Full Name: Danae Oceon
Nickname: Oh-Cee
Call Sign:
Race: ½ Human, ½ Praxian
Age: 23
Birth Date: October, 22, 2022
Birthplace: Mars base, Sol System
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Birth Order: Middle
Parents and Siblings: Alive and well; poor relationship.

Psychology Profile:

She doesn’t trust anyone until they have proven themselves trustworthy and loyal many times over. Danae is secretive. She seems friendly enough at first, but often very distant. She doesn’t really believe in love, just sees sex as a means to solve a basic need. She is uncomfortable in large groups and becomes very nervous. Her work is the only place that she truly finds comfort. She tries to balance the traditions and teachings of both her heritages. She is deeply saddened by the unresolved conflicts with her family.

Views on Earth:

Danae thinks it’s time to call it quits on Earth. Yes, Earth is special because it is the birthplace of human civilization and her father, but it has been decimated by aliens time and time again. She thinks that it maybe time to rescue as many people as possible, take them to colonies on other worlds, and cut our losses. Those that decide to stay can fend for themselves.

Views on Aliens:

Danae hates exploring strange or alien worlds and places. She doesn’t have any problems with meeting new aliens themselves as long as their on familiar territory to her such as the ships in the UEEF Fleet or her home planets, i.e. Praxis, Earth, and Mars.

Views on War:

Danae hates war, but has come to accept that there will always be wars as long as people can’t learn to set their differences aside and work together. Both her parents home worlds have been invaded, and because of this she will not hesitate to help defend her people (humans and Praxians) despite the fact that she hates it. She will look for a peaceful solution if possible, a lesson taught to her by her mother.

Medical Profile:

Danae is paranoid. Her paranoia will sometimes make her lash out if she feels threatened. This has resulted in her having a few almost unnoticable scars from minor injuries. She has a tattoo on her calf of a Saurofelis with its tail wrapping around her ankle area.

Military History:

  • Promoted to Corporal (E-4): June 12, 2045
  • Assigned to 2nd Marine Division: UEEF: Fantoma Sector AO
  • Assigned to Combat Logistics Battalion 12 (CLB-12): Karberra
  • Detached Duty: ADFS-606 Valley Mistress
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