Glossary of Terms


  • Alley Cat: Slang for a person living in Moon Base ALuCE, primarily those that live in the more run down and seedier areas. See (Loonie)
  • Amazon: Slang for a Praxian.
  • Atmo: Short for Atmosphere.


  • Bear: Slang for a Karberran
  • Breeder Bait: Slang for a handsome male that is attractive enough to attract the attention of a Praxian Breeder.


  • Cat: Slang for a Garudan.
  • Cat: (Military) Short for catapult, the mechanism used to launch aircraft / mecha from it's host ship.
  • Crash Dive: Slang for the process of a fold capable ship dropping out of fold space and back into real space rapidly, usually as a result of the ships flight path intersecting a Fold Fault. See (Fold Fault)


  • Dirtside: Slang for the surface of a planet.
  • Dirtsider: Slang for a person that lives most or all of their life without ever having stepped foot off a planet. See (Dirtside)



  • Fanny: Slang for a person living or born within the Fantoma Sector.
  • Feddie: Slang for Confederation, or Sentinels Confederation. See (SenCon)
  • Fold: A form of faster then light travel common within the Sol and Fantoma Sector.
  • Fold Fault: A navigational hazard within Fold Space.
  • Fold Space: The medium of sup-space in which a Fold Capable ship transits during a Fold. See (Fold)


  • GSDF: Garuda Self Defense Fleet / Forces


  • Hit Atmo: Slang among UEMC troops to describe an 'amphibious landing' into the atmosphere of a planet. See (Atmo)




  • KNV Karberran Naval Vessel


  • Land of Oz (Oz): Slang for ORZ
  • Loonie: Slang for those that live on Luna, or at Moon Base ALuCE. See (Alley Cat)




  • ORZ: Opteran Recovery Zone. An exclusion zone of space 12 Light Minutes surrounding Optera, administered by the Praxian League.


  • PDF Pyrton Defense Fleet / Forces
  • PPB: Pin Point Barrier. Disk like shields used for ship defense. Steered either by computer control or an operator via trackball. Usually deployed an 'Arrays' of three to six disks, depending on the size of ship the system is mounted on.
  • Purge and Pop: Slang for the process of downloading the memory core of, then executing, a captured Haydonite prisoner.
  • Pup-Link: Slang for the Up-Link between a control station and a Vanquish drone.


  • QRF: Quick Reaction Force


  • REF Republic Expiditionary Fleet / Forces
  • Reservation(s): Slang for Invid Resettlement areas on Optera. See ORZ
  • RN Republic Navy (Tirolian)
  • RNS Republic Naval Ship


  • SenCon: Slang for Sentinels Confederation, the ruling body within the Fantoma Sector. See (Feddie)
  • 'Skimming the Plane': The act of traveling in fold-space very near to the hyperplane. Usually done on a Short Fold, or on ships with early or low power Fold Drives.
  • Slug Hugger: Derogatory Slang for an Invid sympathizer. See (Symp)
  • Slug Humper: Derogatory Slang for one who has or has had sex with an Invid.
  • Symp: Short for Sympathizer, means those that sympathizes with the alien de jour, (From 2011 to 2015 in meant those that sympathized with the Zentraedi, from 2020 to 2030 in meant those that Sympathized with the Robotech Masters, from 2030 on in meant those who sympathize with Invid, currently it means those that sympathize with the Haydonites.)


  • Toaster: Derogatory Slang for a Haydonite.





  • Xerox: Slang for a Tiresian Clone. The etymology is that Xerox, an old Earth corporation created copy machines, since clones are copies of people…



  • Z.I.P.: Zentraedi Integration Program: Created in 2012 by the UEG the Z.I.P. is tasked with acclimating Zentraedi that wish to join the UEG or live on Earth or any of her colonies with human culture. See (Zipper / Zipper Head)
  • Zipper / Zipper-Head: Derogatory Slang for a participant, past or present in the Z.I.P.
  • Zip Lock: Slang for those within the Z.I.P. that are considered irredeemable or unable to integrate and are 'locked' into the program.
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