• DESRON 14 is comprised of six Shimikaze Class Battlecrusiers. However, only two, the Yukikaze and the Miyuki, mount a forward firing Reflex Cannon. The other four are pre-refit variants. The four, ‘Snub-Nosed’ ships instead mount an array of torpedo tubes within the forward hull. Never the less, these craft are extremely deadly and together comprise a formidable ‘Wolf Pack’.

SDBC-55 UES Shimikaze (DESRON 14 Flagship)

Commanding Officer: Commodore Thaddeus Wilder

SDBC-77 UES Yukikaze

Commanding Officer: Captain Sandra Reinard

SDBC-47 UES Asagiri

Commanding Officer: Captain David Fowler

SDBC-38 UES Miyuki

Commanding Officer: Commander Nathan Cleere

SDBC-96 UES Nokaze

Commanding Officer: Commander Anton Hopf

SDBC-63 UES Tokiwa

Commanding Officer: Captain Karin Antenesse

  • DESRON 14 reports to COMCARGRP 3 (Commander Carrier Group 3) Rear Admiral Edward Shelly and is tasked with protecting the Phoenix Battle Group and the UES Phoenix herself.

Motto: Audere Est Facere “To Dare is to do.”

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