Interlude 3 - Night 1


[07:44:38] Cutscene: The approach to Gloval International goes smoothly, but as you swing around on final you cannot help but notice the sate of Tiresia itself. Immediately noticed is a series of impact craters and charred rubble in the center of the city. Some emergency vehicles dwell at the base of the ruins of the once majestic Senate Building. In the outlying areas of the city, areas are ablaze and fire suppression units work to control the conflagrations, as demolition teams create hasty fire brakes by demolishing swaths of buildings in the path of the flames. Tendrils of smoke from extinguished fires waft lazily into the sky as overhead; formations of Conbat fighters fly CAP over the beleaguered city. Closer to the surface a host of Garfish Monitors hover like barrage balloons, their hatches open, as CVR clad troopers with binoculars scan the sky.
[07:45:42] Cutscene: Descending you can see anti aircraft batteries on rooftops, and most, if not all, streets are manned by some sort of cordon or roadblock. The Spaceport is a hive of activity with air and spacecraft of all strips coming and going. A large GMU is parked next to the tower with its cannon deployed and pointed towards the front. Defender and Phalanx Destroids occupy fortified revetments, sharing the positions with the more diminutive, but no less vital Searchlight Drones. Outside the spaceports perimeter a throng of civilians wait at the gates, a large Military Police presence watching over them, as little by little, group by group, identification is checked and lines of Tirolians move to waiting transports.
[07:46:26] Cutscene: You are directed to land at a series of open pads near a pair or large hangers within the center of the spaceport. UEEF and TDF personnel are ever present and a ground crew helps wave you down then safe and ground your craft. A platoon of Military Police backed up by ZBR-10 Bioroids cordon off your flight. Behind them you see a UEEF Medical Detachment waiting in the wings.
[07:47:53] UEEF MP: Attention Tirolian craft! Please power down and debark your passangers and crew for inspection!
[07:48:28] CWO Sarah frowns at the sight of the airport, sighing very softly at the images of the damage, She shivers just a little bit at the sight, watching along as the port approaches.
[07:48:29] Lt. Jaron does so as directed.
[07:49:14] Lt. Ishida: Roger that, powering down as ordered.
[07:50:40] GM: The ramps come down and civilians start to file out and are directed into neat lines by the MPs. They are searched, and then directed over to the Medics.
[07:51:51] Lt. Jaron gets his damaged cyclone on and is the last to exit the craft, looking towards the others; hoping not to loose them in the massive crowd
[07:52:18] GM: The UEEF MPs readjust when after a while the one and two of debarking troopers of what remains of the 855th form up, into a gaggle some 145 strong of Legionnaire armor wearing and armed TDF soldiers.
[07:53:03] UEEF MP Captain: Son of a …..
[07:54:12] Lt. Ishida exits the craft and moves to the side in a visible place, waiting for the others to join her, waving her hand and making a 'rally on me' gesture when she makes eye contact
[07:54:53] Lt. Jaron radios "I see you Suki, moving over"
[07:54:59] CWO Sarah slips over to Lt. Ishida promptly, not that she wasn't close before anyway, and looks out at all the crowds being lined up and checked, relaxing a little bit for a moment.
[07:55:09] Lt. Ishida replies by way of a double click on the radio
[07:55:38] 2 Lt. Komillia sees the signal and gets within association range of Suki.
[07:55:57] Lt. Jaron walks by the Captain "They are with us sir." then starts to walk to Suki
[07:57:49] UEEF MP Captain followed by a few 'goons' walk over to the UEEF Personel
[07:58:22] Lt. Ishida sees him approach (you all do) and yells out "Fall IN!"
[07:58:59] 2 Lt. Komillia falls into place and stands at attention
[07:59:25] CWO Sarah stands back up to attention, quickly.
[08:00:06] Lt. Jaron does so
[08:00:10] Lt. Ishida calls out like a pint sized DI "Dress Right, DRESS!"
[08:00:56] GM: shuffle shuffle shuffle
[08:02:12] Lt. Ishida does an about face and salutes the MP Captain. "Sir, Hitman Two One off the Yukikaze reporting. SIR!"
[08:03:10] UEEF MP Captain instinctively comes to attention and returns the salute. "At ease."
[08:03:34] Lt. Jaron shifts slightly and listens intently
[08:03:54] Lt. Ishida moves to the position of 'ease' in a crisp single motion, her feet shoulder distance apart, her hands clasped behind the small of her back.
[08:04:26] 2 Lt. Komillia salutes and returns to attention.
[08:04:50] UEEF MP Captain: I'm Captain Reynolds, Airfield Security.
[08:05:54] UEEF MP Captain: Once your civilians are check out and processed, please subit yourself to teh medics.
[08:06:18] Lt. Ishida: Yes sir!
[08:06:24] Lt. Fallnya is some where in the formation by rank either in back at squad lead position or behind letting Suki have the honors of talking to the others yawning behind her helmets closed and semi frosted visor trying to hide the fact shes perhaps exhausted
[08:06:37] Lt. Jaron echoes "Yes sir"
[08:07:04] UEEF MP Captain: And, please have your TDF compatriots report to my adjunct.
[08:07:15] Lt. Ishida: Yes sir!
[08:07:28] Lt. Jaron echoes "Yes sir" again
[08:07:32] UEEF MP Captain stands back to attention and salutes.
[08:07:56] Lt. Jaron returns the salute
[08:08:16] 2 Lt. Komillia returns the salute.
[08:09:03] Lt. Ishida returns it, then does an about face to face the group. "I want weapons check and combat log download within the hour! Then, check in with the medics."
[08:09:24] Lt. Ishida: Dis…MISSED!
[08:09:48] CWO Sarah listens quietly, holding back a slight laugh in relation to submitting herself to the medics. She returns the salute, then glances to Ishida, nodding. "Yes, ma'am…" She relaxes on dismissal.
[08:09:53] GM: Free RP
[08:09:58] Lt. Jaron winces a little at the loudness then heads over the Legionnaire squad leader.
[08:10:10] Lt. Fallnya goes to make the step back "aye aye ma'am…" *then with a turn in about face she falls face first into the tarmac
[08:10:50] CWO Sarah then starts snickering, glancing to Suki a little and considering. "I'm not hurt, anyway, anything I took I healed up myself before this."
[08:11:41] Lt. Ishida sighs with a understanding smile and walks over to the fallen Fallnya, and light pokes her with the tow of her boot. "Up, get up, weapons check and DCS Reports. I know you're tired, we all are, just hold it together for a little longer okay."
[08:11:47] 2 Lt. Komillia heads to the nearest armory and checks her weapon. "I wonder how long the medics are going to take before I can check on my brother."
[08:12:28] Lt. Fallnya: "Only missing weapon of mine is my gallant which Magna has"
[08:12:36] Lt. Ishida turns to Komillia. "No, don't turn your weapons in, just do your maintenance on it and secure the Silverbacks.
[08:13:46] Lt. Jaron approaches the Legionnaire squad leader.
[08:13:58] CWO Sarah smiles at Suki, then works on downloading the combat logs. She checks her own Gallant, and her Cyclone, sighing at the damage on it and noting all the places it might need work.
[08:14:09] Legionnaire notices Jaron's approach and walks to meet you
[08:14:10] Lt. Fallnya decides to try and do push-ups to get th blood flowing again and woke up enough to check the other weapons she had with
[08:15:10] Lt. Ishida reaches down and hefts Fallnya up to her feet. "Enough of that Marine." She smiles. "get the tasking done and you can sleep all you want."
[08:15:46] 2 Lt. Komillia: Roger.
[08:16:08] 2 Lt. Komillia cleans the Gallant and goes to secure the 'backs.
[08:16:10] Lt. Jaron nods to the squad leader "I think we are able to part ways. It was an honoring fighting with you and your men."
[08:16:49] Legionnaire: The honor was ours! Where it not for you, we would have most likely perished. We owe you our lives!
[08:19:04] Lt. Jaron smiles slightly "Thank you but we all played our parts." he offers a hand to shake "I'm told to send you and your men over there" he points " the MP adjunct to report in"
[08:19:07] Lt. Fallnya: "Alright alright I'm good no need to lift me…" *she uncouples her helmet tugging the crusty thing off that looks like its seen better days and goes to the cockpit of the particular craft she flew checking and rechecking the Valiant Laser rifle first for Clip charge, wipes it down and re-secures it in its holder in he Heavy Back, then checks the Legionnaire Rifle for charges left cleans it and pops it into the box container on one of the Wheels of the heavy. Looking over the armor she grabbed she sighs and puts it in the back behind the seat so it doesn't jostle around.
[08:19:52] GM: As you do your weapons checks and other PMI the off Tirolian civilian breaks from the line to approach one or more of you to offer a hug, a bow or other verbal and non verbal thanks to their 'saviors' as the UEEF MPs look on, but do not interfere.
[08:21:01] GM: The Tirolian squad leader does as he needs to and reports to the adjunct but before his unit hustles of they form up and render honors to you all
[08:21:52] Lt. Jaron returns smiles, bows and hugs as he heads to download weapon logs.
[08:23:20] GM: As you tend to all of this the rescued citizenry are checked out by the medics, a long backlog to be sure, roll percs
[08:23:26] Lt. Fallnya hugs only if they insist on it but figures being a big Zentraedi she doesn't figure on many hugs, locks up the weapons and armor and steps off. and hands the report to Ishida
[08:23:31] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15)
[08:23:40] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
[08:23:58] CWO Sarah is cautious generally about people hugging her, but tries to be as friendly as she can.
[08:24:27] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [19,2] = (21)
[08:24:36] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6)
[08:24:41] CWO Sarah: (( ouch ))
[08:24:50] GM: Wow, for some tired mo-fo's y'all are pretty alert…all for one…
[08:24:59] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
[08:25:09] Lt. Fallnya turns to holler at Magna "I need my Gallant back if you would please?"
[08:25:11] CWO Sarah: (( o.o ))
[08:25:19] 2 Lt. Komillia: (the all seeing eye is now open.)
[08:26:05] GM: Everyone but Sarah (pat pat) notices a pair CVR clad folks on the Airfield, on has a camera and both have PRESS on the back of their suits.
[08:26:44] 2 Lt. Komillia: Liberal media at 3 o'clock!
[08:26:45] Lt. Fallnya: "Oh fuck…I say we launch before they come over to us…"
[08:26:57] CWO Sarah: (( LOL ))
[08:27:03] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow "What? You all afraid of them or something?"
[08:27:07] Lt. Fallnya can be told she hates the media
[08:27:13] 2 Lt. Komillia: Well, maybe if they were with Fox News I'd talk to them.
[08:27:15] CWO Sarah blinks a little at the others comments, and peeks around to see where the press types are.
[08:27:17] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[08:27:18] Lt. Fallnya: "More like Hate…"
[08:29:25] Lt. Jaron he tries to estimate the damage to his cyclone and remove some shrapnel from it and patch it (general maintenance & repair [1d100] => [80] = (80) vs 55)
[08:30:12] GM: Jaron, your cyclone is about a millimeter away fom joining Elwood and Jakes poilce car at the end of the chase in Blues Brothers
[08:30:37] Lt. Jaron looks to Komillia "Whats the differences between them and Fox?"
[08:31:14] 2 Lt. Komillia: Liberal vs Conservative, both equally inaccurate, but at least conservative media favors the military.
[08:31:19] GM: lets keep the politicking out I said press, so lets leave it free of partisanship
[08:31:36] GM: but yes, james is dead on the money
[08:32:24] Lt. Fallnya still looks at them with hate as most news groups do distort the truth a little or over exaggerate
[08:32:57] Lt. Jaron sighs as the damage and puts it back on until it can be properly repaired
[08:33:04] GM: The news crew cannot help but notice the display of thanks and affection of the civilians to YOU all, and make their way over.
[08:33:49] CWO Sarah tries to place herself somewhere inconspicuously behind someone taller than she is.
[08:34:05] Lt. Jaron watches the others scurry
[08:34:46] Harley Matthews: Um…hello! Harley Matthews, Stars and Bars. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
[08:34:48] Lt. Jaron flips down visor before they arrive
[08:34:54] 2 Lt. Komillia tries to hide the fact that she has shifted to a fighting stance.
[08:35:05] Lt. Jaron nods "Go ahead"
[08:35:20] Lt. Ishida seems to be the only one that was either to slow, to stupid or to tired to avoid the reporter
[08:35:35] 2 Lt. Komillia: I would like to direct you to the Public Relations department, for reasons of comsec all info must be filtered through them."
[08:35:36] GM: CORRECTION! Jaron stayed as well
[08:36:06] Lt. Fallnya didn't move either but just stands there not talking looking like shes about to fall over either way if she moved now
[08:36:17] Harley Matthews turns towards Jaron, ignoring Lt. Komillia's 'boilerplate' response
[08:38:51] Lt. Ishida looks at the others response to the reporter and snickers. "Jeez, you'd think she was a Haydonite…"
[08:39:12] Lt. Jaron comments "You were going to ask a question?"
[08:40:02] Harley Matthews looks over your CVR and cannot readily discern rank (since in the field you 'scrub' that sort of thing. "Hi there, it looks like you have a bunch of refugees here. Could you tell me what happened?"
[08:41:24] Lt. Jaron: "A hasting relocation of civilians from the opposition's advance into their homes"
[08:42:13] Lt. Fallnya goes to move and almost falls back on Sarah but retains her balance and moves off to the side to lean against the Dropship letting Jaron blabber to the media
[08:42:51] Harley Matthews laughs. Nice double speak soldier boy. They seem to be very happy with you, did you have any hand in, relocating them in the face of the enemy advance?
[08:42:59] CWO Sarah eeps a little and moves back away as she's almost fallen on. "Sorry…"
[08:43:39] Lt. Jaron nods "Yes, if it wasn't for us they wouldn't have made it"
[08:43:41] Lt. Ishida grabs Fallnya's arm and steadies her then hisses into her ear "man UP! get a grip will you. You can't be that tired."
[08:44:25] Harley Matthews: Really? When and where did this happen?
[08:44:59] Lt. Jaron: "I think that is probably classified for now until this whole situation is resolved"
[08:45:24] UEEF MP Captain sees the nosy reporterette at work and walks over, putting his hand in front of the camera lens. "Ma'am, you know better, please, leave them be." He hears Jaron's reply and nods approvingly.
[08:45:36] Lt. Fallnya: "Just got dizzy not tired now, bloods flowing fine." *she yanks her arm from Ishida and moves on over to the craft to lean against it
[08:46:03] Lt. Jaron nods to the Captain "Thank you sir." then looks to Suki and Lurana.
[08:46:34] Lt. Ishida sees the Captain. "Sir, may we get some food, some coffee or something. before we hit the medics?"
[08:47:00] UEEF MP Captain: Yes, yes, of course. I'll have something brought over.
[08:48:02] Lt. Ishida looks at Jaron and raises her eyelids as if to say 'what fun huh' and snickers.
[08:48:24] CWO Sarah shakes her head just a little bit and laughs slightly at the looks, settling in where she is.
[08:48:41] Lt. Jaron removes his helm and yawns himself. "It was interesting." Then heads to sit down.
[08:48:45] Lt. Ishida pulls out her pad and starts entering data.
[08:49:10] Lt. Jaron closes his eyes to rest them
[08:49:32] Lt. Ishida: Jaron, can I have your combat logs please?
[08:49:57] Lt. Jaron raises up and hands them to her.
[08:50:12] Lt. Ishida: Thank you
[08:50:33] Lt. Jaron nods then goes back to resting until food is delivered
[08:51:09] Lt. Fallnya just sits leaned against the craft eyes closed but not asleep as she taps the toe of her boot into the tarmac rhythmically
[08:51:19] 2 Lt. Komillia makes notes on what she observed on the battlefield, making sure to have a copy to send back to her reserve command for evaluation time.
[08:51:43] GM: Food arrives some 15 minutes later, and the line of civilians is about 1/2 way complete. The Medics are working efficiently, but, the near 3000 refugees you rescued is a lot for them to handle.
[08:52:16] Lt. Jaron gets up and lets the ladies get food first
[08:53:01] Lt. Fallnya gets only a meager portion and some over-roasted coffee sighing wanting back into her dorm room obviously or least back on ship
[08:53:03] Suki looks up to Sarah. "Would you be a dear and grab me a coffee and whatever they have for food?"
[08:53:33] Lt. Fallnya: (dunno why I'm picturing a Roach Coach )
[08:53:33] Lt. Ishida goes back to her data entry
[08:54:02] Lt. Fallnya: (over roasted coffee, chips, sodas, greasy food)
[08:54:11] GM: picture a few CVR clad folks from the Commissariat with food bins
[08:54:44] GM: basic rats, coffee water, juice, soggy scrambled eggs and over dry bread
[08:55:11] GM: but, to your taste buds, the meager rations seem like fine dining
[08:55:27] CWO Sarah nods quickly to Suki, getting coffee and food for Suki, and herself, pointing out if there's problem that she's picking up food for a party busy working.
[08:55:28] Lt. Jaron gets everything but coffee
[08:56:08] Lt. Ishida: John, Lu, Sarah, I need your logs when you are done with them
[08:56:25] Lt. Jaron comments to Suki "Do you always do that. It could've waited until we were back on the ship"
[08:57:23] Lt. Ishida: Hai, it's best to record the event while they are fresh in your mind.
[08:57:48] Lt. Ishida: Besides, they will most likely debrief us here on the ground before returning us to your ship
[08:57:59] Lt. Ishida: our
[08:58:02] Lt. Ishida: ship
[08:58:28] Lt. Jaron nods "Very well. Based on your data, how did we perform?"
[08:58:56] Lt. Ishida: Adequately, given our unfamiliarity with our foe and it's tactics.
[08:59:33] Lt. Ishida: In hind sight we could have done better…in hindsight.
[08:59:49] Lt. Ishida: But that as they say, is always 20/20 no?
[09:00:06] Lt. Jaron nods and smiles
[09:00:23] Lt. Ishida returns the smile then dives right back into the paperwork
[09:00:37] Lt. Jaron finishes eating
[09:01:06] GM: The sun sets before the last of the civilians have been processed. The MP Captain walks over and points.
[09:01:18] UEEF MP Captain: Your turn Marines.
[09:01:25] 2 Lt. Komillia: So what do you think they are going to do with me?
[09:01:36] Lt. Jaron gets up and waits
[09:01:49] 2 Lt. Komillia sighs and walks over to an attending medic and awaits her turn.
[09:01:49] Lt. Ishida: You did very well Komillia-chan, I will recommend you be added to our roster.
[09:02:15] Lt. Fallnya sighs and begins heading to the MPs taking a spot near the back of the line possibly behind or in front of Ishida as per highest rank goes last usually
[09:02:31] Lt. Jaron files in lastly
[09:02:44] 2 Lt. Komillia in Zentraedi, "Thanks"
[09:02:47] LT. Magna: as does Magna
[09:03:17] CWO Sarah files in with a slight hesitation, glancing around at the medics and whatnot nervously, biting her lip softly, figuring under the eyes of the MPs, she really is up the crick about it.
[09:03:18] GM: It is first come first served really, the medics give you a basic exam, mainly looking for wounds etc, and take your blood pressure and stuff like that. Sighing you off with a clean bill, they turn you back over to the MPs
[09:03:37] GM: Signing…
[09:04:06] Lt. Fallnya sholdent have any wounds at least but plenty of pot marks in her armor along with the singe marks where it got hot under the Cyclone
[09:04:50] CWO Sarah isn't wounded at all, anything that would have been there is nice and healed. She just smiles to the medic, and stretches on the bed.
[09:05:16] Lt. Jaron isn't wounded either, at least he thinks so
[09:05:29] GM: Aside form minor dehydration and fatigue, you are all fit as a fiddle.
[09:06:07] Lt. Magna mentions his ribs and the many scratches and bruises he obtained in his escape.
[09:06:56] GM: The medics make note and administer painkillers and give you a Medical Pass to the TMC for X-Rays
[09:16:48] GM: John, you are escorted to the TMC, and are told, as you are a non critical, that you will have to wait in line to get looked at. There are many worse off than you and the TMC is full to overflowing with wounded.
[09:17:54] Lt. Fallnya: "What would i give for a long distance comm terminal right about now…":
[09:18:00] GM: After your cursory medical checkup, the UEEF MP Capitan asks that you remain on the airfield, but that you are free to make use of it's facilities.
[09:18:53] Lt. Fallnya: "Got a comm terminal that an make a call to ALuCE?"
[09:18:54] Lt. Ishida: Before we all wander off…set comm freq 296.7 as our squadron recall okay.
[09:19:12] Lt. Jaron nods and heads to find a shower than a bed
[09:19:14] 2 Lt. Komillia goes about inquiring about her brother. "Anyone know what became of a 2nd Lt. Gamjin Maeless?"
[09:19:58] CWO Sarah adjusts her comm frequency and nods quickly, looking around the airfield curiously.
[09:20:01] Lt. Ishida joins Fallnya in searching out a terminal.
[09:20:35] GM: Asking around you are able to locate a terminal that lists the KIA, MIA etc (ala Starship Troopers)
[09:20:35] Lt. Fallnya adjusts her helmet com even tho its off her head atm
[09:20:55] Lt. Fallnya: (not that kind of terminal)
[09:21:23] GM: Fallnya, you find the terminals, but, there is a line
[09:21:43] Lt. Fallnya: "great…"
[09:21:47] GM: You want to phone home Elliot, but yeah, there is a line to use the phone
[09:21:50] 2 Lt. Komillia looks for her brother's name, but doesn't seem to be finding it."
[09:22:03] GM: You do find your bothers name,
[09:22:28] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((KIA or MIA?))
[09:23:16] GM: He is listed as ACTIVE: 3457th Guard Detachment: New Flagstaff
[09:23:20] Lt. Jaron can just imagine how great the shower will be as he walks
[09:23:38] GM: You do however see yourself listed as KIA
[09:24:39] 2 Lt. Komillia is unsurprised about finding herself listed and jots down the information so to contact her brother later. Komillia is beaming with joy that her brother is alive.
[09:25:16] GM: Jaron, you make your way to the facilities and after a short wait in line, the shower is like nirvana, and you can almost feel the last week of pain, dirt, and grime wash off of you
[09:25:36] Lt. Ishida: They had you listed as KIA neh?
[09:25:53] Lt. Ishida is curious, and punches in her own name.
[09:26:09] GM: Ishida Suki is listed as MIA
[09:26:27] Lt. Ishida prints the notice out
[09:26:47] 2 Lt. Komillia: Well, consider the 15th's reaction to us, it's not really surprising.
[09:27:00] Lt. Ishida: methinks I need to report in to my ship.
[09:27:12] Lt. Jaron enjoys it, staying in a few extra minutes before grabbing his gear and leaving.
[09:27:13] Lt. Ishida nods in agreement
[09:29:13] GM: Lu, you are, swear to god, next in line, to use the phone when you hear over the din "Will Lt's Ishida, Fallnya, Magna, Fairman, Maeless and Chief Amdahl please report to the Administration building, room 214.
[09:29:58] Lt. Fallnya listens to the voice in the sky "god dammit…"
[09:30:22] Lt. Jaron takes a deep breath and heads off, stopping an MP for direction to the administration building
[09:30:30] Lt. Fallnya goes to find this building
[09:30:44] CWO Sarah flinches just a little and heads for the Administration building as quickly as possible, looking around as she does for her squadmates, stopping only once to confirm where the building is.
[09:30:51] Lt. Ishida perks up, and moves to locate Admin building
[09:31:53] 2 Lt. Komillia follow behind Suki because she's never even seen Tirol before much less Tiresia.
[09:32:15] Lt. Magna stops looking for the med office and heads to admin
[09:33:57] GM: The admin building is next to the ATC tower and terminus, a pair of VR-041 clad guards watch the door and demand ID as above them two fireteams manning .50 cal and 40mm train their weapons on you.
[09:34:31] Lt. Fallnya shows her id card
[09:34:54] Lt. Ishida shows hers as well, not wanting to become swiss cheese
[09:34:57] Lt. Jaron follows suit
[09:35:37] CWO Sarah shows her own ID as well, quickly.
[09:36:04] 2 Lt. Komillia pats around for her ID wondering if it got singed with her old uniform.
[09:37:18] GM: As you show your IDs the guards look them over. Finally, one steps back, and keys in a long string of numbers and the door buzzes then opens,
[09:38:06] GM: The guard points down the hall "Room 214 is down this hal, up the stairs and back this way, three doors to your right.
[09:38:24] Lt. Jaron nods to the guard "Thank you"
[09:38:58] 2 Lt. Komillia nods and follows the directions.
[09:39:04] GM: As you enter the building you are reminded what heating is as you are bathed in a soothing 79 degrees.
[09:39:53] Lt. Jaron follows the others
[09:40:12] CWO Sarah follows along quickly, staying near the back as the lowest ranked one in the group generally.
[09:40:13] GM: Around you folks in very clean and untattered and stained uniforms mill about and move out of your way as you all reek (even Jaron, you might not, but your uniform still does.
[09:40:19] Lt. Fallnya takes a seat if there is one
[09:41:46] GM: Another pair of guards in CBR-5 re-verify your ID cards and allow you entry to the room, it is dark, lights dim, but for a single bank of fluorescents at the front of the room, there are four tables in a 2 x 2 square with a fifth table at the head of the room
[09:42:35] Lt. Fallnya takes a seat then if there is one any where unless marked where to seat
[09:42:43] GM: A 2LT motions you to take seat and offers refreshments
[09:43:08] Lt. Jaron takes a seat and takes a drink with him
[09:43:17] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Thanks, can i have a soda? If not a water would do."
[09:43:20] CWO Sarah settles in nervously, glancing about at the room just a little bit. She takes a drink, offering polite thanks for it, as she sits.
[09:43:33] 2LT: Have a seat, the debriefing will begin shortly.
[09:43:56] 2LT attends to the refreshment needs of the group
[09:44:59] Lt. Jaron takes a sip as he waits
[09:45:49] 2 Lt. Komillia sips her drink as she waits for the debrief to start.
[09:46:53] GM: Behind your, after a few minutes a large build Lt. Col with close cropped curly brown hair enters the room in woodland camo CVR-3 bearing the mark of the 15th. The 2LT calls the room to attention and the Lt Col gruffly, as if annoyed waves you all to sit.
[09:49:26] Lt. Fallnya didn't take a drink and stands to attention
[09:49:57] CWO Sarah stands to attention quickly at the order, then sits when waved down, properly.
[09:50:01] Lt Col Dante: Please be seated. Make yourselves comfy. I'm Lt. Col Angelo Dante, 15th Armored. I know who you all are so we can dispense with all of the introductions. how are the ribs Magna?
[09:51:59] LT. Magna: "Umm…Still sore sir." John replies. "But it will pass."
[09:52:07] Lt Col Dante nods
[09:52:36] Lt Col Dante: Heard the wait at the TMC is long for non-crits. Nothing I can do about that.
[09:53:23] Lt. Fallnya sits staying silent
[09:53:35] Lt. Jaron takes a drink
[09:53:42] Lt Col Dante: So…my task ladies and gentlemen is to get from you your accounting of your actions prior to your arrival to Tiresia.
[09:53:53] Lt Col Dante: Who would like to start?
[09:54:13] Lt. Ishida slides over a data pad to Lurana.
[09:54:37] Lt. Ishida then goes back to sitting quietly as if she hadn't moved
[09:54:46] Lt. Fallnya looks at the datapad
[09:54:57] Lt. Fallnya: "I suppose i will." *she begins reading the logs.*
[09:55:10] GM: It appears to be a mission summery of your time in the field
[09:55:39] Lt Col Dante: Pardon me.
[09:55:49] Lt Col Dante looks at Ishida.
[09:55:49] Lt. Fallnya: "Ye?"
[09:55:50] Lt. Fallnya: "Yes sir"
[09:56:00] Lt Col Dante: Why did you slide that to her, if I might ask.
[09:56:24] Lt. Ishida: I solly, my engrish not so good.
[09:56:41] Lt Col Dante sighs
[09:56:49] Lt Col Dante: Very well. Continue
[09:56:53] Lt. Jaron takes a drink to cover his smile
[09:58:31] Lt. Fallnya stands and begins reading the logs in all accounts to Dante with about a 68% accuracy in English repeating when needed in Zentraedi hoping the translators get it for clarity
[09:58:43] Lt Col Dante looks at Lurana. "Please, continue."
[09:59:02] GM: disregard his last, sorry
[09:59:53] Lt Col Dante stifles his laughter at the veritable ESL crowd he has in front of him, apparent that is, and listens to the summery.
[10:00:52] Lt Col Dante nods as the story unfolds.
[10:01:28] Lt. Fallnya switches to day 2, then 3 so on and so forth
[10:02:03] GM: The summery seems well written as he asks but only two or three trivial questions during the hour long recounting.
[10:03:13] GM: As you near the mid way point of hour two the rear door opens and Angelo spring to his feet and bellows ROOM! Atten HUA!
[10:03:30] 2 Lt. Komillia scrambles to attention.
[10:03:31] CWO Sarah perks up and snaps to attention quickly at the order.
[10:03:32] Lt. Ishida eeps and springs to her feet.
[10:03:45] Lt. Fallnya was already at attention
[10:04:07] Lt. Jaron snaps to attention
[10:04:22] Lt. Magna follows suit
[10:04:48] GM: A flaxen blond woman in her late 40's enters in CVR-3, also bearing the mark of the 15th. "At ease" she says as she walks up to Angelo "Sorry for being late Angie."
[10:05:25] Lt. Magna sits back down
[10:05:30] Lt Col Dante: No problem ma'am. We're just about to the good part.
[10:05:53] CWO Sarah settles back down as ordered, sitting into her chair again.
[10:06:03] 2 Lt. Komillia returns to her seat
[10:06:57] Col. Sterling: Sorry to interrupt, I'm Colonel Sterling commander of the 15th.
[10:07:34] Lt. Fallnya just nods her head in politeness waiting to be told when to continue
[10:07:46] Lt Col Dante: Lt. Fallnya was just finishing up, and I was about to start asking question about the Haydonites.
[10:08:27] Col. Sterling: Not to be a pest, but, Lt, unless there is anything of dire import, would you mind if we went right to the Q&A?
[10:08:50] Lt. Fallnya: "I don't mind"
[10:08:56] Lt. Jaron finally sits back down
[10:08:57] Col. Sterling: Very good.
[10:09:11] Lt. Ishida likewise parks her ass
[10:09:41] Lt. Fallnya is last and pases the datapad to Ishida
[10:09:59] Col. Sterling: I'll make this very simple. I need to know any and everything you do about the Haydonite forces you faced.
[10:10:36] Col. Sterling: Who would like to go first?
[10:11:31] Lt. Fallnya elbows Ishida
[10:11:32] 2 Lt. Komillia: Well, they have sensor pod drones and the ability to hijack Shadow Drones.
[10:11:33] Lt. Jaron speaks up "The Haydonites have scouting orbs. They head in far in advance their the main force."
[10:11:48] Col. Sterling nods
[10:12:10] Col. Sterling: About the size of a melon, six legs?
[10:12:28] Lt. Ishida: Hai ma'am. Um, I have one…
[10:12:39] Lt Col Dante: You WHAT?
[10:12:57] Lt. Ishida blinks.
[10:13:07] Lt. Ishida: I..I have one. Sir.
[10:13:16] Lt Col Dante laughs
[10:13:39] Lt Col Dante: No no, screw the formalities. You mean you actually have a Haydonite drone?
[10:14:03] Lt. Jaron turns and looks at Ishida cause he doesn't recall her catching one
[10:14:08] Lt. Ishida: Yes sir, back with my gear, in one of my cyclones cargo containers.
[10:14:39] Lt Col Dante waves the 2LT over and orders him to get those containers.
[10:14:55] GM: Yeah, she kept the one she stabbed.
[10:15:06] GM: Meant to keep it as a war trophy
[10:15:11] GM: So much for that huh
[10:15:13] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:15:59] Col. Sterling: Okay, okay, while thats being taken care of…we know about the drones and their, what fleet calls Infiltrators.
[10:16:24] 2 Lt. Komillia: You mean their flamer tanks?
[10:16:39] Col. Sterling: We also know they posses artillery of some sort, but we haven't seen any units since they are BVR.
[10:16:47] Col. Sterling: Flame tanks?
[10:17:02] Col. Sterling blinks.
[10:17:15] Lt. Jaron: "The Synchro cannon mobiles?"
[10:17:18] Lt Col Dante: It's in the report.
[10:17:37] Col. Sterling: Synchro….
[10:17:47] 2 Lt. Komillia: They had some sort of, well tank, that spit out plasma fire, I believe my fellow Meltrandi was nearly deep fried by one.
[10:17:54] Col. Sterling takes a deep breath and collects herself.
[10:18:30] Lt. Fallnya its fairly obvious with her armor she was almost deep fried by one.
[10:18:37] Col. Sterling: Folks, it seems you have seen what we have , well, what we are probably going to see…
[10:19:00] Col. Sterling: Okay, first things first, Synchro cannons?
[10:20:24] Lt Col Dante: Here sir, appendix G, video footage of the bastard.
[10:20:37] Lt Col Dante he says regards the synced report.
[10:21:03] Lt. Fallnya just listens and sits there
[10:21:05] Lt. Ishida: sits with a smile twiddling her thumbs and winks to Lurana
[10:21:39] Col. Sterling looks the footage over
[10:21:50] Col. Sterling: Thats…impressive
[10:22:05] Col. Sterling: How long were you behind enemy lines?
[10:22:28] Lt. Fallnya: at least 6 of the 9 days maybe?"
[10:22:37] Lt. Jaron: "I wager since landing. Those drones were all over the place"
[10:22:56] Col. Sterling: Real pests those
[10:23:02] Col. Sterling: Hard to locate too
[10:23:46] Lt. Jaron nods "They had infantry as well. Decent sniping abilities"
[10:24:06] Lt. Jaron: "Plus hard to locate, probably cloaking of some sort"
[10:24:15] Col. Sterling nods
[10:24:40] Lt. Fallnya: "Actually i discovered that their lil pests transmit on an open radio frequency"
[10:24:48] Col. Sterling: Really?
[10:25:10] Lt. Fallnya: "They can be tracked if you have some one decent enough with radio frequencies to track with one."
[10:25:44] Lt. Fallnya: "John was following while i was tracking it my self" *she motions to Magna.*
[10:26:16] Lt. Fallnya: (least if i remember we did state he followed me when he finally joined that night after i dropped the bell on one by accident)
[10:26:16] Col. Sterling: What frequency?
[10:26:51] Lt. Fallnya: "I believe the buzz was in the*she states the frequency ranges she found it in.*
[10:27:05] Col. Sterling turns to Angelo
[10:27:11] 2 Lt. Komillia: Speaking of tracking, they have a major design flaw in their stealth systems, seems they forgot to cool their exhaust, something even 20th Century Earth figured before even knowing about Robotechnology."
[10:27:13] Col. Sterling: Pass that to the front
[10:27:42] Col. Sterling: Thermals?
[10:27:51] Col. Sterling: What units?
[10:27:51] Lt. Jaron: "Aww yes, thermals"
[10:28:06] 2 Lt. Komillia: It's almost, sad, but yes.
[10:29:32] Lt. Ishida: Hai, Wraiths. We had to rely on heat, sight and sound. Although, we may have been lucky with the heat traces, since we were in the mountains. Colder air…
[10:29:58] Lt. Ishida seems saddened to poke a possible hole into Komillia's saving grace
[10:30:49] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((lol))
[10:30:53] Col. Sterling: Well, regardless, we can always tune our thermals to be more sensitive.
[10:31:04] Lt. Ishida smiles
[10:31:29] Lt. Jaron: "In the last leg of our trip here, they had a giant mobile base or at least thats what it looked like"
[10:31:51] Lt Col Dante: Appendix I
[10:32:08] Col. Sterling looks over the footage
[10:32:37] Col. Sterling: You…you, my god!
[10:33:06] Col. Sterling looks as if she is looping the footage.
[10:33:25] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow as she watches the feed
[10:33:33] Lt Col Dante: Sir, if thats coming down the pipe….
[10:33:51] Col. Sterling: Yeah, don't even have to say it.
[10:35:05] CWO Sarah flinches just a little bit at that reaction.
[10:35:24] GM: As you banter, the 2LT returns with three cyclone bags.
[10:35:39] Lt. Ishida points. "That one"
[10:36:27] Lt Col Dante opens the container and pulls out a satchel . As he opens it a leg flops out almost comically.
[10:37:18] Lt Col Dante shrugs as if to say 'screw it' and turn the pack upside down and dumps the drone onto the desk with a thump
[10:38:16] GM: You all feel a shiver run up your spine as you see the Haydonite drone on the table in front of you, yes, you know its dead, but damed if it still doesn't creep you all out
[10:38:44] Lt. Jaron: "How many of those little things did we take out?"
[10:39:11] Lt. Fallnya yawns lightly looking at it "Long as it doesn't self destruct like the last one me and Magna tried to captured…"
[10:39:11] Lt. Ishida: We took out two, I think Tanis' men took 6
[10:39:48] Lt Col Dante points at the drone and to the 2LT.
[10:39:56] Lt Col Dante: Get this to R&D now!
[10:40:10] Lt. Ishida pouts as her trophy is carted away
[10:41:21] GM: About another hour of questions go past as Sterling catches herslf up on the report.
[10:41:38] Lt. Jaron finishes off his drink
[10:42:11] CWO Sarah sips on her own drink quietly, listening and watching generally when not being asked anything.
[10:42:12] Col. Sterling: You did well, you did very well. Very well indeed. I have only one question…and please, I want you to be open and honest with me.
[10:43:09] Col. Sterling: Your report mentioned that you dealt with local forces within Heptac'va prior to your evac. Can you, be more specific?
[10:43:49] Lt. Ishida slumps her shoulders slightly, as if to say, damn, she noticed….
[10:43:58] Lt. Fallnya: "Well…."
[10:45:05] Lt. Jaron: "One of the local politicians didn't much care about the Haydonite attack. Like he was welcoming it. Sent no forces to investigate or such. Luckily a centurion named Tanis took a different stance"
[10:45:49] Lt Col Dante: The same Tanis that was killed in the initial Haydonite air strike?
[10:45:55] Lt. Jaron nods
[10:47:15] Col. Sterling: You all seem a little silent. Look, it's time to 'come to Jesus' here. Spill it. Please
[10:48:07] Lt. Ishida: Ma'am, I took a cover position, and dialed in Censor Vendris. I fired on command of my CO.
[10:48:49] Lt. Ishida: That being said, I will defend her call with my dying breath,
[10:49:38] Lt. Jaron: "Vendris seemed to have it out for us. Probably something against the UEEF or he was afraid of something we might find."
[10:50:15] Lt Col Dante: Okay, look, lets get some clarity here. lets break it down, event by event.
[10:50:21] CWO Sarah's face darkens a little at the mention of the politicians, and she twitches slightly as she turns to Col. Sterling. "Lets see. Which part first, ma'am? Where he took a father and little kid prisoner on trumped up 'theft' charges for salvaging a bioroid from a lot of parts in previous attacks and wars, where he greeted us with armed hostiles demanding our surrender when we flew back from borrowing his assault carrier, where he blithely ignored the declaration/reminder of UEEF martial law by the ranking officer present, where he launched a Zentraedi landing ship to run away with only his own handpicked people when it could have evacuated the whole city, or where he took that one guy's daughter as a 'prize'?"
[10:50:43] LT. Magna: "He attempted arresting me and some villagers, but I escaped shortly later. That's how I got injured."
[10:50:59] Lt Col Dante: Oh jeez…
[10:51:27] Col. Sterling rubs the bridge of her nose
[10:51:56] Col. Sterling: And this can be corroborated?
[10:52:20] Lt. Fallnya: "All of tanis's men along with the Legionnaires that were with us"
[10:52:36] Lt. Magna still feels the unease of guilt for leaving Bria and her father. He forced those thoughts to the back of his mind.
[10:53:44] Col. Sterling: What unit?
[10:54:03] Lt. Ishida: 855th Scutia ma;'am
[10:54:20] Lt. Jaron nods
[10:55:01] Col. Sterling: Okay, Angie, get with the MPs get their statements. Keep it quiet, the ministry get wind and we are in for a shit storm
[10:55:26] Lt Col Dante: Yes sir.
[10:55:27] Lt. Fallnya: "Unfortunately one loose end"
[10:55:52] Col. Sterling: let me guess. this Gervase on page three got away?
[10:55:58] Lt. Fallnya: "We believe the magistrate to the kid and fled in a fold capable vessel, surprising the fold didn't attract you."
[10:56:40] Col. Sterling: We could have had a reflex warhead go off in your area and we wouldn't have noticed…
[10:57:18] Lt Col Dante rises and leaves to carry out his commander's orders.
[10:58:18] Lt. Jaron: "Do you think he was just waiting for the Haydonites to come and then try to defeat for political maneuver?"
[10:58:28] CWO Sarah nods. "Initially thought someone noticed, until those Shadow Drones started opening up on the civilians when we were trying to evacuate." She glances to the others. "Anyone notice where they were from, what base?"
[10:58:43] Col. Sterling: I'd rather not speculate, and, I'd advise you not to do so either
[10:59:08] Col. Sterling nods at Sarah.
[10:59:26] Col. Sterling: You saw the Senate building in ruin on your approach I gather?
[11:00:00] CWO Sarah flinches just a little at that. "They used those for that too, huh? Damn…"
[11:00:23] Col. Sterling: Well, we had guarded it with Shadow Drones to free up manned units for the front…yes
[11:01:07] Col. Sterling: It seems that you may have had the dubious honor of being the last UEEF unit to fall prey to that duplicity.
[11:01:29] Col. Sterling: We have since notified all commands to fire upon Shadow Drones
[11:02:21] CWO Sarah winces and nods.
[11:02:42] Col. Sterling: Marines, you have given us a goldmine of intel here. Unless you have something you wish to add, we are done here.
[11:03:05] Lt. Fallnya: "Not that i can recall"
[11:04:06] Lt. Ishida: No sir.
[11:04:09] Lt. Jaron ponders a moment "The shadow fighters were 104th UAV Tiresia"
[11:04:24] Col. Sterling nods
[11:04:30] Col. Sterling: Thank you
[11:04:36] Col. Sterling: We, sadly, know
[11:05:40] Col. Sterling: I'll give this up, apparently the Haydonites unleashed ALL the Shadow drones we had in pre-po sites Tirol wide. So, in the future, consider ANY AQ-6A a hostile.
[11:06:03] Lt. Jaron nods
[11:06:25] Lt. Ishida: Hai Taisha!
[11:06:26] CWO Sarah nods just a little. "Have all the other defenses and such been checked for possible tampering by the drones?"
[11:07:42] Col. Sterling: We have done what we can, and continue to do so…luckily we had gotten comm modifications, from the … Icarus.
[11:07:51] Col. Sterling seems sad and suddenly distant
[11:07:59] Col. Sterling collects herself
[11:08:11] Col. Sterling: At any rate, please, follow me.
[11:08:43] Lt. Jaron gets up and prepares to follow
[11:08:47] Lt. Fallnya follows
[11:08:50] Col. Sterling leads you thru the admin building, outside, and then into the massive GMU parked nearby.
[11:08:56] 2 Lt. Komillia follows after Col. Sterling.
[11:09:38] Col. Sterling: Our comm equipment is at your disposal. As is our rest and lounge facilities.
[11:10:06] Col. Sterling: Please keep away from the CIC however.
[11:11:41] Lt. Jaron nods
[11:11:47] Lt. Ishida hops on the balls of her feet slightly. "Shower shower shower." She chants absently and makes her way off to find water.
[11:11:54] Lt. Fallnya immediately sits behind the comm equipment trying to call ALuCE terminal to get routed to her parents home preferring to be the first.
[11:11:57] Lt. Jaron: "Thank you ma'am"
[11:12:36] GM: As you are calling from a priority routed line, i.e. the GMU, your call goes thru instantly.
[11:12:37] CWO Sarah snickers at Suki and nods quickly, heading that way as well.
[11:13:16] Lurana's Mother: Fallnya Residence.
[11:13:53] Lt. Jaron asks Sterling "Is there anyway to get repairs for my cyclone or a replacement?"
[11:13:56] Lt. Fallnya: (if its a vid phone she sticks her face in front of the camera "Greetings Mom"
[11:14:26] Col. Sterling: We will do what we can, best that you contact your home unit however.
[11:14:49] Lurana's Mother: Lu! lu-lu! is that you baby!?
[11:14:58] Lt. Jaron replies "This is my home unit now ma'am"
[11:15:22] Lt. Fallnya: "MOM don't call me that!" *just with the anger flare it signals its her most likely
[11:15:28] Col. Sterling: I think Capt Riendard would disagree with that assessment.
[11:15:50] Lt. Jaron smirks "Noted ma'am"
[11:16:13] Col. Sterling: The Yuki is still in orbit.
[11:16:18] Col. Sterling offers
[11:16:24] Lt. Jaron nods
[11:16:32] Col. Sterling: Now, if you will excuse me.
[11:16:49] Col. Sterling nods at you then makes her way off.
[11:16:49] Lt. Jaron turns and heads in to contact Reinard
[11:17:34] 2 Lt. Komillia uses the information gathered earlier to drop her brother a text message, "Still alive, terrorize you soon enough."
[11:17:44] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[11:18:00] Lurana's Mother: Oh baby I was so worried /she strokes the vid phone camera as if it were you/ they said you were MIA!
[11:18:33] GM: The text goes thru and does not bounce back….but there is no immediate reply
[11:19:08] Lt. Fallnya: "We were, seems they landed us behind enemy lines unknowingly due to lack of information it seems"
[11:19:45] Lurana's Mother: Ooooo! /she turns red and reverts to full on Meltrandi mode/ Who do I need to kill!
[11:20:26] CWO Sarah hunts around a bit for a fresh uniform, before heading in to take herself a nice shower, making sure to use plenty of soap to get the crud off, especially out of her hair. She mumbles idly. "Least I don't sweat really… That could be really bad."
[11:20:26] GM: Jaron, you are able to contact the Yukikaze
[11:21:05] Lt. Fallnya: "No one, tho i feel like burnt toast"
[11:21:10] Lt. Ishida in the stall next to you snickers. "I could test that you know?"
[11:21:23] Lt. Fallnya since shes still wearing the armor mom can tell its been through hell
[11:22:08] Lt. Jaron once in contact "Captain Reinard please"
[11:22:13] Lurana's Mother: Oh lu-lu, you look horribly but I am SO glad you are okay, if you EVER scare me like that again …./she shakes her fist at you
[11:22:50] CWO Sarah laughs a little at that and peeks over. "Somewhere we won't likely be on cots in an open area to rest, please? I doubt people here would mind the show, but the way they reacted to that one thing, I figure we might wind up moving quickly at some point."
[11:22:51] Lt. Fallnya shrugs "You know the military and do i have to come there and rip your tongue out STOP CALLING ME THAT!"
[11:23:06] 2 Lt. Komillia: Col. Sterling, officially, I'm not assigned to anyone, nor do have any equipment or belongings at the moment. I'm even in a borrowed uniform. Orders?"
[11:24:05] GM: The Yukikaze bridge officer replies "I understand, she is busy at the moment. What message may I pass on? /you now that the comm officer wont patch you thru unless you are of equal rank or other such mitigating circumstance, you best bet would be to get redirected to the CAG.
[11:24:43] Lt. Ishida laughs as she lathers herself up. "Well, your just no fun are you.
[11:25:04] Lt. Jaron: "Lt Jaron Fairman. We are still alive"
[11:25:25] Col. Sterling looks back at Komillia
[11:25:55] Col. Sterling: So far as i am concerned Lt. you are part of the team you flew in on. /she smiles
[11:26:44] GM: The Yukikaze bridge officer nods. "Roger that, who would you like this message to be forwarded to?"
[11:27:07] Lt. Fallnya shrugs "You know the military and do i have to come there and rip your tongue out STOP CALLING ME THAT!" (repost in case it was missed)
[11:27:09] 2 Lt. Komillia: Thank you ma'am.
[11:27:12] Col. Sterling: But, if they wont have yo, I'll see what I can do…
[11:27:13] CWO Sarah laughs and shrugs. "Just being considerate of others, really. Once we're back in our own rooms, I really am gonna need to be getting myself unwound, and that definitely involves *cough* 'recreational activities' with both of us on one bed."
[11:27:29] Lt. Jaron: "CAG or Reinard. Just as long as they know we aren't MIA/KIA anymore"
[11:27:33] Lt. Ishida nods
[11:27:57] Lt. Ishida: I agree.
[11:28:54] GM: The Yuki comms officer nods "Roger that…and, welcome back…We missed you." There is a slight smile on her end just before she transfers you.
[11:29:30] Lt. Ishida: Just be aware, the first one will be rather fast…
[11:30:07] Lt. Jaron ends the calls and heads to find a spare uniform or clean his
[11:30:36] Lurana's Mother: I will call you want I want dear! After the scare you gave me you best be glad i don't upload your baby pictures to the net! /she says this with feigned anger and is tearing up on her end
[11:31:06] GM: You are able to score a clean uniform Jaron, all are
[11:31:12] Lt. Jaron smiles and stops behind Lurana "Don't forget to tell your mother I'm still alive too"
[11:31:38] Lurana's Mother: Was that stud muffin?
[11:31:54] Lt. Fallnya grins "Well i gotta go, i need a shower…" *she miles and nods to Jaron "Mom hes mine you have dad"
[11:32:06] Lurana's Mother: hush you perv!
[11:32:14] Lt. Fallnya with that she closes the comm call
[11:32:34] Lt. Jaron smiles and walks off to change
[11:33:18] Lt. Fallnya if this is a lounge and the showers are close enough she unzips her uniform after tossing the armor off in pieces possibly ripping her uniform in spots where it might have melted together
[11:33:46] GM: it is a laborious if not kinky task to remove what remains of your damaged armor
[11:34:22] CWO Sarah laughs just a little and nods, rinsing off and drying in a nice, slower than usual manner, to make sure she's dry rather than just fast about it.
[11:34:56] Lt. Ishida looks about to make sure that no others are in the area and then helps with that task.
[11:35:46] Lt. Fallnya any remains of her outfit are tossed in the refuge bin and she wraps up in a towel to step into the sower area glad she packed extra undergarments
[11:35:48] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((I can't think of anything.))
[11:36:14] 2 Lt. Komillia goes to get a shower and sees about getting a fresh uniform.
[11:36:26] CWO Sarah grins and snickers slightly, helping Suki dry as well, in response, until or unless they get caught.
[11:36:38] Lt. Jaron rests now in a soft chair
[11:36:53] GM: For the first night in what seems like forever you all sleep in a warm bed in a nice climate controlled berth.
[11:37:43] GM: The next morning after a hearty breakfast you are informed that transportation back into orbit and to the Yukikaze is forthcoming.
[11:38:53] Lt. Jaron stretches feeling refreshed
[11:39:43] Lt. Fallnya stretches as she went to bed half dressed and is still asleep when breakfast call goes out
[11:39:43] Lt. Jaron gears up and prepares for the day
[11:39:52] Lt. Fallnya: (unless some one wakes her)
[11:40:12] Lt. Ishida: Ahhh I feel like I could take on the whole Haydonite Empire!
[11:40:51] Lt. Jaron smiles at Suki "Yes, a break can do wonders"
[11:41:35] GM: roll percs -10
[11:41:44] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20-10] => [18,-10] = (8)
[11:41:46] Lt. Jaron: [1d20-8] => [15,-8] = (7)
[11:41:51] CWO Sarah smiles at Suki and laughs just a little, eating plenty of breakfast for herself, nodding. "Yeah. Sleeping in a bed can as well. As can… other kinds of recovery." She glances to Suki and smiles just a little.
[11:41:54] Lt. Fallnya: (even me?)
[11:42:00] GM: everyone
[11:42:07] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20-10] => [2,-10] = (-8)
[11:42:09] GM: but Suki and Sarah
[11:42:24] CWO Sarah: (( lol, oh ))
[11:42:28] LT. Magna: [1d20] => [2] = (2)
[11:42:54] GM: Komillia, you thought you heard something, carnal in nature during the night, but, cant really be sure.
[11:43:11] Lt. Fallnya: (Was a rock)
[11:43:21] GM: no joke, you and John
[11:43:29] CWO Sarah: (( *smacks the GM * ))
[11:43:38] 2 Lt. Komillia: Fraternization in the ranks I wonder.
[11:43:44] CWO Sarah: (( heehee ))
[11:44:22] CWO Sarah: (( *falls outta her chair laughing* ))
[11:44:34] GM: A corporal approaches after you have eaten. "Sir's we have a transport ready for you now, your gear has been loaded per Col. Sterlings orders"
[11:45:03] Lt. Jaron nods "Thank you corporal. Im ready when you are"
[11:45:31] GM: Frat…wha!!!??? No wai!! never /shifty eyes
[11:45:37] Lt. Fallnya: "Jaron dont forget that date when we get back, if were not to busy"
[11:46:11] Lt. Fallnya sais soon as the corporal has gone away
[11:46:52] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Hits the GM with a Divine Buster.))
[11:46:56] GM: The corporal leads you to a waiting Horizon-V idling on the tarmac. Inside you can see the remains of your Silverbacks and your other gear neatly stowed in the port cargo bunker. Lt. Col Dante is waiting for you at the gangway
[11:46:56] Lt. Jaron nods to Lurana "Yes I remember; I just hope your mother has taught how to cook well" he says with a smiles
[11:47:36] Lt Col Dante: Ah, there you are.
[11:47:42] CWO Sarah lets herself be led along as soon as Suki does, following to the Horizon and smiling as she sees it.
[11:47:45] Lt Col Dante: I trust you rested well?
[11:48:09] Lt. Jaron nods "Yes ma'am"
[11:48:16] Lt. Ishida: Hai
[11:48:34] Lt Col Dante: Uh, yes, hello.
[11:48:38] CWO Sarah smiles brightly and nods. "Yes, sir."
[11:48:40] Lt. Fallnya: "Lick a rock, i doubt a Reflex missile coulda woke me up"
[11:48:54] GM: lick…a rock…giggity?
[11:48:56] CWO Sarah: (( think that 'ma'am' was to Lu, not to Angelo lol ))
[11:49:03] Lt. Jaron: (hehe)
[11:49:09] CWO Sarah: (( oh wait, nm. lol ))
[11:49:17] Lt. Ishida: Uh, yes sir.
[11:49:18] CWO Sarah: (( Angelo is not culturally educated ))
[11:49:19] Lt. Jaron: (yes)
[11:49:39] GM: no, he cannot speek the nipponese
[11:49:47] 2 Lt. Komillia: Could have used another hour, I think my neighbors were trying to get a jump start on the adult entertainment industry here.
[11:49:59] Lt. Ishida looks innocent
[11:50:18] CWO Sarah looks innocent as well, or tries to at least.
[11:50:20] Lt. Ishida looks conspiratorially at Lurana
[11:50:22] Lt. Jaron looks to Suki then to Sarah; keeps it to himself for now
[11:50:44] Lt. Ishida: Bad form Komillia-chan
[11:50:50] Lt. Fallnya: "What? if any thing happened i didn't do it i was asleep?"
[11:51:16] Lt Col Dante: Harumph…right…
[11:51:19] Lt Col Dante: Anyhow
[11:51:29] Lt. Jaron looks to the Lt. Col "Everything ready for lift off?"
[11:52:14] Lt Col Dante: Yes, your gear is aboard and we have sent along our 'comments' of your service to your CO.
[11:52:53] Lt. Jaron nods "Thank you sir"
[11:53:39] Lt Col Dante: Enjoy the flight. On behalf of the 15th, I thank you.
[11:54:29] Lt Col Dante: As for your dealings with ..Vendres was his name I believe…consider that issue resolved. Clear?
[11:54:45] Lt. Jaron: "Yes sir"
[11:55:02] Lt. Ishida: Domo arigato gozaimasu!
[11:55:17] Lt. Fallnya begins to go aboard "Hope your pilot doesn't mind me piloting…"
[11:55:20] CWO Sarah smiles warmly and nods quickly, staying quiet otherwise. Though a slight warmth heats her cheeks just a tiny bit. She heads up into the ship quietly along with everyone else, then. She nods a little at the last statement.
[11:55:22] 2 Lt. Komillia: Yes, sir.
[11:55:34] Lt Col Dante: Let the man do his job Lt.
[11:56:29] GM: Dante's suggestion lends itself to be an order…
[11:56:43] Lt. Jaron heads into the craft.
[11:56:44] GM: At any rate, you feel this man one to obey…
[11:57:21] Lt. Jaron leans over to Suki "What did you say?"
[11:57:53] Lt. Fallnya sighs and takes a passenger seat then moping defiantly preferring to be behind the Stick
[11:58:10] Lt. Ishida: I said thank you very much
[11:58:26] GM: The flight is short enough. You lift off, and can feel the grav plating kick in as you breach the Tirol's gravity field. (dt)
[11:59:50] GM: From the in-flight monitors you can see the Yukikaze in the distance, apparently she has seen more combat since you left her as scorch marks abound and repair crews dot her hull with brilliant sparks of welding torches and work lights (dt)
[12:00:51] GM: You hear the comm chatter between the pilot and the tower as you are directed into her massive main hanger bay (dt)
[12:02:04] GM: Presently, the Horizon-V touches down and you hear the pilot call back to you all. "Talk back is barber-poll, atmo is good, grav is good, you are clear to unhook! Welcome aboard!"
[12:02:35] CWO Sarah snickers and nods. "As she said, she's solly, but her engrish not so good." She laughs a little more then and settles onto the seat for the flight, watching and frowning as the ship approaches.
[12:02:35] Lt. Jaron unhooks and prepares to disembark
[12:03:00] Lt. Ishida bows playfully
[12:03:07] Lt. Ishida: It is as she says.
[12:03:16] 2 Lt. Komillia looks around at the hangar trying to see the kinds of battloids they have.
[12:03:27] GM: Easy now…
[12:03:39] CWO Sarah gets up then, laughing at Suki's bow, and shaking her head.
[12:03:49] GM: Another cutscene incoming so bear with me (dt)
[12:06:04] GM: Cue triumphant music! The gangway swings down and you begin to make your decent, obscured by the steam purge from the landing struts. About the deck work on mecha and other routine maintenance ceases as the deck crew and pilots present make note of your arrival. (dt)
[12:08:57] GM: Walking together you breach the steam your uniforms crisp and clean but, next to you, the Horizon load masters are offloading your gear, which for a lack of better terminology is well thrashed. The Silverback in particular, display their wounds openly and the load masters have to chase parts that fall off as they are rolled, lumpity clumpity onto the Yuki's flight deck. You can hear the hushed whispers of th transfixed deck crew "holy shit…" "Will you look at that?
[12:09:08] GM: I thought they were dead… and so on.
[12:10:14] GM: On 'Vultures Row' you can see senior officers, the CAG, some pilots and the XO watching
[12:11:10] GM: Approaching you as you make your way away from the Horizon is Maj. Kavashera (Komillia Perc)
[12:11:29] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[12:11:35] GM: Fuck it
[12:11:49] GM: The guy looks like Khyron, if he had lived past 25
[12:12:14] 2 Lt. Komillia: I've got the sinking feeling.
[12:13:12] Maj. Kavashera: Well I'll be a Karbarran's uncle!
[12:13:25] Maj. Kavashera: You made it! Good for you!
[12:13:44] GM: He is genuinely happy to see you
[12:13:45] Lt. Jaron smiles slightly
[12:14:28] GM: If you've seen BSG and the Ep where the Recon Pilot was brought home, the line "Good for you" from Col Tigh….said the same way…
[12:14:36] Lt. Magna nods
[12:14:51] Lt. Fallnya just simply walks forward and looks around simply looking at the damage sighing wondering if any one could use a lil help in here but given her lack of training in the area she would prolly just be in the way
[12:14:52] Lt. Ishida nods, bows, then salutes.
[12:15:02] GM: perc all
[12:15:10] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
[12:15:12] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
[12:15:17] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[12:15:17] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
[12:15:26] LT. Magna: [1d20] => [18] = (18)
[12:15:27] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9)
[12:15:36] Lt. Jaron salutes as well
[12:15:41] GM: Those with numbers above 15
[12:16:45] GM: 15 + notice the CAG scowl, and crumple the styrofoam coffeecup in his hand then storm off Vultures Row. 17+ notice the XO has seen this and watched with baleful eyes as the CAG departs.
[12:17:36] 2 Lt. Komillia: Does your CAG not like you?
[12:17:49] Lt. Ishida: Hmm? No.
[12:17:56] CWO Sarah salutes properly as well, though she blinks up as she notices the CAG. "Doesn't like some of us anyway."
[12:18:22] LT. Magna: "He looked pissed. Not sure why."
[12:18:25] 2 Lt. Komillia: Well. that explains him storming off, but the XO didn't look to happy about the CAG's reaction.
[12:19:22] Lt. Jaron takes a deep breath.
[12:19:40] Lt. Ishida thinks about that, and considers a response but bites her tongue.
[12:20:01] Lt. Ishida: It's political.
[12:20:10] Lt. Jaron nods "More drama"
[12:20:32] 2 Lt. Komillia: The universe would be so much better off without politics.
[12:21:00] GM: As if to accentuate this, various crew come forth to greet you with backslaps of congratulations and declarations of awe while others stand back, their arms crosses, other look on with disgust.
[12:21:28] CWO Sarah nods just a little bit. "Politics, bigotry, blanket judgments… a lot of things could be done without." She shrugs, and smiles at the ones greeting with congratulations.
[12:21:53] Lt. Jaron: (navy or marine?)
[12:21:58] GM: Sarah notices that at least two were of those 'on the fence'
[12:22:02] GM: Both
[12:22:18] GM: But more fleet than marine.
[12:23:01] Maj. Kavashera: You shifty bastards! We thought you were dead and gone. Ha!
[12:23:07] Lt. Fallnya prefers not to be slapped on the back so shakes hands
[12:23:20] Lt. Fallnya: "Should have known us better than that Sir"
[12:23:57] Maj. Kavashera: Look, you get your gear squared away, file your paper work and get your shit handled then come see me.
[12:24:16] Lt. Jaron: "Yes sir"
[12:24:24] Lt. Magna heads to the Med bay.
[12:24:27] Maj. Kavashera looks at Komillia
[12:24:30] CWO Sarah laughs a little. "Not quite gone. Benefit of sending crazy people down intro a crazy situation. Sir." She nods quickly then. "Yes, sir."
[12:24:31] Maj. Kavashera: And who are you?
[12:24:44] 2 Lt. Komillia stands and salutes.
[12:24:46] Lt. Ishida: Hai!
[12:25:34] 2 Lt. Komillia: 2nd Lt. Komillia Maeless, I was found in an escape pod that had been captured aboard a Haydonite ship. I've been serving with this group since.
[12:25:57] Maj. Kavashera: Hmm! Is that so?
[12:26:08] Maj. Kavashera: Well, you report as well.
[12:26:19] Maj. Kavashera: This your first time on a Shimakaze class?
[12:26:22] 2 Lt. Komillia: Yes, sir.
[12:26:29] 2 Lt. Komillia: Yes, sir.
[12:26:54] Maj. Kavashera: Stick on Fallnya's or Magna's ass then
[12:27:07] Maj. Kavashera: Don't be late
[12:27:19] Maj. Kavashera: See you all in 30 mikes!
[12:27:28] Lt. Ishida: 30 mikes Aye sir!
[12:28:22] Lt. Fallnya reports to the armory to turn in her side arm for cleaning and recharge. "Sir mind if i keep this in my room glassed up like the pistol?" *she shows him the rifle removing the clip in a fluid motion bringing it up.
[12:28:31] GM: John, you hit sick bay and Dr. Stravinsky notes your entry. "Oy! Vat is?"
[12:28:36] Lt. Fallnya: (err wait hold that till a moment later)
[12:29:12] Maj. Kavashera: You kill what you took that off of?
[12:29:16] Lt. Fallnya: (the legionnaire rifle that is)
[12:29:38] Lt. Fallnya: "Affirmative"
[12:30:03] Maj. Kavashera: Excellent, register it with the Sergeant at Arms and I'll sign your chit.
[12:30:18] Lt. Fallnya nods
[12:30:26] Lt. Jaron reports and squares his gear away
[12:30:29] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((I'm hitting the hay, my eyelids aren't faring so well at staying open.))
[12:30:39] Lt. Ishida: I would like to declare this the as well, same circumstances.
[12:30:49] Maj. Kavashera: Roger that,
[12:31:08] CWO Sarah nods quickly. "Yes, sir!" She practically bounces as she heads to check her gear and get it put away, or set wherever for repairs in the Cyclone's case. She puts all the spare ammo canisters away from the RL-6. She makes sure the rifle attachment and such are clean and proper for her Gallant, checking the pistol and holstering it properly. She nods quickly, and wanders back to Suki and Lurana before heading on to file her paperwork.


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