ishida shrugs
[10:36:42] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Lowers his hand and returns to the cyclone, little interest. His eyes shift over to the females in the group, rather subtly. Falling on the more natural ones.
[10:37:42] Lt. Jaron comments "Well, I'm out. I will be waiting." and goes about to leave
[10:38:04] Lt. Ishida: On your six Fairman…
[10:38:11] Lt. Ishida leaves as well
[10:38:27] 2Lt. Aylanea leans against the glass to watch the Cyclones working, tilted forward a ways, since her chest is pressed against it as well she's looking so close. She glances up as others leave, though. "Oh, okay…" She turns to follow.
[10:38:46] CWO Sarah just follows along quietly behind Suki, glancing around a little bit.
[10:39:02] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Offers them a nod of departure. He crosses his arms and tilts his head to watch them leave.
[10:42:23] GM:

[10:43:45] GM: The Hitmen leave to their home ship and as Tony reports back to his temp quarters the MP on duty, watching TV stops you and says that you have a message, and hands you flash drive.
[10:44:21] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He nods to the MP "Thanks.." Taking the flash drive and proceding to his terminal to read the message.
[10:46:00] GM: CWO2 De La Gracia please report to personnel for reassignment.
[10:48:03] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He grumbles "Could've said that in the first place instead of all of this.." He stands and removes the drive offering to the MP "Make sure this is destroyed." He says with an annoyed tone and makes his way toward personnel.
[10:49:55] GM: You do so, and are reassigned to the Yukikaze, 33rd MEU, Echo company
[10:51:09] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: After gathering his belongings and signing his documents he makes way toward the Yukikaze's center.
[10:52:20] GM: You arrive in your Alpha and land upon her deck, you note the lesser grav and lighting, the crew move as a well oiled team, efficiently of motion seems to be practiced here.
[10:52:32] GM: ((err economy of motion))
[10:53:36] GM: You see other Alphas on deck a few are recently landed, roll perc
[10:53:45] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[10:56:39] Rain (exit): 22:56
[10:57:15] GM: One is in fine condition, you can see markings from SMVF-224, but also has an old paint job, and looks as if has been thru a lot. It's connected Beta on the other hand looks brand new…A nearby Alpha is also in good condition, and has also seen int s fair share. more importantly, you recognize the markings as the flight that bailed you out of the fire earlier.
[10:59:38] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He chuckles and smirks smartly at the sight. Driving his Alpha for towing. His eyes dart about the condition of the hanger.
[11:00:31] GM: The hanger, while dimly lit is orderly, however you can make out the tell tale of combat, and battle damage, that has been repaired, mainly, newer sections of hull and fresh paint among areas older.
[11:02:18] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Flicking the switches off at the control panel, he brings the Alpha to a stop. Unbuckling his belt and unhinging his helmet as it makes the familiar depressurizing hiss. He glances to the side, opening the cockpit.
[11:03:04] Technician secures your Alpha
[11:03:59] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Signals the technician a hearty salute of gratitude. He waits for the ladder and makes his way down.
[11:04:09] Lt.Utenaru: You must be the new guy?
[11:05:04] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He salutes "Yes, Chief De La Gracia, 33rd MEU, Echo company."
[11:06:05] Lt.Utenaru: Hmm, well, stow your gear. That way.
[11:06:07] Lt.Utenaru points
[11:06:12] Lt.Utenaru: Summerwind!
[11:06:24] LCpl Summerwind: Ma'am?
[11:07:03] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He nods, gathering his belongings.
[11:07:06] Lt.Utenaru: New meat, can you get him to the pilots briefing room.
[11:07:21] LCpl Summerwind: Yup…
[11:07:26] LCpl Summerwind looks over at Tony
[11:07:29] LCpl Summerwind: Follow me.
[11:07:39] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Glances at Summerwind and nods. "Right.."
[11:07:49] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Following after the corporal.
[11:08:59] GM: Okay, lets pick up at where we left off last time on this intro 'kay, I think y'all the group was in the same room, and Tony has just learned that Sarah was Invid…
[11:09:53] Lt. Jaron looks to Sarah and then to Anthony
[11:10:29] CWO Sarah: (( the log is up on the site under the interlude 4 tab, for those who don't remember ))
[11:10:33] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He keeps his head high and shoulders back. His thousand yard stare pure as he stands in attention. "No sir." He responds to Lt. Jaron.
[11:11:34] No match found
[11:13:07] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: His eyes break their strictness to fall upon Sarah. Soft hazel, connected to her. Eyes distant and with-holding.
[11:15:03] Lt. Ishida notes the shift in gaze, but keeps silent. She looks mildly amused.
[11:15:12] Lt. Jaron: (I don't see where I asked anything but anyways)
[11:15:34] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: ( my bad I think that was James' )
[11:15:40] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: (asked if everything was going to be ok )
[11:15:53] CWO Sarah shrinks back slightly at the look again, frowning still. She shrugs slightly. "Just stuff you need to know, before the weird things start going on. Because when it gets weird…" She rolls her eyes slightly. "I'm often the one who has to get weird back."
[11:16:00] CWO Sarah: (( Ishida asked if it'd be a problem, last I saw ))
[11:16:06] CWO Sarah: (( *reads the log* ))
[11:16:18] CWO Sarah: (( http / ))
[11:17:08] Lt. Jaron comments "She is a decent pilot too when Lt. Ishida lets her"
[11:17:22] Lt. Ishida: Aww
[11:17:34] Lt. Ishida pouts
[11:19:01] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He clears his throat and exhales quietly.
[11:19:52] CWO Sarah coughs a little at Jaron, and back to Anthony. "Yeah, be glad of that, I tend to have bad luck overall sometimes. Especially against Haydonites." She blushes really hard. "All sorts of interesting luck with blast shockwaves, missile cookoffs, and… even a synchro cannon, not too long ago. Hopefully it's improving, though."
[11:20:40] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He furrows his brow, watching the others converse amistacly as if nothing to mind.
[11:22:28] Lt. Jaron hopes his attempt to disarm the tension would worked but it seemed to fail "Officer De La Gracia, we have moved above politics and work as a team. If you're having second thoughts, we need to know to function properly"
[11:25:02] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He shakes his head "Sir, with all due respect I wasn't given a choice but.." He returns his eyes on Sarah, softening his tension "I am not one to abandon a good opportunity. Please excuse my lack of experience."
[11:25:34] 2Lt. Aylanea wanders over closer then, curious. "So what got you assigned to our little crazy house, anyway? Not that we mind someone new…" She laughs a little.
[11:28:12] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He turns to Aylanea "Well.. the crazy house is where all the crazies go.. My CO would say 'I ain't wearing a cowboy hat cause its so last year."
[11:29:13] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs just a little bit at that and nods. "Ah…" She grins just a little, looking around.
[11:29:22] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *tickles people* ))
[11:29:39] Maj. Kavashera: Oh dear lord…that sounds like Commander Turner to me…Well, I guess I have my work cut out for me.
[11:29:55] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( eep ))
[11:30:01] Lt. Jaron stands & salutes
[11:30:14] Lt. Ishida: Room attenhuh!
[11:30:16] 2Lt. Aylanea meeps and straightens right up.
[11:30:19] Lt. Ishida stands and salutes as well
[11:30:40] Maj. Kavashera nods and returns the salute.
[11:30:45] CWO Sarah stands to attention quickly upon hearing Kavashera's voice.
[11:30:49] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Stands in attention, sharp and quick. His shoulders pulled back and head high as usual.
[11:31:03] Maj. Kavashera: At ease
[11:31:13] Lt. Jaron does so
[11:31:29] CWO Sarah relaxes just a little bit.
[11:32:03] 2Lt. Aylanea relaxes, raising her eyebrows interestedly.
[11:32:05] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: Brings his hands over the other to his stomach, below his belly button.
[11:33:09] Maj. Kavashera: Your probably wondering why a pilot has been assigned to a ground unit. Well, these folks here can tell you we're no ordinary ground unit, members of our team have fought at Reflex point all the way on up to the Fall of Tirol, so you have experience here, learn from it. Now, while you officers get to lie back and take classwork, you my little chief will be drilled by my team for the next week.
[11:33:49] Maj. Kavashera: After which he will join the rest of you for Phase 2.
[11:34:20] Maj. Kavashera: Any questions?
[11:34:25] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: "Yes, sir!"
[11:34:31] Maj. Kavashera: Shoot.
[11:35:10] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: "I mean.. No sir! Yes to.."
[11:35:24] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He gulps as his expression twist to an embarrassed one.
[11:35:28] Maj. Kavashera: Well what is it man!? Don't you KNOW!!!!!?
[11:35:38] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: "Negative sir! No questions!"
[11:35:52] Maj. Kavashera narrows his eyes
[11:35:58] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: "Please excuse me, sir! Must be the lack of oxygen."
[11:36:27] Maj. Kavashera: No excuses! Now get your shit stowed before decide to use you for target practice!
[11:36:37] Maj. Kavashera: MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!!
[11:37:00] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He twirls around almost mechanically and sprints out to put his stuff away.
[11:37:22] Maj. Kavashera: Not in here! This is a briefing room! In your quarters!!!
[11:37:52] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: ( lol )
[11:37:52] Lt. Jaron watches
[11:37:54] Maj. Kavashera: Oh my god you don't know where your quarters are!!?
[11:38:04] Maj. Kavashera: What the HELL!
[11:38:18] CWO2 De La Gracia, Anthony [port]: He growls to himself, catching his bearing at the hall way. "Corporal, take me to my room!"
[11:38:38] Maj. Kavashera: Yes corporal , take him to his room!
[11:38:47] LCpl Summerwind: Aye aye sir!
[11:39:35] Maj. Kavashera turns to the rest of the group as Tony hustles off, and only after he has turned the corner does he smile and goes to the position of rest.
[11:39:45] Maj. Kavashera: Haaa, I love my job.
[11:40:00] Maj. Kavashera walks out ever so calm, back to the hanger deck.
[11:40:36] GM: And we will call it here tonight!
[11:40:39] CWO Sarah waits until the Major is gone, then relaxes more, snickering towards the door.


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