War & Peace

Book II

Part One

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Part Two

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Part Three

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Book I

Baptism of Fire


Part 1: August 15th, 2044: 0800 hours.

The battle to retake Earth has begun, as the UEEF begins their assault on Reflex Point, the Invid Regess hurls the full host of her legions against the ‘attacking’ humans. As wave after wave of Invid fighter’s crash against the UEEF armada in space and against a full blown land invasion on the surface, heroes emerge, struggling against the unrelenting tide.

Lurana Fallyna, a young Zentraedi woman, fresh to the UEEF ranks, finds herself pitted against her races age old enemy. Suppressing her fear and doubt with reckless abandon she throws herself mercilessly at her foes.

Suki Ishida, following in her family’s footsteps, faces the enemy that drove her from her home with the cold calculating precision of her bushi upbringing.

Sarah Amdahl, a resistance fighter, unassuming, sweet, and kind, now thrust into the largest battle of her life, both physically and emotionally.

John Magna, an orphan of war, struggling to find his place. Determined to free the home world he barely knows from a foe that has taken everything from him.

Now, on the eve of humanities greatest test since the appearance of the Zentraedi some thirty five years ago, the die has been cast!

Part 2: August 15th, 2044: 1300 hours.

As the UEEF pushes forward, the enemy line falters, but, the Invid’s superior numbers begin to take their toll against the UEEFs advanced technology. Relying on age old swarming and kamikaze tactics, the Invid exact a terrible toll upon the UEEF liberators. On Earth as well as in orbit the Invid hurl themselves at the UEEF in wave attacks not seen since WWI and Korea, and despite the horrific losses incurred, the Invid are beginning to slowly turn the tide.
The heroes are among the first to note the Invid’s tenacity, as their war machines are in tatters, some even shot down by the seemingly never-ending reserve of Invid mecha.

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