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Player Questions

Lurana: Are there still some Zentraedi flag ships in the human fleet or were they all decommissioned by now?

GM: Yes, although the UEEF has tried to phase them out with newer designs, there are still some Zentraedi designs, but those are relegated to long patrols or as part of a static orbital defense net.

Lurana: Cause of the sheer power and size I presume?

GM: Yes, and maintenance would be a bitch, as well as the logistics behind having to feed a large Zentraedi crew. However, there are farm planets for Zentraedi sized meals and such, but they are few and far between, since most large Zentraedi food is a nutrient paste…there are a few full sized Zentraedi units as well, here and there, mainly on the frontier.

Lurana: I think by now 75% of Zentraedi are micronized, or otherwise still kept in stasis.

GM: No, in the UEEF, no Zentraedi are kept in stasis, as that is akin to slavery. Zentreadi NOT part of the UEEF however, well, all bets are off, their masters will do as they will.

Lurana: Ahh. What about the addiction for the lower cast?

GM: Micronized Zentraedi are by and large weaned off of it in detox programs, as have their larger companions. This has resulted in a slight dampening in combat bonuses and the like, that their drugged up non UEEF cousins still enjoy…

Long Answer:

The lions share of the captured Zentraedi ships of the Bodol Zer Main Fleet's 67th Glruimual class branch Britai (Adoclass) Fleet served as a stalwart defender of Earth as Reconstruction of the battered planet progressed. Some were lost in skirmishes with Malcontents, and no less then an entire Squadron folded for points unknown in late 2015. Other ships, those no longer fit for front line service were sent to Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, their hulls providing raw materials for construction of new Offworld bases.

Following on with the Gloval Doctrine, the UEG sent no less then 6 colony missions to nearby star systems during the years spanning 2014 to 2018. Escorting each of those fleets was a single Nupetiet-Vergnitzs Flagship and their supporting Battle Group (40 to 50 ships of varying class). As the preparations for the Pioneer Mission swung into high gear many other ships were cannibalized to provide materials for the new Ikazuchi, Tokugawa, Battle, and Tristar classes. After the departure of the SDF-3, Anetole Leonard, without the Hunters and much of the UEG council to protest, mothballed the vast majority of the remaining ships, sending them to rot in large orbital graveyards well away from Earth. Some however remained part of the Earth Defense Net though no longer on the front, having been relegated to functioning as support stations, their fold drives and engines stripped to power the ASC's, 'Human made' ships. Those few Zentraedi ships that remained combat worthy stood valiantly against the Robotech Masters and the Invid after them and were lost defending the Earth.

Currently the only place one can find a working Zentraedi ship of the line within the UEEF/UEG is in the service of the Colony Fleets, and on patrol along the 'Frontier'

Other Zentraedi Fleets are known to exist with untold numbers of vessels within their ranks.

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