Chapter 8


VVoltronSV (7:48:16 PM): When we last saw our heroes Suki was leaking missiles profusely and staring at hundreds of drones.
diggers316 (7:49:14 PM): Yes, but the 12 targets we were fighting are dead! so, mission accomplished…sorta
VVoltronSV (7:49:53 PM): The drones are either offline or just haven't noticed the Alpha and taken notice of the two slightly singed mecha standing in there door way.
CrashCarrie (7:50:40 PM): Sarah tries to sense if they're really offline, or if they're just faking it, trying to look for any PC signatures among them.
VVoltronSV (7:51:14 PM): [Perc Check]
CrashCarrie (7:51:16 PM): roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (7:51:16 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
OnlineHost (7:51:25 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
diggers316 (7:51:27 PM): +3
CrashCarrie (7:51:27 PM): [+5 (least in old game) for PC detection]
CrashCarrie (7:51:33 PM): [+1 otherwise]
VVoltronSV (7:51:51 PM): [The pods are offline according to your Protoculture senses.]
CrashCarrie (7:52:40 PM): Sarah phews slightly at that. She glances towards Suki's mecha and makes a shrugging motion with her own.
diggers316 (8:06:16 PM): Suki makes her way into the cavern just enough to see around, and takes in the lay of the land…
VVoltronSV (8:09:30 PM): Suki sees racks of different Battlepod lookalikes (if somewhat compacted) and a few Bioroid like designs. There is also a readout for what looks like a drone version of the Q-Rau. [Similar in stats to the one in the new Macross book.]
CrashCarrie (8:10:21 PM): Sarah looks at the racks and such, frowning and shivering. She steps her mecha back out of the doorway as quietly as absolutely possible with a mech the size of the one she's in.
diggers316 (8:10:25 PM): Suki will record everything…
diggers316 (8:16:08 PM): Suki grumbles. "All that for nothing.."
CrashCarrie (8:16:32 PM): Sarah switches on her com and shrugs slightly. "Where next, ma'am?"
diggers316 (8:16:46 PM): "back out and on up I guess."
CrashCarrie (8:18:03 PM): Sarah nods quickly and backs out, looking around the hallway. "Right."
diggers316 (8:18:12 PM): Before she leaves she will go take a look at the spark thing…
diggers316 (8:18:49 PM): I dunno, maybe it can be useful somehow,
VVoltronSV (8:21:33 PM): You come back to the elevator and look, up, it seems there is only one deck above you. [I'd like to hear how it is conceivable for 2 people with no programming/hacking skills to make use of a comm drone.]
CrashCarrie (8:22:04 PM): [lol]
diggers316 (8:23:58 PM): {hey, I dunno! I was just checking…] Will head up a deck
CrashCarrie (8:24:03 PM): Sarah looks up the shaft and switches on to fly upwards into the next level, watching carefully with all her mecha sensors, and her own sensors, as she reaches the door.
VVoltronSV (8:24:33 PM): [Sarah needs to do a PERC Check.]
OnlineHost (8:24:46 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
CrashCarrie (8:24:49 PM): [ouch]
CrashCarrie (8:24:55 PM): [+1/+5 depending]
VVoltronSV (8:26:57 PM): Sarah feels almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Protoculture in the area. There may be a Matrix in the area, a LOT of active mecha, or both.
CrashCarrie (8:29:46 PM): Sarah's eyes widen and she motions for Suki to stay down. "Bad sign. There's either a matrix or a lot of mecha. Possibly both in there. It's almost overwhelming. Depending on how many are active mecha…" She frowns.
diggers316 (8:30:06 PM): Suki halts her upward climb.
VVoltronSV (8:30:48 PM): The deck is pretty packed full of things with lots of structures making it difficult to see more than a couple of dozen meters, there is a sign saying: Engineering.
diggers316 (8:31:36 PM): "Engineering might have some computer connections to the main computer…" Suki mentions offhand…
CrashCarrie (8:33:25 PM): Sarah nods a little bit. "It might also be well guarded, depending. I'm probably getting backfeed from the reflex reactors themselves, as much as anything else. Hate to say, but I'll be blind to any mecha presence in there…" She moves to the door though.
diggers316 (8:34:43 PM): "in we go then, go easy." Suki will prowl in (as much as one can in an Alpha)
CrashCarrie (8:36:00 PM): Sarah nods and goes in, trying to be cautious about it.
VVoltronSV (8:37:07 PM): The three structures most visible to you are: Life Support, Mecha Bay, and Water/Nutrient Storage. There several paths leading in all directions with no sign as to what is where.
diggers316 (8:38:08 PM): "Life support?" Suki asks.
CrashCarrie (8:38:20 PM): Sarah looks around and ponders, trying to check around. She looks towards the mecha bay and the Life Support areas with a frown, trying to slowly walk around the paths to see if she can better locate where the big protoculture signatures are coming from. Even if it's only in general. "Life support… hrm."
diggers316 (8:38:46 PM): "Most critical of the three…might be the next bread crumb in this damned maze…"
VVoltronSV (8:38:53 PM): The same mystery voice can be heard: "Why, yes. I do have living beings stored on board now don't I?"
diggers316 (8:39:46 PM): Suki address the computer "Mind if I ask what your primary directive is, if you don't mind making small talk here."
CrashCarrie (8:41:34 PM): Sarah cocks her head and listens, blinking even as she tries to do her triangulation.
VVoltronSV (8:42:23 PM): G-95: "To produce mecha for the Robotech Masters and their military servants the Zentraedi. I also play around with improving designs."
diggers316 (8:42:49 PM): "Does this production also extend to the Robotech Masters allies?"
OnlineHost (8:43:05 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 100-sided die: 13
CrashCarrie (8:43:09 PM): [vs 54%]
VVoltronSV (8:43:19 PM): G-95: You have some odd designs, by the way. They look Master influenced."
VVoltronSV (8:43:37 PM): G-95: It could if I receive authorization from the Masters.
diggers316 (8:43:59 PM): "Yes, the larger unit is based on the Glaug Officer pod, I believe, the Zentraedi are our allies, they helped collaborate in the design."
VVoltronSV (8:44:14 PM): [It's coming from several kilometers to the north of you.]
CrashCarrie (8:44:25 PM): [okie]
VVoltronSV (8:45:27 PM): G-95: And may I have the design influence of the craft you are using? And why do you add transforming mechanisms to your mecha?
diggers316 (8:46:33 PM): "The design of my mecha is a hybrid, made to be more versatile in our fight against the Invid, and now, the Haydonites."
diggers316 (8:47:32 PM): "The Invid have been defeated now, but now the Haydonites have launched attacks on us, and our allies.
VVoltronSV (8:49:15 PM): G-95: I am receiving bio scans suggesting that your companion might be of Invid biology? Did your people create her as an Invid Infiltrator? And the Haydonites are listed as an ally of the Masters? Have they betrayed the Masters or have you? And exactly when did you ally yourselves with the Masters?
diggers316 (8:51:08 PM): "The Haydonites have betrayed us, and the masters whom we are stewards over now. Tirol was shattered but our forces, having arrived to make contact helped liberate them, and their vassal states. This Invid is as you say.
CrashCarrie (8:51:47 PM): Sarah coughs very softly and nods. "Being able to sense one's enemy and their tactics is a tactical advantage that needed duplication to allow for defeating of the Invid forces. And the Haydonites… have proven betrayers of all, yes."
diggers316 (8:52:05 PM): "As near as I can tell, the Haydonites have stated that they seek to destroy anyone that uses protoculture…
diggers316 (8:52:51 PM): "I fear their partnership with the Masters was, a means to an end."
VVoltronSV (8:55:34 PM): G-95: If the Masters have fallen as you say, to the point that you became stewards of them, that would explain the lack of communication with them in a few decades. Er, two final questions while I process this new information and open you to questions of me: There is another that I separated from your group, he has proven maliciously destructive, as opposed to your more exploratory natures. What is his task here? Secondly, when you gained stewardship of the Masters did they not mention me?
diggers316 (8:58:04 PM): "To answer your second question, much of their information was lost in their fall, and we have jsut recently become aware of you, because we need your help to protect our selves and by proxy, rhe Tirolian people whom we have sworn to defend. The first question is more complicated."
VVoltronSV (8:59:03 PM): G-95: I am an AI, time is not a major problem for me.
VVoltronSV (8:59:48 PM): [At this point you can just say: I give her the Reader's Digest or War and Peace versions of events if you want.]
CrashCarrie (9:00:05 PM): [the war and peace version probably works best] :p
diggers316 (9:00:11 PM): "Readers Digest with a smattering of Cliff Notes"
diggers316 (9:00:37 PM): [but if she needs more clarification, War and Peace it will be…]
diggers316 (9:01:25 PM): [Basically, I'll be honest and forthright without 'selling the store"]
CrashCarrie (9:02:34 PM): [heehee]
VVoltronSV (9:03:33 PM): [Reader's Digest works fine.]G-95: Ah a rogue in a position of power. I am warning you: he has taken over most of compartment 1, which you entered and has several of my defense drones destroying section of my production facilities, it is most distressing.
diggers316 (9:04:07 PM): "I would feel it is within your right of self defense to remove the rogue element. Would you not agree." Suki says
CrashCarrie (9:04:19 PM): Sarah frowns quickly. "Which sections?"
diggers316 (9:04:55 PM): "Production facilities Sarah, the factories, what we need to remain intact if we are to survive this war with the Haydonites…"
CrashCarrie (9:04:58 PM): Sarah thinks for a moment. "And how might we disrupt his control so you can defend the facilities?"
CrashCarrie (9:05:43 PM): Sarah glances over at Suki. "There are several sections. I doubt Starship parts are produced on the same lines as Mecha."
diggers316 (9:06:29 PM): "Possibly, but every little bit helps, and to be honest, I can't see why he would want to harm the station, unless he means to claim it for his own…" Suki trails off and lets that one sink in…
VVoltronSV (9:07:13 PM): G-95: It has been primarily aimed at my starship section, and I have mounted a defense, I just cannot understand how he has wrenched control over the drones I designed…
diggers316 (9:07:48 PM): "He brought us in with EMP weaponry, those I feel you have been able to counter, but, he has abilities beyond the baseline human.."
VVoltronSV (9:08:52 PM): G-95: Clarify.
diggers316 (9:09:45 PM): "he is psychic, and has the ability to manipulate the mind, these are powers we are aware of, if that also translates to your designs, then if he is able to reach your core he can conceivably do the same to your CPU."
diggers316 (9:10:34 PM): "Sarah I fear we were a distraction for him…"
CrashCarrie (9:11:05 PM): Sarah frowns a little bit. "Direct mental control over the equipment. The defense you mount needs to be directed at him, from all weapons systems available, to counter it. I'm sure you have systems other than the drones to defend yourself with? Also, can you record and hold images of all of it? It would be quite useful as evidence."
CrashCarrie (9:11:14 PM): Sarah nods to Suki. "Sounds that way…"
VVoltronSV (9:11:38 PM): G-95: Unlike myself, I included bio-components in my drones to economize on computer hardware sections.
CrashCarrie (9:11:56 PM): Sarah nods. "That's the problem then. It's using the bio components."
diggers316 (9:12:02 PM): "Also, if possible I would suggest a tactic of divide and conquer, pull your units away from him and work to separate the effected ones from him, leave him with no resources, then overwhelm him."
diggers316 (9:12:59 PM): Upon hearing that the units have bio components she slumps her shoulders. "Factory, do you have, Neutron weaponry at your disposal?"
VVoltronSV (9:13:04 PM): G-95: "I have already recorded as much imagery as I have been able to gather. And I have been trying but there seems to be adapting those tactics.
VVoltronSV (9:13:23 PM): G-95: What is Neutron Weaponry?
CrashCarrie (9:13:49 PM): Sarah turns her mecha's head to glance towards Suki's, visibly twitching.
diggers316 (9:14:03 PM): "A radiological device that emits strong doses of neutron radiation, harmless to machines, and structures, but lethal to biological organisms…"
VVoltronSV (9:14:04 PM): [You realize the Neutron-S were really black hole bombs, not anti-biotics weapons?]
VVoltronSV (9:14:18 PM): [nvm]
CrashCarrie (9:14:29 PM): [lol]
diggers316 (9:14:45 PM): [Neutron Bomb >.< nasty effing weapon]
CrashCarrie (9:14:49 PM): [Why you think Sarah initially twitched?]
CrashCarrie (9:15:01 PM): [re: James]
VVoltronSV (9:15:26 PM): G-95: Negative, no weapons of such exist within this station and would take too much time to produce.
CrashCarrie (9:16:15 PM): Sarah frowns. "What can be done to stop the attack then?"
diggers316 (9:16:25 PM): Suki nods. "Would you be able to re arm our , well, my, mecha?"
diggers316 (9:18:55 PM): "Sarah, we have EMP's, while the Station and her mecha may be immune to its effects, maybe his Alpha isn't. Thats option A, option B requires us to face him ourselves. That, or find a way to flood his compartment with radiation or something that could get at him from a distance, as well as eliminate the corrupted drones."
CrashCarrie (9:19:45 PM): Sarah ooohs at that and nods a little. "The Alpha is radiation shielded anyway, isn't it?" She sighs. "It'd stop the drones though possibly, if they're not sealed against damage to biological components in that manner."
diggers316 (9:20:31 PM): "But," Suki says to the Factory "cutting hard lines and removing mecha from him may slow him down. Do you have any older, non biological drones in storage?"
VVoltronSV (9:21:30 PM): G-95: I have some missiles, I made as an experiment. I do not have many, just enough to refill your mecha as of now. So it would be ill advised to use them carelessly against the 4 dozen drones
diggers316 (9:21:42 PM): "I agree."
CrashCarrie (9:22:17 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit. "We'll need to sneak up somehow and use them against him then."
VVoltronSV (9:22:27 PM): G-95: I recycle too much of my resources to keep any such drones, I could wake up some of the Female Zentraedi carried on board.
diggers316 (9:22:45 PM): "They are biological, they would just end up under his control"
CrashCarrie (9:23:00 PM): Sarah considers then. "Is he there directly controlling the drones?"
VVoltronSV (9:23:50 PM): G-95: Unknown, but data suggests no. His sensory and mental faculties would have to be exhausted to attempt such a feat.
diggers316 (9:24:15 PM): "So, he takes over one, then lets it run on it's own with his instructions…"
diggers316 (9:24:30 PM): "Rinse repeat…until he has an army"
CrashCarrie (9:25:38 PM): Sarah sighs just a little bit at that. "Great. And there's probably not much way to get control back…"'
diggers316 (9:25:48 PM): "You still have the plans for non biological drone in your memory correct? How long would it take to retool a section to start production, for at least a limited run?"
dVVoltronSV (9:26:42 PM): G-95: There is no sentience in the drones, so recovering them is a non-priority, once the threat has ceased, they can easily be replaced. Like the ones I used to test you.
VVoltronSV (9:27:20 PM): G-95: 4 days to have a force comparable to his current force.
VVoltronSV (9:27:46 PM): G-95: I'd have to retool several of the fabricators.
diggers316 (9:29:08 PM): "So we will have to be sneaky then, I think we will have to take care of this. If we can get to him, as if we finally were able to rejoin him, maybe we could get close enough to take him down, then, you can send in your clean drones to mop up, without him, nothing would stand in your way to wipe out the corrupted units."
CrashCarrie (9:29:52 PM): Sarah sighs and considers. "Too long…." She hrms. "And by not being there, he makes sure not to incriminate himself…." She sighs and sits, considering. "In theory, yes." She looks to Suki. "What's to prevent one of us from being controlled though as well? If he figures out we're onto him…" She frowns.
diggers316 (9:30:29 PM): "I don't know, but at least we might be able to fight the effect, unlike the drones."
CrashCarrie (9:31:34 PM): Sarah nods a little bit at that. "I /might/ have some protection from it, at least… if it comes to that." She looks to her comm. "Where is he now?"
diggers316 (9:32:50 PM): "I suggest this, put us in a corridor that he is moving towards with a decent amount of your drones, we will play it that we are in combat with them, and blow the door to "get out" into his area, we spill out, running from your units, he will send his units after yours, which should give us a clear line to him, we will do our best to play it up, thank him, and if we can, then, disable him."
diggers316 (9:34:41 PM): "but Suki says, we take it a step further, our mecha will be controlled by you, we will sneak in in our cyclone, in the confusion , still playing it up by bouncing our signal through our mecha, and sap his mecha if our mecha, under your control, fail to kill him."
VVoltronSV (9:37:23 PM): G-95: This is a reasonable plan. My recommendation is to set this up on compartment two, near the lift. Do you think you can tackle his nearly perfectly armed machine with these Cyclones? Even if you are, he does have a vanguard of secondary defense drones with him at all times. Do you think you could deal with those with these Cyclones?
CrashCarrie (9:38:06 PM): Sarah frowns a little at that and considers it. "Is there any way around the EMP shielding of the secondary drones?"
diggers316 (9:38:16 PM): "The cyclone come into play only after our primary mecha engage him, and his guards. we will need some limpet mines, or other explosives to plant on him."
diggers316 (9:40:09 PM): "The Alpha and Z-4 should, should be able to get close to him, fooling him, they will attack him, and his guards will engage, then , we in our cyclone, pop in, and finish the job. Hopefully you can exploit that as while he is fighting us, he shouldn't be able to corrupt more of your drones, you might be able to rush him then as well."
VVoltronSV (9:40:18 PM): G-95: I would only be able to control your unfamiliar at the most basic of levels, given his ability as a pilot, I don't imagine they would last long.
diggers316 (9:41:14 PM): "All they need to do is get close to him, and draw his guards off, evasion is the plan, if he thinks his guards can handle it, he may sit back and watch…"
CrashCarrie (9:42:46 PM): Sarah nods. "Attacking directly would be his last resort, to avoid implication."
VVoltronSV (9:43:34 PM): G-95: Very well, proceed to deck 2, and transmit remote override controls.
diggers316 (9:43:40 PM): "Implications are the least of his worries, no matter what he is most likely confidant enough that he can manipulate his way our of any trouble. He will act accordingly"
diggers316 (9:44:15 PM): Suki moves out [are we able to score some mines or satchel charges or something?]
VVoltronSV (9:45:52 PM): [About 5 rigged FPA-style missiles each.
diggers316 (9:46:01 PM): [good to go]
CrashCarrie (9:46:24 PM): [woo]
CrashCarrie (9:46:43 PM): Sarah nods and moves out behind Suki.
diggers316 (9:48:00 PM): "Sarah, these charges go on his weak points, joints, hinges, intakes, missile bays, hatches, anyplace that will hurt him."
CrashCarrie (9:48:12 PM): Sarah nods quickly. "Right."
VVoltronSV (9:51:11 PM): The battle begins as you watch your mecha and G-95's defense drones doing a well orchestrated dance to look like a real fight. The fight spills out as Revan's troops come down the elevator, they begin to engage the other drones. You hear Revan calling: "I leave you two alone for two minutes and this is the trouble get yourselves into. Tsk. Tsk."
diggers316 (9:51:41 PM): "Sorry boss! After we got cut off all hell broke loose!" Suki hams it up
CrashCarrie (9:52:28 PM): Sarah nods quickly at that, making sure not to laugh at Suki hamming.
VVoltronSV (9:53:18 PM): The two mecha G-95 is controlling move towards Revan's Alpha as if seeking assistance. The two SDD's then immediately rain dozens of missiles on your mecha, utterly destroying them.
VVoltronSV (9:53:37 PM): Revan: Did you think I wouldn't notice you weren't in your craft?
diggers316 (9:55:00 PM): "Actually, yeah." Suki says. Then nods to Sarah, (saying, not transmitting) "Called us, we have to go now. get us as close as you can. keep moving, don't stop, keep him between you and those drones."
CrashCarrie (9:55:53 PM): Sarah nods quickly and starts moving. "Right…"
VVoltronSV (9:57:08 PM): [Roll a base demolitions scores.]
CrashCarrie (9:57:36 PM): roll-dice1-sides100
OnlineHost (9:57:36 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 100-sided die: 82
OnlineHost (9:57:37 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 100-sided die: 46
CrashCarrie (9:57:40 PM): [ouch]
diggers316 (9:57:53 PM): Under 73
VVoltronSV (10:00:41 PM): Revan either doesn't notice or doesn't care as both of your explosives are set and go off. Sarah's causes some mild damage to the over all, Suki's fare much better as it seems to cripple the Alpha around the legs and lower torso.
diggers316 (10:01:08 PM): "Keep it up, next set!"
diggers316 (10:02:06 PM): "He's moving odd, he might be out of his mecha as well. keep an eye out."
VVoltronSV (10:02:18 PM): Oddly, another explosion occurs as a Devastator class flies out of the back of the mecha. Revan: "Betcha didn't see this coming."
diggers316 (10:02:54 PM): "Yeah, I did!" Suki will fire a spread of two missiles from her GR-97 as the ejecting Cyclone.
diggers316 (10:03:03 PM): as = at
VVoltronSV (10:03:20 PM): [Roll save vs. Psionic attack.]
diggers316 (10:03:50 PM): [hmm, would that be covered under insanity?
diggers316 (10:04:06 PM): [or is the save based on the power used?]
CrashCarrie (10:04:49 PM): [ooc under mental endurance or such, I'd think]
diggers316 (10:05:13 PM): [i see it
VVoltronSV (10:05:17 PM): [no, under the 8 attributes under ME you get your save vs. Psionic attack bonuses]
OnlineHost (10:05:23 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 7
diggers316 (10:05:25 PM): +1
CrashCarrie (10:05:28 PM): roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (10:05:28 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
CrashCarrie (10:05:38 PM): [+2]
VVoltronSV (10:06:21 PM): [Carrie SAVES! Suki loses half of her bonuses to strike/parry/dodge.]
diggers316 (10:06:44 PM): [shall i roll my strike on him with me missiles now?]
diggers316 (10:06:52 PM): [or is it init time?]
VVoltronSV (10:07:06 PM): [Had that roll been 3 points lower, you'd temporarily be an NPC fight Sarah]
CrashCarrie (10:07:23 PM): [lol]
VVoltronSV (10:07:33 PM): [strike at no bonuses, then initiative]
OnlineHost (10:07:47 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
diggers316 (10:08:03 PM): [meh, least it wasn't horrible]
OnlineHost (10:08:10 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
diggers316 (10:08:14 PM): [poop]
VVoltronSV (10:08:22 PM): +18
diggers316 (10:08:31 PM): [mega poop]
VVoltronSV (10:08:39 PM): [init]
VVoltronSV (10:08:48 PM): /roll-dice1-sides20
CrashCarrie (10:08:51 PM): roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (10:08:51 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 13
OnlineHost (10:08:51 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 1
OnlineHost (10:08:54 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
CrashCarrie (10:08:56 PM): [+3]
VVoltronSV (10:09:02 PM): [lol]
diggers316 (10:09:08 PM): I go last! +4]
CrashCarrie (10:09:11 PM): [epic FAIL]
diggers316 (10:09:22 PM): [Who am I? Where am I again?]
CrashCarrie (10:09:30 PM): [about it with a psionic attack]
VVoltronSV (10:09:49 PM): [Order: Sarah, Revan, Suki]
CrashCarrie (10:11:55 PM): Sarah is quick to try to provide cover fire for Suki as she fires missiles, pulling up her Gallant rifle and firing a burst down the hall, to cover any moving.
CrashCarrie (10:12:02 PM): roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (10:12:03 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
CrashCarrie (10:12:14 PM): [arg. +5, but still]
OnlineHost (10:12:19 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
CrashCarrie (10:16:22 PM): Sarah keeps firing, not wanting to allow a moment of opportunity to pass as she continues clicking the burst trigger.
OnlineHost (10:16:29 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 12
CrashCarrie (10:16:33 PM): [+5]
OnlineHost (10:17:05 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
OnlineHost (10:18:50 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 6 6-sided dice: 5 3 5 5 5 2
CrashCarrie (10:19:02 PM): [25]
CrashCarrie (10:19:56 PM): Sarah keeps the heat up even as she hits, clicking her trigger again and hoping to all the universe she can do something good in order to keep the guy off them.
CrashCarrie (10:20:08 PM): roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (10:20:08 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
CrashCarrie (10:20:13 PM): [+5]
OnlineHost (10:23:02 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
VVoltronSV (10:23:13 PM): [damage]
OnlineHost (10:24:10 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 6 6-sided dice: 4 3 1 1 3 2
CrashCarrie (10:24:22 PM): [14]
CrashCarrie (10:25:07 PM): Sarah keeps plugging away, hoping for a blast or such that will really dig into the big enemy machine, swearing very softly as she keeps pulling the trigger.
OnlineHost (10:25:21 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 8
CrashCarrie (10:25:28 PM): [attack 4, +5]
OnlineHost (10:26:14 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
diggers316 (10:26:31 PM): [Touche and damn Revan, lol]
OnlineHost (10:26:46 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 6 6-sided dice: 2 1 5 2 3 5
CrashCarrie (10:27:04 PM): [18]
CrashCarrie (10:27:40 PM): Sarah just keeps on plugging away, clicking her trigger again and again and again.
OnlineHost (10:27:49 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 9
CrashCarrie (10:27:53 PM): [+5]
OnlineHost (10:27:55 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 10
VVoltronSV (10:27:58 PM): +18
CrashCarrie (10:28:06 PM): [suck. Dodge time]
VVoltronSV (10:28:51 PM): [Revan's turn]Revan just laughs maniacally. Before pouring fire from his rail cannon into Sarah.
OnlineHost (10:28:52 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 13
diggers316 (10:29:02 PM): [you sure 25 = 14 = 18]
VVoltronSV (10:29:09 PM): +15
diggers316 (10:29:12 PM): [= should be +]
OnlineHost (10:29:17 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 2
CrashCarrie (10:29:25 PM): [aw shizz]
VVoltronSV (10:29:35 PM): [it's 57]
OnlineHost (10:29:51 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 4-sided die: 1
VVoltronSV (10:30:18 PM): [20 damage to Sarah.]
VVoltronSV (10:31:19 PM): Revan then swings his arm around and fires at Suki with both of his missiles. [Remember, HALF bonuses for Suki]
OnlineHost (10:31:21 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 12
VVoltronSV (10:31:25 PM): +5
diggers316 (10:31:33 PM): Suki will try to Auto Dodge
OnlineHost (10:32:24 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
VVoltronSV (10:32:39 PM): [bonuses?]
diggers316 (10:32:41 PM): +8 rounding down
VVoltronSV (10:32:57 PM): [both missiles MISS!]
CrashCarrie (10:33:08 PM): [yay, go Suki]
VVoltronSV (10:33:27 PM): He turns the rail cannon on Suki
OnlineHost (10:33:32 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
OnlineHost (10:33:36 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
diggers316 (10:33:39 PM): damn
OnlineHost (10:33:45 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 4-sided die: 1
diggers316 (10:33:54 PM): [well, thank god for the 1 at least]
VVoltronSV (10:34:00 PM): [40 damage to Suki]
VVoltronSV (10:34:45 PM): [He just surpassed Sarah's round damage.]He takes one last shot at Suki!
OnlineHost (10:34:48 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 19
VVoltronSV (10:34:51 PM): +15
OnlineHost (10:34:59 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
diggers316 (10:35:02 PM): +8
OnlineHost (10:35:06 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 4-sided die: 3
diggers316 (10:35:08 PM): [Nope
VVoltronSV (10:35:21 PM): [What Cycs are you two using?]
VVoltronSV (10:35:32 PM): [40 damage to Suki]
diggers316 (10:35:43 PM): [I need to roll a 100
OnlineHost (10:35:57 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 100-sided die: 79
CrashCarrie (10:36:16 PM): [52T]
OnlineHost (10:36:18 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 100-sided die: 54
diggers316 (10:36:44 PM): I just lost a weapons system, means my last two missiles are dead to me.
diggers316 (10:38:31 PM): my turn?
CrashCarrie (10:38:47 PM): [you kidding, he probably has a jillion attacks left]
VVoltronSV (10:39:05 PM): [no, he has 3 attacks left, and what Suki using?]
diggers316 (10:39:05 PM): [also, how long does his psionic attack last?]
VVoltronSV (10:39:13 PM): [3 turns]
VVoltronSV (10:41:27 PM): Revan turns his cannon back against Sarah and wails on her.
OnlineHost (10:41:37 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
VVoltronSV (10:41:40 PM): +15
VVoltronSV (10:42:58 PM): [Sarah's reaction?]
OnlineHost (10:43:09 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
CrashCarrie (10:43:28 PM): [tries to dodge, of course, +10. Missed by 1]
OnlineHost (10:45:47 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 4-sided die: 2
VVoltronSV (10:45:57 PM): [30 damage to Carrie
OnlineHost (10:46:12 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
VVoltronSV (10:46:14 PM): +15
CrashCarrie (10:46:39 PM): roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (10:46:39 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
CrashCarrie (10:46:43 PM): [sux]
diggers316 (10:46:46 PM): [owwie]
diggers316 (10:47:03 PM): [I command you to roll 20's Carrie! OBEY!]
OnlineHost (10:47:58 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 4-sided die: 4
VVoltronSV (10:48:05 PM): [50]
OnlineHost (10:48:18 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
diggers316 (10:48:37 PM): [or for fucks sake >.< owwwwwww]
CrashCarrie (10:48:38 PM): [egad]
CrashCarrie (10:48:46 PM): roll-dice1-sides20]
OnlineHost (10:48:46 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 10
CrashCarrie (10:49:07 PM): [this could get ugly]
diggers316 (10:49:08 PM): [roll a 1 for damage rollaonerollaone]
OnlineHost (10:50:38 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 4-sided die: 1
diggers316 (10:50:43 PM): [YESS}
VVoltronSV (10:50:47 PM): [40!]
VVoltronSV (10:51:08 PM): [That's it for Revan.
diggers316 (10:51:35 PM): Suki will fire a burst from her EP-37 as she moves backwards towards the abandoned Alpha.
OnlineHost (10:51:41 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 9
diggers316 (10:51:48 PM): +5
OnlineHost (10:51:50 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 6
VVoltronSV (10:51:53 PM): +18
diggers316 (10:52:20 PM): Suki now further back, will ENTER the abandoned Alpha, check systems, lock up Revan and Fire 4 missiles
diggers316 (10:52:21 PM): at him
VVoltronSV (10:53:13 PM): [no cockpit to control, Revan took that out when he fled the Alpha.
diggers316 (10:53:39 PM): [ /taps his foot… really?]
diggers316 (10:54:32 PM): [I mean damn here I am using my environment here, specially since another good hit whacks me…]
VVoltronSV (10:56:19 PM): [fine, you can make use of it, but remember, it is largely disabled and you're facing the wrong way.]
diggers316 (10:56:54 PM): [I understand it's immobile, but I just want to fire missiles at him, Shouldn't need to move for that. and thank you]
diggers316 (10:57:45 PM): [do I need to be facing him to lock him up?]
diggers316 (10:57:55 PM): [or will the system tag him as is?]
VVoltronSV (10:58:08 PM): [no, but you get a slight penalty to strike -2]
diggers316 (10:58:15 PM): [kk]
OnlineHost (10:58:24 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
diggers316 (10:58:42 PM): +3-2=1 =19
diggers316 (10:58:53 PM): I fire 6
diggers316 (10:58:56 PM): at him
diggers316 (10:59:01 PM): 6 missiles
OnlineHost (10:59:09 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 1
VVoltronSV (10:59:17 PM): [damage]
OnlineHost (10:59:30 PM): diggers316 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 6
diggers316 (10:59:36 PM): *10*6
diggers316 (10:59:50 PM): 600
VVoltronSV (11:00:33 PM): Revan: Revan goes splat.
diggers316 (11:00:35 PM): [The cinematic of this is Hollywood worthy…just saying]
diggers316 (11:01:17 PM): [I picture a slo mo shot of the missile launching, arcing over, then closing in, Revan's eyes go wide followed by a long 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!']
VVoltronSV (11:02:43 PM): The ground explodes around him, and you see a figure in a black robe standing in the middle of all of this.
VVoltronSV (11:03:12 PM): Revan: Damn, nearly died a second time. Clever maneuver though.
diggers316 (11:03:48 PM): Suki: "Nandesuka!"
diggers316 (11:05:55 PM): same attack
OnlineHost (11:06:05 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
diggers316 (11:06:07 PM): whiff
diggers316 (11:06:48 PM): Suki will try again "Why wont you DIE?"
OnlineHost (11:06:56 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
diggers316 (11:07:52 PM): +1 with the negs and bonuses tallied out so 16 total
OnlineHost (11:08:41 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
VVoltronSV (11:08:55 PM): +11
diggers316 (11:09:04 PM): [this was a missile volley…]
VVoltronSV (11:09:11 PM): Revan seems to PARRY the missiles with an energy shield.
OnlineHost (11:10:48 PM): diggers316 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 3
diggers316 (11:11:00 PM): 540
diggers316 (11:12:02 PM): Suki hopes that we have kept him busy long enough for the factory units to whittle away Revan 'conscripts'…
VVoltronSV (11:16:52 PM): The shield seems to take almost all of the damage but you do manage to cut his mask a little.
VVoltronSV (11:17:02 PM): Revan: I'm ALREADY dead.
diggers316 (11:17:21 PM): Suki "Then SHUT UP and DIE!"
diggers316 (11:20:58 PM): Suki is almost frantic, and fires another 8 this time!
OnlineHost (11:21:06 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
OnlineHost (11:21:21 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
diggers316 (11:21:42 PM): [Remember Suki is a Shinto spiritualist, this guy is Oni of the worst sort
VVoltronSV (11:22:15 PM): Revan hops along the missiles to land on the shoulder of the alpha without setting any of them off.
CrashCarrie (11:29:36 PM): Sarah suddenly gets a nasty thought, switching on her com and adjusting to get heard. She's quiet as she speaks. "Z-95… how far from the outer walls are we? And are any lifeforms on this level other than us?"
VVoltronSV (11:30:42 PM): G-95: You are clear to blow out a side wall.
VVoltronSV (11:31:05 PM): G-95: It should propel him into space.
CrashCarrie (11:31:45 PM): Sarah smirks a little at that. "That's the idea…" She waves her EP-40. "Where do I shoot for best effect?"
diggers316 (11:31:57 PM): [All you Carrie chan, I'm all out of attacks… and I have a feeling I'm going out with him…]
VVoltronSV (11:32:28 PM): G-95 gives Sarah the coordinates via a reticle on her HUD.
CrashCarrie (11:33:59 PM): Sarah moves closer to the Alpha for one action, then opens fire upon the coordinates, promptly.
VVoltronSV (11:34:28 PM): [Roll for it!]
OnlineHost (11:34:36 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 1
CrashCarrie (11:34:46 PM): [oh for fraks sake]
OnlineHost (11:35:26 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
OnlineHost (11:35:41 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 9
diggers316 (11:35:47 PM): good enough!
CrashCarrie (11:35:50 PM): [attack +5]
diggers316 (11:35:53 PM): walls can't dodge lol
VVoltronSV (11:35:54 PM): Revan: You couldn't hit the broad side of factory satellite
OnlineHost (11:36:13 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 4 6-sided dice: 4 5 5 1
CrashCarrie (11:36:23 PM): [ah piss]
VVoltronSV (11:38:15 PM): [You did enough.] The side wall give out and Revan seems to be caught unaware as he is sucked out the hole Sarah made.
VVoltronSV (11:38:21 PM): [Perc Checks]
OnlineHost (11:38:31 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
diggers316 (11:38:34 PM): +3
CrashCarrie (11:38:39 PM): roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (11:38:39 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
CrashCarrie (11:38:43 PM): [+1]
VVoltronSV (11:39:34 PM): Suki sees a weird looking mecha catch Revan and then space fold out.
VVoltronSV (11:41:53 PM): Several G-95 non-combat drones proceed to patch the hole in the wall.
diggers316 (11:41:57 PM): Suki slumps back in her 'seat' and sighs…"What in the kami's name was that…"
VVoltronSV (11:42:13 PM): [Suki PERC check]
OnlineHost (11:42:30 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 8
diggers316 (11:42:32 PM): +3
CrashCarrie (11:43:14 PM): Sarah sighs just a little and slumps. "What?" She sighs and watches the drones patching. "G-95… status update, are things any closer to cleaned up? And did you see that thing he left in?"
VVoltronSV (11:44:40 PM): Suki notices the word Testament written on the wall.
VVoltronSV (11:45:29 PM): G-95: As soon as the malicious one left all drone status returned to normal, complete repairs can be done in 3 days. Is there a destination you need me to go to?
diggers316 (11:45:58 PM): Suki gives the Factory the coordinates (last known) of the UES Magellan
diggers316 (11:46:16 PM): "There will be a ship there, large, but it is friendly."
VVoltronSV (11:47:37 PM): G-95: Roger. Approximately 63.34 minutes to arrival at destination point.
diggers316 (11:48:40 PM): Suki: "Oh jeez, that's going to be like," she counts on her fingers."a month…or so due to time dilation…"
CrashCarrie (11:48:47 PM): Sarah relaxes against a wall, closing her eyes for a moment. "Great…"
diggers316 (11:49:52 PM): "Oh wait, no, 10 days…my mistake, 60 minutes, not 60 hours…" She corrects herself sheepishly
CrashCarrie (11:50:24 PM): Sarah looks over and laughs. "Oh. That's a lot better then."
VVoltronSV (11:52:31 PM): G-95: Time Dilation is not a factor in my space fold capabilities.
diggers316 (11:52:46 PM): "Oh wow!" Suki says, very much impressed."
CrashCarrie (11:53:13 PM): Sarah ooohs at that. "Neat."
VVoltronSV (11:57:12 PM): G-95 directs the Tigers to the living areas so they can rest for the remainder of the trip (any shenanigans are filmed for later posterity), and arrives at the the site of the Magellan. Melanie greets you saying that she found the section of the Stellar Jungle you had her look for but found nothing. Rodriguez just seems relieved the Revan didn't return with you. Also present is a new member of the Tigers.
diggers316 (11:58:19 PM): [Oh, and there were a LOT of shenanigans!]
CrashCarrie (12:00:34 AM): [lol yeah]
diggers316 (12:01:34 AM): [Invid and Human shenanigans only! no haughty Praxians allowed LOL! ]
VVoltronSV (12:01:31 AM): Melanie: So Revan proved freakier than I thought. Well, anyway we got a new member for with a prototype update to the Monster Destroid,
VVoltronSV (12:05:02 AM): Melanie: Oh and Sarah. I got the Invid Veritech fully operational, you can use it at your leisure.
CrashCarrie (12:05:52 AM): Sarah ooohs at that and smiles. "Thanks! I'll check it over as soon as possible."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:06:28 AM): would probably just be stepping in wiping her hands after her introduction standing at semi rest
CrashCarrie (12:11:17 AM): Sarah glances over the new member and cocks her head just a little bit. "A pleasure to meet you. I'm Sarah."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:12:03 AM): *would be dressed in full Praxian style amazon armor almost standing there in the light she looks like a goddess/Valkyrie without her wings
diggers316 (12:13:07 AM): Suki, arm around Sarah's waist looks at the newbie. "Wow! tall. Might have to get a kimono tailored for her…"
Lurana Skyblaze (12:13:49 AM): *would look down at the two.* "So the famous Suki, and Sarah at last…"
diggers316 (12:14:22 AM): In her best 'Yogurt' Impression Suki says "You hoid of me?"
Lurana Skyblaze (12:15:26 AM): "Of course…" *she turns a bit her armor doing very little to cover her frame purely there for modest reasons prolly a naginata styled pole arm in her hand and a crossbow on her opposite wrist*
Lurana Skyblaze (12:15:42 AM): (And the standard issue sidearm Gallant on her hip)
diggers316 (12:16:45 AM): Suki bows politely. "I am Captain Ishida. a pleasure to meet you."
diggers316 (12:17:39 AM): "And this is 1st Lieutenant Amdahl."
CrashCarrie (12:18:11 AM): Sarah stays quiet while Suki talks, blushing softly and smiling up towards the new pilot interestedly.
Lurana Skyblaze (12:18:28 AM): 1st. Lt Kitsumi
diggers316 (12:18:28 AM): "Welcome to the Tigers! I'm sure you will do your best."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:18:58 AM): "I'm just here to test the new weapon in battle situations, I'm told it should perform well
diggers316 (12:19:24 AM): "If Melanie has trust in it, then I do as well."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:20:03 AM): "Shall i show you it?"
CrashCarrie (12:20:13 AM): Sarah smiles a little at that and glances to Suki.
Lurana Skyblaze (12:21:47 AM): "I am sorry I'm not in the proper uniform but i felt like showing up in my ceremonial armor for commemoration of this day"
diggers316 (12:21:47 AM): "The Koenig, I'm familiar with it, in theory and on the hanger bay floor, at least."
diggers316 (12:22:49 AM): Suki nods" Well, I run a tight ship in the Tigers, we play hard and work even harder. So, while on duty, CVR-3 is the Uniform of the day, on your own time, you can prance around naked for all I care, so long as no civilian sees while on temple grounds.
diggers316 (12:23:00 AM): had = hard
Lurana Skyblaze (12:23:59 AM): "Trust me, even in this i will not disappoint you, I'm afraid i was not issued CVR-3 unfortunately"
diggers316 (12:25:07 AM): "We will see to that. Our quarters are within the Yamato Shrine aboard ship, I double as the temple Priestess, and I will be up front, I regard the area as sacred, so, please keep that in mind while in our home."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:25:31 AM): "I am dressed am i not?"
diggers316 (12:26:25 AM): "Hai, you are, but we will get you a proper kimono. I do not wish to infringe on your customs, but the Yamato Shrine embodies Japanese culture here on the ship."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:27:03 AM): "As you wish" *she bows her head slightly.* "I am afraid i am ignorant of your customs then…"
CrashCarrie (12:27:19 AM): Sarah listens and shrugs slightly. "Well, so was I. I still am some. But I'm learning."
diggers316 (12:28:03 AM): Suki bows in reply "It will be my honor to teach you. I know a little of Praxian customs, and there are many similarities, so, there should be no glaring issues that I can foresee."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:28:10 AM): "Is there a place i may store my things I'm getting rather tired of holding this naginata…"
diggers316 (12:28:52 AM): Suki frowns as you admit to being TIRED, holding a Japanese ethnic weapon. "hai, follow me."
CrashCarrie (12:30:02 AM): Sarah follows along behind as well, looking upwards still and smiling.
Lurana Skyblaze (12:30:24 AM): "And some rest… been active the past 64 hours prepping the Mothra for the trip…" *she follows along* "I hate long briefings least this was short" *she smiles*
Lurana Skyblaze (12:30:50 AM): (wow the Mothra can fit 6 cyclones in its cargo bay…)
CrashCarrie (12:31:13 AM): [good, my new mech can't fit any]
diggers316 (12:31:22 AM): Suki leads you to a jeep and the trio of you drive to the Shrine.
CrashCarrie (12:31:35 AM): [heehee]
CrashCarrie (12:31:48 AM): Sarah settles into the jeep and relaxes, closing her eyes for the trip.
Lurana Skyblaze (12:32:05 AM): *she rather clumsily sits into the jeep almost firing off the loaded arrow into the floor board from her crossbow on her arm.*
diggers316 (12:33:04 AM): After a few minutes drive through the city ship you pull up in front of the Yamato Shrine
Lurana Skyblaze (12:33:29 AM): "Very… beautiful almost reminds me of Praxis on pictures i have seen…"
diggers316 (12:34:54 AM): Suki nods and leads you to the living quarters. Sliding a rice paper door back she reveals a spartan but comfy dwelling, with a rolled up futon at the far wall. "This will be your room, if you need anything, please let me or Lt. Langley know, she is our liaison to the Magellan."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:35:44 AM): *she passes the weapon to Suki, "As is custom i pass my weapon to you as you are my commander"
diggers316 (12:36:11 AM): "I accept your blade, and your fealty." Suki says with a ceremonial bow.
Lurana Skyblaze (12:36:49 AM): *she steps into the room about 5 steps and just "collapses" obviously extremely exhausted
diggers316 (12:37:21 AM): ((Kitsumi, knowingly or not, just made Suki her Dimyo, and she her vassal.))
Lurana Skyblaze (12:37:50 AM): (prolly not fully knowingly)
Lurana Skyblaze (12:38:50 AM): (i figured it was customary for her to pass her weapon (The spear/naginata) to her CO of sorts for a later ritual with it as per her own culture)
Lurana Skyblaze (12:38:57 AM): (for a later ritual)
diggers316 (12:39:30 AM): ((nod in Japanese culture, passage of the weapon signifies fealty))
Lurana Skyblaze (12:39:53 AM): (I'm sorta making up some of the Praxian stuff since its very vague on their culture)
diggers316 (12:40:07 AM): (hell, what is there, nothing!)
Lurana Skyblaze (12:40:30 AM): (aye just a short skit on how most prefer to be practically naked in battle)
CrashCarrie (12:40:37 AM): (just all girls, and fanservice)
Lurana Skyblaze (12:40:58 AM): (Any way she just collapsed on the floor obviously not kidding about being "tired"
diggers316 (12:41:14 AM): As Kitsumi sleeps Suki showers, meditates, practices her forms, does her cutting practice, and then dons her kimono and maintains the grounds before sleep.
Lurana Skyblaze (12:41:57 AM): (lol not gonna check on her since she just crashed into the floor all 160 some odd lbs? :p0
diggers316 (12:42:09 AM): (thud!)
CrashCarrie (12:42:28 AM): Sarah showers and tries to help as well, still trying to learn the proper way to do things there.
diggers316 (12:43:00 AM): Suki shows her the ropes…giggity…and the proper rites of the Shinto faith
Lurana Skyblaze (12:43:21 AM): *Sleeps peaceably i suppose having thudded to the floor like a bad sack around potatoes that just couldn't hold the weight
Lurana Skyblaze (12:44:54 AM): (prolly glad she took care of bio business before doing so to)
diggers316 (12:45:13 AM): At 5:30 the next morning, you are awoken by a prod to your midriff, Suki is standing above you in her in her workout clothing. "Rise and shine, time for morning exercise."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:45:38 AM): (least i don't think Suki would take to kindly to walking into her room to check on her later finding urine pooled under her)
diggers316 (12:45:53 AM): Sarah has already been awoken as Suki did so slipping out of bed earlier…giggity
CrashCarrie (12:46:13 AM): Sarah stands just behind Suki, smiling.
Lurana Skyblaze (12:46:46 AM): *the woman just groans a bit looking rather pale almost sickly prolly for working so long before the trip and rolls over trying to get up
diggers316 (12:47:30 AM): "Sarah-chan, hand me the water bucket…" Suki says.
Lurana Skyblaze (12:47:51 AM): (shes awake just having trouble moving ya know hard floor :P)
Lurana Skyblaze (12:48:05 AM): "No need I'm awake"
Lurana Skyblaze (12:48:10 AM): "Just…stiff"
diggers316 (12:48:10 AM): 9yes but you aren't standing yet! lol)
CrashCarrie (12:48:17 AM): Sarah laughs quietly and hands over the bucket. "Here you go, ma'am…" She grins.
diggers316 (12:48:40 AM): Suki counts backwards from 3…
Lurana Skyblaze (12:48:56 AM): *you hear bones creaking and popping as she finally stands up before you even leave)
diggers316 (12:48:59 AM): 2…
diggers316 (12:49:34 AM): Suki nods and hands the water bucket back "Please to be getting dressed. Workout begins in 4 minutes."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:49:59 AM): "I am dress..ed i think." *looks her self over?*
diggers316 (12:50:11 AM): (wearing what you flopped over in)
Lurana Skyblaze (12:50:19 AM): (which was her armor)
diggers316 (12:50:43 AM): Suki motions to her attire with a subtle wave of her hand. "Top drawer, third dresser from the right."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:51:26 AM): *she looks to the dresser and casually steps over there all the joins in her body popping loudly as they all seem to had froze last night
Lurana Skyblaze (12:51:35 AM): joints*
diggers316 (12:52:29 AM): As Suki walks out with Sarah she notes "She is so stiff, she will need to be loosened out, cricking and popping like that, she'd give our position away even inside her mecha."
CrashCarrie (12:53:21 AM): Sarah laughs a little bit and nods. "Definitely a good idea. It'll be more comfortable for her as well, not being so stiff."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:54:04 AM): *she steps out dressed easily towering over the two.* "Um…." *it looks like its about 2 sizes to small on her*
CrashCarrie (12:54:38 AM): [lol]
diggers316 (12:54:45 AM): Suki stifles a laugh "I, I will see to getting you a proper fit later today."
Lurana Skyblaze (12:55:27 AM): "Yea unlike my sisters…" *she looks down to see her belly about the same as she would in her armor* "I do prefer to show a lil less skin most of the time.."
diggers316 (12:55:53 AM): The work out is grueling, they loosen you up all right, Suki even sits on your back as you stretch so that you stretch further, you are sore, and fatigued, but, you do not crick or pop any more.
Lurana Skyblaze (12:56:30 AM): *when given time she would take an ice bath*
diggers316 (12:56:44 AM): Suki shows you to the steam room, and then the onsan
Lurana Skyblaze (12:56:45 AM): (best cure for soreness :P)
Lurana Skyblaze (12:57:08 AM): "Got any where i can turn into an ice bath for later?"
diggers316 (12:58:40 AM): After this ?
Lurana Skyblaze (12:59:56 AM): (something like that but done with ice cold water)
diggers316 (1:00:46 AM): nope sorry…they can get you ice and fill a tub with it…but as a built in thing, no
Lurana Skyblaze (1:00:48 AM): (or am i thinking wrong and ice cold water is used for something else?0
diggers316 (1:01:25 AM): no it's used for sports training, those metal tubs you see, but thats a different 'philosophy' more, western…
diggers316 (1:01:29 AM): sports
Lurana Skyblaze (1:01:43 AM): (Ahh i thought that originated in the orientals lol)
diggers316 (1:02:21 AM): Hydrotherapy tub
Lurana Skyblaze (1:02:38 AM): *shucks off the overly tight and showy garb and steps into the water sos to cover her self either way using the warm water to sooth the sore muscles (and to clean her self prolly stinks a lil)
CrashCarrie (1:03:41 AM): Sarah watches the shucking of the garb, smiling quietly and looking to Suki, relaxing further.
diggers316 (1:03:54 AM): Suki is already in the hot spring naked, with a towel wrapped around her hair. (having already bathed, since it is considered rude to be 'dirty' in a communal bath')
diggers316 (1:04:47 AM): (traditionally you bath, yourself by pouring water over you and soaping yourself off, before you enter the tub.)
CrashCarrie (1:05:20 AM): (yeah, it's a nudie pool more than a real bath) ;p
Lurana Skyblaze (1:05:48 AM): (rofl i didn't know that)
diggers316 (1:05:55 AM): ^_^
Lurana Skyblaze (1:05:58 AM): *she obviously doesn't know the customs and just stepped in*
diggers316 (1:06:04 AM): See RPGs can be a learning experience ^_^
Lurana Skyblaze (1:06:17 AM): (unless some one stopped her)
CrashCarrie (1:06:21 AM): (rotfl)
diggers316 (1:06:31 AM): Suki steps up, in all her glory and shoos you out of the tub, and 'instructs you'
CrashCarrie (1:06:37 AM): (can't believe someone would try to wash clothes or underwear in there)
diggers316 (1:07:03 AM): She is very polite, understanding you didn't know, and takes he time to explain the etiquette to you in full.
diggers316 (1:07:19 AM): all while still buck naked
CrashCarrie (1:07:47 AM): Sarah keeps behind, saying nothing. She's also buck naked, but there for support anyway.
Lurana Skyblaze (1:08:48 AM): *she does as told half thinking about playing with the woman while in the bath part but shies it off figuring one or the other would smack her if she "Tried" cause she was new*
Lurana Skyblaze (1:09:05 AM): (yea this chars a bit more into girls not wanting a baby)
diggers316 (1:09:31 AM): This is more what the bath look like at the Shrine
Lurana Skyblaze (1:09:50 AM): (Ahh
Lurana Skyblaze (1:10:06 AM): (so does Suki show her proper ways to do it according to the custom IE via touching her?)
CrashCarrie (1:10:54 AM): ( Sarah might slap in that instance ;-) )
diggers316 (1:10:58 AM): yes, Although you can tell there is no 'sexuality involved."
CrashCarrie (1:10:58 AM): (Sarah even)
CrashCarrie (1:11:03 AM): (heehee)
Lurana Skyblaze (1:11:30 AM): (true but Sarah and Suki would see her become aroused at some of the touches)
Lurana Skyblaze (1:11:37 AM): (even tho she tries to hide it)
diggers316 (1:12:44 AM): Suki snorts good naturedly at that suppresses a smile, and finishes, then returns to the bath, sitting next to Sarah, closely
Lurana Skyblaze (1:13:37 AM): *Sits away from the two obviously embarrassed by her body's reaction to Suki and Sarah if she helped completely flushed even tho shes always liked women over men
diggers316 (1:14:11 AM): Suki closes her eyes and slides down so that the water is up to her neck and naps.
diggers316 (1:14:33 AM): (convo you two, Suki is dead to the world for the next 20 minutes lol)
Lurana Skyblaze (1:14:49 AM): (lol me to_
CrashCarrie (1:15:03 AM): (heh heh)
CrashCarrie (1:15:36 AM): Sarah smiles warmly over, cocking her head just a little bit. "Something wrong? You should relax…"
Lurana Skyblaze (1:16:20 AM): "No nothing nothing…" *shes obviously lying and trying to hide her peeked breasts pointing in the twos direction under the water*
CrashCarrie (1:16:35 AM): (lol)
Lurana Skyblaze (1:16:47 AM): (As in arousal pointed towards the two still)
CrashCarrie (1:17:17 AM): Sarah's smile warms, and she leans her head slightly downward. "It's okay. You don't need to be shy with me…"
Lurana Skyblaze (1:18:10 AM): *She finally comes over* "I'm sorry… just not used to this reaction with new people i meet…"
diggers316 (1:18:46 AM): Suki cracks an eye, feeling the water stir, then closes it again.
CrashCarrie (1:19:02 AM): Sarah smiles and shrugs just a little bit, considering that. "Well, consider it a new experience to enjoy, then." She glances to Suki and offers a gentle smile to her as well.
diggers316 (1:19:35 AM): Suki returns the look with an 'air kiss' as she closes her eye
diggers316 (1:19:38 AM): here = her
Lurana Skyblaze (1:20:04 AM): *Tries to sit but her breasts cause her to pop up to the top leaning finally she gives up and just floats there her firm breasts perked and still aroused from the sensual touches even tho they didn't mean to do so
CrashCarrie (1:22:06 AM): Sarah offers a slight blush and relaxes against the pool wall slightly, looking up to the much taller woman., just watching. offering a sympathetic look.
Lurana Skyblaze (1:23:01 AM): "Oh believe me… i felt the urge to touch her back… and possibly you two but I'm not that weak minded…" *she smiles a bit floating away in the pool closer to the center
CrashCarrie (1:24:45 AM): Sarah blushes further, her cheeks darkening slightly as she considers that, trying to hide it some.
diggers316 (1:25:13 AM): Suki turns a shade redder as well, her eyes still closed.
Lurana Skyblaze (1:25:37 AM): "Oh i see… you two are as embarrassed as me… even tho mine doesn't show quite as easily…
CrashCarrie (1:26:06 AM): Sarah's shade darkens, but it isn't quite red the way Suki's is, hence her hiding of it. "Don't worry about it. You are who you are. That is to be respected, after all."
Lurana Skyblaze (1:32:28 AM): "Yea.. I'm sorry if i embarrassed you both to…"
Lurana Skyblaze (1:32:43 AM): "I guess my people are a lil more open about their feelings towards others…"
Lurana Skyblaze (1:34:42 AM): *with that she just closes her eyes and tries to grab a lil more shut eye
CrashCarrie (1:36:55 AM): Sarah smiles and shrugs slightly, closing her own eyes as well, and relaxing fully into the water.
Lurana Skyblaze (1:37:23 AM): *prolly floats around a while and ends up back nearly over them if there not "floating to*
Lurana Skyblaze (1:37:45 AM): *And eventually bumps Sarah's breasts *
CrashCarrie (1:40:56 AM): Sarah relaxes fully into the water, closing her eyes and relaxing, sitting by the edge.
Lurana Skyblaze (1:41:17 AM): *eventually floats back over towards the other two catching a bit of momentum off the water fall and bumps into Suki and Sarah's breasts
diggers316 (1:42:02 AM): Suki's eyes shoot open and with a finger upon your forehead, pushes you back.
Lurana Skyblaze (1:43:06 AM): *jumps a bit at the push standing up* "huh wha?" *She was asleep just floating*
CrashCarrie (1:43:10 AM): Sarah squirms and blushes again, moving closer to Suki.
diggers316 (1:46:46 AM): Suki sits up a bit and likewise moves closer to her lover and crosses an arm over her own chest.
Lurana Skyblaze (1:47:41 AM): "What did i do? i was asleep…" *she looks a bit confused * Don't tell me i touched you both inappropriately by accident x.x *She gets all embarrassed again and almost steps out of the pool*
CrashCarrie (1:48:41 AM): Sarah just stays quiet, glancing to Suki.
diggers316 (1:48:48 AM): Suki settles back into the water some, still close to Sarah a cross expression on her face, not quite buying the excuse.
Lurana Skyblaze (1:49:17 AM): *she grabs a towel wrapping her self up and leaves the pool area embarrassed
CrashCarrie (1:49:58 AM): Sarah gently reaches back to scritch Suki's hair softly.
Lurana Skyblaze (1:50:42 AM): (she woulda bumped both with her arm side and her leg side when she floated that way )
diggers316 (1:51:41 AM): Suki sighs contentedly at that and rests her head on Sarah's shoulder. "I think she may be half truthful, I don't think she meant it, consciously…" Suki says.
CrashCarrie (1:52:23 AM): Sarah gently strokes Suki's head and nods just a little. "Consciously, perhaps not."
diggers316 (1:54:41 AM): Suki after a moment in Sarah's arms finally steps up giving her a kiss as she stands. "best we report to Melanie, us lab Tigers have to earn our pay…"
CrashCarrie (1:55:53 AM): Sarah returns the kiss and nods quickly. "Suppose so, yes." She smiles warmly.
Lurana Skyblaze (1:56:33 AM): (lab tigers?)
diggers316 (1:56:51 AM): Suki rinses off and dresses preens and grooms herself, the dresses in her CVR-3
diggers316 (1:57:04 AM): Melanie is the ships R&D wonk
Lurana Skyblaze (1:57:23 AM): (ahh guess it would be a good reason why a new prototype would be sent to you guys?)
diggers316 (1:57:32 AM): she called us her lab rats, and Suki replied, "No, we're not rats, we're Tigers." so now we are lab Tigers.
CrashCarrie (1:57:52 AM): Sarah rinses off as well, getting her standard uniform and CVR on as well. She checks it all over and nods quickly.
diggers316 (1:58:35 AM): Over the intercom Kitsumi hears "Kitsumi, please report to courtyard in duty uniform. "
Lurana Skyblaze (2:02:01 AM): *is at the courtyard by now dressed in a uniform but it doesn't properly fit no CVR-3 issued yet*
diggers316 (2:02:04 AM): A uniform that fits you has been laid out by another raven haired girl in a Miko's outfit she bows to you and leaves.
Lurana Skyblaze (2:03:06 AM): *she dons it it fits a lil snug and puts on the boots noting how different they feel to her "Ceremonial" armor and comes to the courtyard*
diggers316 (2:03:16 AM): it is the same outfit you saw Suki and Sarah in earlier.
Lurana Skyblaze (2:03:47 AM): (rofl lol had me picturing the wrong thing)
Lurana Skyblaze (2:04:17 AM): *would come out prolly bruised on the face having tripped a few times in the oddly shaped outfit *
diggers316 (2:04:28 AM): ^_^
Lurana Skyblaze (2:04:50 AM): (oh to short to trip her up?)
diggers316 (2:05:53 AM): The other two you tried to MOLEST!!! lol (j/k) are in their CVR-3 in the courtyard waiting.
Lurana Skyblaze (2:07:12 AM): *she sees them sighing and comes out standing before them her eyes look like two red orbs from her crying
Lurana Skyblaze (2:08:07 AM): (that and the bruises from tripping on the garment not used to dress or baggy cloths obviously
CrashCarrie (2:08:29 AM): (zOMGWANGST!)
CrashCarrie (2:08:32 AM): (heehee)
CrashCarrie (2:08:50 AM): (*tickles*)
diggers316 (2:08:52 AM): Suki walks on point to the parking lot to the waiting jeep and drives the trio off the grounds and down a long tunnel deep into the ship past a security area in to a nearby hanger bay. You see tech working inside and outside you can see EVA suited workers affixing CIWS batteries to the hanger mouth.
CrashCarrie (2:09:25 AM): Sarah settles on the jeep watching quietly. She cocks her head at the CIWS batteries being affixed, nodding a little at it
Lurana Skyblaze (2:09:53 AM): *doesn't pay attention just keeps her eyes on the deck not sure why shes here now
diggers316 (2:11:00 AM): Melanie approaches and almost hurls a clipboard but a stern glance from Suki halts the action "You're no fun Ishida!" She huffs, then notices Kitsumi. "Another one! You Tigers multiply like rabbits!"
Lurana Skyblaze (2:11:38 AM): *wouldn't even look up at the other woman*
diggers316 (2:12:13 AM): "You did something silly didn't you?" Melanie says. "Meh, don't worry, they aren't mad at you. Come on, we have work to do."
Lurana Skyblaze (2:13:00 AM): "I did nothing was asleep and i accidentally grazed them inappropriately i suppose… and what do i have to do?" *she looks curiously*
diggers316 (2:15:13 AM): "Grazed, groped, whatever, what you do in your off time is no concern of mine." She laughs. "And you my new lab Tiger get to test this!" She motions towards a Koenig Monster. "Oh, we haven't got all the bugs worked out, but thats what you're here for, hope you got your life insurance premium payed up…" She grins wickedly at you.
diggers316 (2:16:07 AM): Suki glances over to Sarah "And I though waking her up at 5:30 was good hazing! Melanie is the master!"
Lurana Skyblaze (2:16:32 AM): I've been using it in non com- trials all ready"
diggers316 (2:19:04 AM): "Well la tee dah!" Melanie replies. "Good then I won't have to show you how to fly it, better for me. What you WILL be doing is putting this thing through the wringer, not the lazy ass stress tests those other yokels had you doing, but really nasty things that you should never ever do in a mecha! Oh yes! if you haven't pissed yourself after a flight! You ain't trying hard enough!" Melanie walks off at that laughing maniacally to herself, and seeing a loafing tech, hurls her clip board at him "back to work slacker!"
CrashCarrie (2:19:44 AM): Sarah peers over at the Monster and laughs a little at it, cocking her head and glancing around for her own new toy.
CrashCarrie (2:20:01 AM): (for)
diggers316 (2:20:03 AM): I will leave it at that since I have no idea what James is going to have as Sarah new toy…
Lurana Skyblaze (2:20:14 AM): (overlord)
Lurana Skyblaze (2:20:18 AM): (he done told me)
diggers316 (2:20:18 AM): lol
diggers316 (2:20:40 AM): well I'm still leaving it at that! cause I'm tired, and i want to sleep! so there! NYA!!
Lurana Skyblaze (2:21:40 AM): "good I'm tired of low yield ordinance and paper targets"


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