The Armies of Haydon
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The Haydonites, enigmatic, devious, and deadly.


Not much is known about the Haydonites outside of what they wished the UEEF to know. What is known, is that they are an ancient race, old when the Invid were young, and recognized the true power of Protoculture and the Flower of Life once it was discovered by Zor and refined into what would become the 'universal' power source for a galaxy spanning empire. One could even surmise that in their dealings with the Robotech Masters Empire that they had some hand in influencing the order to defoliate Optera. Appealing on the one hand to the paranoid nature of the Masters and on the other, eliminating the source.

It is also know that their mastery of technology is vast, able to create the Synchro Cannons, Shadow Cloaking Devices and the dreaded Neutron-S Missiles. This however raises more questions then it answers, for, if the Haydonite possessed such technology, why did they not eradicate the Invid themselves? This may never be known, but based on past events it is clear that the Haydonites are not infallible. This begs the question; 'Why would the Haydonites attack the UEEF, specifically the ships within the Omicron Sector? Why burn such a bridge?' The only reasonable answer, given current intelligence on their capabilities and motivations, would be that they were so sure that the Invid Regess would be consumed by the Neutron S Missiles that they felt confidant enough to begin their attack on the users of Protoculture without first confirming that Reflex Point, and consequently, the Sol System, had been destroyed.

Had this occurred, the Invid and the UEEF would have been left leaderless, ripe for the taking.

This broaches the issue of military strength. Now, beyond the original two Capital Ship Classes encountered by theUEEF, the Fantoma, and the Omicron, at least three other ship types have been noted, chief among them, the Asteroth Class Torpedo Frigate. Regards smaller weapon systems, the Wraith Interceptor, and the Infiltrator mecha, have been seen in concert with Reavers, Revenants, Shades, and Behemoths, more shocking and ultimately dangerous is the Haydonite usage of VQ-6X Shadow drones. Only time will tell if this is the majority of the Haydonite MToE, or if it is just the tip of the iceberg.

In terms of hierarchy, up until recently it was assumed that beyond the Haydonite 'God Head', The Awareness, and a caste of Generals, that the majority of the enemy forces followed a function over responsibility breakdown. With the capture of the 'Chaffa Core' more light has been shed upon the Haydonite military structure.

It has been learned that beyond a clearly defined rank structure that a second caste-like tier of functions also exists. At this time it is not known if Sect superseded Rank, or if Rank supersedes Sect. Note, that the term Sect has not been assigned by UEEF Intelligence assets, this is a term used by the Haydonites themselves. This and the rank names, also assigned by the Haydonites to their forces suggest a religious connotation that may be purely coincidental, or central to Haydonite culture.

Haydonite Rank UEEF Equivalent Haydonite Sect UEEF Equivalent
Votary Private Desiccator Infantry
Auditor Corporal Barrier Armor
Executor Sergeant Augmenter Supply
Vicar Lieutenant Transitor Flight Crew
Proctor Captain Adjudicator Internal Security
Adherent Major Inquisitor Intelligence
Rector Colonel Exemplar Elite
Prelate General Codex Communication

Based on available data the Haydonite Rank and Sect titles have been ascribed a UEEF analog. These are pure conjecture based on gathered data, and may or may not, accurately reflect the Haydonite hierarchical structure.

Haydonite Small Arms

Assault Rifle


Haydonite Assault Rifle

  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Range: 5,500 ft
  • Damage: 1D6x10+15 per 6 round burst
  • Payload: 180 rounds of flachette ammunition.

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Haydonite Mecha

Haydonite Imp

  • Class: Reconnaissance Sentry
  • Crew: None
  • MDC: 20

Weapons Systems

  • Targeting Laser
    • Range: 2 miles
    • Damage: 2D6 S.D.C. (Within 1,000ft) May cause temporary blindness on a strike over 15.
    • Payload: Effectively Unlimited
  • Self Destruct Charge
    • Range: Self
    • Damage: 2D4x10 to a 20 foot area
    • Payload: 1
  • Speed: 55mph
  • Flight: 100mph
  • Altitude Ceiling: 1,000ft
  • Size: About as big as a large grapefruit. (-12 to hit)

First recorded sighting on Tirol by detached Marines of the 33rd MEU off the UES Yukikaze, August 27th, 2044 on the T'sivar Peninsula.

Haydonite Space Craft

Asteroth Class Haydonite Torpedo Frigate

  • Ships Complement: 1 Transitor Sect Proctor (Captain), 1 Inquisitor Sect Adherent, 6 Transitor Sect Adherents, 2 Exemplar Sect Adherents, 3 Augmenter Sect Executor’s, 30 Augmenter Sect Votary’s.
  • Mecha Compliment: 20 Wraith fighters (CAP)

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The Asteroth is a new seen ship of the Haydonite Armada, with it's most striking feature being it's use of guided munitions. As this class of ship has never been encountered before the Phoenix's Long March it is not known whether this class of ship has employed guided munitions from the onset or if that is a byproduct of their conflict with the UEEF. The ship is roughly Y shaped with it's Torpedo launch bays within outrigger hulls to the left and right of the main central hull section. The ship is a compact design, roughly aerodynamic and possess excellent acceleration qualities.

Abaddon Class Haydonite Cruiser

The Abaddon Is a mid-range ship of the wall, and is usually seen at the center of smaller flotillas. These flotilla's are often attached to larger formations when the situation calls for it, but large set piece capital ship battles are a fleeting occurrence as the Haydonites most recent tactics are to hit and fade in smaller numbers. The Abaddon possess devastating forward firepower and relies on it's flotilla and CAP fighters to protect it's flanks. This ship also possess energy shielding, giving it staying power in ship to ship engagements versus comparable ship types and classes.

  • Ships Complement: 1 Transitor Sect Proctor (Captain), 1 Inquisitor Sect Adherent, 8 Transitor Sect Adherents, 12 Exemplar Sect Adherents, 27 Augmenter Sect Executor’s, 235 Augmenter Sect Votary’s.
  • Mecha Compliment:
    • 2 Wraith Squadrons (CAP)
    • 1 Shade Squadron

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Haydonite Weapons of Mass Destruction


  • Haydonite Bio(Mechanical) Weapon

The Miasma device is the Haydonite version of a chemical weapon. Under the direction of Lord Valtegos the Miasma project was originally conceived as a nano-machine swarm designed to prey on organic targets, i.e. the Invid. Since the Invid’s armor, mecha, and structures are also made of a bio-organic compound, Miasma would have served double duty as both an anti-personnel and anti-material weapon. The drawback was that Miasma required large amounts of refined Sekkitin Ore, and, at the time of initial conception, the only place to extract large quantities of Sekkitin was on Karbarra, a world held tightly in the grip of the Regents Invid.

With the arrival of the UEEF into Fantoma Space they, and their Protoculture powered mecha were attacked without a second thought by the Invid, this, and the fact that the UEEF’s Zentraedi allies harbored an inbred animosity towards the Invid, it was rather easy to convince the UEEF forces that the Invid were an intractable and insidious foe.

While the UEEF used Protoculture, the Haydonites looked at the overall picture and decided, rightly, that the UEEF was the lesser of two evils, and the favorite game of those who work from the shadows, that of ‘Lets you and him fight’, worked to their advantage, and allowed them to insinuate themselves with the UEEF since the UEEF had had no prior contact, and therefore no preconceived bias against the Haydonites.

With the Invid defeat Miasma was shuffled off to the back burner. However, with Karbarra liberated and free of the Invid, and in ‘allied’ hands, the needed Sekkitin Ore was readily available. Valtagos, knowing the ultimate designs of the Awareness to betray the UEEF for their unrepentant use of Protoculture, began the acquisition of the ore. The first task was simple enough, Valtagos, via proxies offered the beleaguered Karbarran mining industry technology and technical assistance. They various mining guilds happily agreed, giving Valtagos ready access to Sekkitin Ore without ever having to express a desire for it.

While the ore refining process was perfected and installed the most optimal delivery method were explored using initial test batches of Miasma. With a war still raging against Invid holdouts and other rogue elements as cover, numerous hapless individuals, of all races, were captured and used in horrific experiments to produce more potent munitions and vectors.

When the plan to eliminate the Invid Regess and the lion’s share of the UEEF fleet foiled at the 11th hour by the SDF-3’s stubborn refusal to die, the Awareness proceeded to Plan B. It was at this time that Valtagos ensured that Karbarra was attacked as well. Valtagos knew that the defenses of Karbarra were likely to hold, but his interest was not in holding the world but extracting as much Skettin Ore as possible from the mines the Haydonites had helped refurbish. His parting shot once the last of the ore he could reasonably expect to retrieve was folded out, was to launch a cluster of Miasma warheads over the UEEF facilities and Karbarran cities based along Karbarra’s equatorial regions. Thankfully this attack failed, and countless lives were saved. But, the true damage was done, and Valtagos had acquired enough ore to make thousands of Miasma weapons.

  • Weapon Effects:
    • Range: As per delivery method. Common vectors include Medium and Long Range Missiles which are able to disperse Miasma over large swaths of a battlefield. Each warhead can cover a ½ mile radius and will persist so long as there is biological mass within it to consume. Once the biomass has either been consumed or vacated the area the Miasma nanites become inert.
    • Damage vs. organic materials: 2d4x10 +4d4 per melee until all biomass has been consumed.
    • Damage vs. inorganic materials: 1d4x10 +2d4 per melee for 1d6 melees.
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