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Will there be game this weekend? Will you be absent? Let us know!
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Game Schedule Changes
1751by VVoltronSVVVoltronSV
29 Jul 2012 19:17Jump!
Are you going to be Missing In Action?
2344by VVoltronSVVVoltronSV
02 Dec 2012 22:17Jump!
628by Chris TurleyChris Turley
02 Mar 2012 19:39Jump!
Put the GM to work! If you notice something amiss regards your character sheet post it here and I'll update it.
731by AreliusArelius
06 Jan 2011 04:15Jump!
General Discussion
Comments? Feedback? Bring it on!
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40119by AreliusArelius
04 Sep 2012 12:30Jump!
Have questions about the Game Universe? House rules? Ask away!
1566by AreliusArelius
24 Oct 2011 05:06Jump!
Book II Notepad
This is your 'Paper Brain' for Book II. Please make use of it during, before, and after sessions.
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45by CarrieWhitakerCarrieWhitaker
01 Jul 2013 00:23Jump!
12by Chris TurleyChris Turley
11 Jun 2012 14:23Jump!
Book II Game Hall
Feel free to create threads in here relating to Book II.
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11by CarrieWhitakerCarrieWhitaker
01 Jul 2012 22:12Jump!

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