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[09:07:22] Gen. Rienhardt: That ship you pulled out of the frying pan on your shakedown cruise, well, we couldnt do much for that world. By the time we were able to debrief the envoy the damage had been done. We were able to send a small flotilla, to 'show the flag' as it were, but we just didnt have the manpower and resources to be effective. Frankly, militarily speaking, that flotilla is so minimalist is arguably qualifies as modern art.
[09:07:38] GM: ((I HAD to use that line…had to))
[09:09:40] Gen. Rienhardt: But, what it lacked as a deterrent it more then made up for as an observer, and thanks to them we have a much better idea of the forces at work in the region.
[09:09:57] Gen. Rienhardt: Here's what we /do/ know…
[09:10:41] Gen. Rienhardt: There are three major factions. One youare familier with, the other two are as old, if not older, and all three date back to the Old Republic.
[09:12:56] Gen. Rienhardt: Each of these factions has subordinate houses that pay fealty to them. House Tszaurlain, with their vassel Houses Veijo, Makaal and Osdural. House Kridanack, yes, THAT Kridanack, with House Azik under them, and then, the one you know, House ASbillides, with Benalatak and Cavaan as their vassles.
[09:15:38] Gen. Rienhardt: The world that those envoys hailed from was non alligned, and if memory serves, House Makaal with support from Tszaurlain were the ones that forcibly annexed it.
[09:17:52] Gen. Rienhardt: It seems that the three major houses are working together as a loose confederation to rule the regaion we call the Eastern Expanses. Sdaly, they've had time to consolidate their powerbase, so much so that they have actual representation, if only at a provisional level in the Apella.
[09:20:36] WO Febrith Nyx: "I apologize for interupting on what is nitpicking, but what are you using as "Galactic North"? If it's the core, then technically, everything is the south…"
[09:22:34] Gen. Rienhardt: Now, geographically speaking, the EE rests between Tirol and the Settlers Gate. Econimically, they are exacting a high tarriff on all Republic trade missions passing thru the region. Not unlike old Earth mafia protection rackets, pay the juice 'so we can protect your ships from pirates'. They can get away with that becuase of their Apella seat.
[09:23:08] ** Cpt. Aylanea frowns severely at that. **
[09:23:14] ** Gen. Rienhardt Tirol is the center, core is north. So that region is to our east. **
[09:23:42] GM: whoops… not gonna retype, but you get it
[09:23:53] ** WO Febrith Nyx decides not to point out the obvious failings of that system. **
[09:24:08] GM: ((yeah, let that one go…lol))
[09:25:30] Capt Kain Crockett: "Is this even our jurisdiction? Has someone asked for help, or is this another war that is going to go on while the Invid do their thing?"
[09:26:04] Gen. Rienhardt: Certian, shall we say, non REF trade capable faction of course arent bound by Assemblage Law and have blow the last few pirate forays out of space…and might I add are raking in the credits as more and more Tiresian companies choose them to carry their goods.
[09:26:21] ** Gen. Rienhardt gives the ole palyful yet baleful stink eye to Ishida. **
[09:26:58] ** Gen. Rienhardt turns to Kain. **
[09:27:15] ** 2Lt. Sarah blinks over at Suki and almost laughs. **
[09:27:28] WO Febrith Nyx: "So this is asking for somethign a bit off the books?"
[09:28:01] Gen. Rienhardt: Techicially yes.
[09:28:13] ** Gen. Rienhardt says in reply ti Kain. **
[09:29:55] Gen. Rienhardt: There are still non aligned planets in the area, and we've fast tracked their entrance into the Apella, but this Eastarn Alliance is becoming expansionistic. One of their tactics is to foment a popular uprising, and either swoop in in support of the 'peoiple' or loan out their troops to the 'government faction' with all the strings attached.
[09:30:27] Gen. Rienhardt: Either way, fiat accompli and the world is theirs.
[09:31:18] Gen. Rienhardt: Hell some worlds have seen the writing on the wall and just give up, letting them walk in in the hopes that they can broker a sweetheart deal. needless to say, we look, and frankly /are/ ineffective.
[09:33:24] Gen. Rienhardt: Whats stayed our hand thus far is that we run the very real risk of having all of our trade thru the settlers gate cut off if we intervene in a half assed manner.
[09:33:50] Gen. Rienhardt: Which would be the case, well, was the case…u until recently.
[09:34:55] Gen. Rienhardt: What we need in that area is a powerful enough force to quite frankly, give them pause, and impose our will, as well as protect our shipping from whatever retaliatory measures they will likly bring to bear once they figure it out we are done pussy footing around.
[09:36:21] Capt Kain Crockett: "So we get to go in, and do what? Defame these racketeers, or blow them up to stop this nonsense?"
[09:37:25] ** 2Lt. Sarah glances over towards Kain a bit. **
[09:37:31] Gen. Rienhardt: Truthfully, I dont give a rats. I'd love to steamroll the lot of them, but I dont get to make that call. The Assembalge would like to have them as allies, not a knife at our backs.
[09:38:29] Gen. Rienhardt: Both options are a pipe dream, we simply do /not/ have the military power to utterly devestate them, nor are they likely to become buddy buddy any time soon.
[09:39:54] Gen. Rienhardt: What we /can/ do however, and what military force we /do/ have will allow…is to keep anymore non aligned or fast tracked worlds from folding.
[09:41:23] Gen. Rienhardt: So yes, Colonel (Lt.) I guess you could say, I'm about to task you with something of a conflict of interests.
[09:41:40] ** Gen. Rienhardt chuckles **
[09:42:06] Gen. Rienhardt: Sick of you reaping all the profits…share the love why dont you?
[09:42:08] WO Febrith Nyx: "So get one of us installed as a sovereign…"
[09:42:17] ** Gen. Rienhardt faceplams. **
[09:42:22] Gen. Rienhardt: No rare one, no.
[09:42:44] ** WO Febrith Nyx looks over to Ishida, "Not even her?" **
[09:42:51] ** 2Lt. Sarah lauighs just a little. **
[09:42:51] Gen. Rienhardt: Not even her.
[09:43:34] Gen. Rienhardt: Although, she may well have to take on the role of military govoner if the need arises…under Assemblage oversight.
[09:45:30] Gen. Rienhardt: Comparison wise…I think most approprite analog would be a twisted combination of ancinet Earth Italian warring city states and rebal armies in Africa.
[09:45:52] ** Gen. Rienhardt fixes all with a piercing gaze. **
[09:46:28] Gen. Rienhardt: It's /that/ ugly out there.
[09:48:12] ** Gen. Rienhardt holds out his now empty glass and Stevens materializes from the shadows and refills it (and any other empty or near empty glass) before withdrawing. **
[09:48:52] ** Gen. Rienhardt sips from his freshened glass awaiting the inevitable comments and questions. **
[09:50:10] Capt Kain Crockett: "I'm almost tempted to go find a new set of allies with some powerful ships and show up on their doorstep with said allies going "hi". Pipe dream, but probably a more reasonable one than teh Assemblage's two dreams."
[09:53:11] Gen. Rienhardt: We would need a lot of ships, militarily, the major houses hav access to a lot of hardware as well as a decent amount of Zentraedi soldiers loyal to them…whether they are fresh clones or co-opted leftovers from the last war or so back is yet to be determined.
[09:53:58] Gen. Rienhardt: Which is why any action by the REF has to walk a tightrope.
[09:54:23] ** 2Lt. Sarah frowns at that. **
[09:54:36] Gen. Rienhardt: Hell, two of those major houses, Asbillides and Tszaurlain have Motherships at their beck and call.
[09:55:00] Gen. Rienhardt: I believe you had the pleasure of visiting the Asbillides' ship.
[09:57:05] Gen. Rienhardt: As for House Kridanack, no mothership confirmed, but, thats the house who's gene stock created the most famous, to us at least, of their line…Breetai. Needless to say, their troops are /very/ well led.
[10:00:25] Capt Kain Crockett: "Not to pick wounds on our prime minister, but at this point a "Minmei Attack", hail mary play almost seems plausible."
[10:00:32] 2Lt. Sarah: (( brb parent needs fr a moment ))
[10:00:42] ** Gen. Rienhardt pauses and thinks. **
[10:01:03] Gen. Rienhardt: Thats a damn good question, we really havent had any need to use the MA since 2012.

Eastern Expanse by CarrieWhitakerCarrieWhitaker, 01 Jul 2013 00:23
December 2
VVoltronSVVVoltronSV 02 Dec 2012 22:17
in discussion Announcements / MIA » December 2

I may be late showing up, I have some things to do.

December 2 by VVoltronSVVVoltronSV, 02 Dec 2012 22:17
October 14
VVoltronSVVVoltronSV 14 Oct 2012 20:10
in discussion Announcements / MIA » October 14

I may be late today, it's crazy.

October 14 by VVoltronSVVVoltronSV, 14 Oct 2012 20:10


Sorry all for my departure. It seemed not to have helped the game. Chris, you do a fine job as GM; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. As I sit here and think about the game, one thing comes to mind; character growth. Most everyone has a flush character background and have built it up through the campaign. Maybe it time to start a new somehow or maybe its a burn out with the multiple characters. Just my two cents on that.

I wish I could get the time and motivation to get back into the game but not in the cards. I definitely miss playing Jaron over Alvaro but thats another can worms for another time :)

Re: Future of Campaign by AreliusArelius, 04 Sep 2012 12:30

I'm not unmotivated! I'm just a little bit shy about acting sometimes.

Case in point: This past week

I was hoping to see that after all the discussion on ship, that the message would be sent, I dunno, before we combat engaged a group we only truly knew was an 'up and coming merchant house', which sent forces to handle what they probably saw as an encroachment on their territory? But by the time I could say something, I didn't want to disrupt rolling inits, and it was already instantly said to roll, the moment they saw us.

That told me "this is not going to be resolved in any manner other than combat, nothing said on the ship means anything at this point." so I said nothing, and just rolled my init.

Admittedly, I fell asleep from lack of anti-depressant last night, and it wasn't normal on your end either with the broken AC.

Also, one random question about the updated setting: They tore apart the Haydonites and got all their protoculture… did they get anything else? I can think of a few times where getting the unsabotaged versions of the synchros and the shadow devices would have been helpful in context. :p :)

Another random note: With changes in group composition and ideas in the front, perhaps some ideas for plots that were dismissed as 'not working' before, might work better now?

I'm also wondering if I should make another character. Aylanea is basically a cameo role at this point due to being on the bridge as CAG most of the time.

Re: Future of Campaign by CarrieWhitakerCarrieWhitaker, 04 Sep 2012 07:11

Okay, so, last session left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. I don't know what is going on but the motivation factor seemed to have hit a new low, and mine in turn. As it stands I've tried to reduce the time consuming rolls and generally increased the stuff I take on as GM off camera in order to speed things up in game, as well as to present the needed information and set the proper mood. As GM's we put a lot of time into the game, it's setting, it's story and it's administration.

Those are the GM's role. The players role is to be attentive, and alert. It is not fair to the players if a GM is neither of those things and it's not fair to the GM if the players are likewise neither. Let me make this issue perfectly clear, Real Life trumps everything, we all know this, and that has not changed. However, be responsible, if real life is throwing you a loop and you know ahead of time that you are going to be absent or pulled away for a large portion of the game, just cancel on me, it's better to have a player down then to have everyone waiting for a post that not going to come. Same goes for me, if I know that I'm going to be slow on the draw then I'll call the game, and I have. We already agreed that we prefer the more dynamic 'live' aspect of role playing that OpenRPG provides. As it stands now, some sessions have felt as if we are playing by post.

If you are AFK, post it in room so we know. We can bypass and get back to you when you have returned. If there is no call for AFK I can only conclude that you are board, asleep, or are otherwise disengaged from the game. If boredom is the issue, well, then that means I've not been doing my job properly, so it is your duty to send me a side bar and inform me. I have restructured the game a few times already in order to quicken the pace and eliminate as much as I can of 'upkeep within game'. The game can always be tweaked further. If you identify a problem, let me know, but before you do, at least have a solution in mind. That's all I ask in that regard.

There are times when you get stuck in the game, especially when presented with things your character would be more then able to deal with but the player character is not. That is why we have skills. If you are stuck, roll the dice, but please, don't roll them blindly, have something in mind for me to impart to you. Going forward if there is not at least some basic over arching question attached to your skill roll, I'm going to assume your finger slipped and ignore it. Skill are there to help you get unstuck, they are not there to take the place of role playing. If I wanted to do that I'd have you roll each skill ten times on Saturday and then use them to write a novella for you to read on Sunday. Not going to happen.

I don't know what more I can say on this. If you feel that anything mentioned is disingenuous, unfair, or just plain wrong, let me know. I'm doing my level best here, but when it feels as if the players are unmotivated, that begs the question, why? If it's something on my end, let me know, with suggested solution so it can be fixed. If it isn't well, it makes me wonder if my commitment isn't better placed elsewhere.

Future of Campaign by Chris TurleyChris Turley, 03 Sep 2012 21:39

I have posted to the sites welcome / front page two spreadsheet that calculate speed and distance, missile volleys and sensor ranges.

Have fun!

Spreadsheets by Chris TurleyChris Turley, 24 Aug 2012 14:43

If I don't show, it's because I'm not feeling well. I hope to show up, but I won't if I'm throwing up.

August 19, Maybe by VVoltronSVVVoltronSV, 19 Aug 2012 22:34
August 12th
AreliusArelius 12 Aug 2012 23:19
in discussion Announcements / MIA » August 12th

Sorry but will be a no show tonight, under the weather. Have fun all.

August 12th by AreliusArelius, 12 Aug 2012 23:19
August 5th
AreliusArelius 05 Aug 2012 03:35
in discussion Announcements / MIA » August 5th

I might not be able to make it tomorrow; if I do I will probably have to leave early.

August 5th by AreliusArelius, 05 Aug 2012 03:35
Re: Out on 28th
VVoltronSVVVoltronSV 29 Jul 2012 19:17
in discussion Announcements / Schedule » Out on 28th

No problem, GMing can be stressful and if you are already in a high-stress moment, running a game will not be fun. So enjoy doing whatever.

Re: Out on 28th by VVoltronSVVVoltronSV, 29 Jul 2012 19:17
Out on 28th
Chris TurleyChris Turley 29 Jul 2012 04:24
in discussion Announcements / Schedule » Out on 28th

I know it's tantamount to being last minute, but I really need a 'personal day'. I have lots of stuff that I need to take care of on Sunday, as well as other things I need to decompress from. Sorry about the late notice.


Out on 28th by Chris TurleyChris Turley, 29 Jul 2012 04:24
Re: July 22nd
AreliusArelius 23 Jul 2012 01:57
in discussion Announcements / MIA » July 22nd

Sorry, I dont see the game on my openrpg

Re: July 22nd by AreliusArelius, 23 Jul 2012 01:57
Re: July 22nd
AreliusArelius 23 Jul 2012 00:34
in discussion Announcements / MIA » July 22nd

Late as well traffic accident at mcdonalds now b 30mins

Re: July 22nd by AreliusArelius, 23 Jul 2012 00:34
July 22nd
VVoltronSVVVoltronSV 22 Jul 2012 19:28
in discussion Announcements / MIA » July 22nd

There is a possibility that I may be late. I have a family dinner to attend, and have no idea when it'll start much less be over. So if I'm not there on time, I'm just simply unreachable and at a family thing.

July 22nd by VVoltronSVVVoltronSV, 22 Jul 2012 19:28

This is the size comparison for that stuff

Size Comparison by CarrieWhitakerCarrieWhitaker, 01 Jul 2012 22:12

Got power, so should be good to go.

I dont have power at home due to severe storm last night. Unlikely to be fixed due to down trees and lines. So unless a miracles happens, wont be there.


June 1st, 90% going to miss by AreliusArelius, 30 Jun 2012 16:04
Chris TurleyChris Turley 18 Jun 2012 14:02
in discussion Book II Notepad / Campaign Notes » Errata

Upon reviewing my notes I noticed I indeed did forget something.

Along the Kokiri / Garuda run a distress beacon was picked up off of a ransacked Garudan Freighter. You also picked up some lifeboats from that freighter and the rescued crew tell you that they were set upon by a Taul Detral destroyer. They abandoned ship flying off in their lifeboats escaping capture. Their cargo was mechanical parts and supplies bound for Kokiri. Their ship was hit a few days ago. (From point of pick up.)

To answer the logical question. No, the Taul you just shot up does not match the description of the one that attacked the Garudan freighter.

The Garudan crew, as well as the intell you have from Kokiri and other sources tell you that Taul Detrel and Tou Redir (Zent picket ships) are common pirate ships due to their mass production numbers. Consider them the AK-47s of the shipping world, cheap, effective, everywhere.

Errata by Chris TurleyChris Turley, 18 Jun 2012 14:02
Sector Map by Chris TurleyChris Turley, 17 Jun 2012 23:47
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