Chapter 9


VVoltronSV (7:48:01 PM): It's been three weeks since the capture of the Factory Satellite, much of the Magellan's support fleet has been filled out with slightly modified Zentraedi designs and material and personnel shortages have gone the way of the dodo bird thanks to G-95s store houses and hibernating Meltrans.
VVoltronSV (7:48:24 PM): See the Meltrandi ship section for details
diggers316 (7:48:43 PM): All the men on ship love us now since we brought a station load of nookie back with us lol
Lurana Skyblaze (7:49:47 PM): (waits for what I'm suppose to be doing)
VVoltronSV (7:50:02 PM): The Haydonites have kept the harassment of the Magellan to just that: harassment. And the UEEF is overjoyed to have another Protoculture Matrix courtesy of G-95.
CrashCarrie (7:50:19 PM): (lol @ Chris)
VVoltronSV (7:50:29 PM): [At this moment I'm setting up the scene, you'll get a chance to interact here shortly.]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:50:42 PM): (k)
VVoltronSV (7:51:33 PM): [BTW, we'll be using the system of where you get to make one attack and then move on to the next turn, etc.]
CrashCarrie (7:52:29 PM): (where everyone makes one attack, then the next, and the next, until people run out of actions?)
diggers316 (7:52:37 PM): ^_^
VVoltronSV (7:53:38 PM): Melanie has been out of sight for several days, and rumor is that Revan is now branded a traitor. Sanchez has called the Tigers together to discuss recent developments after some much deserved R&R.
VVoltronSV (7:53:42 PM): [Yes.]
diggers316 (7:54:03 PM): [Rwar&Rwar?]
CrashCarrie (7:54:44 PM): [lol]
VVoltronSV (7:57:03 PM): It's the same lab as the one you meet Melanie in from time to time, and Sanchez is looking like a rather smug bug while Melanie is literally glowing with a pleasant blue aura. There are also several people you don't recognize including one woman with Admiral stars on.
Lurana Skyblaze (7:58:56 PM): (guess it would be a bad idea to come in wearing my ceremonial Praxian armor lol)
diggers316 (7:59:03 PM): bad call …yes
diggers316 (7:59:20 PM): But your CO, Suki, would have made sure you were in your Class A's
VVoltronSV (7:59:34 PM): Sanchez: Hello, everyone I'm under orders to let everyone introduce themselves before moving on. Let's start with our Praxian addition to the Tigers. Then we'll move on to others.
VVoltronSV (7:59:57 PM): [Actually, no it wouldn't be a bad idea, as the admiral would respect such species pride.]
diggers316 (8:00:19 PM): [ahh but Suki is a protocol nut sooo]
VVoltronSV (8:00:43 PM): [you'll sort of get along with new admiral swimmingly.]
Lurana Skyblaze (8:01:14 PM): "Perionial Guard Kitsumi, i believe my rank in your culture is 1st Lt."
Lurana Skyblaze (8:01:44 PM): (would have worn her ceremonial armor to spite Suki for fun :P)
diggers316 (8:01:50 PM): [funny how a Praxian has a Japanese name…. /shifty eyes]
VVoltronSV (8:03:21 PM): The admiral is a tall but somewhat slender build and only potential sign of age is the almost white colored hair stands up and give a quick crack of her whip.
diggers316 (8:03:46 PM): [whip…what, we have Sharyl Nome in here?]
CrashCarrie (8:04:01 PM): [LOL]
VVoltronSV (8:04:08 PM): [Franziska von Karma actually…]
diggers316 (8:04:52 PM): [ya ta]
VVoltronSV (8:07:03 PM): Glorious: I am Admiral Glorious Morning, or at least that's how it translates into English. And yes you will refer to me as Admiral Morning when I'm on duty and off duty. I am full-Meltrandi and have a deep respect ingrained into military protocol. However, as this is to be a Special Forces and Prototype-proving unit, I am willing to relax the protocol, but not to the point of foolishness tolerance.
diggers316 (8:07:22 PM): [OBJECTION!]
diggers316 (8:07:50 PM): [sorry, couldn't resist, I'll hush now]
VVoltronSV (8:08:27 PM): Glorious then whips a young man with red haired man with a cross shaped scar on his cheek, "You will introduce yourself now."
diggers316 (8:09:26 PM): Suki stands to attention and salutes crisply "I am Captain Suki Ishida, 145th Tigers Commanding Officer ma'am!"
VVoltronSV (8:12:18 PM): Apollo stands slightly hunched as if he hasn't stood straight most of his life, he also looks to be in his early teens: I'm 2nd Lt. Apollo Apolonious. I fly a customized Lancer II.
VVoltronSV (8:12:48 PM): Apollo sniffs the air around Sarah: "You don't smell like anything I'm familiar with…"
diggers316 (8:12:49 PM): [whoops, nm, thought she was asking US to introduce our selves…] disregard]
VVoltronSV (8:13:41 PM): [Not a problem.]
CrashCarrie (8:14:05 PM): Sarah… blinks just a little as she's sniffed around, cocking her head slightly.
VVoltronSV (8:14:50 PM): Glorious whips Apollo in the back of the head and mutters something about the boy being raised by beasts.
diggers316 (8:18:05 PM): Suki scowls somewhat at the treatment poor Apollo is receiving
VVoltronSV (8:19:17 PM): A tall man of Japanese decent with long orangish-brown hair with handsome features in spite of the patch over his right eye stands and bows. "Konichiwa, I am 1st Lt. Yuudai Saito. I pilot a Bioroid Interceptor presently with skills in sniping, investigation and explosives."
diggers316 (8:19:39 PM): [ha HA! Saito is BAaaaaack!
CrashCarrie (8:22:12 PM): [eek]
CrashCarrie (8:22:35 PM): Sarah frowns at the treatment of Apollo as well, blinking as she sees Saito.
VVoltronSV (8:22:40 PM): Glorious: "Sadly the rest of your unit is currently being held up by bureaucracy, and I have other duties to attend. Sanchez we are departing. Lt. Col. McGregor, I leave the lot to you. Don't injure them more than necessary I want some private time with them when I'm off-duty."
diggers316 (8:23:23 PM): Suki cocks her head at that last part.
VVoltronSV (8:23:26 PM): Melanie, after Glorious and Sanchez leaves: If ever there were a picture of a double entendre…
CrashCarrie (8:23:56 PM): Sarah gulps very softly at the declaration of wanting private time, blinking to Melanie then.
VVoltronSV (8:23:57 PM): [Free Rp time, so all can actively join in.]
VVoltronSV (8:24:31 PM): [entendre, I mean]
diggers316 (8:24:40 PM): Suki: "She doesn't mean what I think she means does she?" Suki asked, with a slightly horrified look on her face
VVoltronSV (8:25:13 PM): Melanie: Maybe, I can't quite read her. Though her accidental breast grab of me might not have been accident.
CrashCarrie (8:25:40 PM): Sarah just… stares.
diggers316 (8:25:44 PM): Suki steps a little closer to Sarah. "Oh, I see."
Lurana Skyblaze (8:25:52 PM): Kitsumi finally relaxes shaking her arms loose rubbing her arms just above the wrist components of her armor before turning to Suki to smirk having disobeyed her order to wear "Class A's"
diggers316 (8:27:00 PM): Suki sighs "Well, you made a correct call in wearing your traditional garb dear Kitsumi, but, you did disobey me, 1 lap around the ship when we are done here, in full gear
VVoltronSV (8:27:29 PM): Melanie: I'm still waiting to see how you all respond to the mecha on the datapads with your names on them.
diggers316 (8:27:45 PM): Suki picks up hers and reads it
VVoltronSV (8:27:56 PM): Saito just raises an eyebrow: Does that include me and Apollo as well?
VVoltronSV (8:28:19 PM): [If you can't guess the mecha are the new ones you all wanted last week.]
diggers316 (8:28:31 PM): [Squeeeeeee!]
Lurana Skyblaze (8:28:35 PM): "If you think you can get me down to do it i will, Kitsumi picks up the datapad with her name on it and exams it.
Lurana Skyblaze (8:29:02 PM): Kitsumi nods figuring the assignment of the prototype given the fact she flew the dam thing here
Lurana Skyblaze (8:29:05 PM): :P
diggers316 (8:29:14 PM): Suki looks at Kitsumi "2 laps."
CrashCarrie (8:30:10 PM): Sarah glances towards Suki and Kitsumi, looking slightly amused and cocking her head at the listing on the datapad. Her wonder isn't out loud, but she wonders if a longer range radio is either in or was put in.
VVoltronSV (8:30:22 PM): Apollo still grumbling about Glorious: Cocky bitch. And the laps sound like fun, care if I join tugging an old Destroid along.
diggers316 (8:31:00 PM): "A splendid Idea, and please, keep an eye on Kitsumi for me, make sure she fulfills her obligations."
Lurana Skyblaze (8:31:08 PM): "I suppose, i guess she wants me to get faster or stronger one…"
diggers316 (8:31:09 PM): fulfills*
CrashCarrie (8:31:46 PM): Sarah frowns at Apollo then. "Why exactly does she do that, anyway?" She sighs a little bit. "And in regards to me not smelling like anyone, well, I'm not like most people." She shrugs.
Lurana Skyblaze (8:33:29 PM): "Specially given that i broke one of the punching bags 2 days ago I'm surprised she hasn't had me cleaning the rec hall to…"
diggers316 (8:33:53 PM): "After lunch Kitsumi, after lunch." Suki winks
Lurana Skyblaze (8:34:11 PM): Hey your the one who said give it all i got
diggers316 (8:34:29 PM): "That I did."
VVoltronSV (8:34:39 PM): Apollo: Oh, well, I was sort of raised in the woods, my first contact with another sentient life form besides Baron wasn't until about three years ago. So she's trying to be motherly in the only way she knows how. Or at least that's how the Doc describes it.
diggers316 (8:34:57 PM): "Do you appreciate the whipping?"
CrashCarrie (8:35:48 PM): Sarah cocks her head a little. "Baron? And that isn't the proper way to be motherly, no."
VVoltronSV (8:36:05 PM): Apollo: I just called her a crazy bitch… But I've dealt with worse, I've had a Monster Destroid step on me and here I am.
Lurana Skyblaze (8:36:38 PM): "Ahh then we should get along…" Kitsumi shows Apollo what she pilots
diggers316 (8:36:40 PM): "Doesn't answer my question Apollo-kun"
VVoltronSV (8:36:43 PM): Saito: Well, she is Meltrandi only recently converted, so that may very well be the only way she knows.
Lurana Skyblaze (8:36:49 PM): Just don't stand under me"
VVoltronSV (8:37:21 PM): Apollo: Sure it does, if I liked it I wouldn't call her a crazy bitch.
diggers316 (8:37:32 PM): Suki turns to Melanie. "Apollo is in our squadron now correct?"
CrashCarrie (8:37:43 PM): Sarah BLINKS at the idea of a Destroid stepping on him. "Er… ow." She shivers a little and glances to Suki and Melanie, blinking.
VVoltronSV (8:38:12 PM): Melanie: Him, Saito, Justicia and Jacobs.
VVoltronSV (8:38:31 PM): Apollo: I'm tougher than I look.
diggers316 (8:38:41 PM): Suki: "Very well then, so long as you are under my command, you let me know if she strikes you, and I will deal with it."
VVoltronSV (8:38:52 PM): Melanie: He somehow psychically reinforces his own body to superhuman levels.
diggers316 (8:39:18 PM): Suki "Still, I won;t have a member of my team beaten, regardless of his ability to shrug it off."
VVoltronSV (8:40:23 PM): Saito: Careful, I think there's a bit of a dominatrix in that Admiral. Don't be surprised if you end up shackled and whipped for her amusement when you go to deal with Apollo's whippings.
diggers316 (8:41:05 PM): Suki laughs a little "I hope it wont come to that, as she herself professed her love for protocol, she should practice what she preaches."
VVoltronSV (8:41:27 PM): Saito also seems to blushing slightly and trying NOT look at Kitsumi.
CrashCarrie (8:41:29 PM): Sarah winces a little at that. "I'll count myself glad that I'm hard to shack up and whip, really." She shivers at the thought.
diggers316 (8:42:00 PM): "Besides, I'm your CO, it's my job to keep you safe."
VVoltronSV (8:42:21 PM): Melanie: You'd be surprised what your willing to do after a glass of Praxian Ale…
Lurana Skyblaze (8:42:36 PM): Kitsumi finally removes her armored helmet finally and shucks her long raven black hair down
VVoltronSV (8:42:58 PM): Mel: Or was that wine?
Lurana Skyblaze (8:42:59 PM): (rolling for charm/impress 86% and 55% trust/intimidate)
OnlineHost (8:43:07 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 29
OnlineHost (8:43:15 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 21
OnlineHost (8:43:16 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 60
Lurana Skyblaze (8:43:32 PM): (first 3 charm/impress)
OnlineHost (8:43:35 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 5
OnlineHost (8:43:35 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 93
OnlineHost (8:43:40 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 81
Lurana Skyblaze (8:43:46 PM): (2nd 3 trust/intimidate)
diggers316 (8:43:59 PM): Suki finishes looking at her pad, then looks up at Melanie. "I have a suggestion Colonel, you might like it."
CrashCarrie (8:44:18 PM): [fail x2 on trust/intimidate]
VVoltronSV (8:45:49 PM): [Saito is already blushing and is now trying to stay seated. A curious strain appears on Apollo's pants, and Mel's eyes are turning to a rather odd shade of pink…]
CrashCarrie (8:46:15 PM): [rotfl]
diggers316 (8:46:21 PM): Suki looks at Sarah "Well, she's got them whipped…"
VVoltronSV (8:46:21 PM): Melanie: What is it?
Lurana Skyblaze (8:46:24 PM): "Ummm what are you all staring at?"…
VVoltronSV (8:46:47 PM): [PB 29 would do that to people…]
CrashCarrie (8:46:49 PM): [curious stain you mean? ;-)]
VVoltronSV (8:47:13 PM): [no strain, but I did almost go that direction.]
Lurana Skyblaze (8:47:19 PM): (28… bad enough)
VVoltronSV (8:47:29 PM): [typo]
CrashCarrie (8:47:40 PM): Sarah laughs a little to Suki and nods just a bit. "Guess so…"
diggers316 (8:48:18 PM): "You mentioned that you found out Revan had sold two Praxians into slavery. Well, as we are now defined as a Special Forces testing unit, what better way to get all familiar with our abilities then by finding out who he sold them to, and retrieving them." She looks at the unit "Might be a good way to test our mecha, and ourselves on a righteous op, might not be able to undo everything he has done, but, one small victory…"
VVoltronSV (8:49:02 PM): [A Tenchi solution may appear]
CrashCarrie (8:50:43 PM): [lol]
Lurana Skyblaze (8:50:58 PM): (sept in the revers in this situation :P)
VVoltronSV (8:51:25 PM): Melanie: I'm actually ahead of you on that one, and that op is in a few days. We first need to do some shake downs on your mecha before that, try to catch some potentially fatal design flaws before that operation.
VVoltronSV (8:51:55 PM): Melanie: That and Section 9 still need to get the exact coordinates to the Slaver base…
Lurana Skyblaze (8:51:56 PM): "Mine or hers?" Kitsumi casually gestures to Suki
VVoltronSV (8:52:29 PM): Melanie: Yours as in the plural, all of you.
CrashCarrie (8:53:08 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit. "Fatal design flaws or just necessary adjustments anyway." She glances up to Melanie then. "Any sign of a long range radio in my new one, or was one put in?"
Lurana Skyblaze (8:53:25 PM): "Oh, last i knew there was a problem with the AI subroutines… it kinda tried to make my CVR do things while i was in it…"
diggers316 (8:54:16 PM): Suki facepalms
Lurana Skyblaze (8:54:24 PM): "What?"
VVoltronSV (8:54:25 PM): Saito does a nose bleed.
Lurana Skyblaze (8:54:52 PM): "Did i say something wrong?"
CrashCarrie (8:55:12 PM): Sarah blinks slightly and cocks her head a little bit.
diggers316 (8:55:12 PM): Suki "I told you, you did that yourself, CVR can't be controlled by an AI, it's not powered…"
Lurana Skyblaze (8:55:36 PM): (i thought CVR-3 was a minor power armor?)
Lurana Skyblaze (8:55:44 PM): (temp control etc etc)
diggers316 (8:55:44 PM): [nope]
VVoltronSV (8:55:53 PM): Apollo: The pheromones in here are getting a little overwhelming…
Lurana Skyblaze (8:56:28 PM): (funny any time i read up on power armors it states that any armor that has its own internal systems even if it doesn'ttaugmentt the wearers str itsconsideredd such)
CrashCarrie (8:57:32 PM): [*pokes the GM*]
diggers316 (8:57:38 PM): [powered means the joints and limbs are power assist, CVR might have climate control etc, but it's just a suit of armor…]
Lurana Skyblaze (8:58:06 PM): (Ahh i was thinking it was similar to the starship troopers armor in the old CGI series)
diggers316 (8:58:19 PM): [nope sahwee]
Lurana Skyblaze (8:58:23 PM): (powered to a point but no over powering str boost etc)
VVoltronSV (9:00:41 PM): Melanie: At any rate we'll have the Messiah, Kaiser Monster, Invid Overlord Kai, Thunderbolt Star Fury, and the Sniper out for patrol duty tomorrow with some of G-95's Primary Defense Drones for target practice.
VVoltronSV (9:00:52 PM): [AFK]
Lurana Skyblaze (9:02:17 PM): "Finally combat trials"
CrashCarrie (9:02:59 PM): Sarah just nods and shrugs, glancing to Apollo and cocking her head before smiling to Suki and Kitsumi. "Combat trials should be easy. It's the real thing that tends to be hard."
diggers316 (9:03:08 PM): "Excellent, well, rest up everybody, Kitsumi-chan, you have laps to run."
CrashCarrie (9:03:46 PM): Sarah snickers very softly at that and stretches out.
Lurana Skyblaze (9:04:51 PM): "Like i said, only if you can get me down there to do so, I've got other protocols to do with the techs at my Veritech
diggers316 (9:05:55 PM): Suki reaches up and takes Kitsumi bu the elbow." Follow me please.
Lurana Skyblaze (9:06:43 PM): Kitsumi would counter the grab at her elbow by pinning the hand in it and spinning around behind Suki and puts her in a headlock(
diggers316 (9:06:55 PM): hmm, roll strike
VVoltronSV (9:07:15 PM): Need another/
OnlineHost (9:07:22 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
OnlineHost (9:07:32 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 10
diggers316 (9:07:35 PM): +11
Lurana Skyblaze (9:07:59 PM): (total 22)
diggers316 (9:08:13 PM): what your bonus?
Lurana Skyblaze (9:08:23 PM): +11)
diggers316 (9:08:33 PM): sheesh….
CrashCarrie (9:08:39 PM): [lol]
VVoltronSV (9:08:44 PM): [she has high stats…]
CrashCarrie (9:08:45 PM): [guess I just suck]
CrashCarrie (9:08:50 PM): [;-)]
diggers316 (9:09:02 PM): Suki will twist out, break free, attempt
VVoltronSV (9:09:03 PM): [Play smarter, not roll harder.]
OnlineHost (9:09:13 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
diggers316 (9:09:18 PM): +9
Lurana Skyblaze (9:09:25 PM): Kitsumi would let her go actually
OnlineHost (9:09:40 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
VVoltronSV (9:09:53 PM): +18
Lurana Skyblaze (9:10:12 PM): (whats that roll for?)
diggers316 (9:10:20 PM): well find out soon enough lol]
CrashCarrie (9:10:54 PM): [uhoh]
CrashCarrie (9:11:10 PM): [Darth Melanie likely]
CrashCarrie (9:11:15 PM): [;-)]
diggers316 (9:11:22 PM): [prolly]
VVoltronSV (9:11:25 PM): Melanie telekinetically lifts both parties into the air. "Ladies, play nice. Kitsumi, go run laps with Apollo. Suki, offer to take care of the paper work of your subordinate if you want her to RUN AROUND an entire city twice."
CrashCarrie (9:12:09 PM): [and I guess right]
diggers316 (9:12:18 PM): "That was what I had intended ma'am." Suki says as she finds herself floating, and, rather enjoys the sensation, as gravity for the moment, is being kind to her chest.
VVoltronSV (9:12:38 PM): [lol]
Lurana Skyblaze (9:13:07 PM): Kitsumi would have dropped her naginata at the sudden lift as it nearly lands on carries toes with the sharp point( "hey don't do that…"
VVoltronSV (9:13:20 PM): Saito: Remind me never to get on you bad side oh Ancient Zoalord."
VVoltronSV (9:13:25 PM): Melanie: Hush you.
CrashCarrie (9:13:32 PM): Sarah just laughs a little bit a the whole thing., glancing up towards Melanie and laughing even harder. "Babysitting small children can be so hard, yes?
diggers316 (9:13:59 PM): Suki snickers "I'm no…well, yeah…I'm small."
VVoltronSV (9:14:02 PM): Melanie: Only when you can't lift mecha with but a thought.
Lurana Skyblaze (9:15:02 PM): "small to me any way" Kitsumi gives Suki a playful shove while floating
CrashCarrie (9:15:55 PM): Sarah nods, laughing up at Suki then and rolling her eyes. "No smaller than me, anyway…" She just shakes her head. "I'd join you, but I'm happy on the ground."
diggers316 (9:15:55 PM): On a serious note, Suki is very disappointed with Kitsumi right now, and it shows.
VVoltronSV (9:16:59 PM): Apollo is hooking himself up to a Spartan Destroid via a harness: "I'm ready to go whenever you are Kitsumi."

The Next Day…

VVoltronSV (9:19:57 PM): On the next day, the new mecha launch from the Tigers' hangar bay. The five machines look kind of odd in a group but have few problems flying in formation.
Lurana Skyblaze (9:20:38 PM): Kitsumi would be tailing behind a bit unable to keep up to the smaller fighters when they press it above a certain limit and prolly has the Invid fighter riding straddle atop her shuttle looking fighter
diggers316 (9:21:57 PM): Suki will push her mecha to the limit and beyond, throwing it into convulsions, and into maneuvers the designers probably never intended as well as those they did, to see what issues crop up
VVoltronSV (9:21:57 PM): Glorious (over the comm): Tiger Actual, move to Nav Point A and prepare to give assault to the dozen PDDs there. Tigers 4 and 5 break formation and go to Point B and wait to provide support.
VVoltronSV (9:22:23 PM): [You're in formation right now, that'll come later.]
CrashCarrie (9:22:46 PM): Sarah follows right along behind Suki's oddball plane, pushing the new fighter to speed to keep herself up and watching. She cocks her head and watches, checking for the radio and watching for the targets.
diggers316 (9:22:48 PM): "Roger that Admiral, Tiger flight en route. All craft form up and head to Nav Point A… 9repeats command to team)"
diggers316 (9:22:59 PM): [kk]
Lurana Skyblaze (9:23:09 PM): (which am i in formation?)
Lurana Skyblaze (9:23:16 PM): (3, 4, or 5?)
diggers316 (9:23:30 PM): Suki Tiger 1 Sarah Tiger 2
diggers316 (9:23:42 PM): the rest, I'm not sure on…
VVoltronSV (9:23:47 PM): [4 and 5 are Apollo and Saito]
diggers316 (9:24:01 PM): [nod nod]
Lurana Skyblaze (9:24:16 PM): (Ahh so I'm 3?)
VVoltronSV (9:24:22 PM): [yes]
diggers316 (9:24:38 PM): Suki: "Flight A, inverted V formation Tiger three on the tail, 2 on port side.
VVoltronSV (9:24:46 PM): [init rolls]
OnlineHost (9:25:05 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 6
OnlineHost (9:25:16 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 1
OnlineHost (9:25:17 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
diggers316 (9:25:17 PM): +8 Active Stealth Engaged)
OnlineHost (9:25:18 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 12
CrashCarrie (9:25:19 PM): [+3]
OnlineHost (9:25:22 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
Lurana Skyblaze (9:25:23 PM): "Saiuki adjust heading proper and set for inverted V tail position"
Lurana Skyblaze (9:25:46 PM): (Saiuki is what shes named her AI)
OnlineHost (9:25:55 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
Lurana Skyblaze (9:26:02 PM): (6..)
VVoltronSV (9:27:18 PM): [Sarah, PDD group A, Suki, PDD Group B, Kitsumi, PDD Group C]
diggers316 (9:27:22 PM): [I'm in the bare bones VF-25, or do I has the FAST pack?]
VVoltronSV (9:27:31 PM): [Bare bones.]
diggers316 (9:27:36 PM): [roger that]
CrashCarrie (9:28:18 PM): [how many are in each group?]
VVoltronSV (9:28:30 PM): [4]
CrashCarrie (9:28:53 PM): [rockin]
VVoltronSV (9:29:12 PM): [Sarah's move]
Lurana Skyblaze (9:29:17 PM): Kitsumi would be wearing her CVR-3 new issue from her new squadron with all proper markings for once specially with the danger of "Decompression" in space
CrashCarrie (9:31:04 PM): Sarah sights down the first group of drones, locking in with the big side guns, and sighting down the first group, throttling up for them to get in range. "Now to see how well this thing does…"
OnlineHost (9:31:15 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 7
CrashCarrie (9:31:42 PM): [+6 h2h, +2 for weapon, and +4 for PC bonus, so +12.]
CrashCarrie (9:32:02 PM): [19]
OnlineHost (9:32:25 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
VVoltronSV (9:32:57 PM): +3
VVoltronSV (9:33:03 PM): [damage]
OnlineHost (9:33:09 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 6-sided die: 1
CrashCarrie (9:33:11 PM): dual burst]
CrashCarrie (9:33:20 PM): [16] :p
VVoltronSV (9:34:09 PM): [it lives!]
CrashCarrie (9:34:30 PM): [lol]
VVoltronSV (9:35:12 PM): And angry set of pods fire a coordinated quad blast at Sarah (all 4 at once with twin cannons, so that might hexagon blast)
OnlineHost (9:35:15 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
VVoltronSV (9:35:22 PM): [oops]
VVoltronSV (9:35:41 PM): [make that one firing at a time.]
CrashCarrie (9:35:55 PM): [lol]
VVoltronSV (9:36:21 PM): [dodge? parry? sit there and take it?]
OnlineHost (9:36:41 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
CrashCarrie (9:36:58 PM): [+7, but…] :p
OnlineHost (9:37:21 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 2 4-sided dice: 2 1
diggers316 (9:37:22 PM): [with a 20, you pretty much have to take it in the ass,,,]
VVoltronSV (9:37:49 PM): [60 MD, the next is all three if it ain't a crit]
OnlineHost (9:37:51 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
VVoltronSV (9:37:54 PM): +3
OnlineHost (9:38:08 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
CrashCarrie (9:38:13 PM): [+7]
VVoltronSV (9:38:19 PM): [Suki's turn]
diggers316 (9:39:10 PM): Suki will bank over and target the one group that fired on Sarah, targeting the trail mecha specifically, and will fire her Rov-25 fire linked, at it.
OnlineHost (9:39:18 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
diggers316 (9:39:21 PM): missing
VVoltronSV (9:39:47 PM): The second 4 try for a coordinated attack on Suki.
OnlineHost (9:39:48 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 1
diggers316 (9:39:53 PM): HA!
diggers316 (9:40:05 PM): [sorry ^_^ I got lucky heheh]
VVoltronSV (9:40:07 PM): Nearly shooting each other in the process.
VVoltronSV (9:41:00 PM): [Kitsumi's turn]
Lurana Skyblaze (9:42:55 PM): Kitsumi leans up taking the sticks switching off auto pilot and locks on to one of the units of group 3 figuring its her assigned group switching to link all her gun weapons and fires a streaming burst from the Vulcan in the nose and 6 barrels located in front of her engine nacelles on the wings!
OnlineHost (9:43:43 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 12
Lurana Skyblaze (9:44:14 PM): (+11 this time sorry accidentally had it as my total bonus not just my HTH and stats x.x)
OnlineHost (9:44:26 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
Lurana Skyblaze (9:44:27 PM): (for 23 to hit him with full burst)
VVoltronSV (9:44:43 PM): +3
Lurana Skyblaze (9:44:50 PM): (i hit)
VVoltronSV (9:44:51 PM): [you win, damage.]
OnlineHost (9:45:35 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 6-sided die: 1
Lurana Skyblaze (9:45:40 PM): 10
Lurana Skyblaze (9:45:40 PM): +
OnlineHost (9:46:00 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 6 4-sided dice: 1 4 2 3 2 1
VVoltronSV (9:46:04 PM): [By the way, I'm marking this as an ALL weapon, so if it strikes a group, it strikes all of them.]
Lurana Skyblaze (9:46:23 PM): 130 damage
diggers316 (9:46:24 PM): [roger that]
Lurana Skyblaze (9:46:31 PM): (140 all together)
VVoltronSV (9:46:57 PM): [same goes with missile bursts that fire more than 1 missile. I'll email details on what such weapons are what this week]
diggers316 (9:47:15 PM): [sweet]
CrashCarrie (9:47:29 PM): [cool]
VVoltronSV (9:48:01 PM): [and the entire group is fried…, Sarah's turn.]
Lurana Skyblaze (9:48:14 PM): "My targets are down…"
CrashCarrie (9:50:03 PM): Sarah grumbles a little bit and switches weapons. "Well, that sucked… Time to switch tactics I guess…" She adjusts, firing a volley of 3 mini-missiles towards the group, quickly.
OnlineHost (9:50:12 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
CrashCarrie (9:50:17 PM): [+4 PC bonus]
CrashCarrie (9:50:35 PM): [or +10 if mini/LOS gets h2h]
OnlineHost (9:50:58 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 12
VVoltronSV (9:51:01 PM): +3
VVoltronSV (9:51:17 PM): [roll damage]
OnlineHost (9:52:25 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 3 4-sided dice: 3 4 1
CrashCarrie (9:52:33 PM): [80]
Lurana Skyblaze (9:53:09 PM): (i thought heap was 2d6?)
Lurana Skyblaze (9:53:17 PM): (or did she use mini?)
CrashCarrie (9:53:17 PM): [Minis]
CrashCarrie (9:53:20 PM): [not SRMs]
VVoltronSV (9:53:36 PM): [And another group bites the dust, this all system needs some refinement, but I'll do that later. Suki's go.]
diggers316 (9:53:39 PM): Suki barrel rolls hard over to face the remaining group and fires into them with her ROV-25 again, fire linked.
OnlineHost (9:53:45 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
diggers316 (9:53:56 PM): +12
OnlineHost (9:53:57 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
VVoltronSV (9:54:15 PM): [and that's another wiff, damage]
OnlineHost (9:54:23 PM): diggers316 rolled 4 10-sided dice: 4 5 3 2
diggers316 (9:54:26 PM): *10
diggers316 (9:54:36 PM): 140 to all
VVoltronSV (9:55:00 PM): [Combat over… OR is it?]
diggers316 (9:55:30 PM): Suki "Tigers 2 and three form back up."
Lurana Skyblaze (9:56:06 PM): Kitsumi lumbers the craft back into formation
CrashCarrie (9:56:22 PM): Sarah pulls her craft into formation easily, shaking her head slightly at the damage to it.
VVoltronSV (9:56:24 PM): Glorious: Good job, Tigers. However, we are getting an odd reading almost like a space fold, but yet it isn't get to Point B and relink with the Tigers 4 & 5.
diggers316 (9:56:57 PM): "Tiger Actual copies, 2 and 3 form on my wing." Suki heads towards the others
Lurana Skyblaze (9:57:00 PM): "Base full auto link on the Rotary nose cannon and the wing mounted gun pods trial successful, no overheat"
CrashCarrie (9:57:24 PM): Sarah nods quickly and pushes her mech to full speed nodding. "Moving to form up, and head for the others."
diggers316 (9:57:44 PM): Suki "Tigers 4 and 5, say status over?"
VVoltronSV (9:59:29 PM): Before the group can regroup, a yellow light fills the space between the two an odd looking mecha appears after light dissipates. The only thing that you get over the speakers is: "To End Protoculture, The Death of Robotech, Long live the Alliance!"
VVoltronSV (9:59:59 PM): Apollo: We're here- What is that thing. Sit tight we're coming as fast as we can.
diggers316 (10:00:03 PM): "All units break break break!"
Lurana Skyblaze (10:00:28 PM): Kitsumi Breaks and begins looking for something to "Stand" on
diggers316 (10:00:35 PM): Suki "form back up once clear! watch your six and watch your buddies six!"
CrashCarrie (10:00:43 PM): Sarah braces on her controls tightly (since she just has those hand pads in this), and breaks hard, swearing softly. "Acknowledged!"
VVoltronSV (10:01:14 PM): [init rolls]
OnlineHost (10:01:26 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
OnlineHost (10:01:26 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 9
diggers316 (10:01:52 PM): +8
OnlineHost (10:01:52 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
Lurana Skyblaze (10:01:55 PM): +3
Lurana Skyblaze (10:01:59 PM): for 20
CrashCarrie (10:02:23 PM): [+3 for me]
OnlineHost (10:02:25 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
VVoltronSV (10:03:11 PM): +2
CrashCarrie (10:03:29 PM): [ tiebreaker for the two 6's?]
VVoltronSV (10:03:42 PM): [Yes
OnlineHost (10:03:47 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 2
OnlineHost (10:03:50 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 7
CrashCarrie (10:03:53 PM): [woo]
VVoltronSV (10:04:58 PM): [Order: Kitsumi, Suki, Sarah, Unknown.]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:07:06 PM): Kitsumi looks around for something to settle on for guardian form throttling up and heading to any thing she spots "Going Guardian may want to clear a path!" Spinning around flipping to guardian as rear thrusters settle the mech for a bone jarring landing if theres any gravity in the cockpit
Lurana Skyblaze (10:08:57 PM): Kitsumi fire links her laser batteries in the arms and the 381 MM's on her back and FIRES!!! "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!"
OnlineHost (10:09:06 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 12
Lurana Skyblaze (10:09:12 PM): (+11)
OnlineHost (10:09:13 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 10
VVoltronSV (10:09:27 PM): +12
VVoltronSV (10:09:42 PM): [HALF damage from the lasers]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:09:49 PM): (23 vs 22_
Lurana Skyblaze (10:09:53 PM): (lasers
OnlineHost (10:10:02 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 6 6-sided dice: 3 6 3 3 4 6
Lurana Skyblaze (10:10:20 PM): 250/half
VVoltronSV (10:10:29 PM): [125]
OnlineHost (10:10:43 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 1
Lurana Skyblaze (10:10:57 PM): 325 damage to its main body from the barrage
VVoltronSV (10:11:35 PM): The Mecha shakes furiously but seems to have taken the attack in stride.
VVoltronSV (10:12:05 PM): Also unknown field seemed to reduce the power of the lasers.
VVoltronSV (10:12:12 PM): [Suki?]
diggers316 (10:12:13 PM): Suki will link the rest of the unit in using the C&C features of the VF-25S. Sensory Equipment 60%
Lurana Skyblaze (10:12:18 PM): Kitsumi does a quick system check before ending her turn to make sure her systems are still in tact
OnlineHost (10:12:21 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 100-sided die: 17
VVoltronSV (10:12:36 PM): [Kitsumi's good]
OnlineHost (10:12:39 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 15 1-sided dice: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Lurana Skyblaze (10:12:50 PM): (woops_
CrashCarrie (10:12:58 PM): [LOL]
CrashCarrie (10:13:02 PM): [heehee]
CrashCarrie (10:13:06 PM): [whoops]
OnlineHost (10:13:08 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 71
VVoltronSV (10:13:23 PM): [don't worry about it, and the skill check takes an attack, so Sarah's turn.]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:13:27 PM): (ehh looks fine to me lol 71 vs 48% RSI)
Lurana Skyblaze (10:13:40 PM): (oh it does x.x)
diggers316 (10:14:20 PM): [nod, all in group now have +2 init, +2 strike and +3 parry/dodge]
CrashCarrie (10:14:32 PM): Sarah is quick to react, firing six SRMs towards the unit as she sees it take the MAC's hit in stride, hoping to catch it off or otherwise do something to it.
VVoltronSV (10:14:35 PM): [I was referring to Suki's move, and I already told you you were ok. so you didn't need it]
OnlineHost (10:14:39 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
CrashCarrie (10:14:42 PM): [crud]
VVoltronSV (10:15:21 PM): The Unknown mech charges a cannon in its central torso and fires at Kitsumi.
OnlineHost (10:15:22 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
VVoltronSV (10:15:33 PM): +10
VVoltronSV (10:15:51 PM): [Dodging?]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:16:08 PM): Kitsumi fires jump thrusters to avoid it (cant do auto dodge in this form if I'm not mistaken)
OnlineHost (10:16:34 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 15 1-sided dice: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Lurana Skyblaze (10:16:41 PM): (bah)
VVoltronSV (10:16:42 PM): […]
OnlineHost (10:16:53 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
Lurana Skyblaze (10:17:07 PM): (+12
Lurana Skyblaze (10:17:15 PM): (30 if I'm not mistaken)
diggers316 (10:17:31 PM): [HAX!]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:17:49 PM): (wut?)
VVoltronSV (10:17:53 PM): The blast misses but the debris you were standing is thoroughly melted.
diggers316 (10:18:07 PM): [new rule, James…any roll 30 or over is considered an automatic anime slo-mo triple take!]
VVoltronSV (10:18:20 PM): [I believe it is Kitsumi's turn]
VVoltronSV (10:18:26 PM): [Works for me.]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:18:38 PM): (Rofl)
VVoltronSV (10:18:59 PM): [Especially when a Monster dodges.]
diggers316 (10:19:08 PM): [thats hyper slo mo]
VVoltronSV (10:19:37 PM): [attack?]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:19:46 PM): (mine again?)
VVoltronSV (10:19:51 PM): [yep]
diggers316 (10:20:16 PM): [don't forget the +2 Strike conferred by the C&C roll]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:20:51 PM): "I know this is gonna be unsafe but here goes nothing!" Kitsumi locks on again and fires a full volley again at the attacker! Taking the recoil with nothing under her and beginning to spin off!
OnlineHost (10:21:03 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
diggers316 (10:21:12 PM): [Suki's wet now]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:21:14 PM): (ding dong!_
diggers316 (10:21:16 PM): [In a good way]
OnlineHost (10:21:20 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
VVoltronSV (10:21:37 PM): [damage, any energy weapons do only half.]
OnlineHost (10:21:44 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 6 6-sided dice: 1 6 1 4 1 5
Lurana Skyblaze (10:21:59 PM): 180 (after double)
Lurana Skyblaze (10:22:02 PM): +
OnlineHost (10:22:28 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 5
Lurana Skyblaze (10:22:40 PM): 2180
Lurana Skyblaze (10:22:46 PM): 10x100x2
CrashCarrie (10:23:21 PM): [o.O]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:23:34 PM): (i think i just made that pilot wet him self if he lives?)
Lurana Skyblaze (10:24:29 PM): (is my math incorrect?_
VVoltronSV (10:25:46 PM): The mecha seems to rip apart as a pod ejects and vanishes in yellow light. Another yellow light disappears near where Saito and Apollo are supposed to be. Two blue lights appears as two mecha broadcasting friendly IFFs defold.
VVoltronSV (10:25:53 PM): [20,000 actually.]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:26:20 PM): (x.x my math was off for once lol)
VVoltronSV (10:26:39 PM): [10*10=100*100=10,000*2=20,000]
CrashCarrie (10:27:07 PM): [omg]
diggers316 (10:27:20 PM): O.O
Lurana Skyblaze (10:27:29 PM): i quote
VVoltronSV (10:27:38 PM): [oops, I messed up, it's 2k. I thought the first 10 was a second x10]
diggers316 (10:27:49 PM): ("\o.o/") Rwar!
Lurana Skyblaze (10:27:51 PM): nope
Lurana Skyblaze (10:28:06 PM): 2 5'x
Lurana Skyblaze (10:28:08 PM): becomes 10
CrashCarrie (10:28:15 PM): [lol]
VVoltronSV (10:28:40 PM): [Even I can be wrong in my math, just don't tell my former Calculus teacher.]
CrashCarrie (10:29:09 PM): [was gonna say, if she can do 20k on a nat 20, that's like, pee the pants territory :p]
diggers316 (10:29:10 PM): [lol]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:29:53 PM): Kitsumi spins off still in an uncontrolled spin thanks to the recoil "i think I'm gonna be sick… did i hit him?"
diggers316 (10:30:43 PM): Suki scans for enemy traces
OnlineHost (10:30:50 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 100-sided die: 33
diggers316 (10:30:58 PM): "Yup, you got him all right!"
VVoltronSV (10:31:08 PM): The two new mecha are a VF-22 Sturmvogel and VF-19 Excalibur. And no new enemy traces remain.
Lurana Skyblaze (10:31:13 PM): "Any one mind helping me I'm a turtle right now…"
Lurana Skyblaze (10:31:37 PM): Kitsumi continues to flip end over end uncontrollably
diggers316 (10:31:51 PM): Suki flays over to the monster and transforms to Battloid and points the Monster towards home, then thrusts towards the Magellan
diggers316 (10:31:56 PM): flies
VVoltronSV (10:31:58 PM): The two new mecha catch the out of control Monster.
diggers316 (10:32:14 PM): Suki welcomes their help
Lurana Skyblaze (10:32:43 PM): "Saiuki… flight form and back to the Magellan before i vomit…" Kitsumi says after the 2 new ones move away her craft transforms and throttles up to 3.2 Mach back to the Magellan
Lurana Skyblaze (10:33:14 PM):
diggers316 (10:34:15 PM): Bad guys must be pissed…all he got to do was speechify and then got blow out of his ride!
diggers316 (10:34:20 PM): blown
CrashCarrie (10:34:26 PM): [lol]
diggers316 (10:34:42 PM): Prolly gonna be killed by his boss when he gets home LOL
Lurana Skyblaze (10:34:43 PM): (hey i said don't be in front of me when i fired didn't i?_
VVoltronSV (10:34:58 PM): Jacobs: This is Tigers 6, 1LT Ronald Jacobs. Tigers 7 in the Excalibur is Ensign, yes she's fleet, Sakura Justicia.
CrashCarrie (10:35:08 PM): Sarah just gapes at the blast, settling back in as she sees the others come up, moving towards Suki to form up once again.
VVoltronSV (10:35:17 PM): Glorious:
diggers316 (10:35:23 PM): "Roger that, I won't hold it against her. Welcome to the flight!"
VVoltronSV (10:35:35 PM): "Excellent work Tigers, return to base.
Lurana Skyblaze (10:35:46 PM): (question special forces for me would be like SEAL's sorta?)
diggers316 (10:35:53 PM): "Tiger Actual to Magellan control, copy all, we are RTB."
VVoltronSV (10:36:04 PM): [Yep]
diggers316 (10:36:11 PM): [Marines are SOF capable, so not really]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:36:25 PM): ((ahh)
diggers316 (10:36:54 PM): [SEAL's are like, wow! you the man! kick our characters asses type uber (in context)] i would imagine
Lurana Skyblaze (10:37:00 PM): (I'm special forces/espionage mos lol was curious if I'm fleet or marine subtype like Marine RECON)
VVoltronSV (10:37:15 PM): [Marine.]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:37:36 PM): (least i think RECON is the marine special forces..)
diggers316 (10:37:40 PM): [marine, SOF capable essentially, you have SOF skill sets that allow you to undertake SOF operations without officially being SOF…]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:37:58 PM): (ahh)
diggers316 (10:38:15 PM): [since the SEAL lobby would piss a fit if non SEALS were called Special Forces…
diggers316 (10:38:37 PM): [So, we are all just 'capable' lol]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:38:41 PM): (ehh each of the 4 branches today have special forces_
Lurana Skyblaze (10:38:49 PM): (i thought)
Lurana Skyblaze (10:38:56 PM): (army rangers are suppose to be SF)
diggers316 (10:39:13 PM): [they do, but don't try and tell a SEAL or Pararescue that you are one of them because you can kinda sorta do what they do…]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:39:39 PM): (i forget which core it is in the air force but i remember pararescue claiming they are_
VVoltronSV (10:40:01 PM): The Tigers RTB and are told to shower and meet the Admiral Morning at Le Chateau Fleur De Resturante in their most formal wear after proper showering and grooming.
diggers316 (10:40:11 PM): [AF has Pararescue and their Nightstalkers helo unit based outta Eglin]
diggers316 (10:40:51 PM): Suki preens herself for a good hour before donning her tailored Mess Dress with her highly polished Katana on her belt.
CrashCarrie (10:40:56 PM): [eep.]
VVoltronSV (10:41:02 PM): [I'd like to hear what you all plan on wearing before moving on.]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:41:04 PM): Kitsumi would vomit in the bathroom before making it to the shower still all topsy turby from her nice tumble after firing recoil packing guns without solid object for stabilize
VVoltronSV (10:41:38 PM): [Melanie and G-95 need to come up with inertial dampeners it seems.]
CrashCarrie (10:42:26 PM): Sarah preens herself as long as she needs to, checking herself and following Suki's lead quickly trying to get into full Mess, though hers isn't quite as well tailored as Suki's. She's slim enough to make it work with proper belt and whatnot though, in theory. She just gets it on and hurries to get her hair checked and such after her shower.
Lurana Skyblaze (10:42:54 PM): (oh i never did finish her wardrobe…)
diggers316 (10:42:54 PM): Suki will, giggity' help Sarah preen and dress.
Lurana Skyblaze (10:43:15 PM): (but i would figure she would have mess dress as well unless told to show up in something else?)
Lurana Skyblaze (10:43:28 PM): (IE her ceremonial armor )
VVoltronSV (10:43:46 PM): [yes she would have mess dress.]
diggers316 (10:44:28 PM): The UEEF version of this is what Suki is wearing
Lurana Skyblaze (10:44:44 PM): Kitsumi dresses in mess dress after preening and primping her self a bit after getting a nice shower and letting her tummy settle back down
diggers316 (10:44:50 PM): grr, first picture on the left
VVoltronSV (10:46:42 PM): The Tigers feel slightly out of place when walking into the restaurant, as it is mostly high class individuals dressed in formal wear that could almost be confused with lingerie.
VVoltronSV (10:46:56 PM): Glorious Morning among them.
Lurana Skyblaze (10:47:08 PM): "Umm maybe i should go get changed…"
diggers316 (10:47:21 PM): [umm, not for nothing, but in our garb, we are peas in a pod here…]
diggers316 (10:47:37 PM): [err nm]
CrashCarrie (10:48:50 PM): [eep]
CrashCarrie (10:49:25 PM): [*giggles*]
CrashCarrie (10:49:41 PM): [I wouldn't have anything like that to wear anyhow]
diggers316 (10:49:42 PM): well, what? Do they want Suki to show up in this?!
CrashCarrie (10:49:47 PM): [:-P]
CrashCarrie (10:50:14 PM): [yeah, I'll fix your clothes to it and we can both show up like that] ;p
VVoltronSV (10:50:26 PM): Glorious Morning is wearing a white shimmering gown with a short skirt revealing well toned legs and a top that just barely covers her not-so-ample breasts (just enough to keep from being called flat).
VVoltronSV (10:50:30 PM): [Err. no.]
Lurana Skyblaze (10:50:53 PM): (guess ill show up in an evening gown instead of mess dress :P)
Lurana Skyblaze (10:50:57 PM): (just to spite Suki again)
diggers316 (10:51:00 PM): You sure?!
diggers316 (10:51:37 PM): [lol] Suki in her mess dress will be fine lol
Lurana Skyblaze (10:52:19 PM): Kitsumi walks in in an shortened evening gown strapless at that only her boobs keep it up a slit down her left thigh from just barely below her panties stopping just below her knees and high heels
Lurana Skyblaze (10:52:24 PM): (black)
Lurana Skyblaze (10:52:32 PM): (gown at that)
diggers316 (10:52:33 PM): Suki will bow formally to the Admiral.
VVoltronSV (10:53:18 PM): Saito is in traditional Japanese hakama that is striped somewhat red and Apollo is pulling at a tux that he seems to have trouble feeling comfortable in despite the perfect fit.
diggers316 (10:53:28 PM): [wahhh I feel gyped! She said formal attire, she didn't say it could be civilian… /pout]
CrashCarrie (10:53:35 PM): [lol]
VVoltronSV (10:53:39 PM): Glorious gives a short bow: Please sit.
VVoltronSV (10:53:47 PM): [Never said it couldn't.]
diggers316 (10:53:58 PM): [you weren't clear…lol]
CrashCarrie (10:54:04 PM): [rofl]
VVoltronSV (10:54:13 PM): [deliberately so.]
diggers316 (10:54:22 PM): [ah well, Mess Dress suits her anyway]
diggers316 (10:54:37 PM): [she's proud of her military heritage]
diggers316 (10:55:33 PM): [plus, as Samurai, wearing garish of fancy clothing that ISN'T a uniform, is frowned upon. so…]
CrashCarrie (10:56:04 PM): Sarah is in her own mess dress as well, after all. So Suki isn't alone. Besides, what else would she wear, after all? She waits to sit though, staying back and watching Suki quietly.
Lurana Skyblaze (10:56:31 PM): Kitsumi nods to the admiral moving to a seat wondering any one of the nice gentlemen is gonna be gentlemanly
diggers316 (10:56:45 PM): As they sit, Suki , under the table squeezes Sarah's hand and very softly whispers "Thank you."
VVoltronSV (10:57:24 PM): Melanie is wearing a formal dress that resembles an old business suit. Two more members are sitting at the table, one is a small girl with reddish hair, clear Caucasian looking to be no more than 12. The other is a tall black man with a very athletic figure in a well fitting mess dress.
VVoltronSV (10:58:22 PM): Glorious: You may refer to me as Glorious in this environment, and feel free to order anything you want. The owner owes me lots of favors, so the food is free.
VVoltronSV (10:58:57 PM): Saito gets up a pulls out a seat for Kitsumi between him and Melanie.
Lurana Skyblaze (10:59:25 PM): Kitsumi smiles at Saito and sits placing a hand on his gently in thanks before moving it to the menu
diggers316 (10:59:37 PM): Suki: "Ma'am, may I ask, what is your name, in Meltran?"
CrashCarrie (11:00:01 PM): Sarah sits quietly after Suki and smiles, glancing to Suki a bit and cocking her head, listening for the answer to that.
VVoltronSV (11:00:41 PM): [Time for an ass pull…]Glorious: Meltrakta Kumandi
VVoltronSV (11:01:01 PM): Glorious: I forbid you from ever using it.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:01:08 PM): Kitsumi sighs unfortunately not understanding the language "
diggers316 (11:02:30 PM): Suki smiles and bows her head slightly, then frowns slightly at the Admirals caveat. "Why ma'am, that is your given name…I'm sorry, I don't wish to offend. But, ones name is their identity, it is who they are." Suki trails off, then looks at her empty plate silently.
VVoltronSV (11:03:55 PM): Glorious: Glorious Morning is my name, just translated. Besides, there are elements of my past associated with my Meltran pronounced name that I do not wish to remember.
diggers316 (11:04:18 PM): Suki nods, still looking at her plate "Yes ma'am."
VVoltronSV (11:04:30 PM): [You've ordered?]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:06:13 PM): "Id like this…" Kitsumi points to the Mongolian beef "and an order of this" She gestures to the shrimp fried rice.
CrashCarrie (11:07:05 PM): Sarah blinks quietly at the statement about the name, cocking her head slightly and biting her lip a little. She stays silent though, shifting in her seat just slightly. She peeks at the menu a little bit, looking at all the French and just picking something that doesn't sound too bizarre, guessing.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:07:58 PM): Kitsumi points at 2 different meals figuring on trying both
VVoltronSV (11:08:00 PM): [The restaurant owner just thinks a French name sound prestigious.]
CrashCarrie (11:08:06 PM): [rotfl]
diggers316 (11:08:22 PM): Suki orders a moderately priced (on the low end) simple dish of steak strips on a bed of greens.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:08:49 PM): "Oh and some Saki plz…"
CrashCarrie (11:08:53 PM): Sarah just orders something small and cheap then, if the menu is readable, of course.
VVoltronSV (11:09:37 PM): Waiter: Yes three orders of snails and cow brains. Er, I'm sorry. Dat would be thee orders of escargo and bovine.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:09:39 PM): (brb)
CrashCarrie (11:09:50 PM): [ew]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:09:58 PM): (err no)
diggers316 (11:10:15 PM): [swear to god, if thats what shows up, Suki is leaving heading to the Taco Hut down the street and eating there.]
VVoltronSV (11:10:16 PM): [How about King Crab and Kobe Steak?]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:10:34 PM): (thats fine)
Lurana Skyblaze (11:10:55 PM): (one of each for my char lol and what ever Suki and Sarah orders and some SAKI!
Lurana Skyblaze (11:11:02 PM): (or other fine wine)
diggers316 (11:11:17 PM): Suki orders sparkling water
VVoltronSV (11:11:31 PM): [Technically its sake for rice wine, Saki is a woman's name.]
CrashCarrie (11:11:42 PM): [lol]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:11:48 PM): (sake what ever!
CrashCarrie (11:11:55 PM): Sarah just orders water.
VVoltronSV (11:12:03 PM): [pronounced the same though.]
VVoltronSV (11:13:43 PM): The food arrives in mouth watering fashion, the crab looks like it just came from Bering Sea, yet smells very well cooked. The steak is prepared in such a manner that it is tender and juicy and doesn't provoke the irreverent Saito to start mooing at its sight.
diggers316 (11:14:24 PM): Suki waits for all dishes to be served and the admiral to take the first bit before eating her meal
diggers316 (11:14:31 PM): bit = bite
Lurana Skyblaze (11:14:51 PM): Kitsumi hmms and starts with her stake meal first bringing it in front of her first
CrashCarrie (11:15:37 PM): [lol]
diggers316 (11:15:56 PM): Suki eats her meal with the refined poise of Japanese Aristocracy (for anyone that notices that sort of thing)
CrashCarrie (11:16:23 PM): Sarah quietly observes the food served, eating quietly and delicately, watching the others to try and conform properly to it.
VVoltronSV (11:16:25 PM): The admiral delicately bites her duck, the red headed loli shyly eats the pasta dish she ordered, and Jacobs digs in rather loudly. You can hear Melanie laughing despite the visage of composure she is maintaining.
diggers316 (11:17:19 PM): Suki brings to the surface of her thoughts, for Melanie's benefit "heathens, punctuated with a inner laugh of her own"
VVoltronSV (11:17:42 PM): Melanie barely grins.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:18:41 PM): Kitsumi digs in courtly like seeming to have been trained at least in manners but still finishes off the stake and pulls the crab in front of her next starting on it
CrashCarrie (11:18:51 PM): Sarah cocks her head a little as she sees Jacobs eating as well, raising her eyebrows. She eats a bit more daintily than that, herself. She glances over at the redhead a little as well, blinking slightly and offering her a smile.
VVoltronSV (11:18:51 PM): Apollo makes Jacobs look dignified by eating like an animal, only to end up wincing in pain.
CrashCarrie (11:19:03 PM): [rotfl]
diggers316 (11:19:55 PM): Suki makes a mental note to sign the ENTIRE unit up for etiquette courses at the ships finishing school.
VVoltronSV (11:19:57 PM): Saito is making expert use of chopsticks and even pours both Melanie and Kitsumi more sake as they run out.
diggers316 (11:20:11 PM): Okay, not for Saito
Lurana Skyblaze (11:20:15 PM): (hey I'm eating with etiquette :P)
diggers316 (11:20:23 PM): You cant even SPELL it!
CrashCarrie (11:20:31 PM): [rotfl]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:20:36 PM): (what EVER!)
diggers316 (11:20:40 PM): lol
VVoltronSV (11:20:40 PM): [like you can talk half the time.]

diggers316 (11:20:47 PM): hehe
diggers316 (11:20:49 PM): touche
CrashCarrie (11:20:54 PM): [:-P]
VVoltronSV (11:21:05 PM): [nobody has any questions, comments for the NPCs?]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:21:32 PM): Kitsumi finishes off the sake and her crab leaning back into her chair to be more comfy, the meals sizable for you all don't even make her belly pooch out
diggers316 (11:21:36 PM): Suki will not talk while she eats, Nihon custom, "one does not talk during meals, for it takes from the important task of eating."
Lurana Skyblaze (11:22:05 PM): (save vs non lethal poison cause of the sake?)
CrashCarrie (11:22:30 PM): [remember what happened the last time you rolled to save against booze?]
CrashCarrie (11:22:35 PM): [*giggles*]
VVoltronSV (11:22:46 PM): [With a PRAXIAN constitution? Try watching the new Wonder Woman Animated movie. Amazons can drink anyone under the table.]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:23:00 PM): (:P)
OnlineHost (11:23:09 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
Lurana Skyblaze (11:23:16 PM): (+8)
CrashCarrie (11:23:19 PM): [*paddles Jess* ;-)]
VVoltronSV (11:23:30 PM): [You're not even buzzed.]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:23:53 PM): "I thought sake was suppose to be hard…"
diggers316 (11:24:03 PM): no
diggers316 (11:24:09 PM): [unless you drink a lot of it
Lurana Skyblaze (11:24:16 PM): (that was ic)
VVoltronSV (11:24:45 PM): The diner comes to a close, and the admiral leads the group on a walk overseeing an artificial beach.
diggers316 (11:24:57 PM): Suki says nothing, although she does lance up at Kitsumi's statement.
CrashCarrie (11:25:05 PM): [*bites Chris* you're the only one who talks OOC without brackets ;-)]
diggers316 (11:25:05 PM): glance*
diggers316 (11:25:21 PM): [sue me]
CrashCarrie (11:25:39 PM): Sarah glances up as well, cocking her head at the beach scene and smiling a little, getting more relaxed as she does.
VVoltronSV (11:26:00 PM): [You are fined, for ONE MILLION DOLLARS. *best Dr. Evil impersonation*]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:26:04 PM): Kitsumi smiles and stands easily following not even wobbling under the sake "Man i wish i had a berry wine we make back home you would love it if you love that Sake tho.."
diggers316 (11:27:03 PM): Suki finishes her meal with grace and washes her hands upon the warm towels offered at the end of the sumptuous meal
VVoltronSV (11:28:02 PM): Glorious: So I assume you are enjoying the Shinto Shrine? I hear the original owner wanted to make it a sort of brothel.
diggers316 (11:28:04 PM): Then, moves to follow the Admiral "Thank you for the meal ma'am." She bows.
VVoltronSV (11:28:24 PM): Jacobs quickly tries to cover Sakura's (the loli) ears.
diggers316 (11:28:39 PM): Suki bows again "Hai ma'am, it is very remarkable, and incredibly restful."
diggers316 (11:29:29 PM): "I would be honored if you would visit sometime. We have the temple in working order now, we may be ready to accept visitors from the ships population in a few more weeks as well."
VVoltronSV (11:30:29 PM): Glorious: I'm more of a Sun worshiper… However, if it is a more private visit, I think I can arrange it.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:30:30 PM): Kitsumi places an arm around Saito a bit observing the view since its a lot different than home
CrashCarrie (11:31:02 PM): Sarah watches the covering of Sakura's ears, cocking her head and relaxing, nodding just a little to Suki's comment slightly.
VVoltronSV (11:31:27 PM): Saito blushes slightly and tries to place a hand at the small of her back or hip whichever doesn't feel to awkward.
diggers316 (11:31:31 PM): Suki nods. "I understand, although, Amatarasu, she is a sun goddess. And my cultures prime deity.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:31:51 PM): *given his size he prolly accidentally brushes her ass first*
diggers316 (11:32:01 PM): [not like she cares lol]
CrashCarrie (11:32:18 PM): [rofl]
VVoltronSV (11:32:32 PM): Melanie sees it and gives the two some playful nudging.
diggers316 (11:32:56 PM): Suki looks at Sarah and shrugs playfully.
VVoltronSV (11:33:09 PM): Glorious: Er, you misunderstand. When I said Sun, I meant the Unconquered Sun, a warrior-sun deity.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:33:14 PM): Kitsumi tenses a bit as her face blush when she feels him brush her ass trying to find her back and half temptingly takes hold of Melanie's shoulder then lets go almost putting her in a headlock without a thought
diggers316 (11:33:31 PM): "Ah, soo desu neh." Suki says.
VVoltronSV (11:33:40 PM): Glorious: It is from a planet that converted me before I even met the REF.
VVoltronSV (11:35:27 PM): Jacobs: I think the doctors might start to get worried if I keep Sakura out too late. If you'll excuse me, I need to get her back to her quarters.
diggers316 (11:36:05 PM): Suki nods to them "Very well, please, be safe, it was a pleasure to meet you, and welcome to the squadron."
CrashCarrie (11:36:27 PM): Sarah laughs a little at the antics of Kitsumi and Melanie, cocking her head. She nods a little to Jacobs and offers a smile.
VVoltronSV (11:36:32 PM): Melanie sort of tries to react to Kitsumi but her twisting of her head only places her face in the side of Kitsumi's breasts.
diggers316 (11:37:00 PM): Suki watches this exposition with amusement, waiting to see what Mel will do.
VVoltronSV (11:37:04 PM): Jacobs leaves picking Sakura up as if she were a doll.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:37:06 PM): "Any one want a ride back to the quarters, i have a vehicle near by"
Lurana Skyblaze (11:37:41 PM): (and i let go of Melanie without twisting her into a headlock lol unless she just fell over when i let go :P)
CrashCarrie (11:38:05 PM): (more funny if she gets a face full of breast)
CrashCarrie (11:38:10 PM): (;-))
VVoltronSV (11:38:31 PM): Melanie is as red as beet as she is let go, but the same pink color is in her eyes.
diggers316 (11:39:04 PM): Suki looks at Melanie and moves closer to her "Go for it ma'am."
VVoltronSV (11:39:17 PM): Melanie: Wait, What?
Lurana Skyblaze (11:39:18 PM): "go for what?"
CrashCarrie (11:39:34 PM): Sarah smiles at Suki's comment and nods quickly, cocking her head a little at Melanie.
diggers316 (11:39:35 PM): Suki smiles then returns to her 'date'
VVoltronSV (11:40:10 PM): Saito lets out a low chuckle. "The Ancient Zoalord doesn't usually bend that way.
diggers316 (11:40:34 PM): "Of course, it must be as you say." Suki bows slightly
Lurana Skyblaze (11:41:13 PM): Kitsumi is confused and asks the two shes with "Bend what way?" she's almost innocent like
VVoltronSV (11:41:58 PM): Melanie: He means I don't normally, um, do women.
VVoltronSV (11:42:13 PM): Melanie kicks herself at the poor choice of her words.
VVoltronSV (11:42:23 PM): Saito: Unless a man's involved.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:42:30 PM): "Oh….oh…" Kitsumi blushes getting it finally and takes her hand off Saito
VVoltronSV (11:43:16 PM): Saito makes a mock disappointed look as if he is making fun of both Mel and Kitsumi.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:44:01 PM): "A…any way.. rides back to the living quarters?"
VVoltronSV (11:44:11 PM): Melanie in a fit of embarrassment sends Saito flying into the artificial ocean, telekinetically. And tries to slip away from the group.
CrashCarrie (11:44:34 PM): Sarah suddenly laughs a little bit at the choice of words, blushing very softly and gently moving an arm around Suki. She keeps laughing softly as Melanie slips away, offering her a sympathetic look though.
VVoltronSV (11:44:59 PM): Apollo: Yeah, I could use a ride. With all that food I don't need to go mouse hunting tonight. Though the mice taste better.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:45:00 PM): Kitsumi would grip her shoulder. "Umm was that necessary?"
diggers316 (11:45:09 PM): Suki follows Mel "Ma'am." Catching up "Ma'am, I apologize, i did not mean to put you in that situation."
VVoltronSV (11:45:48 PM): Melanie: I.. er… I… I've had too much to drink just let me go home, alright?
diggers316 (11:46:05 PM): "Yes ma'am, would you like me to call you a cab?"
CrashCarrie (11:46:30 PM): Sarah 'aww's softly at that and offers Mel a sympathetic expression.
VVoltronSV (11:46:40 PM): Melanie: No, I just live a couple blocks from here. I can walk.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:46:45 PM): Kitsumi shrugs and walks over to her car, a black with purple trip hover car shaped in the form of a Diablo
VVoltronSV (11:47:43 PM): Apollo: Hrmm. Never seen one of these before.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:48:26 PM): "any one else?"
diggers316 (11:49:01 PM): Suki puts her arm around Sarah's, "We will be a bit later. thank you>"
VVoltronSV (11:49:40 PM): Glorious shakes her head: "Tempting, but alas I live just over there (pointing to a beach house not but 30 ft away), and have a bridge bunny or two awaiting my attentions.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:49:40 PM): Kitsumi nods and opens the passenger door for Apollo to sit and buckle in then shuts it then steps in on the driver side starting it
CrashCarrie (11:49:57 PM): Sarah smiles and nods a little bit, holding Suki tight and smiling to the Admiral, nodding slightly.
diggers316 (11:50:40 PM): Suki motions to the beach and begins to move that way, once upon the sand she removes her shoes, to walk barefoot along the waters edge.
VVoltronSV (11:51:56 PM): Apollo climbs in and get comfortable and take off his tie. "You ever go hunting?"
CrashCarrie (11:52:03 PM): Sarah slips to the beach with Suki, smiling and cocking her head a little bit. She glances around to see how alone they are.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:52:30 PM): Kitsumi Drives off leaving with a roaring hum heading back to the quarters to drop Apollo at "Back on Praxis yes"
VVoltronSV (11:53:12 PM): Apollo: Did you use these high tech gizmos or did you just use your wits and a spear?
Lurana Skyblaze (11:53:25 PM): (except for Saito the two should be alone
CrashCarrie (11:53:37 PM): [heh, oh]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:53:49 PM): "Naginata and a crossbow)
diggers316 (11:53:51 PM): [I thought Saito is with Kitsumi?"
Lurana Skyblaze (11:54:05 PM): (he got threw into the water remember?)
diggers316 (11:54:09 PM): ahhh
CrashCarrie (11:54:10 PM): [lol]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:54:11 PM): (by Mel)
VVoltronSV (11:54:47 PM): Saito climbs out of the water and hails a taxi and gets in.
VVoltronSV (11:55:47 PM): Apollo: Ah, not that's hunting. The high tech stuff takes all the challenge out of it. Sometimes I roam for miles before picking up the scent of something to eat.
VVoltronSV (11:56:01 PM): *now that's hunting.
Lurana Skyblaze (11:57:23 PM): Kitsumi drives till he points to his home and drops him off before heading on to where she lives at the shrine(
Lurana Skyblaze (11:57:34 PM): (least i think its at the shrine?)
VVoltronSV (11:57:39 PM): [Yep.]
Lurana Skyblaze (11:58:38 PM): Kitsumi parks just away from the shrine so not to pollute or any thing else the place and walks the rest of the way how ever


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