Chapter 6

VVoltronSV (7:40:08 PM): The Tigers walk into Sanchez's office. The man looks like he's been through hell and came out worse for the wear.
VVoltronSV (7:43:39 PM): Sanchez's desk is covered with various datapads and a coffee pot seems to have taken the place of a coffee mug and he has bags under his eyes that suggest he hasn't slept in a week (you last saw him three days ago.) Dirk Revan is leaning against a wall tossing a knife in the air and catching it he seems to have a devil's smile on his face.
CrashCarrie (7:44:42 PM): Sarah blinks just slightly at the looks of the two, frowning just a little and offering a sympathetic look towards Sanchez. She blinks upon glancing over to Revan,
diggers316 (7:45:40 PM): [Suki stands to attention and salutes] Tigers reporting as orderd sir. [and holds the salute until it is returned.]
VVoltronSV (7:46:53 PM): Sanchez just looks at you and motions you to a couple of chairs in front of his desk, "Sorry, I couldn't greet you with more exuberance, but I'm afraid you are not going to like the mission I've got for you."
diggers316 (7:48:09 PM): [Suki still holds her salute,]
CrashCarrie (7:48:58 PM): Sarah blinks a little bit at that, cocking her head and moving towards one of the chairs. She listens very quietly and attentively.
VVoltronSV (7:52:05 PM): Sanchez gives a very tired salute: "As you've no doubt learned from Lt. Col. McGregor, we've been tasked to develop and field new mecha to replace our current stock. Evidently the UEG has decided that our experimental new ships get to be the testing ground for all manner of new hardware to fight the Haydonites. That is in addition to protecting the refugees that we took on from Earth AND finding a new planet where we'll be safe from the Haydonites.
VVoltronSV (7:53:58 PM): Sanchez, "One of the biggest obstacles to achieving this mission is the fact that none of the vessels availible to us has any sort of industrial capability, and fleet isn't willing to give access to anything they possess that does…
VVoltronSV (7:57:41 PM): Revan interrupting much to Sanchez's chargin: That's where I come in. As your current chain of command doesn't have anyone reliable in a dogfight, you're actually getting someone of worth to command you. Now I've managed to seduce this information from several intel hags, but apparently there is another Factory Satelite out there. And I've used my influence to give you lovely rookies a chance to make a name for yourselves.
diggers316 (7:59:26 PM): [Suki turns a thin smile to Reven] If you say so sir.
VVoltronSV (7:59:34 PM): Revan: That's right ladies, you and me are going to capture it. Just us. It took some wiggling but meh, I've got some of top brass wrapped around my little finger.
CrashCarrie (7:59:56 PM): Sarah cocks her head just a little bit, listening and nodding just slightly at the orders, considering it.
diggers316 (8:01:01 PM): [Suki turns to Sanchez and then to Reven] If we are going to try to capture a Robotech Factory with three people I want total and unfettered access to UEEF stors with the authority to draw any and everything I think we need.
diggers316 (8:01:33 PM): [She turns to Reven] You may have mission command sir, but this is still my squadron.
VVoltronSV (8:05:32 PM): Sanchez: Unfortunately, I can't grant your request, I just don't have that authority. You can get whatever you can requisition from the Magellans' QM, but that isn't even all of the best stuff the UEEF has.
diggers316 (8:06:49 PM): [Suki] pardon me sir, but just what is going on here?
VVoltronSV (8:07:21 PM): Revan: Besides, we're dealing with some relic of the Robotech Masters. I may not have gotten us some Shadow tech, but even the antiquated ASC equipment on this buckets has enough passive stealth for what we need.
VVoltronSV (8:07:49 PM): Sanchez: What do you mean Lt.?
CrashCarrie (8:07:58 PM): Sarah cocks her head a little bit at that, blinking and listening quietly.
diggers316 (8:09:39 PM): [Suki] Sir. By the UEEF's own admission, we have less then a year of fuel left, we have a new threat breathing down our neck and we have lost our largest manufacturing facility. Are you telling me that in light of that that the UEEF is willing to send three people to retrieve a Factory Sattelite with antiquated equipment? I wuld think they would be falling over themselves to at least provide us with the top of the line.
diggers316 (8:10:25 PM): [Suki] or are folks trying to get rid of us, for some reason, becuase this sounds like a suicide mission even WITH brand spanking new gear.
diggers316 (8:11:06 PM): [Suki] or am I being to obtuse?
CrashCarrie (8:12:19 PM): Sarah glances over to Suki a little bit, especally on the last two points, and adjusts her collar nervously, expresson becoming slightly nervous.
VVoltronSV (8:15:01 PM): Revan chuckles evily and gives Sanchez a "answer that and I'll make sure you disappear" look: You are being obtuse. Read your military history, the ASC was able take down a Robotech Master mothership with what 5 hovertanks from the inside? Intel indicates that this particular factory isn't even inhabited.
diggers316 (8:15:40 PM): [Suki] Are you sure, how would you know that unless intell assets have already been on the scene?
CrashCarrie (8:17:25 PM): Sarah frowns a little as well. "And if it's functioning, how long does it take it to produce Zentraedi to defend itself with?"
diggers316 (8:18:10 PM): [Suki] or wake them up?
VVoltronSV (8:18:21 PM): Revan: As for a suicide mission, I can assure it is not for two reasons. 1. We have sent people in there with the best gear and a fleet to back it up, the satelite just folded out and we lost the infiltration team. Though we did get some intel before they were lost. And 2. I pitched the plan to high command and would not be going on it myself if it were a suicide mission.
VVoltronSV (8:19:16 PM): [Ok, I'm going to give a [-dt] when I don't want you interrrupting and jumping the gun again ok?]
diggers316 (8:19:27 PM): [kk]
VVoltronSV (8:19:31 PM): [dt- DON]
CrashCarrie (8:19:35 PM): [mkay]
VVoltronSV (8:19:43 PM): [dt- DON'T TALK]
VVoltronSV (8:23:57 PM): Revan: Now, as for you're rather stuck up manner: Keep in mind that this is a special mission and that considering its just the three of us, you're authority as squadron commander is temporarily suspended. We will be MY team and as the senior ranking official you will listen to me. [-dt]
VVoltronSV (8:28:00 PM): Revan gets uncomfortably close to Suki and waves his hand within a couple inches of her in a creepy and suggestive way: Although I'm authorized to kill you on this mission over insubordination, that would be such a waste of two beautiful women. Besides, I have an interest in seeing this mission succeed flawlessly.
VVoltronSV (8:28:10 PM): [You can rebutt now.]
diggers316 (8:30:57 PM): [Suki Meets Revens gaze, here eyes are fixed, unwavering and looking at him as if he is prey.] "Yes sir Commander Reven."
CrashCarrie (8:32:08 PM): Sarah stays quiet. Her eyes might narrow slightly over the 'authorized to kill you' comment, and it will of course draw a frown, but she doesn't say anything.
VVoltronSV (8:35:28 PM): Revan: Now because we believe that this FS is AI run, we are going to be using EMP devices to shut down sections of the ship and the Zentraedi cloning/storage areas will receive top priority. The equipment we are using is being shielded against EMP as we speak. Gaining entry is currently our prime concern, we'd, of course, rather not have too much attention drawn to us. I'd appreciate any ideas you may have in that regard.
CrashCarrie (8:37:01 PM): Sarah hrms a little at that, considering it. "Is there any old model Zentraedi equipment on board? Depending on what it requires for access protocol, it might be set to automatically allow a shuttle or re-entry pod of theirs in."
diggers316 (8:38:55 PM): [Suki nods at that] Might also help, unless the Commander is literate in Zentraedi, to have someone that can translate.
VVoltronSV (8:39:30 PM): Revan: We do have three Recon pods and a reentry pod available yes. Excellent idea. And I know better than Zentraedi, I know Tiresian.
CrashCarrie (8:40:04 PM): Sarah glances over a little at Suki and shrugs. "I know at least a bit of Zentraedi as well. I've had enough exposure to them to learn parts of the language." She shrugs.
CrashCarrie (8:40:19 PM): Sarah nods to Revan then and smiles. "Should definitely help."
diggers316 (8:40:24 PM): [Suki] Would we be able to draw a Quadluun-Rau from one of the other ships in the fleet?
VVoltronSV (8:40:53 PM): Sanchez: We have 2 on board why?
diggers316 (8:41:43 PM): [Suki] Well, a Quadlunn Rau is essentially a supersized suit of power armor, nearly identical to a cyclone right? Well, if the ship also has a Protoculture chamber, I'd be willing to take a crack at it.
VVoltronSV (8:44:07 PM): Sanchez: Err, ordinary Terran humans have tendency to undergo grotesque mutations undergoing that procedure. You sure you're willing to risk horrible disformity or even tentacles growing out of your back for this operation? [dt]
VVoltronSV (8:45:15 PM): Revan: Besides, I've heard from a Zent witch that using Cyclones and Q-Raus requires radically different skills.
diggers316 (8:45:51 PM): [Suki nods] It was a thought.
VVoltronSV (8:47:14 PM): Revan: No it wasn't. It was joke, a bad joke.
diggers316 (8:47:37 PM): [Suki shrugs]
CrashCarrie (8:48:17 PM): Sarah glances over at Suki and just blinks, shaking her head slightly.
VVoltronSV (8:48:21 PM): Revan: Now I'm assuming you have some questions before we begin.
diggers316 (8:48:51 PM): [Suki] What mecha do we have available to us?
CrashCarrie (8:50:16 PM): Sarah perks up a little to listen to that as well, pondering it.
diggers316 (8:51:24 PM): [Suki] Well, Reven hit on a point. He said he speaks a language better then zent for this, Tirolian. Well , if we cant be macronized, what about masquerading as Robotech masters?
VVoltronSV (8:52:21 PM): Sanchez: We have a couple of Alphas, exactly 2 Betas, dozens of Logans, AJAX and VHTs, the 1 Z-4, and a few Bioroids retrofitted with more conventional controls.
VVoltronSV (8:52:42 PM): Revan: Now that is a workable idea.
diggers316 (8:53:19 PM): [Suki] Slap us… [she points to Sarah and herself] in Terminator body armor, or dress us up like mistresses of the cosmic harp, give Commander Reven a handlebar mustache and pas shim off as a science master
CrashCarrie (8:54:30 PM): Sarah listens to Sanchez and cocks her head just slightly, frowning a little. "Could work depending on how well they bioscan us, I suppose."
diggers316 (8:55:06 PM): [Suki] what about a DNA sequence injection or something…
CrashCarrie (8:56:55 PM): Sarah glances juuust a little bit at Suki, raising her eyebrows slightly.
diggers316 (8:57:14 PM): [Suki shrugs sheepishly] I don't know, I'm not a doctor…
VVoltronSV (8:57:51 PM): Sanchez: A retro virus would take too long to mask your DNA. Besides, what are you going to do when the EMPs start going off? I imagine at that point any cover would likely be blown. So I suggest easily disposable disguises that allow you to suit up into more survivable gear very quickly.
diggers316 (8:59:25 PM): [Suki] how bout this, we take our normal gear, Alpha's etc, and load those up in the reentry pod, we pilot the vehicle in Battloid form, I'm rated it small craft, a Zent Reentry pod should be to difficult to fly.
diggers316 (8:59:39 PM): shouldn't
CrashCarrie (9:00:54 PM): Sarah nods a little at that. "That was my thought as well. Assigned stuff in the pod…"
diggers316 (9:00:55 PM): [Suki] heck we could probably load some spare mecha in there and have a stable of them as back ups…
diggers316 (9:01:51 PM): [Suki] Not to mention a lot of food and other supplies in case the Factory decides to go mustang on us, plus we may run into the other team, and they'd probably be real hungry by now, if they are still alive that is…
VVoltronSV (9:03:23 PM): Revan: Excellent, well dismissed, go gather your things and get a good night's sleep. If you still think this is a suicide mission make sure your will is updated.
VVoltronSV (9:03:41 PM): [Free RP for a bit, I've got to pull out a book or two.]
CrashCarrie (9:03:52 PM): [heehee]
diggers316 (9:04:20 PM): [Suki salutes and leaves and heads with Sarah back to the 'Den' to pack her gear]
CrashCarrie (9:04:39 PM): Sarah nods, salutes, and follows right along behind.
diggers316 (9:07:08 PM): [giggity]
CrashCarrie (9:07:23 PM): Sarah glances over after a while, shrugging to Suki slightly. "It isn't like the retrovirus would disguise me, anyway." She sighs.
diggers316 (9:09:36 PM): [Suki nods, wanting to offer some physical form of reassuarance, but bound by the rules of PDA, can only nod and offer support in the form of a smile.]
CrashCarrie (9:09:54 PM): [lol] :p
diggers316 (9:12:53 PM): [Suki after setting her affairs in order, relaxes prior to bed, by dressing in the trappings of a Miko and wanders the shrine, refilling incense burners, folding Shide and tending the shrine itself]
CrashCarrie (9:14:57 PM): Sarah sits in her room, looking out at the sights of the shrine, and suiting up for whatever might happen. She straps her CVR on, and adjusts slightly, getting herself ready for whatever the mission will bring. Not a lot of soul searching for her. She has nothing really, save packing some minor necessities in case the thing folds and they're stuck.
diggers316 (9:17:01 PM): [As Suki goes about her rounds she notes Sarah by the window and offers a 'come here' motion with her head.
diggers316 (9:17:48 PM): [or rather a 'follow me']
CrashCarrie (9:18:04 PM): Sarah blinks and slips out to follow, nodding quickly.
diggers316 (9:19:26 PM): [Suki walks to the shirnes quarters and selects a spare Miko's outfit and waits for Sarah to arrive, then hands the clothing to her.
CrashCarrie (9:20:40 PM): Sarah blinks, nods, and slips into the clothing quickly.
diggers316 (9:21:59 PM): [Suki helps her dress properly, wordlessly then smiles at the finished product. Motioning to Sarah to walk by her side she continues on her rounds, explaining Shinto custom and lore to her as they walk]
CrashCarrie (9:23:21 PM): Sarah listens quietly and nods slightly, listening.
diggers316 (9:25:59 PM): [Suki] I don't trust Reven. [She says after some time] He will use us to further his career and nothing more. He has sway over Sanchez as well. We need to find out what that is.
CrashCarrie (9:27:05 PM): Sarah frowns a little bit at that and nods slightly. "It's a good question, definitely. I don't like him particularly either. The question becomes who we can trust then."
diggers316 (9:28:22 PM): [Suki nods] We will trust each other. We cannot trust Reven. We cannot trust Sanchez because of Reven's influence, and we cannot trust Melanie for the same reason, for if she was beyond his pull, she would have surely said, or done something by now.
CrashCarrie (9:28:57 PM): Sarah frowns hard at that. "The problem then becomes the fact that if Melanie is with him, well, she'll be able to sense our suspicions."
diggers316 (9:29:38 PM): [Suki] She may, but we will have to keep our minds at peace in her presence.
CrashCarrie (9:30:58 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit. "I'll certainly give it my best effort."
diggers316 (9:31:55 PM): [Suki] You are Invid Sarah, you have abilities I can only marvel at, you are far better prepared then I to resist her.
CrashCarrie (9:32:37 PM): Sarah sighs and shakes her head slightly. "I haven't been any less vulnerable to her than you have, so far, ma'am."
diggers316 (9:33:28 PM): [Suki nods]
CrashCarrie (9:42:18 PM): Sarah just looks down quietly at the ground and sighs softly.
diggers316 (9:44:20 PM): [Suki smiles.] Let us remove these garments so I can hold you.
CrashCarrie (9:44:34 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit then.

- - -

VVoltronSV (9:55:36 PM): The Tigers enter the hangar to see bits of debris and the hulks of burnt out mecha getting hurled about in anger by a power psychic who evidently has telekinetic powers.
VVoltronSV (9:56:35 PM): Melanie: Next time I see that Revan I'm flinging him into the nearest black hole. No wait, he'd just manipulate that too! ARGH!
diggers316 (9:58:40 PM): [Suki takes a deep breath and approaches Melanie]
diggers316 (9:58:52 PM): [Colonel, a word with you if I may?
CrashCarrie (9:59:46 PM): Sarah blinks around at the damage caused, frowning slightly and following behind Suki, slightly tensed up. Almost to the point where she might start glowing if she does any more.
VVoltronSV (10:00:46 PM): Melanie trying to calm down: Yes, Lieutenant?
diggers316 (10:04:02 PM): [Suki] We do not know what awaits us out there, nor do you, nor does Reven. But flinging equipment around isn't going to solve anything. You, not him, are our commanding officer, regardless of what he was able to strong arm Sanchez into allowing. Tell us what you want to be done, and it will be done. [Suki looks into her eyes, pauses, and then nods as if to say 'just give the word']
CrashCarrie (10:08:57 PM): Sarah's eyes widen just a little, but she nods quietly.
VVoltronSV (10:09:26 PM): The red glow in Melanie's eyes dim drastically: I want you to do this, get back here alive. This current mission has too many higher ups watching it for you two to be able to sneeze and them not know about it. Revan's a chessmaster, so whatever he does, expect him to have 6 backup plans already in motion. We're going to need time to prepare to oust him. Gray was the only one to keep DARK Revan in check, now that he's gone, things are going to get worse.
VVoltronSV (10:10:23 PM): Melanie: And yes that is his real name, I think he has powers like me, and I've known to do some very bad things and then pin it on somebody else.
diggers316 (10:12:20 PM): [Suki nods] I am not skilled in your type of talents, but, is there anything you can offer to us, to me, that might aid me in keeping my thoughts to myself?
CrashCarrie (10:12:58 PM): Sarah nods a little bit. "Or me, or if there's anything I might be able to do to protect Suki and I while we're alone with him?"
diggers316 (10:14:27 PM): [Suki] Also ma'am, I will kill him if he assults us in any way shape or form.
diggers316 (10:17:59 PM): [Suki] And, I think he knows this already.
VVoltronSV (10:19:15 PM): Melanie: IfI'm right, his powers extend into mind control and not mind reading, so you're thoughts should be safe. As far as what I can give you, well, let's just say you might want to put a better scope on your side arm. Because if you miss, and trust me on this, you're next shot should be to your own head. He's ruined a lot of lives before, and its not his style to physically assault you, humiliate you in such a way as to make you do anything to keep that from happening again yes, but he saves physical attacks for the cockpit..
diggers316 (10:20:32 PM): [Suki nods]
CrashCarrie (10:22:00 PM): Sarah sighs very softly at that, nodding and considering it. "So noted." She looks down at the ground for just a moment.
diggers316 (10:22:55 PM): [Suki] It's gonna be a long mission. [she sighs]
VVoltronSV (10:23:56 PM): Melanie: Anything you want to know specifically? Information is probably the only thing I can really give you.
diggers316 (10:24:33 PM): [Suki] tell us everything
CrashCarrie (10:24:38 PM): Sarah nods just a little at that. "I'll try to keep as much awareness of things as I can, but I doubt I'll be able to notice, if he tries to make an attempt. Depending. I won't let him get us if I can help it."
VVoltronSV (10:30:23 PM): Melanie: I first met Revan at my first duty station. Then my powers weren't awake to tell me to stay far, far away from him. He was charming and did everything to impress anything female, regardless of species or even age. There were crimes going on pretty bad, but they were always linked to people who didn't even know Revan or that Revan had made a point of being friendly to.
diggers316 (10:31:51 PM): [suki listens intently]
CrashCarrie (10:32:03 PM): Sarah frowns deeply.
VVoltronSV (10:33:14 PM): Melanie: He even tried to seduce me, fortunately for me I clung rather dogmatically to my religious beliefs and denied him every chance he got. It was actually a time I swear his eyes went completely black that my powers awoke and I sent him flying into a dumpster. Unfortunately, it was dark and I couldn't prove that he had done anything than try to get into my pants.
diggers316 (10:34:06 PM): [Suki nods solemnly]
CrashCarrie (10:34:37 PM): Sarah keeps frowning, though her expresson turns sympathetic slghtly.
VVoltronSV (10:36:43 PM): Melanie: My powers also went wild and I probed deeply into his mind, not only did I find out that he was responsible for the crimes others had taken the fall for, but that he was behind a slavery and prostitution rings and was trying to break me so he could sell me. Shoot he had sold a set of Praxian twins to a businessman two hours before my powers awoke. And, of course, I have never been able to prove any of this.
VVoltronSV (10:38:09 PM): Melanie: We met up again several times, and each time his influence only seemed to grow. That is until we met aboard the Stellar Jungle where Gray seemed to have done the impossible and put Revan in his place.
VVoltronSV (10:38:27 PM): Melanie: That's really all I have to tell you about him.
diggers316 (10:39:35 PM): [Suki] how did grey do it?
diggers316 (10:41:04 PM): [Suki] keep him in line that is?
VVoltronSV (10:42:22 PM): Melanie: Honestly, I don't know. I never actually got close enough to read him deeply, but I think Gray probably got his hands on evidence that would have condemned Revan forever if it had gotten leaked.
diggers316 (10:43:41 PM): [Suki perks up] And would he have had that information hard copied?
CrashCarrie (10:45:41 PM): Sarah keeps frowning, concerns racing through her mind very quickly at all she hears. She can almost imagine what would happen if she got framed for something, after all. "If he did, it was probably on the Stellar Jungle. Hidden somewhere."
diggers316 (10:46:57 PM): [Suki] Exactly
VVoltronSV (10:48:37 PM): Melanie: I think Sarah is right, which probably means it was destroyed with the Jungle. Of course, this is all speculation to begin with. I never got a good read off Gray, and probing too deeply into Revan risks me getting a piece of his personality grafted onto mine. You just saw one of my fits of rage, I didn't used to do that before my powers awoke.
CrashCarrie (10:49:37 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit at that. She certainly saw. She was hopped up and ready to teleport Suki out to safety if the need arose, after all.
diggers316 (10:49:52 PM): [Suki] Just because the Jungle is destroyed doesn't mean the data is. Especially if it was hidden somewhere, and odds are Reven wouldn't have had time to look for it given the situation
diggers316 (10:51:03 PM): [Suki] maybe that's why Gray kamikazed the dreadnought, to put the Jungle out of Reven's reach
CrashCarrie (10:51:29 PM): Sarah frowns a little at that. "If that was the case, the evidence \might be buried within the part still in the dreadnought."
diggers316 (10:52:01 PM): [Suki] the bridge is far back and the captain's quarters with it, so it may have survived the impact relatively intact]
VVoltronSV (10:55:29 PM): Melanie: You're still missing two points: 1. We are making assumptions with absolutely no evidence besides Revan being forced to play nice with others. There's a good chance there was never any evidence to begin with. 2. I know Revan, the bridge and crew quarter would have been the first place he looked, meaning it is unlikely that any such evidence would have been in those areas.
diggers316 (10:55:59 PM): [Suki] I know where it is. At least, I think I do.
CrashCarrie (10:57:05 PM): Sarah blinks at Suki, nods to Melanie and sighs a bit. "If that's the case, then we should probably concentrate on what we can do now."'
VVoltronSV (10:57:28 PM): Melanie: Also, the Jungle was going to blow any way, I think Gray kamikazed more to make the enemy hurt for attacking in the first place.
diggers316 (10:58:31 PM): [Suki] Did any mecha from the Jungle survive to be transferred over to the Magellan?
CrashCarrie (10:59:36 PM): Sarah sighs softly, listening quietly to the others then.
VVoltronSV (10:59:52 PM): Melanie: Just the ones the Tigers came in.
diggers316 (11:00:48 PM): [Suki] Melanie, while we are gone, I think you should go back out to the Jungle and look for his daughters VHT, I think that may hold the answers you seek.
VVoltronSV (11:01:24 PM): Melanie: I'll look for it but don't hold your breath.
VVoltronSV (11:01:50 PM): [Do you want to check yours before you go?]
VVoltronSV (11:02:28 PM): [If so give me detect concealment rolls on the Alphas and VHT]
diggers316 (11:03:09 PM): [Suki] i think it might be worth it to, he may have stashed it there to keep it from being blwon up, he may have had the shadow devices active in hopes that Reven would die in the inital attack.. but yes, we should check your VHT Sarah
CrashCarrie (11:03:33 PM): Sarah nods a little and glances for her own VHT, to check it.
OnlineHost (11:03:58 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 100-sided die: 35
CrashCarrie (11:04:01 PM): [39%]
VVoltronSV (11:04:44 PM): [Chris, is Suki going to check the Alphas?]
diggers316 (11:05:06 PM): [yes]
VVoltronSV (11:06:06 PM): [roll? detect concealment]
OnlineHost (11:06:08 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 100-sided die: 23
diggers316 (11:06:27 PM): [40%]
VVoltronSV (11:07:58 PM): Sarah finds a secret compartment under the "dash" of her VHT, she finds a picture of two girls in ASC uniforms and someone who looks like a much older version of Revan. Suki finds one under the engine, but all it has is a hen tie t-shirt and the complete collection of Tentacles vs Meltrandi porno series.
CrashCarrie (11:08:56 PM): [woo! entertainments for when we get back!]
CrashCarrie (11:09:05 PM): [;)]
diggers316 (11:09:29 PM): [Suki keeps the vids]
CrashCarrie (11:10:19 PM): Sarah frowns at the picture, looking at it and glowering. She glances to Melanie and cocks her head a little bit. "How old /is/ Revan anyway?"
diggers316 (11:10:38 PM): [never know the vids might hold vital information, rememebr that movie where the data was stuck ina video game and you had to get to a certian level to see it…]
VVoltronSV (11:11:13 PM): [And just in case think I'm kidding about the t-shirt. I've actually seen one of them.]
CrashCarrie (11:11:19 PM): [yup. And we'll have to watch all of it to see what vital information t holds]
CrashCarrie (11:11:43 PM): [*groans audibly*]
CrashCarrie (11:11:44 PM): goofy
VVoltronSV (11:11:48 PM): Mel: I don't think he's that old. Maybe it's a relative.
diggers316 (11:11:48 PM): I think she's gonna keep that shirt too
diggers316 (11:12:13 PM): [Suki] or it's really him Occam's Razor
CrashCarrie (11:13:02 PM): Sarah frowns a little bit and just looks again.
VVoltronSV (11:15:19 PM): Mel: Trust me, he's aged since I've known him. If he had the fountain of youth available to him, he would have sold it by now. And Occam's razor doesn't make a case for it being him because you have to make several leaps in logic and get a pretty screwy and complicated reason for him to look that much older with girls that I think are Gray's daughters.
CrashCarrie (11:17:30 PM): Sarah frowns a little bit and nods. "Bizarre things happen sometimes. But all right."
diggers316 (11:17:36 PM): [Suki] I guess, but we've got to hit the hanger deck in )she looks at her watch] in 15 minutes. you have to figure something out by the time we get back.
VVoltronSV (11:17:52 PM): Mel OK.


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