Chapter 5

VVoltronSV (7:43:38 PM): The Tigers are arrive at Melanie's lab, as per her request. She's sitting at a table playing with some holograms of mecha tech-specs. She looks over at the Tigers as they come in.
VVoltronSV (7:44:36 PM): Melanie: "About time you showed, the coffee was getting cold."
VVoltronSV (7:44:50 PM): [No music tonight either.]
CrashCarrie (7:45:09 PM): [np]
VVoltronSV (7:47:42 PM): Melanie: "Anyway, the reason I asked you to come here is two fold. First off, it seems the Captain of the Magellan was injured in the last battle. So Sanchez is having to fill in for the forseeable future. It also means that as the ranking officer with ANY sort of flight experience, I'll be taking over CDF for a while."
VVoltronSV (7:47:51 PM): [Feel free to chime in.]
diggers316 (7:48:10 PM): [Suki stands at ease, listining]
VVoltronSV (7:48:47 PM): [You are the third most passive players I've ever dealt with…]
VVoltronSV (7:48:51 PM): [j/k]
VVoltronSV (7:50:14 PM): Melanie: The Second reason is that I'm getting to start on some new mecha designs to go with the Magellan's fleet. Better to have something newer than cobbled together bits of old tech.
CrashCarrie (7:50:48 PM): Sarah stands quietly at ease, listening quietly and nodding her head, then blinking and nodding about the new mecha. She glances to Suki for a moment, then looks up attentively.
VVoltronSV (7:52:02 PM): Melanie: As you two seem to have both the best and worst luck with the toasters, AND you happen to be my lab rats, er tigers, anyway, I'm going to start by asking what you think we need in new mecha.
diggers316 (7:52:10 PM): [Suki frowns slightly, but quickly wipes her face of her dour expression.]
VVoltronSV (7:53:18 PM): Melanie: Keep in mind missiles are a lot harder to come by for the forseeable future and I'm under orders to keep the number of missiles below that of the Alpha if possible.
diggers316 (7:53:40 PM): [Suki's frown reappears]
VVoltronSV (7:54:45 PM): Melanie: So do either of you have any thoughts are am I going to have to go into God-Telepathy Mode and rip them from your minds?
diggers316 (7:56:39 PM): [Suki shakes her head, and if Melanie is reading her surface thoughts she picks this basic feeling and thought up: The reason we are in this mess is becuase someone wanted the new gizmo's. ..c
diggers316 (7:57:35 PM): …And, it would be more logical to spend resources on building up our exsisting stocks of aircraft then waste the time on prototypes, We need planes now, not three years from now. And third, missiles are waht keep us alive and the Haydonites don't use them, and have a hard time dealing with them, so lessening missile load is silly
diggers316 (7:57:43 PM): …d]
CrashCarrie (7:58:07 PM): Sarah ponders just a little bit and nods slightly, considering the concept. She ponders the concept idly, thinking through energy weapon types idly.
diggers316 (7:58:46 PM): [In fact SUki's mind is positivly screaming these things but she is keep her self silant out of respect for rank and protocol]
VVoltronSV (7:59:02 PM): Melanie: The reason we're in this mess is because the Haydonites sent ungodly numbers at us. The reason we're on the Magellan is because somebody got full of themselves, disobeyed orders, and used unauthorized tech.
VVoltronSV (7:59:49 PM): Melanie: You're absolutely right, and for the time being you will be using current stock. However, there are two things that go against your reasoning.
VVoltronSV (8:00:50 PM): Melanie: 1. I have my orders, the top wants new equipment. 2. This is my, and as long as your assigned to me, and your primary job. You're only on "loan" to the City Defense Forces.
CrashCarrie (8:01:26 PM): Sarah starts pondering for one on ways to mount short range versions of old style reflex cannons to planes or tanks, abandoning the train of thought almost immediately as too energy intensive and farfetched. She frowns quietly listening as Suki is spoken to.
diggers316 (8:02:10 PM): [Suki smiles thinly] I didn't say anything ma'am. And if I may say so, I find the implication that we would not follow orders…objectionable.
VVoltronSV (8:04:03 PM): Melanie: Sorry, I'm a telepath and sometimes it's hard for me to tell the difference from someone thinking and someone talking. I'm not the kind of telepath that has to deliberately concentrate read someone else's surface thoughts.
VVoltronSV (8:05:30 PM): Melanie: I also appologize if I made it sound as if you did or were going to do something wrong: When I said orders were disobeyed, I meant Captain Gray and Commander Revan of the Stellar Jungle.
CrashCarrie (8:05:52 PM): Sarah promptly has several things run through her head all at once, particularly about before. She bites her lip slightly and ponders. "Do we have anything that could be reverse-engineered from anywhere, for attempts at further weapons? Anything captured or such? I'm assuming not with the new shps… but…" She shrugs.
diggers316 (8:06:24 PM): [Suki nods] Yes ma'am, I understand, and as much as I persoanlly disliked the men, they did orer us into obsolete mecha, and in so doing, saved our lives.
VVoltronSV (8:08:02 PM): Melanie: We got some of the Haydonite equipment, but as the Shadowtech they gave us was boobytrapped, I am hesitant to do anything short of melt it down and use it for raw material.
diggers316 (8:08:19 PM): [Question: we going with the 'Salavge Op events I ran as 'canon' or no?]
VVoltronSV (8:08:28 PM): Melanie: If you disliked them, I hated them…
VVoltronSV (8:08:35 PM): [Yes it is.]
diggers316 (8:08:39 PM): [kk, thanks]
CrashCarrie (8:10:17 PM): Sarah cringes and nods just a little bit. She shivers just a little. "Unfortunately, until we can strip something of theirs, not boobytrapped, apart, I'd agree. If we could figure out 'how' it works we could designed some unboobytrapped things, but that could take a long time."
VVoltronSV (8:10:28 PM): Mel: We also have some bits of those advanced Invid mecha I'm in the process of reverse engineering.
diggers316 (8:10:39 PM): [Suki] OUr team recovered a few Alpha,s from the wreckage, but the ship still has a functioning reactor core, possibley, and some of it's sub systems, such as turret mounts may still be useable, I know I would personally like to strip and remount the few CIWS guns on the Tigers hanger bay.
diggers316 (8:11:23 PM): [Suki] I'm sure the Magellen wouldn't mind having a few extra point defence cannons as well, win win in my book
VVoltronSV (8:11:50 PM): Mel: Excellent ideas. After we're done here you can head up the engineering crews to do that if you don't mind.
diggers316 (8:12:03 PM): [Suki nods] Roger that ma'am
VVoltronSV (8:13:02 PM): Mel: I'm thinking about keeping the missiles about 50 with an emphasis on SRM with minis filling out the rest. Add on a couple of wings that can support missile hardpoints, should satisfy your desire to keep as many missiles as you can.
CrashCarrie (8:13:48 PM): Sarah cocks her head a little about advanced Invid mecha, blinking. "Really? That's interesting. We heard about the big battloids in the resistance, didn't see them very much though, lucky for us." She hms, and nods. "Depending on what the tech is, though, it's probably not the easiest to reverse-engineer. Though more energy weapon designs could help." She nods a little about the minis, listening again.
VVoltronSV (8:14:26 PM): Mel: And though I doubt we can get Reflex-level energy weapons on a fighter, I do think we should beef that up so we can have solid weapons there for when the missiles are all gone.
VVoltronSV (8:15:01 PM): Mel: Yeah, it is proving a bear, I had to get some medics to help out because of the semi-organic nature of the mecha.
diggers316 (8:15:45 PM): [Suki] The Haydonite seems well versed in close quarters combat ma'am, their articualted gun mounts speak to that, and the are agile as can be. I would focus on lang range hitting power, Beyond Visial Range attacks, things that could force their hand, disrupt their unit cohesion.
VVoltronSV (8:15:54 PM): Mel: The even had a freaking veritech.
VVoltronSV (8:16:09 PM): [Correction: The Invid even had]
CrashCarrie (8:16:16 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit and sighs. "Ouch, ah. Tough to reverse, and hard to miniaturize as well." She just… stops then. "The Invid had a Veritech? You're kidding me…"
CrashCarrie (8:16:27 PM): [*tries to play dumb partly*]
diggers316 (8:16:38 PM): [lyin youASS off!]
VVoltronSV (8:18:20 PM): Mel: The problem with your assessment, Suki, is that the best I can do is get very spotty type of radar reads on them. They have a major advantage in stealth tech.
diggers316 (8:18:56 PM): {suki] What about optical guaidance? TV guided?
CrashCarrie (8:20:08 PM): Sarah keeps pondering the Invid having a Veritech, trying to sort through any rumor she ever heard about it. She listens to the missile discussion and ponders. "If there was only a way to scan radar signal cohesion…"
diggers316 (8:20:14 PM): [Suki] Also, in lieu of the Beta Mounted synchro cannons, why not mount something in it's place?
VVoltronSV (8:20:27 PM): Mel: IR tech is the reasons your missiles still lock-on and track. The problem is YOU knowing where to shoot at.
VVoltronSV (8:21:21 PM): [I bet you can guess why we're having this discussion.]
CrashCarrie (8:21:49 PM): [heehee]
VVoltronSV (8:22:29 PM): Mel: A lot of the reason the sychro cannon was usable on a Beta in the first place is because the Shadow Tech made the power consumption requirement more manageable. Without, well…
VVoltronSV (8:23:12 PM): Mel: I probably could get you a massive E-cannon to fit but its going to have a very limited ROF.
diggers316 (8:23:29 PM): [Suki] I remember reading in history class about the Lancer spcae fighter, and about it's beam cannons, they were very long range and had decent hitting power… [Suki lets her voice trail off]
CrashCarrie (8:24:16 PM): Sarah just listens quietly now, lost in her own thoughts after her one muttering.
VVoltronSV (8:25:14 PM): Mel: That actually could work, I think we may even have 2 or 3 of those on board. Say, Sarah, you're acting like you almost WANT one of the Invid VTs.
diggers316 (8:25:40 PM): [Suki look sover at Sarah quizzically]
CrashCarrie (8:26:43 PM): Sarah laughs a little. "If anyone else could fly one, it would be interesting, certainly. Too bad no one can. I'm just thinking anyway. Kinda too bad, it mgiht work better in space than a Hovertank depending on what they based it off."
VVoltronSV (8:28:08 PM): Mel [telepathically to Sarah]: Oh c'mon. I know your Invid.
VVoltronSV (8:28:28 PM): Mel: I'm sure I could rig something together.
diggers316 (8:29:43 PM): [Suki's mind is now occupied with the image of lazily floating Sakura blossoms]
CrashCarrie (8:30:31 PM): Sarah flinches at the mental message, dropping her act. "If one is intact." She sighs. "I'll drop the act in here though, since Lt. Ishida knows as well. When I left, that VT was only a rumor at very best. I might be able to fly it… it can't be that different on transform controls than any other VT, and I have been a hovertanker for two years… Will Expedition missiles fit it?"
CrashCarrie (8:31:07 PM): Sarah mumbles slightly. "Or my Cyclone…"
VVoltronSV (8:31:12 PM): [The following does not actually happen: Mel: I'm sure Sanchez's 33-S Sexaroid boomers would have put your mind permenately in the gutter by now.]
diggers316 (8:31:42 PM): [Dont nobdy better say an unkind word bout the 33-S! ^_^ ]
CrashCarrie (8:31:44 PM): [LOL]
VVoltronSV (8:32:41 PM): Mel: Again I'd have to jury rig it, and even then it's only a maybe.
diggers316 (8:33:29 PM): [Suki] Better rig it with a cover story too, might, alarm, the other pilots on the CAP to see an Invid veritech flitting past…
CrashCarrie (8:34:50 PM): Sarah nods a little bit. "Well, that would help some, since the technology is sufficiently different. Depending on if it has a radar system and such, properly." She ponders and glances to Suki. "Right…" She shakes her head and consders. "Beyond that, I was mostly pondering for further energy weapons for when the missiles run out. Any design that can be crammed down in would be nice to have. Especially on the Cyclone. The worries about running out of ammunition and such on that are more extreme."
VVoltronSV (8:35:44 PM): Mel: Better yet, start a rumor about the Invid becoming secret allies of ours after finding out we were fighting the Haydonites, might ease anti-Invid tensions. Which could save our green blooded friend if she ever starts bleeeding public.
diggers316 (8:36:56 PM): [Suki] However you want to proceed, I'm on board. Might be prudent to paint the Invid Mecha up in UEEF regalia as well. Just a thought.
CrashCarrie (8:37:11 PM): Sarah laughs a little bit at that. "Doesn't sound so far fetched, I'm surprised if some others who stayed aren't signing up after hearing what went on. The Haydonites blasted our first homeworld before here. And the Expedition is actually standing up and shooting back instead of running. I can imagine a few wanting in on that action."
diggers316 (8:38:06 PM): [Suki] Well we still need to consider the fact that that bit of knowledge isn't exactly well know no is it.
diggers316 (8:38:13 PM): known
VVoltronSV (8:38:58 PM): Mel pulls up two holograms: I'm tempted trying to put one of these or this together, but costs mean I'll likely have to make do with either modifying current Cyclones, or restarting the Garland project.
diggers316 (8:40:15 PM): [Suki] Thats great if they get into the city, but wouldn't do squat in space comabt.
VVoltronSV (8:41:01 PM): Mel: Cyclones aren't meant for Space Combat anyway.
CrashCarrie (8:41:22 PM): Sarah nods a little bit. "In the city or on salvage operations." She rolls her eyes a little then. "Especially if they're well armored and padded from impacts." She rubs a spot where she bumped the hole in the bridge, then.
diggers316 (8:42:39 PM): [Suki] In my opinion the Cyclone is the penultimate close in weapon system, barring a bit more armor plate, and padding. [She adds, still smarting from her 'impacts' as well]
VVoltronSV (8:44:28 PM): Mel: Personal feelings aside: the Cyclone is a great machine, but it does have a great many limitations, and would take squads or Cycs to do what an Alpha could. Plus, you don't really need to bring a knife to a gunfight and all.
diggers316 (8:45:13 PM): [Suki] Apples and oranges ma'am. In my opinion, I would never ask a Cyclone to do a Alpha's job, or vise-versa.
VVoltronSV (8:47:49 PM): Mel: Yeah, we're getting sidetracked. Personally, I could come up with weapons for the current Cyclones, but those motorslaves I showed you is as close to a Cyclone as I can get, was too much miniturazation [I botched that spelling I bet] for me to get design a proper transfromation.
diggers316 (8:48:10 PM): [Suki nods]
CrashCarrie (8:48:13 PM): [miniaturization]
CrashCarrie (8:48:40 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit at that, considering it. "The Cyclone in space is at best a space suit with thrusters, not much more." She ponders and considers.
VVoltronSV (8:49:59 PM): Mel: Better then to focus on smaller battloids or keeping to VTs in that arena then.
CrashCarrie (8:50:38 PM): Sarah in fact has a line about 'freshly squeezes turnip juice' run through her head, from being spoken by a resistance member trying to think of a plan too hard. Then she nods a little. "Well the VTs are best in that arena anyway."
CrashCarrie (8:51:25 PM): Sarah looks over at Suki then a moment. "When they don't look like swiss cheese. Ma'am." She winks then.
VVoltronSV (8:52:22 PM): Mel: Speaking of which: cosnidering the swiss cheese your mecha came back in: Would you prefer more armor and possible shields, either arm shield or pin-point barrier, or greater agility on a VT?
diggers316 (8:52:24 PM): [Suki doesn't flinch]
VVoltronSV (8:54:13 PM): [afk]
diggers316 (8:54:41 PM): [Suki] Any additional defences would be welcome, but that was my mistake, in overestimating the enemy. It won't happen again. [Melanie can sense immediatly that Suki is not angered that she was holes, but rather saw it as a 'humbling and a experiance'
diggers316 (8:54:57 PM): holes=holed
diggers316 (8:55:20 PM): [dammit! okay, 'humbling and a learning experiance'
CrashCarrie (8:55:33 PM): [aww, poor Suki]
CrashCarrie (9:01:54 PM): [peeks]
VVoltronSV (9:02:17 PM): Mel: I'm asking which you'd prefer, the defense are getting an upgrade even if I put a "Please don't hit me" sign on it.
diggers316 (9:03:26 PM): [Suki] A PPB system would need to be automated, otherwise the workload on the pilot would be immense.
diggers316 (9:04:55 PM): [Suki] Armor would be the best option, since it wont go away if the system 'breaks'.
VVoltronSV (9:05:03 PM): Mel: You're right, making something more akin to the VF-1's fighter mode in agility would be a simpler way of doing things.
CrashCarrie (9:05:39 PM): Sarah promptly imagines the sign and laughs, nodding. "Avoiding being hit is usually the best option, if available."
diggers316 (9:06:03 PM): [Suki] Sometimes that isn't an option.
VVoltronSV (9:06:12 PM): Mel: More armor, means more weight, means less speed and agility. Are you alright with that?
diggers316 (9:07:15 PM): [Suki] It's the easiest to implement if we are talking about forwarding upgrades to teh field, and has a low chance of failure, upgraded agility, shields, all that have incredible costs involved regards manpower, maintennace and systems integration
VVoltronSV (9:07:58 PM): Mel: Ok, something that's a bit more like the Brick, I mean Beta.
diggers316 (9:08:05 PM): [Suki] However, Sarah is right, you cannot hurt what you cannot hit…
diggers316 (9:09:50 PM): [Suki] I apologize for bing so pessimistic, and contrary, but, I'm looking at this fromt he 'man in the trench' point of view, sure, fancy gizmo's are nice, when they work, but soldiers want reliability.
VVoltronSV (9:10:12 PM): Mel: So "field" armor packs for existing mecha, and the new mecha to be genuinely agile.
VVoltronSV (9:10:48 PM): Mel: This is brainstorming, being contrary is a good thing.
CrashCarrie (9:10:54 PM): Sarah smiles just a little bit, cringing at the idea of something more like the brick. To her, it looks like a cardboard box with wings and engines. She blinks then. "Packs like the Valkyrie used to have for space? I've read about those."
diggers316 (9:11:01 PM): [Suki] That would be the best of both worlds. I know that the Super series of Shadowfighter was just ebing rolled off production, I figure the armor packs there are still vialble, sans Shadow tech. of course
VVoltronSV (9:14:10 PM): Mel: Well, I've got enough to work with for a while… How about you 2 see to setting up those CIWS turrets you talked about? Unless you have some more ideas?
CrashCarrie (9:14:57 PM): Sarah looks to Suki and shrugs slightly, not having a lot of ideas herself.
diggers316 (9:15:04 PM): [Suki] if we could somehow either recover the data for the Shadows upgrades either from Fleet Command, or take a jaunt out to the ARk Angle where I hear the Skull's have a few and convnce them to part with one… we might be able to ramp up the Magellens factory facilities…
diggers316 (9:15:57 PM): [Suki] But yes ma'am, we will see to the CIWS turrest immediatly.
VVoltronSV (9:16:02 PM): Mel: I'll ask Sanchez if he can't get the info.
diggers316 (9:17:06 PM): [Suki] Of course, and I will deny this of course, if we need to 'recover' a sample of the Super Shadow from the Skull's I have no issue with that, Fleet alwys gets all the goodies anyway…
CrashCarrie (9:17:29 PM): Sarah listens to that and nods a little, ponderign slightly. "I probably shouldn't ask, but was the modification data from the Jungle saved? If we could find the black box or otherwise determine where the adjustments failed, it seemed to /partially/ work." She blinks at Suki then and her eyes widen slightly.
diggers316 (9:18:03 PM): [Suki] That black box is two jumps away and embedded in the prow of a Haydonite Dreadnaught…
VVoltronSV (9:18:27 PM): Mel: I hear a Sterling is in charge of that outfit, I don't think either of you want to deal with that hornet's nest. Now go.
diggers316 (9:19:09 PM): [Suki] I am aware of the squadrons leadeship. [She strightens to attention and salutes.] Ma'am!
CrashCarrie (9:19:57 PM): Sarah nods a little to Suki and ponders, nodding to Mel's words and looking to her CO. "Well, obviously if we were followed once, unless they cleaned up their debris, it might still be there. Depending on how defended it might be." She straightens up and salutes as wel. "Yes, ma'am."
CrashCarrie (9:20:39 PM): [to mel, on the last]
VVoltronSV (9:20:48 PM): Mel give a sloppy salute before playing with her holograms again.
CrashCarrie (9:21:01 PM): [rofl]
diggers316 (9:21:05 PM): [As Suki exits the quarters she rolls her shoulders and makes her way towars the engineering sections offices. Without turning to Sarah…] Well Slugger, lets go see about some point defence turrests.
CrashCarrie (9:21:25 PM): Sarah smiles and nods quickly. "Yes, ma'am…"
VVoltronSV (9:22:29 PM): The hangar bay is crowded and you see several crew working on debris fragments and the like. You see a crew chief see the two enter, looks around quickly and spots a higher-ranked officer and only gives a quick salute to the pair without calling anyone else to attention.
diggers316 (9:23:04 PM): [Suki] Chief? Got a minute?
VVoltronSV (9:24:27 PM): Chief: Yes, ma'am. What do you need?
CrashCarrie (9:24:41 PM): Sarah follows quietly behind, just watching and smiling softly.
diggers316 (9:26:21 PM): [Suki] We've got a few CIWS turrets stuck ona hulk out there we'd like to get moved over here and mounted on the perimeter of bay 12 Alpha.
diggers316 (9:26:44 PM): [Suki] Who would e talk to about getting that done?
VVoltronSV (9:28:19 PM): Chief: That would be Sergeant Shion Uzuki. The Asian woman on the other side of the hangar with oversized glasses.
CrashCarrie (9:29:41 PM): Sarah promptly looks over to the other side of the hangar, to see where the Sergeant is.
VVoltronSV (9:31:21 PM): There seems to be no one quite matching the description but there is someone with their top half seemingly stuck in the maintenance port of a Bioroid Interceptor.
diggers316 (9:31:25 PM): [Suki] Roger that Chief, thanks a lot, carry on [Suki makes her way over to Goggles]
CrashCarrie (9:31:39 PM): [goggles. lol]
CrashCarrie (9:33:00 PM): Sarah blinks at the one stuck in the maintenance port, glancing to Suki and smiling just a little bit, follownig along for that direction and looking to the half-person. "So sorry to see that it's eating you alive…"
VVoltronSV (9:34:30 PM): Uzuki: Half-Eaten..?
CrashCarrie (9:34:32 PM): [bad joke,but eh]
VVoltronSV (9:35:10 PM): Uzuki then proceeds to panic and tries to get herself out, before tripping on a wrench and falling on top of Sarah.
VVoltronSV (9:35:29 PM): Uzuki: I'm sorry did you need something Lt?
diggers316 (9:35:47 PM): [Suki tries a lil Japanese] "Pardon my Uzuki-san, but we have an engineering issue that we feel you might be able to help us with'
CrashCarrie (9:35:54 PM): Sarah laughs, and oofs as she's fallen on, landing on the ground with a *whump*.
diggers316 (9:36:10 PM): [Suki helps Uzuki up]
diggers316 (9:36:17 PM): my = me
VVoltronSV (9:37:53 PM): Uzuki: My apologies for falling on you. What sort of engineering project?
diggers316 (9:37:53 PM): [christ if KOS-MOS shows up I'm gonna freak…]
CrashCarrie (9:38:13 PM): [eh?]
VVoltronSV (9:38:28 PM): [Nope, tempted though I may be, the Steel Angels are the only good androids I intend to add.]
CrashCarrie (9:38:45 PM): Sarah laughs softly and shakes her head. "s'fine."
VVoltronSV (9:39:04 PM): [Xenosaga shout out.]
diggers316 (9:39:10 PM): [Suki, still in Japanese] "There are a few CIWS turrets still aboard the hulk nearby, that we'd like installed on the perimeter of bay 12A. Would you be able to assist us?"
VVoltronSV (9:40:16 PM): Uzuki: Not a problem.
diggers316 (9:40:38 PM): [Suki] Excellent, please le t me know what you need from us.
VVoltronSV (9:42:36 PM): [I'm gonna have to scram sooner than I though, we got 18 minutes.]
diggers316 (9:42:48 PM): kill it here then
CrashCarrie (9:42:52 PM): [aww, okie]
CrashCarrie (9:42:58 PM): [*snug*]
diggers316 (9:43:01 PM): get yerself reasy, take a dump whatever ^_^
diggers316 (9:43:19 PM): sorry carrie, s'man talk here lol
VVoltronSV (9:44:03 PM): Uzuki: what I need from you is mecha operations, sadly we don't have enough EVA maint craft to deal with that sort of job.
CrashCarrie (9:44:23 PM): [*snerk*]
diggers316 (9:44:26 PM): [Suki] We have you covered, we can handle the heavy lifting,
CrashCarrie (9:44:44 PM): Sarah nods quickly at that.
VVoltronSV (9:44:46 PM): [I took my "Getting ready" into my calculations.]
diggers316 (9:44:53 PM): [kk]
diggers316 (9:45:21 PM): [Suki] When are you ready, we can suit up and be ready to go in 5 minutes.
VVoltronSV (9:45:52 PM): Uzuki: Exactly how many gun ports are we bringing over and are we going to need ammo feeds to them?
diggers316 (9:46:27 PM): [Suki] Four, for us specifically, any more would be gravy for the Magellan.
diggers316 (9:46:51 PM): [Suki] And yes, we'd need feeds for them
VVoltronSV (9:47:18 PM): Uzuki: Not energy turrets huh?
diggers316 (9:47:33 PM): [Suki] Well, power feeds…sorry for the miscommunication
VVoltronSV (9:48:19 PM): She proceeds to do data entry on a datapads. Uzuki: We'll have to slave it to some sor of AI system, I don't think we have the manpower to actually man them.
VVoltronSV (9:48:58 PM): Uzuki: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to keep you here. Go ahed and get ready.
diggers316 (9:49:07 PM): [Suki ponders] No ma'am, they'd have to be on automatic, unless Sanchez would give us a gunner crew, but I doubt that.
VVoltronSV (9:49:17 PM): [My spelling is going way down hill.]
diggers316 (9:49:21 PM): [same]
CrashCarrie (9:49:25 PM): Sarah nods quickly and smiles.
diggers316 (9:50:04 PM): [Suki hustles off and gets her CVR-3 on and preflights her mecha and files her and sarahs flight plan (showing Sarah how to do it)
diggers316 (9:50:50 PM): [Figure resistance Invid types dont normally have to go thru the rigmorole of flight plans…hense the 'training']
VVoltronSV (9:51:45 PM): When you return you see 3 Ball type craft near the hangar door preparing to launch.
diggers316 (9:52:02 PM): Oh hush James! just use the SPider bug!
CrashCarrie (9:52:24 PM): Sarah does that as wel, trying to get her CVR on and get to the hovertank again quickly. She rolls her eyes at Suki slightly. "Believe it or not, the resistance had to do quick scrambles often. Having preflight time is a nice luxury." She checks it and gets it next to Suki's plane.
CrashCarrie (9:53:34 PM): [nodnod]
diggers316 (9:53:35 PM): ^_^
VVoltronSV (9:53:50 PM): Uzuki: Ready when you are.
VVoltronSV (9:54:07 PM): [And to make me look even more foolish: That thing is in the Macross book.]
diggers316 (9:54:17 PM): [Suki] Tiger Actual to tower, we are proceeding to hulk according to flight plan.
CrashCarrie (9:54:17 PM): [lol]
diggers316 (9:54:34 PM): [We still love ya James ^_^ ]
CrashCarrie (9:54:41 PM): [*nodnod* ]
VVoltronSV (9:55:03 PM): [I'm checking out, I trust Chris can take it from here?]
diggers316 (9:55:13 PM): [Oh lawdy!]
diggers316 (9:55:23 PM): [Seeya dood, drive safe okay
VVoltronSV (9:55:34 PM): [Yosha.]
diggers316 (9:55:41 PM): [peace out bro
CrashCarrie (9:56:38 PM): [woot!]
diggers316 (9:56:48 PM): i'm a bit tired to runanything, plus since we have ostensibly jumped away from the haydonites based on our intell gathered last hop, it would be a fairly long a tedious operation to remove the mounts and transport them, figure, a good 10 hours in our mecha
diggers316 (9:57:09 PM): but nothing that would need dice rolls
diggers316 (9:57:43 PM): Just picture a musical montage of us uprooting guns, and remounting guns…
CrashCarrie (9:58:08 PM): [aw, okay]
CrashCarrie (9:58:14 PM): [*scritch*]
diggers316 (9:58:30 PM): really, it would be so lame to just roll dice ad infinitum for piloting rolls and such

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