Interlude 4 - Part 1


[07:21:38] Lt. Ishida : As you are dismissed by the Major and leave for your debriefing, you take note of some 100 or so civilians aboard, nestled towards the rear of the hanger bay. Yukikaze med teams are attending to them and armed Mariens in Cyclone armor mantain an heavy handed if not watchful vigal.
[07:22:11] Narrator: and that should have been the narrator saying that, but….
[07:22:21] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:22:28] Narrator: Suki thinks she can do my job, so screw you, I'm going to my trailer
[07:22:39] Narrator: mving on
[07:22:41] CWO Sarah: (( rofl ))
[07:24:13] Lt. Alleria wonders over that way wanting to skip debrief to help the civilians
[07:24:31] Narrator: Returning to your rooms, Suki finds a few packages in front of her door festooned in kanji. Lurana as you enter your room, you almost gag, such is the smell from an overflowing litter box.
[07:25:07] Lt. Alleria: (lol wouldn't that be auto-cleaning litter box in this day and age?)
[07:25:18] Narrator: No, shush! my game!
[07:25:22] Narrator: rwar
[07:25:51] Narrator: Sarah, as you enter the room as Suki picks up the packages you note the room is in slight disarray
[07:26:54] Narrator: Jaron, and Komillia, your rooms are in the same condition as you left them albeit with a layer of dust.
[07:27:31] Lt. Alleria: (i thought Komillia was my roomie? aka fallnya's?)
[07:27:50] Narrator: then Komillia, you gag as well at the stink of kitty poo
[07:28:00] Narrator: and or pee
[07:28:20] CWO Sarah: (( gross ;) ))
[07:29:03] Lt. Jaron cleans up a bit before debriefing and other things on the agenda
[07:29:07] Narrator: RP
[07:29:33] 2 LT Komillia: Oh, geez, next time we go on an away mission get someone to come in here take care of that cat under penalty of death,
[07:29:39] CWO Sarah blinks a little at the room being in slight disarray, glancing to Suki. "What the heck… Someone's been in here." She frowns just a little bit, eyes glowing red a bit as she peers around the room, moving to help Suki pick up. "Or did they kick us out of the room or something?" She frowns.
[07:29:44] CWO Sarah: (( rofl ))
[07:30:50] GM: Sarah, the room looks as if an animal has been within it, you can see Suki's calligraphy set toppled and little paw prints around the area next to a dumped inkwell.
[07:31:03] CWO Sarah: (( *imagines that old lady in the war stories, shouting "bad dog" and "naughty kitty" whenever the security installer found an uncleaned turd blocking the path to a window* ))
[07:31:14] CWO Sarah: (( read: all the windows ))
[07:32:03] CWO Sarah blinks a little at the calligraphy set, setting it back up gently and frowning. "Oh…. so /that/ is the culprit…" She sighs and shakes her head.
[07:32:06] Lt. Fallnya: "Yea or order one of those new kitty litter pans that cleans it its self… ill take care of that first, then I'm gonna go attack Jaron again" *she snickers and goes to the pan putting on her helmet and sealing it to keep from smelling it
[07:32:27] Lt. Alleria would have attempted to stay behind to apply her medical knowledge with the civilians given that they are her people
[07:32:27] Lt. Ishida smiles as she retrieves the packages and then blanches as she sees the state of the room, the toppled inkwell, and a half chewed bamboo plant.
[07:32:37] Lt. Ishida: LU!!!!!!
[07:32:58] Lt. Ishida steps into the corridor.
[07:33:30] Lt. Fallnya has shut the door and its locked to keep the smell in
[07:33:39] Lt. Ishida: LURANA!!!!!!
[07:33:41] Lt. Fallnya: (which Ishida gets a whiff of whats left int he hall
[07:34:20] 2 LT Gamjin is busy acquiring his own quarters, plans to be out of sight for a bit.
[07:34:29] 2 LT Komillia dusts her room
[07:34:50] GM: Suki does yell her name a second time however awaiting a response.
[07:36:53] Lt. Fallnya would get no answer from behind a closed door and finally finishing cleaning and reapplying the litter pan
[07:37:12] GM: Now Suki storms down the hall and bangs on the door!
[07:37:20] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow at hearing the odd sound but continues as planned
[07:37:22] Lt. Ishida: Lt. Fallnya!!!!
[07:37:46] Lt. Fallnya would not answer as there is a beeper and besides is in the back rooms
[07:37:48] Lt. Ishida: Open this door this instant!
[07:38:44] 2 LT Komillia: ((I'm still checking out some of the info on the Phoenix.))
[07:38:48] CWO Sarah sighs a little bit and tries to clean the room up some, glancing around, only heading out as soon as she has things cleaned up as much as she can.
[07:38:52] Lt. Ishida: ((nod))
[07:39:33] Lt. Fallnya finally comes to the door as it opens Suki gets a better whiff of the room and sees Fallnya still in battle gear faceplate down
[07:39:46] CWO Sarah: (( LOL ))
[07:39:54] 2 LT Komillia: ('cause both Komi and Gamjin will be going shopping, not necessarily together.)
[07:40:12] Lt. Ishida: Lu! Your cat….GAH!!!! Grosss… your…CAT, ate my PLANTS!!!!!!
[07:40:43] Lt. Fallnya: "I cant help that, and its not my CAT, i just take care of the thing."
[07:41:06] CWO Sarah tries to clean up the ink from the inkwell, as the last thing, trying to get it up off the floor.
[07:43:06] Lt. Ishida fumes and sputters her fists balled at her sides, her face red….she takes a few deep breaths, and regrets it…then tromps off muttering in Japanese.
[07:43:14] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[07:43:52] Lt. Fallnya grips her by the shoulder "I'm sorry I'm mad to it stinks like hell in here, why do you think im still in full battle dress and not raping Jaron at this moment?"
[07:45:10] CWO Sarah: (( still love the ship's cat page. Fleabag. teehee. ))
[07:46:23] Lt. Ishida stops as Lurana grasps her shoulder.
[07:46:31] Lt. Ishida: mutter grumble grumble grumble
[07:46:48] Lt. Ishida sighs and her shoulders droop
[07:46:57] Lt. Ishida: Sumimasen Fallnya-chan
[07:47:42] Lt. Ishida pats your hand then walks back to the disaster area that is her room.
[07:48:19] CWO Sarah is, meanwhile, still trying to get everything clean and straightened as much as she can. She… tries to see if she can contact teleport the ink from the carpet or wherever she got it soaked up onto, barring that though, makes note of the ink. She closes her eyes then, crossing her legs on the floor and letting the glow envelope her as she tries to sense for where the cat might be.
[07:48:30] Lt. Fallnya presses the button to call the maid services (least i hope officers have that sort of privilege), to hopefully remove the smell if they can now that the pan is taken care of
[07:48:51] CWO Sarah: (( pfft. Maid service? This ain't a hotel, goof ))
[07:48:54] CWO Sarah: (( rofl ))
[07:49:30] GM: Sadly no, you are officer and as such are expected to keep your rooms tidy…plus even if such a service were available they would most likely be occupied with the refugees aboard.
[07:49:46] CWO Sarah: (( *cackles* ))
[07:49:57] Lt. Fallnya: (fine)
[07:50:12] Lt. Fallnya goes in full battle dress to the on board BX to look for cleaning supplies
[07:50:20] 2 LT Komillia: If I thought we were living in the age of sexy android maids, I'd go downtown and buy one.
[07:50:28] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:50:43] GM: thats in James game…
[07:51:02] CWO Sarah: (( we need astromech droids set up to clean ;p ))
[07:51:11] GM: NO!
[07:51:16] GM: NO NO NO!
[07:51:19] CWO Sarah: (( I'm kidding! ))
[07:51:24] GM: Okay
[07:51:34] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[07:51:34] Lt. Fallnya: (fine Sub par versions of janice t clean!)
[07:51:48] GM: Jaron you tidy up your room in due time, and can relax!
[07:52:19] GM: Komillia, you clean up but like Lu, find it advisable to remain in your CVR as the stench is pretty potent
[07:52:19] CWO Sarah would go to the PX if needed for cleaning supplies, for note, if she needed them in the process of cleaning up after the cat.
[07:53:17] GM: After some elbow grease and liberal application of industrial grade cleaners the rooms are made fit for habitation once again!
[07:53:32] CWO Sarah: (( heh, industrial grade cleaners ))
[07:53:51] GM: In the dayroom you all rest
[07:54:02] Lt. Fallnya: (lol thought i just went ot the BX for that?)
[07:54:05] Lt. Ishida: That cat….it toxic.
[07:54:24] GM: I'm skipping time, you went, you got you cleaned you loved!
[07:54:30] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:54:36] 2 LT Komillia: Which is why I'll get a rabbit when I have my own place.
[07:54:42] CWO Sarah: (( meanwhile, the new people are waiting for rooms ))
[07:54:47] Lt. Ishida: A rabbit?
[07:55:24] GM: Gamjin, you are roomed with Jaron
[07:55:47] GM: Alleria, you and Ay are roomed together on the same deck same corridor
[07:56:06] GM: Anji, you suck so you are billeted with the other enlisted folk a deck up
[07:56:12] Lt. Fallnya: (ya but Alleria would be busy in medical pestering doctors)
[07:56:15] LCpl Summerwind: You suck!
[07:56:23] GM: yes, yes I do
[07:56:28] 2 LT Komillia: Yeah, even if you let the litter go uncleaned it doesn't stink all that much.
[07:56:42] CWO Sarah: (( rabbit turds are little ))
[07:57:17] Lt. Fallnya: "You've never had a pet then i assume… if you ignore a litter box long enough it dose start to stink…"
[07:57:34] Lt. Jaron greets Gamjin and forewarns Lurana is rather nosiy at times.
[07:57:35] 2 LT Komillia: ((But they can be litter trained, trust me I know from personal experience))
[07:57:35] Lt. Fallnya: "Badly…" She leans back wondering why she came to the day room in the first place.
[07:57:53] CWO Sarah slips out from the room after the cleaning is done, trying to sense Suki and find her.
[07:58:22] 2Lt. Aylanea meanwhile gets settled into her own room, looking things over and pondering all the things she'll need to get at some point to make it homey.
[07:58:29] 2 LT Gamjin: That's why we invented ear plugs.
[07:59:10] Lt. Ishida: Ooo, forgot, sumimasen, be back.
[07:59:16] Lt. Ishida trots to her room
[07:59:48] Lt. Alleria continues pestering doctors while she tries to help the least injured cases
[07:59:59] Lt. Jaron smiles at Gamjin "Indeed"
[08:00:50] 2 LT Komillia: Well, anyway, I'm going to head downtown and blow a sizable portion of my savings getting some personal belongings, I just hope that insurance check gets in sooner rather than later,
[08:02:07] Lt. Ishida returns as Komillia starts to leave and calls after her, she is holding two wrapped packages.
[08:02:39] CWO Sarah blinks up as she sees Suki, smiling and brightening up a little bit, pausing and being quiet as Komi is called.
[08:03:03] Lt. Fallnya: with the seat vacated she lies down on the couch now that the seat is vacated laying her head on Jaron's lap
[08:03:34] 2 LT Komillia comes back, "You hollered?"
[08:04:19] Lt. Ishida: Hai, um, you had said you could not find propr practice attire….I snet word before we dropped, these must have came while we were on the ground.
[08:05:31] Lt. Ishida hands a package to Komillia, and one to Lurana.
[08:06:08] Lt. Fallnya: "Hmm?"
[08:06:11] Lt. Fallnya: "Whats this?"
[08:06:19] Lt. Jaron gently plays with Lurana's hair
[08:06:27] 2 LT Komillia opens the package and looks inside.
[08:06:58] Lt. Fallnya unwraps the paper rather than tearing it if its paper covered and opens the top looking in?
[08:07:12] GM: Komillia sees a Gi for her school of martial art. Very high quality. Lurana sees the same.
[08:07:53] Lt. Fallnya: (for her school or for Ishida's school?)
[08:07:59] GM: You school
[08:08:08] Lt. Fallnya: (cause if i remember Fallnya is a down and dirty form of MA)
[08:08:18] 2 LT Komillia: Thank ya much. I'll try it on later.
[08:08:31] Lt. Ishida bows slightly
[08:08:57] Lt. Fallnya: (kinda a mix of judo and jujitsu and boxing if i remember the descriptor for commando training lol)
[08:09:08] Lt. Fallnya: "Thanks, or Hai is it?"
[08:09:31] Lt. Fallnya is obviously trying to learn Ishida's language but not much luck at it
[08:10:12] Lt. Ishida: Hai is yes, Thank you is Arigato
[08:10:39] Lt. Fallnya: "Arigato" she says with a heavy obvious accent.
[08:10:44] Lt. Ishida: Or, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu, if you wish to be formal.
[08:18:56] Lt. Fallnya: "so who wants to go visit the new ship some more id be quite interested to explore it?"
[08:19:04] CWO Sarah: (( *paddles* ))
[08:19:11] 2 LT Komillia: I do!
[08:19:32] Lt. Fallnya: "Wonder if they'd let me borrow a shuttle…"
[08:20:12] Lt. Jaron: "sure, I'll tag along"
[08:20:19] Narrator: As it stands the Phoenix is forbidden to the collected UEEF fleet. Over the next week, as you fly patrols around the area, you note a few things. (dt)
[08:20:46] Narrator: 1: You are well and truly in deep space, no planetary bodies are visible…
[08:21:48] Narrator: 2: The Phoenix is surrounded by 4 Ikazuchi carriers, a flotilla of 6 Shimakaze all of which are part of DESRON 14, the Yukikazes' parent command…
[08:22:13] Narrator: 3: many other smaller vessels, namely Garfish of varying configuration make up the bulk of the support fleet…
[08:23:12] Narrator: 4: Shuttles from the ships of the line go to and from from the Phoenix, scuttlebutt says that the captains of the ships in the fleet are going to and from for what, is unknown to you as yet…
[08:25:38] Narrator: 5: Around day 5 ships of a configuration unknown to you begin to fold in and dock with the Ikazuchi carriers.
[08:31:01] Lt. Fallnya would take a chance and try to scan one?
[08:34:01] Narrator: Lu, you may roll an RSI and or Intel, all may
[08:34:47] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [19] = (19) RSI vs 63%
[08:34:55] No match found
[08:34:55] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [1] = (1) vs Intel 59%
[08:35:02] Lt. Fallnya: (woot critical on intel!)
[08:35:03] CWO Sarah: [1d100] => [85] = (85) RSI vs. 65%
[08:35:08] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:36:02] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [47] = (47) RSI vs. 63% and [1d100] => [16] = (16) intel vs. 59%
[08:36:51] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [3] = (3) intell vs 60%
[08:37:03] Lt. Fallnya: (lol ishida crits to)
[08:37:08] Lt. Jaron: Intel [1d100] => [44] = (44) vs 56
[08:37:28] GM: Lurana, Suki, Ay, and Jaron recognize the craft.
[08:38:25] GM: It is a Corbinian Class Troop Transport commonly used by the Karbarran Hegemony
[08:41:22] Lt. Fallnya has to give a sigh after the last friendlies of ours turned enemies
[08:42:40] Lt. Fallnya but after thinking her people did try to destroy earth them selves and she just shrinks back into the cockpit and continues patrol
[08:44:20] Lt. Ishida: Very…interesting…
[08:44:26] Lt. Alleria just snoozes hooked up to either Ay or Fallnya sleeping with her eyes open
[08:44:36] Lt. Ishida: I hear their Marines are…formidable.
[08:45:34] Lt. Fallnya: "Sigh why now have they come back?"
[08:45:38] Narrator: As the Karbarran ship come and go, the day comes when one approaches the Yukikaze.
[08:45:43] CWO Sarah blinks a little at the thought of Karbarrans, and gulps softly, though loud enough that on the radio it might be heard.
[08:46:10] Lt. Jaron comments "Don't you like the warm fuzzy people?"
[08:48:42] Lt. Fallnya: "No that, they didn't help us liberate earth, they haven't been in sight since the Haydonites have started attacking us
[08:49:05] Lt. Fallnya: and now they show up it makes me wonder if there coming to help them Haydonite bastards from our insides."
[08:49:21] Gruff Voice.: Shuttle flight three five to Yukikaze CAP, we are inbound your port side. Request you clear our path of traffic. How copy over?
[08:49:39] GM: ((Y'all are the CAP))
[08:50:38] CWO Sarah: (( *is connected to Suki, she assumes* ))
[08:50:53] GM: yes
[08:51:01] Lt. Fallnya just as gruffly answers "Yuki CAP here path is clear." she raises the captain to see if she was expecting guests
[08:51:05] GM: Lu? you are lead here
[08:51:11] GM: kk
[08:51:20] Lt. Alleria: (who am i attached to btw?)
[08:51:27] Lt. Alleria: (ay or lu )
[08:51:44] Comm Officer: Roger that CAP, 35 is on the docket. She is clear to approach
[08:51:47] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( probably Lu ))
[08:51:59] GM: Your choice, honey bunny
[08:52:13] Lt. Fallnya: "Roger, Flight assume escort positions"
[08:52:34] 2 LT Komillia: Roger.
[08:52:44] 2Lt. Aylanea: Acknowledged!
[08:52:58] Lt. Alleria: (i pick ay)
[08:53:03] Lt. Jaron comments "Don't you like the warm fuzzy people?""
[08:53:12] Lt. Jaron: "Roger" (sorry about that)
[08:53:16] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( heehee ))
[08:53:19] Narrator: As you escort the shuttle in your chronos ping indicating shift change and you see the flight sent to relieve you launch, after a quick back and forth of codes and mission logs you land as the massive karberran ship docks with the Yuki.
[08:53:25] Lt. Fallnya: (yea i've stuffed her on ay's back for now
[08:53:48] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *paddles Alleria* teehee ))
[08:54:11] Lt. Alleria after landing lurches up "I'm awake…"
[08:54:51] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs a little at that. "Have a good nap?"
[08:55:08] Narrator: On the flight deck you see the marines are standing up the civilians and forming them into lines. Belonging are secured and ad hoc tents are dismantled, some nicely, others rudely and in hate. A cadre of 5 massive Karbarran marines in refit CVR-K armor debark and stand at the base of the gang plank
[08:55:14] Lt. Fallnya opens her canopy and begins to step out looking at her new machine one more time (same as the old one i assume with Command head?)
[08:55:49] GM: Correct
[08:56:36] Lt. Fallnya then proceeds over to the maint techs "Mind if i borrow a few tools and some spare alloy?"
[08:56:42] Narrator: With a grace and gentleness that belies their fearsome and massive stature, the Karbarrans usher the Tirolian civilians aboard.
[08:57:11] UEEF Sgt. : Yer not gonna fuck up my Alpha are you?
[08:57:17] Lt. Jaron dismounts and watches
[08:57:48] Lt. Fallnya: "Course not, I'm gonna make it a lil more survive capable, and need to repaint the blasted thing."
[08:58:14] 2Lt. Aylanea climbs out from her cockpit, pulling her helmet off idly and pulling her hair out from the CVR, running a hand through it quickly to pretty it up.
[08:58:45] UEEF Sgt. : Ooo, I might just take offense at that! Lady, my boys and i take care of these here machines! We all loan em to you pilots! And here you are, saying we don't do a good enough job in keeping em up and running for you. Why, I am OFFENDED!
[08:59:07] UEEF Sgt. puts his hands on his hips.
[08:59:32] Lt. Alleria: "Yea i guess…" She climbs out and sits under her beta a moment looking around noticing the big bears and rubs her eyes
[08:59:33] Lt. Ishida snerks
[08:59:37] Lt. Alleria: "When did they show up"
[08:59:54] Lt. Ishida: Been here all week Alleria, you didn't see?
[09:00:04] Lt. Ishida jokes
[09:00:20] 2Lt. Aylanea uhms at Alleria, and walks over to tickle her. "We just escorted their ship here, silly."
[09:00:26] Lt. Fallnya: "Sgt, your job is immaculate, i just wish to customize my bird a tad bit is all"
[09:00:34] 2 LT Komillia: At least I'm trying to track down someone in R&D to make me a custom mecha…
[09:00:48] Lt. Ishida looks over to Sarah. "I dare you to run up to one hug it and yell 'Teddy!'"
[09:01:40] Lt. Alleria squirms away from Ay and hides behind Ishida
[09:01:53] Lt. Ishida: Uh, woah, uh, hi.
[09:02:12] CWO Sarah pulls her helmet off, nervously, and just gives Suki a /look/ at that, laughing and rolling her eyes. "Silly." She laughs as Alleria runs to hide behind Suki as well. "Hmm, found a tag-along."
[09:02:21] UEEF Sgt. : Harumph…well then, good.
[09:02:41] UEEF Sgt. : I'll have hennesy assist, keep an eye on you…
[09:02:58] UEEF Sgt. makes the ole two fingers pointing to his eyes then points to you motion.
[09:03:23] Lt. Fallnya: "Might also need to borrow one of your best engine technicians as well just in case."
[09:04:24] UEEF Sgt. : My aren't you a needy one.
[09:04:37] UEEF Sgt. whistles
[09:04:57] UEEF Sgt. : Smith! Help this…pilot, with her bird.
[09:05:41] 2 LT Gamjin: Custom mecha, pains in the ass for logistics.
[09:06:00] Narrator: In short order the civvies are cleared form the deck, and Lurana receives the aid she requests fromt eh ground crew.
[09:06:16] Lt. Ishida looks over at Gamjin and nods
[09:06:32] Lt. Ishida: Hai, and makes you a prime target to your foe.
[09:06:51] Lt. Ishida: Especially with custom paint.
[09:07:08] Lt. Ishida: Was nice against the Invid, they could not see color…
[09:07:26] 2 LT Gamjin: Aye.
[09:07:27] Lt. Ishida: The Haydonites…are far more savvy.
[09:07:38] Lt. Ishida: No offense…
[09:07:40] CWO Sarah gives Suki a look, then nods a little.
[09:07:40] Lt. Jaron goes over to the desk officer "Why are the civilians being escorted by them?"
[09:07:43] Lt. Ishida ruffles Sarah's hair.
[09:08:04] CWO Sarah eeps at that and laughs.
[09:08:37] UEEF MP: Getting em off our ship, being ferried back to Karbarra.
[09:10:21] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs and shakes her head. "Custom paint jobs and such are for the silly, same for custom mecha. Only thing I'd want different would be to add another EU-15 or two to the Alpha I have, easier with guns sometimes than with missiles."
[09:10:33] 2 LT Gamjin: Good, too many would be distracted by the civvies and lose their heads in a fight if we were attacked.
[09:11:24] Lt. Jaron nods "how far is Karbarra away from here?"
[09:11:52] UEEF MP: hell if I know, someone up in nav could tell you though.
[09:12:11] Lt. Fallnya once she is over with her help, tools, and material "Alright what i have in mind, i believe is above what an alpha is normally not designed for, but i was hoping your knowledge of the engine might help in the matter"
[09:12:54] Technician: Go on…
[09:13:31] Lt.Utenaru saunters over tot he group.
[09:13:44] Lt.Utenaru: Mahalo
[09:13:59] Lt. Jaron waves thanks the officer and returns to the others
[09:14:06] Lt. Fallnya: "I'm improving the armor layer of my alpha how ever last time i tried it it made it move a tad more sluggish, i was hopeing we could balance the alphas thrust capacity ratios and try to alleviate some of that?"
[09:14:29] CWO Sarah makes a little face at the discussion of modifications. "I don't dare ask them to put any time to adjust mine, not with my current luck."
[09:14:39] Lt. Alleria tilts her head and moves closer to the Lt. "What did you say?" she says curiously
[09:15:04] CWO Sarah blinks as the Lieutenant walks over, looking upward towards her.
[09:15:47] GM: Utenaru is a slightly heavy set woman, husky would be a more appropriate descriptor
[09:16:16] Lt.Utenaru: I said hello.
[09:16:22] Lt.Utenaru snickers
[09:16:28] Lt.Utenaru: Shouldn't you be in day care?
[09:16:57] Lt. Alleria: "Oh… Hey!!!" she pounces the big woman as the comment brings out her fury.
[09:17:11] Lt. Alleria: (Alleria go squish now lol)
[09:17:23] Lt.Utenaru puts her hand out and you look like dark helmet trying to swing at lone star
[09:17:49] 2 LT Komillia: Gah, I need new Hentai, an octopus, or a squid. Preferably live, if the latter two…
[09:17:55] Lt.Utenaru: Okay, will this ones babysitter come and take control of her.
[09:18:14] Lt. Alleria doesn't swing like that but rather takes her arm trying to bull her down but is obviously not strong enough
[09:18:22] Lt. Ishida sighs
[09:18:24] CWO Sarah starts snickering just a tiny bit at the comment about Alleria being in day care. She then… looks at Komillia. "Er…" Her eyes widen.
[09:18:43] Lt. Ishida walks over and pulls Alleria back by the scruff of her neck
[09:18:53] 2Lt. Aylanea walks up and scruffles Alleria's hair. "C'mon, lil sis. Relax…"
[09:19:07] Lt. Alleria tries to resist the pull settling down with a huff
[09:19:10] Lt. Ishida turns Alleria over to Ay's rather, ample embrace
[09:19:42] Lt.Utenaru: Once you've all finished post flight, the major want you in his office.
[09:20:05] Lt. Jaron arrives and catches the end of it "Is that all Lt?"
[09:20:16] Lt.Utenaru: Yeah, thats it.
[09:20:39] Lt. Fallnya: (waits calmly for the tech to respond)
[09:20:57] CWO Sarah uhohs and glances to Suki, raising her eyebrows.
[09:21:03] Technician is lost in thought, rubbing his chin
[09:21:28] Technician: Hmm, I see what you want to do, tell you what, let me run some number, and check on the center of balance, and get back to you,
[09:22:33] Lt. Fallnya: "Alright, and could you change its color to the proper matte black of the shadow alphas since it was one?"
[09:23:03] Technician: Yeah, well, not me, but yeah, get clearance and you're good to go.
[09:23:31] GM: ((for note the shadow alphas were the blue gray you saw in the show))
[09:23:34] Lt. Fallnya: "Who would i need to clear it with?"
[09:23:46] Lt. Fallnya: (funny I remember black ones lol)
[09:23:52] Lt. Fallnya: (in the series )
[09:23:59] Technician: Your squadron lead.
[09:24:21] Lt. Fallnya: "All right."
[09:24:35] GM: those were the drones, and right now, you DO NOT want to be confused with them…
[09:24:49] GM: just sayin
[09:24:50] Lt. Jaron: "Shall we not keep the Major waiting?"
[09:25:00] Lt. Ishida: negative
[09:25:14] CWO Sarah: (( he said 'do not want'. eep. lol. ))
[09:25:16] Lt. Ishida trots towards flight ops to deal with paperwork
[09:25:37] CWO Sarah follows along behind Suki, quietly.
[09:25:46] Lt. Fallnya moves over to the others to follow since she was listening
[09:26:08] 2 LT Komillia follows after wondering when some real R&R is going to happen.
[09:26:40] 2Lt. Aylanea wanders along behind, looking around at things idly.
[09:26:41] Lt. Ishida does the teams paperwork, again, for the umpteenth time, with no thanks whatsoever….
[09:27:16] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( aww, poor Suki *gives her marshmallow hell* ))
[09:27:26] Lt. Ishida: Nuuuuuuu))
[09:27:59] Lt. Fallnya places a hand on on Suki's shoulder "got a gift in mind for you two when we get a chance to vist some proper shops again"
[09:28:20] Lt. Jaron trails the team on their way
[09:29:58] Maj. Kavashera: Sit you shits! Sit
[09:30:19] Lt. Jaron slowly takes a seat
[09:30:20] 2Lt. Aylanea sits quickly.
[09:30:23] 2 LT Komillia sits.
[09:30:30] 2 LT Gamjin sits
[09:30:38] Lt. Ishida is already seated….man yall are slackers…
[09:30:45] CWO Sarah settles into a seat next so Suki.
[09:30:55] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:30:56] GM: kiddin g
[09:31:18] Maj. Kavashera: Well, my little warriors….
[09:31:24] Lt. Fallnya had seated on the other side of suki
[09:31:26] CWO Sarah: (( almost typed 'shits quickly' as a gag for Ay. ))
[09:31:30] Maj. Kavashera: We've looked over your tapes…
[09:31:47] 2 LT Gamjin ((shoots GM with a laser Gatling.))
[09:32:03] GM: why for you do that?
[09:32:12] GM: WRYYYYY!
[09:32:24] 2 LT Gamjin: ((Cause I can))
[09:32:31] GM: fair enough
[09:33:03] Maj. Kavashera: Seems you work well enough together, even if it is in the most dysfunctional manner possible.
[09:35:15] Lt. Fallnya: "Dysfunctional how?"
[09:35:23] Lt. Fallnya: "Sir"
[09:35:26] Maj. Kavashera: You have an Invid that run naked thru camp, an overachieving nip, a hypocrite alcoholic for a squad lead, a Zent that wont use missiles and one that uses to much. You have someone that should be in kindergarten. If I go on I'll just get a headache….
[09:35:42] Maj. Kavashera sighs
[09:35:58] Maj. Kavashera: However, despite all that, you do get the job done.
[09:36:12] CWO Sarah blushes at the bit about her. Hard.
[09:37:14] Lt. Fallnya: "Umm sir i have to point out i haven't had alcohol since before our earlier deployment where you thought we were "Lost"
[09:37:42] Maj. Kavashera: You about gave command a heart attack when you got that scorp carrier to surface, and while I will admit I would have loved to see their faces when THAT happened…and I didn't give you permission to speak Lt, which is another issue you need to work on…
[09:38:25] Maj. Kavashera: And thank your for admitting it.
[09:38:52] Maj. Kavashera: Anyway…command is looking for something different, and it seems you are it.
[09:39:13] Maj. Kavashera: Who is up on their history, and Ishida, put your hand down, I know YOU are….
[09:39:29] Lt. Ishida puts her hand down and blushes…
[09:39:54] Maj. Kavashera: Well?
[09:39:57] Maj. Kavashera: Anyone?
[09:40:09] Lt. Jaron: mil history [1d100] => [46] = (46) vs 60
[09:40:19] James: The Maeless twins look around nervously, history was never their best subject.
[09:40:29] Maj. Kavashera: Fairman! Our first contestant!
[09:40:39] Maj. Kavashera: Define Marine Raider.
[09:40:44] Lt. Jaron nods "Yes sir"
[09:41:55] Lt. Ishida has her hand up again, as Jaron starts to answer, you can almost here her yelping Ooo pick me, i know this one!
[09:42:11] Maj. Kavashera ignores Ishida
[09:43:57] Lt. Jaron: "A Marine raider were formed way before the Zent's arrived. Light multi terrain infantry, using various experimental applications to accomplish their missions"
[09:44:06] Maj. Kavashera: Go on…
[09:44:35] Maj. Kavashera: Put your hand DOWN Ishida!
[09:44:44] Lt. Ishida whimpers
[09:46:31] CWO Sarah listens quietly to the history lesson.
[09:47:10] Lt. Jaron perplexed with when saying this "an elite force within an elite force? That is about all I can come up with sir"
[09:48:25] Maj. Kavashera: Good enough, and Fairman can you tel the class how that would benefit the UEEF?
[09:48:51] Maj. Kavashera: Ishida if you dont put the hand down i[m going to cut it off.
[09:49:05] Lt. Ishida whimpers again.
[09:50:06] CWO Sarah takes hold of Suki's hand on her side, to keep it down, semi-visibly.
[09:50:15] Lt. Jaron: "A group of these individuals could handle nearly any situation or mission, whatever UEEF needs and probably at a high success rate. Plus if the experimental attitude still applies, new gear and tactics could be tested as well"
[09:50:30] Maj. Kavashera: Very good
[09:50:49] Maj. Kavashera: The UEEF in it's wisdom has decided to resurrect the methods of the past, and might I say, the Zentraedi have their own version of this as well, but thats neither here nor there.
[09:53:20] Lt. Fallnya raises her hand a moment as if to ask a question
[09:53:38] Maj. Kavashera: Raiders, are sent in, to level an area, fast and hard. In the past, when the allies during your 1940's were outgunned by the Japanese…Ishida SHUT up! The allies resorted to raiding tactics to stem the tide until they could regroup enough to go toe to toe in set piece warfare…
[09:53:44] Maj. Kavashera: Yes Lt.
[09:53:48] Maj. Kavashera points at Lu
[09:54:27] Lt. Fallnya: "Excuse my interruption but what would this have to do with my squad? Are they looking at us to take up this raider banner?"
[09:54:35] Maj. Kavashera: Well DUH!
[09:54:50] Lt. Jaron almost laughs but smiles
[09:55:55] Maj. Kavashera: Yes, you are tasked to be raiders. Gawd, leave it to a Fallnya to ….calm…calm…okay."
[09:56:30] Maj. Kavashera: Ruin my speech
[09:57:20] Lt. Fallnya gives off a slight grin to the major
[10:00:00] Maj. Kavashera: Report to the Phoenix tomorrow. Report to training command for you orders. had a great speech all wrote up too…..ruined, just…ruined.
[10:02:13] Lt. Jaron is ready at appropriate time with enough to send a message or two.
[10:02:49] CWO Sarah is up bright and early, of course, getting herself all set up and checked over, nodding a little bit at her uniform, and making certain it's all polished and on appropriately.
[10:03:04] Narrator: The next moring you are taken, on the COD, to the Phoenix. You enter a large hanger cavern, and can see a Shimakaze class battlecruiser, the Asagiri, by her number, berthed and undergoing repairs, as you fly past and pass thru a forcefield onto a hanger deck.
[10:03:22] 2Lt. Aylanea squeezes into her uniform, before the launch, getting ready.
[10:03:51] UEEF: Oh…my…god!
[10:06:24] UEEF: You the team from the Yuki'?
[10:06:47] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks over at the one saying that, raising her eyebrows slightly. "Naw, just a few random loons. And yep."
[10:07:19] UEEF: Great, just what I need, a comedian.
[10:08:27] Lt. Jaron nods to the officer "Yes "
[10:08:48] Lt. Fallnya gives Ay a slight smack on the back of her head
[10:08:55] Lt. Fallnya: (btw did we fly our selves or shuttle?)
[10:09:01] UEEF: Okay, head over there to in processing. Welcome to the Phoenix.
[10:09:12] 2 LT Gamjin: Thanks.
[10:09:20] GM: no they shoved you out the airlock in a space suit
[10:09:32] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs just a little at the smack, glancing backwards a moment.
[10:09:34] Lt. Jaron walks that way
[10:09:51] Lt. Alleria: "Umm do you have a potty, my roomie didn't give me time to take care of some business. She glowers at the morning bathroom hog
[10:10:03] CWO Sarah smiles politely to the officer. "Thank you."
[10:10:39] Narrator: You go thru in-processing and sign your life away and are then seated in a briefing room. An officious looking man bearing the rank of Lt. Colonel enters and bids you sit.
[10:11:32] Lt. Jaron sits
[10:13:14] Lt. Fallnya sits in her usual seat
[10:13:29] 2Lt. Aylanea settles into a seat quickly.
[10:13:46] CWO Sarah follows Suki, to slip into a seat next to her.
[10:13:48] Lt. Alleria sits some where to near Ay giving her a slight punch still angry
[10:14:19] CWO Sarah: (( *paddles* ))
[10:17:12] Lt. Col. Valek: Welcome to the Phoenix. You have been selected to undergo MCTOG, Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Groups school.
[10:18:20] Lt. Col. Valek: During this course yu will be trained in advanced techniques on your mecha, and the tactics of their use
[10:18:40] Lt. Col. Valek: The course is 6 weeks long, comprised of three phases
[10:19:12] Lt. Col. Valek: Phase 1 is classroom study on tactics, avionics and operations.
[10:19:33] Lt. Col. Valek: Phase two is flight time where you will apply your phase one training,
[10:20:42] Lt. Col. Valek: Phase three, will be your final exam, where you will plan, coordinate and execute a combined arms operation on your own. Now, in the past these operations would be simulated, but, given the situation, Phase there will be real world. You will be engaging the enemy in this Phase.
[10:22:50] Lt. Fallnya motions with her hand as if she has a question but thinks better of it and just puts it down
[10:23:39] Lt. Col. Valek: For phase one and two, phase two will still involve class time, you will be expected to attend the Phoenix's university facility.
[10:24:16] Lt. Col. Valek: Phase three of course will see you back aboard your host command for planning and implementation.
[10:26:07] Lt. Col. Valek: Now, this sticks in my craw, so, here it is, you are on shift when in class, but due to the needs of the UEEF you may be called to act as auxiliaries aboard the Phoenix during your stay. Command is aware of your focus here, but times are rough and manpower slim, so, we are all pulling triple duty here.
[10:27:08] Lt. Col. Valek: I expect you to do your best, and represent the UEEF on campus in the BEST possible light.
[10:27:14] Lt. Fallnya does raise her hand then with a question
[10:27:20] Lt. Col. Valek: Lt?
[10:27:29] Lt. Fallnya: "Auxiliaries for what?"
[10:27:45] Lt. Jaron places hand on head, lowering it a little
[10:28:00] Lt. Col. Valek: Anything the ships commander, he's an Admiral, so he's a very big Sir to you, wants.
[10:28:22] Lt. Fallnya: "Yes sir
[10:28:43] Lt. Col. Valek points to Jaron
[10:28:45] Lt. Col. Valek: You
[10:28:50] Lt. Jaron: "Yes,sir?"
[10:28:56] Lt. Col. Valek: You had a question?
[10:29:17] Lt. Jaron: "No sir, just slight headache."
[10:30:12] Lt. Col. Valek: Roger that, head to the TMC after this.
[10:30:27] Lt. Fallnya: (TMC?)
[10:30:32] Lt. Fallnya: (the medical clinic?)
[10:30:43] Lt. Col. Valek: ((Theater medical Clinic
[10:31:24] Lt. Jaron nods to the Lt. Col "Yes sir"
[10:32:24] Lt. Alleria shuffles in her seat a little bit trying not to appear intimidated all of a sudden by the prospect of being back in a class room
[10:32:48] 2Lt. Aylanea glances over to Alleria quietly and smiles.
[10:33:21] Lt. Col. Valek lays out the ins and outs. You will be expected to attend classroom instruction for four out the five working days of the week, on Thursdays you will need to either fly your host commands CAP or whatever missions the UEEF needs tending to aboard ship, this can range from guard duty, riot control, to assisting the local MP's…
[10:34:59] Lt. Jaron listens intently
[10:36:11] CWO Sarah listens quietly.
[10:36:12] Lt. Col. Valek adds, that due to the UEEF's interest in keeping as low profile as it can, despite martial law being the law of the land here aboard the Phoenix, you may, at your discretion wear civilian attire on campus, so long as you are within regs and wear nothing offensive.
[10:37:44] 2Lt. Aylanea makes silent note to herself to look up said regs, in order to see how interesting her wardrobe can be.
[10:38:23] Lt. Fallnya: "Are the Tirolians that unhappy that we have to have military law over civilians?"
[10:38:45] Lt. Fallnya mutters just loud enough not actually meaning to say it but dose so
[10:39:43] Lt. Col. Valek: The Tirolians have no choice, the Admiral is adamant. While we have civilians aboard, this is wartime, and as such the military will decide what is best for the safety of all aboard.
[10:41:05] Lt. Col. Valek: We will afford the Tirolians as much leniency as we can, and all UEEF should use discretion when dealing with civilians, but make no mistake, it is military rule, we cannot afford discord aboard ship.
[10:42:04] Lt. Col. Valek: That means, in uniform or out, looters will be shot, insurrection will be quelled, and anyone harboring or affording aid to the enemy will be treated as enemies of the UEEF.
[10:43:10] Lt. Alleria: "So im the enemy now?" she mutters
[10:43:37] Lt. Col. Valek: That being said, we understand that the Phoenix is a pressure cooker. That is why the Karbarrans are sending ships to us to take civilians off the Phoenix and to Karbarra as fast as they can.
[10:44:53] Lt. Col. Valek: This will be a slow process, as the Karbarrans are still taking civilians off the ships of the line that escort the Phoenix. We are ambassadors of the UEEF here, but we must maintain order.
[10:45:46] Lt. Alleria: "But sir isn't this ship one of my peoples?"
[10:45:59] Lt. Jaron looks to Alleria when she asked her question
[10:46:01] Lt. Col. Valek: If by your people you mean UEEF, then yes.
[10:46:14] Lt. Alleria: "I am Tirolian sir"
[10:46:51] Lt. Col. Valek: You wear the uniform of the UEEF, that is to whom your oath was sworn, never forget that, Lt.
[10:47:27] Lt. Col. Valek sighs
[10:48:02] CWO Sarah winces a little at the term 'pressure cooker'.
[10:48:05] Lt. Col. Valek: Look, I understand your concerns, but this is war, total war. We have a hard road ahead. And we must all do what we must to win.
[10:48:20] Lt. Col. Valek: If not, then all this…
[10:48:31] Lt. Col. Valek motions to the room, the ship, the fleet.
[10:48:34] Lt. Col. Valek: is lost.
[10:49:10] Lt. Ishida nods emphatically
[10:49:48] Lt. Col. Valek: Are there any more questions or concerns?
[10:50:30] Lt. Jaron: "None here sir"
[10:52:26] Lt. Col. Valek: Excellent, all of your security clearances have been bumped to Top Secret. All civilian sections of the ship are open to you. You are free on the weekends, but remember your actions reflect that of the UEEF, so use discretion and decorum.
[10:53:47] Lt. Jaron nods
[10:53:59] Lt. Col. Valek: Dismissed!
[10:55:16] Lt. Fallnya stands and salutes before about facing and moving to leave the room
[10:55:20] Narrator: You are dismissed and report to medical to get shots to ward off any icky Tirolian bugs aboard ship, you are then taken to a waiting minivan and are then taken off base, and into the city!
[10:55:25] Lt. Alleria reluctantly does the same
[10:55:29] Lt. Jaron stands and salutes, soon leaving
[10:56:43] CWO Sarah tries to, well, avoid shots, meticulously, considering her medical situation. Just a little. She's not a danger to get infected.
[10:56:43] Narrator: You are amazed, you have not seen civilization like this since moon base ALuCE. People are everywhere, families, young, old, yes, many, far to many for such a space, but, you see, for the first time in a long while, what you are fighting for.
[10:57:37] Lt. Ishida: Kind of makes it worth while doesn't it.
[10:58:26] Lt. Fallnya: "True enough… but still, they could show a lil more appreciation occasionally at times…"
[10:58:34] Lt. Jaron nods slightly
[10:59:08] Lt. Ishida: I see your point, but, it is war…
[10:59:43] Lt. Fallnya: "True and even tho I'm a Zentraedi i cannot see my self shooting a civilian"
[11:00:48] Lt. Ishida looks at Fallnya, her gaze is one of understanding, but not of total agreement.
[11:01:27] Lt. Fallnya: "Not for looting any way, if he had a knife and came at me sure then maybe."
[11:01:48] Lt. Ishida: Looting is an attack on society, they take from others.
[11:02:14] Lt. Ishida: If they can take a TV, they can take a life.
[11:02:37] CWO Sarah looks around quietly, to see what the place has in store for them, listening quietly to the conversation.
[11:03:38] Lt. Alleria shuffles in the seat uncomfortably "I cant believe my people would do such things… its been unheard of for generations"
[11:03:48] Lt. Alleria: (least if i recall most Tirolians were non violent?)
[11:04:27] Lt. Jaron: "well sometime people change"
[11:05:00] Narrator: The minivan drives thru the streets of a modern city, ((see map)) you are dropped off in front of a small building in front of a university facility. it is exciting, it is clean, new, vibrant, and chock full of students.
[11:05:27] CWO Sarah sighs a little to Alleria. "It just depends on the people there. If the system is preventing such things, they don't happen. If the system isn't there, then things happen, and people get mentalities that they don't normally get." She sighs. "Saw it plenty on Earth…"
[11:06:31] Lt. Fallnya strokes Jaron after we step out giggling "Don't get any ideas" *She says teasingly
[11:06:52] Lt. Fallnya: (his back btw)
[11:07:25] Narrator: You exit the minivan and walk towards and into the building, as you do so, you get odd glances from the civvies around.
[11:08:09] 2Lt. Aylanea glances back at the civvies, batting her eyelashes in an innocent manner.
[11:08:27] Lt. Jaron smiles slightly "I wont"
[11:08:54] Lt. Fallnya walks as if she has a purpose and is prolly the tallest one of the group still
[11:09:11] Lt. Fallnya: (btw did kitty come )
[11:09:14] Lt. Jaron walks along, waving here and there
[11:09:28] CWO Sarah: (( nope. Ay is taller than you are, Lu ;p ))
[11:09:30] Lt. Fallnya: (If so have it appear on her shoulder )
[11:09:33] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[11:10:46] CWO Sarah walks next to Suki, blinking up at the university at large, and pondering it.
[11:11:29] Narrator: You are signed in, and are given a campus map, schedule of classes. IMPORTANT!! The majority of classes are communal, i.e. you must ALL attend. But, you are allowed an ELECTIVE! GM GAME NOTE!!! You may select a class appropriate to a skill allowed by your class. You may either take a skill you DO NOT have and once school is complete gain it at Level 1 OR may take a class on a skill you currently have, and at the end of school raise it by ONE level.
[11:12:02] CWO Sarah: (( ooh ))
[11:12:30] Lt. Fallnya: (great now you give me a hard choice)
[11:12:48] Lt. Alleria: (I WANA TAKE CLASSES FOR MY DOCTOR!)
[11:13:50] Lt. Jaron: (ok)
[11:15:58] Narrator: RP y'all.
[11:16:01] CWO Sarah: (( anyway ))
[11:16:23] GM: You have in processed, and are now on the campus of a very well appointed university
[11:17:06] Jess: (unfortunately i must leave here, if i plan to make it to my destination on time
[11:17:11] 2Lt. Madresa looks around and blinks a little, checking to see where they're supposed to be staying during this. And what the regulations are for civilian wear allowed to UEEF personnel.
[11:17:34] 2Lt. Madresa: (( well, at the point we're at, that should be okay, could just move into your dorm room or whatever, if we have them. ))
[11:17:39] 2Lt. Madresa: (( I'd think ))
[11:19:44] 2Lt. Madresa looks around especially for the regulations on civilian wear, trying to remember them, and get together a shopping list of the most risqué type things she can get hold of.
[11:20:28] CWO Sarah just sticks next to Suki, though she does pick up to see what kind of electives there are, considering options there.
[11:21:46] GM: Civilian wear is basically, dress decent, not racial slurs on your shirts, not racy outfits,
[11:21:59] CWO Sarah: (( define 'racy' ;p lol ))
[11:22:30] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *is one to go in as little as she's allowed to wear, day to day* ;p ))
[11:22:34] GM: looking like a skank
[11:22:48] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( oh, so no short shorts and halters? ;p ))
[11:22:56] GM: pretty much
[11:23:03] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( that sux ;p ))
[11:23:07] Lt. Jaron goes over the list of electives as well
[[11:23:23] GM: if you are wearing something and you are thinking to yourself, this will cause heart attacks, it's best you not wear it lol
[11:23:31] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( aww. ))
[11:23:44] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( it'll only cause a heart attack if it malfunctions though, and bursts through ;p ))
[11:23:55] GM: remember, you are UEEF, if you wear skanky shit, what will the civvies think?
[11:24:25] 2Lt. Aylanea also looks up for a town directory, really.
[11:25:12] CWO Sarah looks around quietly at everything, blinking at all of it, and still staying close to Suki, trying to be… unnoticeable, if she can be.
[11:25:54] Lt. Ishida looks at Sarah…
[11:26:02] CWO Sarah looks back curiously.
[11:26:05] Lt. Ishida: Um, eyes hon…
[11:26:30] CWO Sarah blinks and makes sure her eyes are blue at the moment. "Oops…"
[11:27:14] Lt. Ishida confirms the color and smiles.
[11:27:28] CWO Sarah blushes softly.
[11:29:42] GM: Your billeting arrangements are thus, you will be living aboard your host commands ship, i.e. the Yukikaze, you will transit to the Phoenix. You may choose to use the shuttle or your fighter, as if there is a fleet wide recall, ALL pilots will be expected to respond
[11:30:17] CWO Sarah glances around a little bit, and sends a soft message to the back of Suki's mind. *Back to the minefield once again on that. All sorts of fun.*
[11:30:21] CWO Sarah: (( oooh. okie heehee ))
[11:31:22] GM: you may if you wise attempt to acquire quarters in the dorms at the university, but with the ships refugee status as it is, all dwellings are booked, later on however as folks are taken to Karbarra room may open up, but you will still be expected to respond to fleet wide recalls.
[11:32:38] GM: this would only relate to weekends, as the Yuki's captain, while nice, will want you on ship, during the week
[11:33:43] CWO Sarah: (( heh. And not want us wandering over for weekends when transiting, unless there's a daily shuttle or such. ))
[11:35:59] GM: No no, you can hang out on weekends, but if the nasty Haydonites attack your beeper will go off, the alarms on ship will go off and like Rick on the SDF-1, you best hustle your ass to your fighter.
[11:36:13] CWO Sarah: (( heehee ))
[11:36:34] GM: do not tune in Minmei, do not pass go
[11:37:11] CWO Sarah: (( find empty spot, and who hustles faster than Sarah? ;p ))
[11:37:55] GM: Squirrels?
[11:38:00] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))


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