Campaign House Rules

House Rules

Combat Rolls: In combat, any roll 4 or below is an automatic failure.

Dodging: THIS IS ANIME! No attack is unavoidable, regardless of range, position or even logic. I SHALL CAST ASIDE YOUR REASON WITH MY PASSION!

  • Macross Missile Massacre (M3):

When determining strike bonuses for firing missiles you get to add the missile bonus (anywhere from nothing to +3, +5 in rare instances) plus your PP Bonus, if any. Additionally, for every 2 missiles above 10 the strike bonus increases by +1 (rounding DOWN). For Example: Suki fires 16 missiles at Mia for a total of +8 M3 strike bonus, the missiles have a stike bonus of +3, stacked with her PP bonus she has a total strike bonus of +19.

  • ALL Attacks:

When fighting enemies that are grouped together and fight as one unit, several weapons can be used to attack the entire group at once, doing 100% damage to the lead unit, and 60% to the rest. Such weapons include: Automatic weapons fired as a spray (-5 to strike), fire linked weapons of 3 or more, missile volleys of 4 or more.

  • Stunts:

If you are particularly descriptive of you actions, whether they be strikes, dodges, parries, etc., you may get a bonus to the roll between +1 and +3. GM discretion on how much of a bonus, if any, applies.

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