Interlude 3 - Part 2


[07:37:03] GM: September 1st, 2044, 0830

[07:39:19] Lt. Fallnya wakes up having worn Jaron out last night she playfully pokes him in the side glad she doesn't have a roomie to interupt the private moment
[07:39:46] Lt. Fallnya: (least i assume were still off duty as in no early wake up?)
[07:39:58] Lt. Ishida wakes up bright and early, and for the first time in weeks is able to accomplish her morning routine of a run, practicing her forms, followed by a swim and an early breakfast.
[07:41:45] CWO Sarah wakes up a little more slowly than Suki, yawning very softly and crawling out of bed, stretching out a little bit and getting herself dressed, checking her hair and getting it adjusted properly, then heading for some breakfast.
[07:42:52] Lt. Jaron smiles and rolls abit to sit up "I definitely need some extra conditioning exercise to keep pace"
[07:43:47] Lt. Ishida heads to the ships CIC after her meal.
[07:43:59] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [65] = (65)
[07:44:30] Lt. Fallnya giggles "well i think ill fix some breakfast, i plan to spend the day in the gym, least unless something happens to call us to duty…" *she motions tht you can take first shower as she takes a robe and puts it on so that if we do get a visitor shes not completely nude
[07:45:00] Lt. Jaron does as motioned, preparing for the day
[07:45:26] GM: Look out Jaron, she's Zentraedi, she might melt the coffee pot
[07:46:45] Lt. Jaron: (haha)
[07:47:12] Lt. Fallnya tries to make an edible breakfast other than cereal and toast, rather pulling out the oatmeal to make a custom blend of it and some coffee (wish me luck COOKING! [1d100] => [39] = (39) vs 38%)
[07:47:22] GM: There goes the coffee pot
[07:47:31] CWO Sarah: (( lolol ))
[07:48:12] GM: Jaron you hear a pop and when you look over there is a slight mushroom cloud of smoke rising from what used to be a good coffee pot
[07:49:14] CWO Sarah never has claimed to be a cook, but then, she isn't unsatisfied with the military food either so much. She just sits quiet at a table, alone as possible, and eats her breakfast quietly.
[07:49:49] GM: A few other mess hall patrons note your presence with a cursory nod or a yawned 'mornin'..
[07:49:54] Lt. Jaron finishes up and heads to the kitchen "Did you try to use a grenade to cook with" waving smoke from the air in front of him
[07:50:36] Lt. Fallnya: "No, i just need to get a Zentraedi proof coffee pot, i keep pushing the buttons to hard or to many and blowing them up…"
[07:51:30] Lt. Fallnya: "Made some blend of oatmeal tho… i haven't tried it yet?" *she pulls it out of the microwave which is a Zentraedi proof model!
[07:51:50] CWO Sarah smiles to the yawned mornings and nods of course, saying good morning to anyone who talks to her, trying to be nice and sociable as she sits.
[07:52:08] Lt. Jaron smiles and takes a seat before looking at the damage
[07:52:43] GM: Zent Proof = Steel plate and Nerf buttons
[07:52:46] Lt. Fallnya splits the oatmeal between the bowls passing him his "I hope its not to terrible"
[07:53:38] GM: The meal is good, a lil runny, nothing a few more minutes in the microwave wont fix, but aside from that, it's pretty good
[07:54:05] CWO Sarah: (( ew, runny oatmeal ;p ))
[07:54:20] GM: Heheh it happens, but thats an easy fix
[07:54:25] Lt. Fallnya: (umm oatmeal is runny any way unless you make it thick…)
[07:54:35] Lt. Fallnya: (or am i thinking of maltomeal?)
[07:54:37] GM: uh huh
[07:55:12] CWO Sarah: (( I make mine really thick ))
[07:55:15] CWO Sarah: (( thbt ))
[07:55:39] Lt. Jaron eats up after the extra workouts he's done the pass 36 hours. "Pretty good; first time?"
[07:55:44] GM: two packs, 1/4 less water and 2 more min in the 'wave = uber oatmeal
[07:56:19] Lt. Fallnya: "Yea… i decided to try my own blend…"
[07:56:21] GM: Sarah perc
[07:56:34] GM: Yes, Zent Oatmeal, made of suck and fail!!!
[07:56:36] GM: I kid
[07:56:51] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6)
[07:57:01] Lt. Jaron nods and eats up
[07:57:06] GM: course, even the most bland oatmeal is prolly gourmet compared to the nutrient paste of yore
[07:57:12] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:57:24] GM: Sarah notices nothing
[07:57:38] Lt. Fallnya stands up her robe loose so that he gets full view of her features again "Any way I'm gonna shower if you want more theres some up there or theres MRE's I've taken and kept from deploys"
[07:58:13] CWO Sarah pulls up her datapad and tries to see what happened on the ship while the insanity was happening on the surface, mostly, as she eats.
[07:59:39] GM: The Ships Minutes ping to the screen, while you were away, the Yuki fended off no less then 10 assaults from the Haydonites in her sector with the loss of 4 planes and 2 pilots.
[07:59:44] Lt. Jaron nods "hmmm huh" and takes a glances at her but continues eating; scooping some sugar into the bowl
[08:00:33] CWO Sarah winces just a little at that, pausing slightly in her eating to glance around a little bit.
[08:00:42] GM: perc
[08:00:49] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
[08:00:49] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3)
[08:00:58] CWO Sarah: (( err… woops. ))
[08:01:06] CWO Sarah: (( and two more spectacularly shit rolls. lol. ))
[08:01:11] GM: wow…a squirrel…omg! two of em
[08:01:53] Lt. Fallnya after a good shower she gets dressed in her workout garments and steps out with a towel looking at Jaron "Ready to go to the gym?" *she smiles and nuzzles him from behind after taking her own datapad to look and see whats going on.
[08:01:59] CWO Sarah: (( get the feeling it would just be worth it to expend four ISP sometimes, to pick up if someone pissed is coming ))
[08:02:01] Lt. Fallnya: (or rather whats been going on and her mails)
[08:02:24] Lt. Fallnya: (computer operations [1d100] => [1] = (1) vs 89%)
[08:02:30] GM: Oblivious Invid is oblivious.
[08:04:00] Lt. Jaron finishes up eating and smiles as he gets up "I think I shall have to pass this morning; still a bit sore."
[08:05:34] GM: You see the aforementioned as well as a few entries about ship to ship engagements involving the Yuki, both vs a Fantoma class Haydonite cruiser. Damage inflicted was minor and the enemy was forced to withdraw. Your mail has a letter or three form your folks, a letter from the XO regards your request to the captain about the Beta training, basic jist "The CAG enjoys the captains complete trust and if he doesn't feel it would be in the UEEF's best interest to have you qual in a Beta, then you better get used to it. If you have further issues you should bring it up with the CAG or your flight lead."
[08:07:35] Lt. Fallnya shrugs and deletes all the mails after reading them. Then gives Jaron a peck on the cheek "alright I'll see you tonight or some other time if you don't wanna come back here, unless i'm called i'm going to the Gym"
[08:08:23] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3-6] => [4,3,-6] = (1)
[08:08:55] GM: As you leave the room someone walks into you.
[08:09:03] Lt. Jaron gets up and prepares to head "Ok, I will see what I can come up with for us to do later"
[08:09:11] Lt. Jaron exits as well
[08:09:54] Lt. Fallnya rams hard into the person as she was looking more at jaron than where she was going "ow… sorry who…." *she looks to see who she rammed into
[08:11:02] Lt. Jaron halts behind Lurana
[08:11:43] GM: You see Suki in her flight suit the top rolled down (like Maia in the TSC movie) with a blood red tank top. She has her hair up in her trademark ponytail and she has a pair of thin rimmed glasses askew on her face (from the impact) on the floor are five data pads a book and a mess of papers.
[08:12:08] Lt. Ishida: Gomenasai!
[08:12:30] Lt. Fallnya goes to pick up the datapads "sorry suki"
[08:13:32] Lt. Ishida: Hai hai, genki desu.
[08:13:34] Lt. Jaron smirks and waves at Suki "Good morning"
[08:13:52] Lt. Ishida replies as she kneels down to help pick up the dropped items.
[08:14:38] Lt. Fallnya hands her the datapads i pick up
[08:14:49] Lt. Ishida looks up and smiles, and rights her glasses. (which makes her look oh so cute and nerdy) "Hai! Ohayoo gozaimasu!"
[08:15:07] CWO Sarah finishes up her breakfast finally, putting her pad down and moving to slip up and take her tray to dispose of, pondering what else she should do other than possibly gym time for herself.
[08:15:09] Lt. Jaron smiles "English please"
[08:15:21] Lt. Fallnya: "Wish i understood you when you speak in that language…"
[08:15:34] Lt. Ishida: Hai, gomen gomen…sorry. Good morning.
[08:16:34] Lt. Jaron: "What did the Oh ya oo go za mass you mean?"
[08:17:14] Lt. Ishida laughs slightly and puts her hand in front of her mouth. "It means Good morning."
[08:18:14] GM: Sarah, you enter the hall from behind Suki and see the three
[08:19:04] Lt. Fallnya: "I'm sorry again for rushing out without looking where i was going, I'm on my way to the Gym"
[08:19:44] Lt. Ishida: it was my fault, I should have been more vigilant.
[08:19:58] CWO Sarah slips up behind Suki quietly, smiling as she sees the three of them together, and looking a little naughtily at Suki's back. She starts trying to tiptoe up behind, quickly.
[08:21:58] GM: You are able to close the distance as Suki is distracted talking to Lurana
[08:22:12] Lt. Fallnya nuzzles back into Jaron playfully as another thank you for the fun night last night then looks to Suki "Ill see you all later, i'm in the mood for a workout"
[08:24:27] Lt. Jaron smiles from the nuzz "Likewise Suki but I'm off to recuperated"
[08:24:58] Lt. Ishida nods with a knowing smile and bows slightly. "Hai."
[08:25:20] CWO Sarah keeps sneaking up, grinning as she makes it up behind, and wrapping her hands around to snatch Suki into a naughty combination of hug and spread-fingered grope from behind, laughing just a little. "I'm here though. Hi."
[08:25:41] Lt. Ishida: EEK!
[08:26:22] Lt. Ishida eyes bulge and she turns beet red as all the picked up paperwork goes crashing back down to the deck
[08:26:39] Lt. Fallnya blushes a bit at that sneaky move then looks around making sure no one else was around then nuzzles Jaron giving him a nice kiss with a cackle
[08:26:58] Lt. Ishida: Sarah!!! You're horrible!
[08:27:19] CWO Sarah laughs a little at all the paperwork crashing, being naughty for a little longer and giggling, before moving to pick it up. "Sorry, that was way too easy." She grins and keeps picking it up then.
[08:36:04] CWO Sarah offers the picked up paperwork back to Suki, after she's done picking it up, still smiling brightly.
[08:36:13] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((First she would get quarters and then proceed to get some personal things from the Exchange, preferably some clothing and uniforms at least. Next she'd take a tour of the ship before hitting the Gym to practice her Martial Art Forms.))
[08:36:28] Lt. Jaron is heads off to his room to heal up
[08:36:35] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Which would you like to have already happened, and what would you like her to be in the process of doing.))
[08:36:36] GM: ahhh kk
[08:37:57] GM: Komillia, you have accomplished the equipment draw and quarters get. You have been given a string of numbers and a deck to go to and you enter the hall as see Jaron making his way to his room, Lurana going the other way wearing her workout attire, and Suki as pictured with Sarah helping her pick up paperwork.
[08:39:09] Lt. Jaron waves slightly to Komillia before entering his room
[08:40:11] 2 Lt. Komillia waves back.
[08:40:29] Lt. Fallnya: (assuming he sees her im going the other way i don't see her behind me
[08:40:35] 2 Lt. Komillia: "You wouldn't to happen to know where these strings of numbers lead to do you?"
[08:40:49] Lt. Ishida reaches her hand up
[08:41:38] Lt. Jaron stops and looks at the numbers to help her out
[08:46:48] CWO Sarah smiles to Komillia as she comes in. "Hi there…. and…" She looks to Suki quickly.
[08:47:13] 2 Lt. Komillia hands the numbers to Jaron while rattling them off to Suki.
[08:47:32] Lt. Ishida regards the numbers and then laughs then calls down the hall. "Lurana-chan, you have a new roommate." She says, pointing to Komillia, then turning to her points at the door next to her. "Your room is here. Jaron is down the hall three to the left, and Sarah and I are 2 to the right."
[08:47:49] CWO Sarah: (( bwa ))
[08:48:39] 2 Lt. Komillia: 2 Zents in the same room, are they sure there insurance is paid up?
[08:48:50] 2 Lt. Komillia laughs jokingly.
[08:49:09] Lt. Fallnya: (can i shoot the gm if hes gonna put her in my room )
[08:49:15] Lt. Jaron smiles a bit "Have a good day ladies" and heads off to his room
[08:49:32] GM: John, to recap, we are just going thru the morning regime right now so, let us kow what you plan to do, note, you went and saw the doc, and he gave you the once over, so you are patched up and all taht
[08:49:55] GM: No, you may not shoot the GM
[08:50:14] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:51:05] Lt. Ishida snickers at Komillia's statement "They probably wish to localize the damage, one room instead of two.
[08:51:06] Lt. Jaron: (hehe)
[08:51:32] Lt. Fallnya: (any way im gone any way to the gym
[08:51:44] GM: okie day
[08:52:25] CWO Sarah snickers a little as well. "I'm just glad there's a room in between to muffle the noise for us."
[08:52:32] Lt. Magna will remain in his room tidying up.
[08:54:28] Lt. Ishida adjusts her glasses again then bows politely. "Sumimasen, Excuse…" Suki pauses at Sarah's statement and blushes, then continues "…me. I have work to do, but, if you need a tour or anything like that, please let me know. Oh, and if you wish a sparring partner, I am sure myself or Lurana would be able to accommodate you."
[08:54:58] 2 Lt. Komillia picks up her bag and heads to her new, if shared, room.
[08:55:09] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Thanks I'll remember that."
[08:55:32] 2 Lt. Komillia enters the room and looks for any free space to set up shop.
[08:56:16] CWO Sarah coughs and blushes at Suki then, shaking her head.
[08:56:27] GM: Lu, describe the room for Komillia please
[08:56:37] GM: since you have been the sole occupant of it
[08:57:00] GM: John the room is officially tidy
[08:59:16] Lt. Magna will go and find a spot with a good view, to think.
[09:00:54] GM: The ship has a observation deck on the command tower below the primary and secondary bridges
[09:01:35] Lt. Fallnya: to komi the room is fairly furnished theres a burned coffee pot, a microwave, and plenty flowers on the tables, stacked in a dvd holder 5 movies and a 42' flatscreen on the wall in front of the couch, the room smells of oatmeal and burnt coffee pot
[09:01:40] Lt. Fallnya: (front room)
[09:01:49] GM: and sex
[09:01:57] CWO Sarah: (( lmao ))
[09:01:57] GM: /shifty eyes
[09:02:05] Lt. Fallnya: (that would be the bedroom)
[09:02:13] GM: my bad
[09:02:46] 2 Lt. Komillia sets about to look for a bedroom.
[09:03:04] CWO Sarah: (( utoh ))
[09:03:05] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:03:17] GM: if he picks the wrong side first….
[09:03:43] GM: my, what a … peculiar smell…
[09:04:16] GM: But I'm not that mean, I am sure Lu has her territory marked…
[09:04:51] GM: you know, like assign near her room saying "Abandon all hope all ye who enter here."
[09:05:05] Lt. Fallnya: (the bedroom has 2 twin sized beds one with bedding unmade (and this late the smell wouldn't be that potent any way), pink sheets and a good flower comforter for those cold nights, in one of the double closets she finds uniforms and such an extra bed sheeting with Oriental like drawings and dragons on the comforter
[09:05:37] Lt. Fallnya: the other just has a bed condom and some unfluffy looking standard issue pillows
[09:06:37] Lt. Fallnya: (and if your non military bed condom is the mattress covers)
[09:06:57] GM: was gonna say, hope to god that wasn't a typo for bad condom
[09:07:26] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((lol))
[09:07:27] GM: yeah yeah eww , sorry
[09:08:37] 2 Lt. Komillia sets down her gear and puts her new uniforms away while making sure to don a clean one and making sure she looks the best she can in it.
[09:08:48] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl. ))
[09:09:03] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Wardrobe and grooming vs. 58% [1d100] => [5] = (5)))
[09:09:09] GM: Booyah
[09:09:19] GM: You are the Sexah
[09:09:46] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((PB effectively 19!))
[09:09:54] GM: Woot
[09:10:16] 2 Lt. Komillia: Well looks like I at least have some private space.
[09:10:55] 2 Lt. Komillia checks her account to see if it has been wiped out by sending her money to her brother because of her death.
[09:12:25] Lt. Magna is sitting quietly in the observation lounge drinking a glass of water. He was thinking of all that had happened on the surface. The guilt was seemingly unbearable. It ate at his soul.
[09:13:30] LT. Magna: He absently tapped the table with his index finger. If I could only have done things differently. He thought.
[09:14:23] GM: Before you John you can see Tirol orbit, the massive shipyards are gone, quite literally, no debris, just … gone. In the distance you can see the tell tale pin points and lines of light indicative of a battle.
[09:16:05] Lt. Jaron rest abit more in bed
[09:16:48] GM: Jaron, you are sore, but sore in a good way.
[09:17:27] LT. Magna: Somehow..some way, he would find Gervase, he vowed to himself. Then maybe he could let it go.
[09:17:49] GM: Sarah, suki makes her way to your room and, leaving the door open, on purpose sets the paperwork down on the coffee table in the center room and retrieves her laptop.
[09:17:54] 2 Lt. Komillia comes out of her room and walks out into the hall looking about for some extra hands.
[09:19:36] CWO Sarah follows along behind Suki, smiling as she sees the paperwork set down, and laughingjust a little, shaking her head. She stretches out again, and glances around the room a little.
[09:19:48] Lt. Fallnya (enter): 21:19
[09:19:52] GM: Komillia, you walk thru and see Suki sitting sieza in front of a laptop and papers in , well, it looks like Edo era japan in her room, there is a mini Shinto shrine on her wall, a few bamboo plants a calligraphy set and what look to be hand drawn wall scrolls, a Shamisen rests on a cherry wood rack in the corner.
[09:20:23] GM: And Sarah rests upon a couch nearby
[09:21:31] LT. Magna: So now, he thought. How do I find that bastard. Where would he have gone?
[09:22:08] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Hey, I'm going to pick up somethings for my room. Anyone care to join?"
[09:24:34] GM: There are a few others working out, a few of the lads of course check you out as they go about their routines
[09:24:36] Lt. Fallnya exercises on the aerobic bikes and others first then moves over to the, weights for some free weight drills
[09:25:33] Lt. Ishida looks down at her work, then over her shoulder at Komillia. She sets her pen down and stands then pulls the top of her flight suit up and zips up. "Sure."
[09:26:20] Lt. Ishida: We do not have a very well equipped BX aboard Komillia. Just so you know.
[09:26:40] Lt. Ishida: Our ship is rather spartan when compared to the larger ships of the line
[09:26:58] CWO Sarah stands up as well, nodding. "I'll help as well."
[09:27:15] 2 Lt. Komillia: That was going to be my next question, but most of what I was going to get would likely have to be special ordered anyway so…
[09:28:15] 2 Lt. Komillia: Mostly just needing to get some better bedding and maybe some DVDs or something, to make the room a touch more personal. And some Martial Arts Gi they have it.
[09:28:29] Lt. Jaron eventually heads out of his room, waving to anyone in the hall before heading off
[09:29:24] Lt. Ishida waves
[09:30:02] Lt. Ishida: If you need a Gi, I have extra, although I fear they would not fit. I will see what I can do for you, but they should have better bedding I'm sure
[09:32:11] 2 Lt. Komillia: I'd rather get one that fits for sure, besides my sifu back home will ship them to me for free if I can't find any.
[09:32:49] Lt. Jaron goes to purchasing somethings
[09:32:55] GM: John the ob deck is quiet, there are a few others, some playing board games, a few others just sleeping. One couple are locked in an embrace. Jaron, you see the terrible trio enter the hall.
[09:33:38] Lt. Jaron smiles and continues to his goal
[09:33:50] Lt. Ishida: Sifu? Chinese?
[09:34:56] CWO Sarah listens quietly and nods just a little.
[09:34:56] Lt. Magna gets up and returns to his room
[09:35:39] LT. Magna: Once there he turns on his computer.
[09:37:01] LT. Magna: Computer, access local area star map.
[09:37:26] 2 Lt. Komillia: Shaolin style actually.
[09:37:32] GM: The computer displays a map of the local system with Tirol at the center
[09:37:42] Lt. Ishida nods
[09:38:13] LT. Magna: Expand map to show other nearby systems in the data base.
[09:40:02] GM: The map pans out to show the local group. You can see Tirol, still at the center, with Vallvaire (the Fantoma systems sun nearby) You can see many parsecs away the nearby colony worlds of Tirol, classified as abandoned.
[09:40:49] LT. Magna: Computer, list all planets within these groups that can sustain humanoid life.
[09:41:17] GM: of the 32 planetary bodies 7 can.
[09:41:44] LT. Magna: Now remove all UEEF controlled planets from the list.
[09:41:59] GM: The seven remain
[09:43:00] Lt. Magna leaned back in his chair and let out a sigh. Might be a dead end going about it this way. he thought
[09:43:09] GM: Komillia, Suki and Sarah lead you to the Ships store
[09:43:38] GM: It is small, and stocks only the basics, but there are some nicer then UEEF Issue items in terms of bedding
[09:44:01] LT. Magna: He continued. Computer, list all abandoned worlds with known bases.
[09:44:04] GM: Yes Lu, many leering and horny eyes stripping you of your clothing.
[09:44:54] Lt. Fallnya hopefully that goes away when she benches her maximum lift
[09:45:04] GM: The computer eliminates 5
[09:45:28] LT. Magna: Display the remaining worlds.
[09:45:35] 2 Lt. Komillia takes a cart out and picks up some bedding, trying to coordinate the colors to match her eyes and hair.
[09:46:23] GM: Theta Secundas, Class Y, Ex Tirolian Colony World, abandoned 321 years ago after Invid elimination of local populace.
[09:47:41] Lt. Jaron is in the shop as well; he has a mini frig on in tow plus some food
[09:47:45] GM: Vellas II, Class Y, Ex Tirolian Colony World, Abandoned 2311 years ago after elimination of populace during Ci'va Insurrection.
[09:47:50] Lt. Fallnya does 5 reps then resting 1040 lbs between the bar and the weights
[09:48:28] LT. Magna: Computer, display their distance from the Yukikazi.
[09:49:38] GM: Theta Secundas is currently 321 Parsecs distant. Vellas II is 99.8 Parsecs distant.
[09:49:59] 2 Lt. Komillia: Now, do they have some posters, wall scrolls anything to decorate a room with? Otherwise I'm going to spend several hours trying to track down somethings and order them online.
[09:50:10] GM: Suki browses the aisles as Komillia shops
[09:50:23] Lt. Ishida: Wall scrolls?
[09:50:28] LT. Magna: Computer, display the last probe reports of these two worlds.
[09:51:02] CWO Sarah browses as well, glancing over quietly as that's asked.
[09:51:31] GM: last known probe data available to your security clearance occurred on April 23rd 2044, Theta Secundas. Vellas II December 15th, 2043.
[09:51:49] 2 Lt. Komillia: You know, those canvas, well the mass-produced ones anyway, that are basically high-quality posters. Like I said before I'm something of an old Earth Super Robot otaki, I think is the right word.""
[09:52:06] Lt. Ishida: Otaku.
[09:52:10] Lt. Ishida corrects politely
[09:52:19] 2 Lt. Komillia: Thank you.
[09:52:29] Lt. Ishida nods
[09:52:37] LT. Magna: Display any information my clearance will allow.
[09:52:43] Lt. Jaron pays for his goods and waves to the ladies, pulling his mini frig and items on a dolly
[09:54:38] GM: The computer displays that TS…is just beginning to recover from the ecological rape is incurred at the hands of the Invid, who, bent of eliminating any possibility of Protoculture production defoliated the world. Vellas II is an irradiated world, the damage wrought by the Zentraedi 1175th Branch Fleet upon the Zor Loyalists was total.
[09:57:02] LT. Magna: Well, you have to start somewhere. He thought.
[09:59:10] GM: After some time the shopping done and paid for and int he case of Komillia, the girls help you move in.
[10:00:32] GM: Lu you finish your exercises
[10:01:04] Lt. Jaron fixes up his new purchases; setting up some things for tonight
[10:01:16] GM: You room is now officially pimp
[10:01:26] Lt. Jaron: (yay!)
[10:02:05] GM: I'm talking leopard print aquarium sole elevator shoes pimp
[10:02:13] Lt. Jaron: (haha)
[10:02:46] GM: Put on some Barry White, that will get Lu goin
[10:02:58] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[10:03:05] Lt. Jaron: (haha thanks for the tip)
[10:03:09] 2 Lt. Komillia is trying to hang a promo poster featuring the Bioroid Interceptor as a temporary wall ornament and getting it straight.
[10:03:18] GM: hehe, Barry White gets anyone going lol
[10:03:35] 2 Lt. Komillia: It's better than nothing, but this seems kinda silly.
[10:03:36] Lt. Ishida: [1d20] => [5] = (5)
[10:03:48] Lt. Ishida nods as she looks bout the room
[10:04:09] CWO Sarah looks around as well, nodding and shrugging a little bit in consideration of it.
[10:04:49] Lt. Jaron eventually goes about sending in those recommendations he had in mind
[10:05:03] GM: Refresh my memory
[10:05:23] GM: done, roll a Mil Etiquette roll please
[10:05:24] LT. Magna: bk
[10:05:27] GM: wb
[10:06:19] LT. Magna: Computer, display recent UEEF activity near these world based on my clearance.
[10:06:24] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [18] = (18) vs 55
[10:07:20] GM: Jaron, you fill out the right forms and follow the correct protocols, it takes you a few hours, but you do it. John, no further data is avail on those worlds in terms of recent activity, but with a war on, that doesn't seem to out of place.
[10:09:38] GM: Suki after Komillia is settled returns to her room and works on the stuff she had put out
[10:09:59] GM: Lu? You have worked out as much as your body will allow
[10:10:51] CWO Sarah follows Suki back to quarters, looking around at what Suki had put out. "Anything I can help with?"
[10:11:22] Lt. Ishida: Hai
[10:11:54] GM: Sarah, Suki put you to work. It is the most boring stuff you have ever done…EVER!
[10:12:22] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:12:32] GM: She has you look up dates, times, and the files associated with them, report after report, picture after picture, it's mind numbing
[10:12:49] GM: but what is exciting is the subject…Haydonites
[10:13:04] CWO Sarah just does it quietly, without complaining about anything.
[10:13:56] 2 Lt. Komillia: Thanks for the help, I'm going to change into some gym clothes and then go practice my kata.
[10:14:14] Lt. Ishida: Hai, the gym is down the hall….
[10:14:23] Lt. Ishida gives you the directions to the gym
[10:18:15] GM: Okay, rattle off the things y'all do at to end the day cause tmrw is another day
[10:18:43] CWO Sarah brushes teeth and gets ready to climb into bed with Suki once she's into it.
[10:19:05] Lt. Ishida will finish her self inflicted reports and analysis. And once in bed with Sarah will CENSORED.
[10:19:31] CWO Sarah happily CENSOREDs with Suki, of course, trying to keep her volume down if she can.
[10:20:15] GM: Meh, you have an empty room worth of a buffer so…
[10:20:43] CWO Sarah: (( on both sides? ))
[10:20:54] Lt. Jaron fixes a nice dinner and enjoys his extra nightly activities
[10:21:02] GM: Not sure about that….so yeah, Suki hands you a pillow and has you bite down
[10:21:24] CWO Sarah: (( thought so ))
[10:22:48] GM: Komillia, you get the room to yourself tonight as Lurana…sleeps…elsewhere
[10:25:06] GM: wb, okay, next morning
[10:25:33] CWO Sarah: (( woo ))
[10:25:36] GM: after your morning routine a runner is sent to collect you. Maj Kavashera wishes to speak with you.
[10:26:27] Lt. Ishida dons her flight suit, prims herself, tucks herself into the suit and reports as ordered.
[10:26:47] CWO Sarah suits up as well, following right along behind Suki.
[10:27:18] 2 Lt. Komillia dons a uniform and grooms herself, and follows after Suki and Sarah.
[10:27:27] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Wardrobe and grooming vs. 58% [1d100] => [56] = (56)))
[10:27:32] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [85] = (85)
[10:27:38] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Not so good that time.))
[10:27:48] GM: nor for Suki
[10:28:05] GM: Course it's all moot, since I allow you to 'take 50' etc
[10:28:08] GM: so,
[10:28:20] CWO Sarah: (( this iteration of Sarah dun even have it ))
[10:28:37] GM: to roll would be if you needed to go out in like 5 minutes and had to rush
[10:28:51] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:30:19] Lt. Jaron suits up and walks with Lurana to the Major
[10:32:01] GM: You enter the briefing room, tiny (think those pilots briefing room son the old Essex class Escort carriers of WWII size.)
[10:33:24] GM: The Major and Lt. Itinaru are in the room
[10:34:04] Maj. Kavashera notes your entry and points to the the seats. "Sit."
[10:34:38] Lt. Ishida sits
[10:35:10] Maj. Kavashera: I trust you had a good day and a night to yourself?
[10:35:17] Maj. Kavashera: Good
[10:35:24] Maj. Kavashera continues without letting you answer
[10:36:00] CWO Sarah: (( arg, Lurana has infected you with unnecessary pronouns ;p ))
[10:36:17] Maj. Kavashera: Okay, first a lil recap, while you were away living it up in Anver'sa…the rest of us were actually earning our keep." he says by way of a joke.
[10:36:25] Lt. Jaron takes a seat
[10:36:57] Maj. Kavashera points to a map of Tirol labeled Top Secret.
[10:37:17] Maj. Kavashera: Right now Tiresia is all but surrounded.
[10:37:31] Maj. Kavashera: The Haydonites have pretty much boxed the city in
[10:38:36] Maj. Kavashera: Intel has no idea as to the total force structure of the enemy, so they can't tell us if they have shot their wad, or, if this is just a fraction of their forces, in any event, I'm sure you've already figured it out, but, Tirol is going to fall. Plain and simple.
[10:39:08] Maj. Kavashera pauses to let that nugget sink in
[10:39:23] Maj. Kavashera: Depressed?
[10:39:27] Maj. Kavashera: Well, you should be.
[10:40:07] Maj. Kavashera: Now, Sterling has her lines squared away, damn fine work for an Army puke, but thats neither here nor there.
[10:41:09] Maj. Kavashera: She will buy us the time we need to get as many folks off world as we can, I trust you noted the evacuations while at Gloval Field.
[10:41:44] Maj. Kavashera: Now, apparently some of the wizards of smart planned ahead.
[10:42:08] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow
[10:42:15] Maj. Kavashera: We have a means to evac a large portion of the populace, but, again, that above your pay grade so, forget i said it.
[10:42:19] Maj. Kavashera winks at you
[10:42:56] Maj. Kavashera: Now, since you had your butts in a sling for a good week, this should seem like a cake walk.
[10:42:58] Maj. Kavashera laughs
[10:43:13] Maj. Kavashera points to the map, to the northern desert region
[10:43:29] Maj. Kavashera: You are going to head up north to the sandbox.
[10:43:38] Lt. Jaron listens and watches
[10:43:47] CWO Sarah barely refrains from rolling her eyes at the phrase "cake walk".
[10:45:03] Maj. Kavashera: We have a Civil Defense unit up there that the UEEF stuffed with cherry's. I talked to the Cap'n and we agreed that you sitting here is a waste of your fine talent, so, here's the deal. You are being sent down to crack some fucking heads! I want you to go in there, and whip those scrubs into shape.
[10:45:06] 2 Lt. Komillia furrows her brow.
[10:46:33] Maj. Kavashera: Your orders are such. Deploy to your AO, take command, assess the situation on the ground, beat whomever's ass you need to get those scherrys squared away, and make sure that no Haydonite gets within 10 klicks of new Flagstaff.
[10:46:42] Maj. Kavashera points tot he map at a largish city in the desert.
[10:47:26] Maj. Kavashera: Any questions?
[10:48:01] GM: pardon the typos, lol, typing to fast lol
[10:48:05] Lt. Jaron: "Sir, what equipment do they have there?"
[10:48:57] Maj. Kavashera: Not much, you are looking at a platoon at most, Bioroids, a few Condors, and a pair of Defender Destroids. They have a smattering of Silverbacks and all have their Cyc's.
[10:49:21] Maj. Kavashera: So guess what?
[10:49:27] Maj. Kavashera: You get to be their air support!
[10:50:44] Maj. Kavashera: Nothing to say about that you candy asses?
[10:50:44] Lt. Jaron nods
[10:51:19] Lt. Ishida leans over to Sarah. "I think I love him."
[10:51:49] Lt. Jaron: "No sir; we are ready"
[10:52:03] Lt. Magna remains silent, taking it all in.
[10:52:09] CWO Sarah leans back to Suki a little. "Yeah."
[10:52:33] Maj. Kavashera: Good! Thats what I like to hear!
[10:52:49] CWO Sarah looks up to the front and smiles. "So what should we pack and when do we leave, sir?"
[10:53:29] Maj. Kavashera: Yeah it's a shit assignment, I apologize, I wanted to send you to the front, let you really cut your teeth. I know thats what you really wanted, but to fucking bad! Suck it up!
[10:53:36] 2 Lt. Komillia: I am curious sir, do you have a Bioroid Interceptor available for me to use as a mecha, or should I make do with a Saber?
[10:54:13] Maj. Kavashera: Shit woman! You're in your 'Riod! Not going to send MY MARINES down in a dinky BIKE!
[10:54:23] LT. Magna: "I was also curious about that sir."
[10:54:54] Maj. Kavashera: All of your mecha have been prepped and refit.
[10:54:58] Lt. Jaron: "No complaints sir, had to deal with conscripts while on Tirol. I think we can handle it"
[10:55:55] Maj. Kavashera: Captain must LOVE you, she wouldn't let anyone touch your gear. So whatever you flew in on, has been gathering DUST. Well I like a clean flight deck, so get your dirty ass mecha cleaned up and off my lawn!
[10:56:23] Lt. Jaron: "Sir Yes Sir!"
[10:56:33] Lt. Ishida leans over again to Sarah. "Oh yes, he can have my babies."
[10:56:40] Lt. Jaron: (haha)
[10:57:15] 2 Lt. Komillia grins.
[10:58:06] CWO Sarah laughs softly at that, blushing and leaning in again. "Not sure he'd want to be having mine. Still, think of what we came in on… Wonder if they got it fixed totally and re-armed."
[10:58:30] Maj. Kavashera: Something to add Miss bug lady?
[10:58:43] Lt. Jaron: (heh)
[10:58:53] Lt. Ishida snickers but pats Sarah's leg supportively.
[10:59:05] Maj. Kavashera: Something you want to share with the group?
[10:59:27] Maj. Kavashera walks up and towers over you
[10:59:45] GM: perc
[10:59:53] Lt. Jaron: (who?)
[11:00:03] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
[11:00:07] GM: Sarah mainly, but all may
[11:00:16] CWO Sarah: (( perc, 4 isp, all of it ))
[11:00:17] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
[11:00:18] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[11:00:20] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
[11:00:21] LT. Magna: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[11:00:24] CWO Sarah: (( just so I know for sure ))
[11:01:23] GM: Sarah, and anyone that rolled 10 or over, the maj. is busting Sarah's chops, and is in no way angry.
[11:01:48] CWO Sarah cocks her head looking up. "Just wondering about the condition of the worst off unit when it was flown in, sir. After the missile cookoff, it was… nearly unsalvagable."
[11:02:07] Lt. Fallnya: (any way i was in the gym i was curious if any one said any thing to her for benching 1040 lbs)
[11:03:36] Maj. Kavashera: Oh yeah, thats right! Your the one who has something against Beta's, what, that was number two you frakked up wasn't it?
[11:04:27] Maj. Kavashera: So tell me, why do you hate the Beta so much Miss bug? Step on a larva you knew? Hell, we MARINES love the beta! You better start showing the love too!
[11:04:44] Lt. Ishida cant help but laugh
[11:04:54] Lt.Utenaru cracks up as well
[11:05:07] Maj. Kavashera just GRINS at YOU!
[11:05:12] Lt. Jaron smiles
[11:05:35] CWO Sarah widens her eyes just a bit. "Yes, sir. And next time I will make certain to remind Lt. Ishida to stay out of the way of the reflex warhead blasts, and learn to re-arm the missile launchers myself to prevent a repeat of the first one. Well, second. The one from the resistance was legitimately brought down by enemy fire as the first one."
[11:06:06] Maj. Kavashera: Oh you shifty Invid! Why you would blame your WINGMAN! For shame!
[11:06:13] Maj. Kavashera: Drop and give me 20!
[11:06:16] Lt. Jaron: (haha)
[11:06:29] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[11:06:35] GM: Komillia, you have just learned that Sarah is an Invid
[11:06:46] Maj. Kavashera is serious
[11:07:16] Maj. Kavashera: Come on, get down there and beat your face!
[11:07:17] 2 Lt. Komillia does the push-ups with Sarah to show camaraderie and not caring that she is of a former enemy species.
[11:07:19] CWO Sarah just laughs as she does it, nose touching nearly between the Major's shoes, and giving Suki a dirty look at one point.
[11:07:39] Lt. Ishida grins like the cat that ate the canary
[11:08:17] GM: Briefing room yes
[11:08:42] Maj. Kavashera counts out the last few push up.
[11:08:50] Lt. Fallnya: "Good to be flying an Alpha again then… Tis what i was born to do."
[11:08:53] Maj. Kavashera: 3! 2! 1! Very good!
[11:10:25] Maj. Kavashera: Let that be a lesson learned Chief. Don't sell your Marines out, of swear to god, I will shoot you myself. Hell, I'm from the same clone batch as Khyron! I just might do it!
[11:11:56] Maj. Kavashera: All right you fuck ups! Get out of my sight and square your shit away!
[11:12:20] 2 Lt. Komillia twitches at the name of Khyron and whispers, "Yeah, my brother even looks like the guy."
[11:12:53] Lt. Jaron gets up & prepares to file out
[11:13:11] Lt. Ishida nods and belts out a hearty "HOO-AH!"
[11:13:32] Lt. Fallnya folds her arms lowering her sight as shes ready to go just needs her new issue of armor and sidearm
[11:14:49] CWO Sarah sends something along telepathically to Suki so the Major doesn't hear. Though it's not serious. *Wonder if the boosters will wake you up better next time.* Out loud, she just nods. "Yes, sir."
[11:15:16] 2 Lt. Komillia in Zentraedi, "Yes, sir."
[11:15:26] Lt. Ishida looks around and sure that no one is looking, swats you on the ass as she walks past you.
[11:16:19] Lt. Ishida smacks her forehead
[11:16:27] Lt. Ishida: Just reminded me.
[11:16:28] Lt. Fallnya soon as out of sight nuzzles Jaron from behind then heads to the quartermaster for her reparied armor or new armor wich ever
[11:16:30] Lt. Ishida: Here
[11:16:43] Lt. Ishida tosses Sarah a t-Shirt, back with white lettering
[11:17:07] Lt. Jaron follows behind Lurana to quartermaster as well but admiring the view
[11:17:36] GM: The T-shirt has a picture of a Beta on it, and the words "Beta Pilots do it from Behind."
[11:18:32] CWO Sarah squeaks at the smack, and cracks up laughing at the shirt.
[11:19:12] Maj. Kavashera: ISHIDA! FALLNYA! Front and center
[11:20:09] Lt. Fallnya just barely heard it already left she turns around coming back snapping to attention speaking pure Zentraedi "Yes Sir?"
[11:20:26] Lt. Ishida: Sir!
[11:21:30] Maj. Kavashera: You two are both the same rank, Ishida, you have more Time in Grade, but Reese hates you so, you can either decide who leads, or fight to the death over it…I prefer to see you kick each others ass so…
[11:21:31] Lt. Jaron waits outside the door
[11:21:58] Lt. Jaron: (haha)
[11:22:40] CWO Sarah waits as well, since her front end is held up for the moment.
[11:23:01] Lt. Ishida looks over at Lurana
[11:23:32] Lt. Fallnya just looks over at Ishida, "How ever you feel would serve best Ishida, but we could give them a show?"
[11:23:57] Lt. Ishida nods.
[11:24:29] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+9] => [20,9] = (29)
[11:24:36] Lt. Ishida pops you right in the face
[11:24:51] GM: >.< I think thats a KO
[11:24:56] GM: I think thats a KO
[11:25:08] Lt. Jaron: (lmao)
[11:25:27] Lt. Fallnya: (ehh personally i don't believe in sneak attacks when were right next to each other either)
[11:25:55] 2 Lt. Komillia look around and states half-jokingly, "Now who do I have to see about getting a giant CADS attached to my bioroid?"
[11:26:10] GM: Yeah that would be kinds lame
[11:26:31] GM: so yeah, the blow stops a millimeter from your nose, but does not connect
[11:26:37] Lt. Fallnya: (Also not the best setting for a fight to the death)
[11:27:09] CWO Sarah: (( *chokes on grape soda* ))
[11:27:17] Lt. Jaron: (lol)
[11:27:18] CWO Sarah: (( Interlude 1 all over again ))
[11:27:22] Lt. Ishida , instead of connecting, just flicks you in the nose.
[11:27:24] Lt. Fallnya wouldn't flinch maybe even yawns at the fake blow "Guess its a fight in gym then?"
[11:27:26] CWO Sarah: (( unneeded natural 20s ))
[11:27:30] CWO Sarah: (( *giggle* ))
[11:27:51] GM: With a roll of a nat 20 on her part, you do flinch, and you do realize that she had you…
[11:28:10] Lt. Jaron: (oh the nose flick….the most deadliest of moves)
[11:28:15] GM: But you also realize she pretty much gave you tacit command
[11:28:16] Lt. Fallnya: (yea but being Zentraedi she would take the blow either way?)
[11:28:51] GM: still on a 20, she had you , you know it…course, you can play it off, no harm no foul, but deep down…
[11:29:33] GM: Nose flick, killer move! no joke
[11:30:05] Lt. Ishida: I think Lurana can handle it sir, I'm fine to play second.
[11:30:24] Maj. Kavashera: HA! All right! No get out of here.
[11:30:30] Maj. Kavashera: ((Now))
[11:30:56] CWO Sarah: (( lol. ))
[11:31:26] Lt. Fallnya starts to leave as but leas over to Ishida "You should have taken it"
[11:31:37] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow at Lurana being in command
[11:31:57] GM: Okay, your mecha are all lined up, those that flew in with their birds have them, repairs and armed…of course you may request whatever armament you wish(let me know I'll work with you)
[11:32:21] GM: Those that have no mecha do now, they might not be new, but they are 100% functional
[11:32:44] CWO Sarah: (( standard HEAP and a nice Beta with her craptastic Cyclone stuck into it, for me ))
[11:34:37] Lt. Ishida leans back "I have your back, best not to cause a fuss, not with Reese breathing down our necks. Besides, the best quality a leader can have is knowing how to follow." She winks at you
[11:35:16] Lt. Jaron: (standard loadout for mech)
[11:35:32] GM: How vanilla
[11:35:38] LT. Magna: standard
[11:36:56] Lt. Fallnya: "Sir might it be a chance to convert to Squad leader Alpha or standard Alpha Rather than the shadow fighter, just in case it does have any left over Haydonite tech shit?"
[11:36:57] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((20 HEAP, 8 Plasma/Napalm, and 4 Flame retardant. I'm NOT joking.))
[11:37:17] GM: Roger that Komillia
[11:38:37] GM: Lu, the Major nods and snaps his fingers, it will take a lil doing, but the head of your shadow fighter will be yanked and a 6H head and sensor pod will be attached
[11:38:43] GM: attached
[11:38:47] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Be thankful I decided to not go with 12 Flame Retardants, those flamer tanks caught Komi's attention.))
[11:39:00] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[11:40:12] Lt. Fallnya: (not exactly what she was meaning lol)
[11:40:30] Lt. Ishida: Will go with her favored mecha, but has the deck hands paint ona few more red lines onto the old 'Sundowners' tail fins to give it a real 'Rising Sun' look
[11:41:22] CWO Sarah doesn't really complain about her Beta, just checks it all over and makes sure everything is good, making sure systems work and everything else, properly.
[11:41:52] 2 Lt. Komillia: Gee why don't you just paint the thing in the style of the old Japanese Zeros.
[11:42:13] Lt. Ishida: You know…if I didn't think I'd offend some folks, I jut might
[11:42:35] Lt. Ishida: I have always been partial to the paint scheme uses by the 343 Kokutai
[11:42:36] Lt. Magna boards hi mech and does a systems check. It felt good to be in the seat again.
[11:43:10] Lt. Jaron wipes some dust off the cockpit window before making sure cyclone and added supplies are stowed properly
[11:44:28] Lt. Ishida: kk, gimme a sec here, need to update something
[11:44:48] CWO Sarah checks on her Cyclone as well, nodding quickly and settling back into her Beta seat once she's sure it's set.
[11:45:48] Lt. Fallnya after getting her armor and such situated she moves over to the ex-shadow alpha getting its head ripped off shaking her head a bit as she takes any scrap armor she finds lying around attempting to modify her alpha her self and painting it in a different color scheme akin to her old fighter squadrons colors.
[11:46:12] Lt. Fallnya: ([1d100] => [20] = (20)
[11:46:21] Lt. Fallnya: (vs 38 for the armor refit and color change)
[11:47:32] 2 Lt. Komillia runs start-up checks on her Bioroid.
[11:47:45] Lt. Ishida: kk, EU-15 updated damage has been updated
[11:47:53] Lt. Ishida: it is 3d4x10+30
[11:48:45] Lt. Ishida goes with her standard load out of Plasma loads and twin Eu-15's
[11:49:34] Lt. Fallnya: (she outfits hers with an additional 48 M.D.C to the main body)
[11:50:53] Lt. Jaron comments to Lurana "Trying to make a statement or run us late?"
[11:51:22] Lt. Ishida: Come on, we're on Zent time, and you know they cant read a chrono
[11:51:24] Lt. Fallnya: "What you mean?"
[11:51:37] Lt. Ishida: Well, unless it's in crayon
[11:52:01] Lt. Fallnya: (net loss of -10% overall speed)
[11:52:02] CWO Sarah does her standard proper preflight on her Beta, smiling a little as she does. She keeps the cockpit open enough though to hear out, laughing at the comment.
[11:53:04] Lt. Ishida then moves away from the group and performs a Shinto cleansing ritual on her Alpha and Sarah's Beta.
[11:53:14] Lt. Ishida: ((Shinto))
[11:53:37] Lt. Jaron laughs slightly
[11:54:15] Lt. Ishida ignores the heathen barbarians scornful laughter
[11:54:19] Lt. Fallnya standard load half HEAP and Plasma Loadout
[11:55:14] Lt. Jaron: "Just saying you spending a lot of time on the craft and taking your time"
[11:55:15] Lt. Fallnya: (*grabs a dildo outta mid air and threatens to put it up the GM's ArsE!)
[11:55:35] Lt. Jaron: (omg! )
[11:55:36] GM: Right on, so you got my 50$ on pay Pal?
[11:55:45] Lt. Jaron: (lol)
[11:56:08] GM: Okay, so, we all loaded out and stuffs?
[11:56:18] Lt. Fallnya: (Aye)
[11:56:31] Lt. Ishida: (Hai)
[11:56:36] 2 Lt. Komillia: (Ja.)
[11:56:40] Lt. Jaron gets settled in and gives a thumbs up
[11:57:04] LT. Magna: roger
[11:57:11] CWO Sarah: (( hai ))
[11:57:23] GM: Okay, the Alphas, and single Legios. are moved into their launch positions, the Bioroids, are loaded into the Loose Moose
[11:57:37] Lt. Fallnya sits in her fully armed and loaded Shadow Alpha upgraded armor and twin EU-15's when in battloid mode
[11:58:18] CWO Sarah settles into her Beta and yawns a bit, kicking back and checking to make sure Suki is handling the flight for them.
[11:59:13] Lt. Fallnya: (question are we going planet side?)
[11:59:20] GM: Yes
[11:59:31] GM: okay (dt) gots to type shit
[11:59:45] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[11:59:51] Lt. Fallnya: (if so wouldn't it be logical we all get beta attachments for leaving the planet after words?)
[12:00:11] CWO Sarah: (( can ride back up with the Bioroids ))
[12:00:29] CWO Sarah: (( if our mecha are all intact ))
[12:00:44] GM: You launch from the Yuki, those, like Lurana and Suki, who feel more at home in an Alpha then anywhere else are in bliss, the familiar sounds, smells and vibrations of their mecha put them at ease and take them to their happy places.
[12:00:48] GM: (dt)
[12:03:02] GM: Following the launch of the Alpha and Legios (yes Sarah, you are in a 100% operational Beta) the Loose Moose, a Horizon-V, carrying the Bioroid contingent exits the hanger bay. The flight descends and transits the ionosphere and deeper into atmo. As you continue your decent the soothing buffeting of air upon your wings greets you. (dt)
[12:04:10] GM: Chatter from the Yuki and the Moose echo (BSG style) in your ears as you begin your final approach.
[12:04:44] Lt. Ishida: Lu, I'm going to move ahead, take a look before we hit our IP.
[12:05:51] Lt. Fallnya: "Roger, Be Careful" *she turns the rest of the flight towards the Evac Place
[12:06:31] Lt. Ishida accelerates the Legios and circles above the small encampment of UEEF troops on the ground. To those students of history, the imagery replayed to the rest of the unit reminds you of the fire bases of the old US Coalition forces of the 1990's and later 2000's.
[12:07:42] GM: The camp is medium sized, you figure, no more the 40 troops. There are EXACTLY the amount of mecha Kavashera told you there would be, for once military intelligence working correctly.
[12:08:11] GM: However, based on Ishida's footage, the all seem t be either asleep, or on break.
[12:08:29] Lt. Ishida: Oh, that fills me with confidence.
[12:08:38] Lt. Jaron comments "Slackers"
[12:08:46] Lt. Fallnya: "Flight prepare to buzz those fire bases"
[12:08:53] CWO Sarah watches quietly and blinks a little bit. "Wow, there's security."
[12:09:10] Lt. Ishida grins and laughs most evilly. "On your six!"
[12:09:44] GM: the Moose reports in. "You want us to follow you in, or drop off the 'Roids nearby?"
[12:09:48] Lt. Fallnya: "Show those army slackers why they shouldn't sleep" *she lowers altitude and then throttles it back up just in time to go Mach 1 right over the first fire base to give them a sonic boom wake up call!
[12:10:06] Lt. Fallnya: "Drop the roids at their deploy point"
[12:10:08] Lt. Jaron follows but doesn't do the boom
[12:10:24] Lt. Ishida: Drop em off after we buzz them, once the dust settles they can see or ground forces on their perimeter, that ought to wake them up."
[12:10:40] GM: The Moose rogers that.
[12:10:41] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [12] = (12) vs 85%)
[12:10:50] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [68] = (68)
[12:11:03] CWO Sarah snickers.
[12:11:18] Lt. Ishida: vs 77%
[12:12:32] CWO Sarah suddenly has a bad thought. "Unless the enemy already infiltrated. If they had a lightly armed version of the probe, they could in theory have killed everyone here in their sleep." She shakes her head.
[12:13:20] GM: Lurana, Suki and Sarah drop to NOE (Nap of the Earth) Suki dipping to about 40 ft off the deck. The Moose follows suit and uses the dust kicked up by the low flying Alphas and Legios to drop off it's load off Bioroids. ( Jaron, roll)
[12:13:55] Lt. Jaron: (roll what, I wasn't doing anything fancy)
[12:14:11] GM: you aren't going NOE to buzz the camp?
[12:14:29] Lt. Jaron: (nope)
[12:14:34] GM: Awww
[12:14:50] GM: Okay, so what are you doing then?
[12:15:11] CWO Sarah ponders. "Shoulda broke the beta off and done a lot faster flyby with it. Mighta woke em up more." She laughs. "Too late now, oh well."
[12:15:13] Lt. Jaron watches from above at a safe distance
[12:15:36] Lt. Fallnya: (Actually the Legios could go faster than the alpha
[12:15:41] Lt. Ishida: You are on my ass sweetie, I'm not letting you loose.
[12:16:11] CWO Sarah: I'm aware of that.
[12:16:43] Lt. Jaron checks sensors as the others have their fun (sensory equipment [1d100] => [18] = (18) vs 55, perception [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4))
[12:16:53] GM: The Alpha and Legios fly over the camp with a Boom and a BOOM! the entire center of camp erupts in a massive dust cloud as the shockwave of the two craft breaking the sound barrier pounds the desert floor.
[12:17:20] GM: Behind them the Moose drops the Bioroids off.
[12:17:32] GM: And then dusts off and climbs back into orbit.
[12:17:57] GM: Bioroids…state your intent!
[12:18:20] CWO Sarah checks her own equipment as well. ([1d100] => [32] = (32) vs 60%) and looks out again for anything. ([1d20+1] => [16,1] = (17) normal [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9) PC sig)
[12:18:21] 2 Lt. Komillia walks up to one of the hangars and starts knocking.
[12:18:41] LT. Magna: I will start moving towards the camp.
[12:19:09] Lt. Fallnya makes a sharp clime up back to the altitude and formation to begin circling the area then brings up her sensors to watch the situation, and flicks on her radio scanning for unusual signals
[12:19:52] GM: There is no hanger sorry Kommie, but you two march side by side towards the camp, Komillia, you about fill the cup as you realize that your are reliving a moment form one of your favorite Gundam flicks, why, you even picture your Bioroid is a Zaku!
[12:21:05] Lt. Jaron circles above like a buzzards waiting for scans
[12:21:12] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Er, Gundams aren't Super Robots, it'd be more likely I was thinking of Daimos or Gravion.))
[12:22:14] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Just raising a point, nothing to worry about.))
[12:23:25] Lt. Fallnya: (RSE [1d100] => [26] = (26) vs 63%, perc [1d20] => [16] = (16), land navigation [1d100] => [57] = (57) vs 78%n for best spots of attack they could come from
[12:23:43] GM: Anji! Alleria! Aylanea!!! (Wow, it's the Triple A) And (Shush Komillia, I'm going for imagery here!!! lol) Gamjin! You are all either awoken, startled, nigh, scared SHITLESS as a dual BOOM BOOM rocks your Camp followed by the loud roar of jet's overhead (if you have ever been to an air show an been overflown by a jet, yeah…there you go)
[12:24:57] Lt. Fallnya: (one question wouldn't Alleria have a hanger near by since shes a beta pilot?)
[12:25:16] 2 Lt. Gamjin gets up and wonders what just happened. And starts rushing to his Condor while getting his gear on.
[12:25:35] GM: To those on the ground, as the dust begins to settle somewhat, you see two Bioroids in side by side formation standing at the perimeter of your camp, weapons at the ready. All you can think is "Where the fuck they come from?"
[12:26:27] Lt. Madresa eeks at the sound and scrambles her CVR-3 together and runs to get her Cyclone quickly. She checks it down, and tries to pull it into battloid mode within the bunkers if possible, to be ready to step out and 'greet' someone with full armament. When she steps out, she peers around at the Bioroids, her own weapons up.
[12:27:57] Lt. Alleria jumps out of her gear falling out of the hammock and scrambles over to her beta jumping in it leaving a trail of destruction behind her in her frightened panic to her beta.
[12:29:21] Lt. Jaron starts to lower his altitude; watching the base panic
[12:30:43] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [15] = (15)
[12:31:46] Lt. Ishida pulls her craft with Sarah along for the ride into an Immelman and stalls out, then falling back to solid ground kicks int eh thrusters throws the Legios into Gerwalk and lands dead center in the middle of the camp
[12:32:17] 2 Lt. Gamjin comes out in a Condor prepping to fight.
[12:32:31] Lt. Jaron eventually lands at the front entrance.
[12:33:45] Anji: What the FUCK!!!!!
[12:33:53] Lt. Fallnya also changes and lands near Suki s sept in gerwalk configuration
[12:34:18] Lt. Jaron goes to radio "Fire camp, UEEF here. Stand down and fall in"
[12:34:54] 2Lt. Madresa peers up from her Cyclone, frowning and finally lowering her EP-37 at the sight, scowling and marching right up to the Legios and Alpha quickly. She glances back towards Anji. "Trying to catch us napping, I'd guess."
[12:34:57] Lt. Alleria looks to the comm signal "And just who do you think i am im UEEF to…"
[12:35:24] Lt. Ishida on the comm to Lurana
[12:35:30] Lt. Ishida: You want to greet them?
[12:35:47] Lt. Jaron replies "Civil defense, Army you bunch of slackers"
[12:35:48] Lt. Fallnya: "About to"
[12:36:06] Lt. Ishida: Roger that.
[12:36:16] Lt. Ishida to Sarah "you okay back there?"
[12:36:54] CWO Sarah offers a fake yawn into her comm. "I'm fine, just waiting to see what happens. They don't look too happy to see us."
[12:37:01] Lt. Fallnya the canopy on the alpha pops open and starts to clime out
[12:38:05] GM: The camps CO, disturbed from his shower bursts from the facilities in his towel and still wet is instantly caked in the kicked up dust and sand.
[12:38:19] Lt. Alleria replies to Jaron angrily "Screw you i was trained by the Marines" *she stiffens up glaring at the male in her comm screen
[12:38:41] Lt. Mitchell: Just what the hell is going on here!?
[12:38:46] Lt. Jaron replies "Start acting like one." He ends the feed.
[12:39:22] Lt. Jaron he soon exits his veritech and walks to Ishida & Sarah
[12:39:35] 2Lt. Madresa glances over towards the camp CO and offers a whistle towards him. "Batch of so and so's buzzing our base. I came out in full armor to greet them in case they were hostile, well…" She shrugs.
[12:39:58] 2Lt. Madresa: (( one of those "ooh, he's in a towel" kind of whistles ))
[12:40:43] Lt. Ishida pops the canopy, stands up, pulls her helmet off, pulls out her marine soft cover, slaps in against her thigh and dons it, then, looks about camp with a critical eye.
[12:41:26] Lt. Fallnya: (To Mitchell if hes the CO) "Sir we just caught your people Napping, gotta be more alert we could have been Shadow Drones"
[12:42:29] Lt. Mitchell: Shadow what… Now, Now see here! Just who do you think you are, blazing into MY camp like this! Why, I, I'm going to put you up on report! Whats your name soldier!
[12:44:31] Lt. Fallnya steps over to the man in a rather intimidating way "Haydonite shadow aka Shadow Drone?"
[12:44:48] Lt. Jaron leans on the alpha/beta and comments "I'm sure the video feed of your whole camp napping would be nice to see Lt along with the sloppy reaction"
[12:45:49] Lt. Mitchell harrumphes, and stands his ground, impressing Lu slightly, have to give him that) "harrumph, regardless! I want to know WHO you are, and your home unit, you, you are in BIG trouble!"
[12:46:25] Lt. Jaron eyes Lurana as she stands there, wondering if she is going to deck him
[12:46:32] Lt. Fallnya: "We were deployed down here to give you air cover and found your men asleep, so who's gonna be in trouble?"
[12:46:44] Lt. Ishida puts a leg up and crosses her arms, watching.
[12:47:08] Lt. Fallnya: "You didn't even have a watcher out"?


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