Chapter 3 Mission Briefing.

UES Yukikaze: Main Hanger Deck: 0630 hours

“This bastard crash landed a few days back while you were gone, TDF shot her down close over the pole and she ended up here. What has high command worried is what you see here. The local magistrate thinking he’d snap up some prime salvage sent some of his boys in to secure the area, the Haydonites had other plans.” He points to the wrecked bioroids.

“Latest flyovers have shown the activity in the area…” He brings up a new image, the Wraiths are absent but the image is otherwise unchanged (outside of sun position etc.) “…has petered off.”

“You guys are going to head down on ‘Stomper’ and take a poke around. We have all the aerial recon we can eat over the area, but what we don’t have, are boots on the ground. That’s where you come in. Go in small, Cyclone and Silverbacks, and see what you can see. Keep us updated. The Major’s looked over your record, seems you work well together, in a dysfunctional way, so, this should be no sweat.”

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