Home Sweet Home

James GM (5:41:22 PM): The deck of the Magellan is almost completely empty save for the Tiger Squadron and 4 Green Robotech Master-style Bioroids with their weapons trained on the Wraith.
James GM (5:44:14 PM): As the Tigers get out, you notice a female Sergeant and a male Fleet Commander that Suki swears has been taking steroids so long his arms exploded.
Chris (5:44:39 PM): [!]
Chris (5:45:42 PM): [Suki would like to have Sarah and William remain in their Mecha, guarding the Wraith until the Tigers have been officially relieved]
James GM (5:46:03 PM): [You've already been relieved by the Bioroids.]
Chris (5:46:14 PM): [Good enough for me ^_^]
James GM (5:49:07 PM): The Commander comes to attention and gives Suki a brief bow despite being of Hispanic decent, "Hola, I am Commander Sanchez of the Magellan’s City Defense Corp. This is Sergeant Langley, with communications. She'll be your sponsor while you become, accustomed to the Magellan."
Chris (5:50:15 PM): [Suki returns the bow and salutes.] Thank you Commander Sanchez.
James GM (5:51:26 PM): [-10 TRILLION XP for Suki due to bad spelling.]
Shannon (5:53:58 PM): Sgt. Langley would shift her gaze over the Tigers in front of them, listening to Sanchez speaking before she in turn bowed her head to Suki, "Welcome aboard, ma'am." Her voice was soft tempered, watching them mildly.
Carrie (5:54:41 PM): Sarah stays quiet, though she offers a polite smile to Sgt. Langley as well.
Chris (5:55:10 PM): [Suki nods and motions to her compatriots.] This is Sarah Amdahl, and William Jameson. [She studies Langley with calculating eyes.]
James GM (5:55:59 PM): Sanchez: "We are currently in contact with Moon Base to determine you're status now the Jungle has been destroyed. We are currently collecting the escape pods. Most are being directed to Agamemnon and Bismark. A few may make it this way though."
Chris (5:56:33 PM): [Suki takes the news in stride] How many of our ships survived?
James GM (5:58:16 PM): Sanchez: "Most of them, I haven't been given the actual count myself, but it seems only Gray's Flotilla were idiotic enough to activate Shadow devices. And the Haydonites turned and fled when we poured the reflex energies on to them."
Chris (5:59:01 PM): [Suki nods, realizing how she and her team had dodged a massive bullet by being tasked to the mission they were, when they were.]
Chris (5:59:57 PM): {Suki] Where do you need us sir? I suppose we're yours till ALuCE gets back to you.
James GM (6:02:31 PM): Sanchez, "You'll be added to the City Defenses. Sadly the most advanced thing we have in the CDF are your Alphas and a Z-4 Assault Pod proto-type. Everything else is Southern Cross hand me downs with some Robotech Master Bioroids and Zentraedi Power Armor forming the bulk of what we have.
James GM (6:06:11 PM): Sanchez: "But for the time being, we'll be in processing you as if you'll be making an extended stay. As whatever idiota who designed the city block did not include barracks, we'll have to get you apartments. With any luck we'll be able to get a suite of apartments, Captain likes to keep squadron members as close to each other as possible, makes transporting the lot of you easier."
Chris (6:07:07 PM): [Suki] I appreciate that sir. Forgive my ignorance, but when you say City Defense, you mean outside, or inside the dome?
James GM (6:07:34 PM): Sanchez: "The answer is: Wherever the enemy happens to be."
Chris (6:08:03 PM): [Suki] Understood sir.
James GM (6:10:24 PM): Sanchez: Now, I'll be borrowing Lt. Jameson for a while. Lt. Langley, why don't you take these nice people to get a bite to eat. It's almost lunch and we're gonna need time to get the toaster out of its box.
Chris (6:12:55 PM): [Suki salutes the departing commander then turns towards the Sergeant.] After you.
Carrie (6:13:29 PM): Sarah listens quietly and nods, then smiles towards Miss Langley, moving to bring up the rear for the moment.
Shannon (6:13:53 PM): Tiera would nod to Sanchez before looking back to Suki, Sarah and Lt. Jameson before he departed, "The Maiden's Call has a nice lunch special if you're interested. Any preference in cuisine?"
Chris (6:14:52 PM): [Suki] Oriental but anything cooked will suffice. [She replies, in a lame attempt at humor]
Carrie (6:15:49 PM): Sarah laughs a little and nods slightly. "I'll eat just about anything, really."
Shannon (6:20:47 PM): "In that case…" She'd merely shake her head, turning to walk towards the exit while leading them along a series of walkways until stopping in front of a cute little cafe, a pair of Maidens blowing on curved horns stood as statuesque sentries outside the front doors, "Here we are. They've got a range of things to dine on, so have at it and don't worry about the bill."
James GM (6:21:29 PM): [BTW, Free RP for a while.]
Chris (6:22:32 PM): [Suki smiles a sideward’s smile] Com-Rats, gotta love em.
Carrie (6:22:57 PM): Sarah smiles and quietly follows along, blinking at the cafe and cocking her head just slightly. She smiles a bit at the statues and cocks her head at Suki, nodding. "Mmhm…" She glances around again. "Wow, fancy."
Chris (6:23:19 PM): [Com-Rats: Commuted Rations; in lieu pay for meals eaten off base]
Chris (6:23:37 PM): [Suki nods in agreement] Beats the chow hall.
Carrie (6:24:41 PM): Sarah laughs a little and shrugs. "Certainly beats scavenging for any kind of food one can get one's hands on as well."
Chris (6:27:27 PM): [After getting her meal and sitting at a nearby table she goes about consuming her food wordlessly, eating with a pair of chopsticks]
Carrie (6:28:23 PM): Sarah quietly gets a small plate of food, meticulously avoiding anything with meat for the moment. She blinks at the chopsticks, and eats with a fork and spoon herself, carefully.
Chris (6:30:32 PM): [After setting her plate aside she turns towards the Sergeant] So, what can you tell us about this place?
Shannon (6:33:14 PM): Tiera would look to Suki, setting her cup down before clearing her throat a little, "It's got roughly anything one would need to live out a decently comfortable life. The only thing I'd have to say we lack is the water park inside the mall at the Galleria. Otherwise, we have all manner of things here. The Magellan is basically a mobile world on its own. What kind of specifics would you like to know?"
Chris (6:35:39 PM): [Suki blinks at the nigh blatant largess seemingly on display, but realizes she could get used to it.] Well, if it's not to much trouble, would this, floating world, have a Shinto shrine? Large parks? Anything with…[she pauses, almost embarrassed to continue] trees?
Shannon (6:37:06 PM): She would chuckle a little before flicking a strand of violet hair over her shoulder, "Yes, we have central parks and large recreational zones. I'm not sure if we have the Shinto Shrine yet or not, but I can always check on that for you if you like."
Chris (6:37:53 PM): [Suki bows her head in gratitude] I would appreciate that. Would we be able to see our new quarters now?
Carrie (6:39:11 PM): Sarah just blinks at the description, looking around at it. "Sounds amazing. Parks and everything. And all nicely taken care of…. I'll enjoy seeing that." She smiles and nods slightly to Suki's comment. "I'd be interested in that as well. See where we'll be staying, and what all we might need to get since anything we had with us was destroyed with our last ship."
James GM (6:39:37 PM): Just then a car almost crashes three times in an attempt to park. A short, fat arab steps out of the car and approaches the group. "Would you be the Tigers?"
Chris (6:40:35 PM): [Suki, with near lighting speed stands into a defensive posture her hand over her sidearm. Her eyes narrow at the newcomer.]
Chris (6:41:49 PM): "Yes, we are." [She looks to the Sergeant, still unsure of her mandate here and wondering how this 'civilian' knew of them, and more so, how to find them]
Carrie (6:41:57 PM): Sarah frowns very slightly and considers the one stepping from the car. "Who wants to know?"
James GM (6:43:22 PM): An-Sain: I'm Muhatmet An-Sain, the realtor, I've been sent by Commander Sanchez to show you potential apartments for your choosing.
Chris (6:44:34 PM): [Suki visibly relaxes] Ahh soo desu neh. [She laughs slightly.] A pleasure to meet you.
Carrie (6:45:27 PM): Sarah blinks quietly at that and smiles, glancing to Suki, then to the realtor. "A pleasure to meet you."
James GM (6:47:56 PM): An-Sain: So do you have a desired price range? You BAH will cover most apartments but some of the really nice ones will cost a bit extra over that.
Chris (6:49:03 PM): [Suki] Lets see what there is to offer, then we can talk price.
Carrie (6:50:05 PM): Sarah just… blinks slightly and nods. "Right…" She glances to Suki and just follows along behind.
James GM (6:51:47 PM): An-Sain: Very well, I shall just start at the VERY top of the list, how does gold-encrusted triple king-sized beds sound? *in a very audible whisper* My commission should sky-rocket! <3
Chris (6:54:11 PM): [Suki faceplams] Do you have anything a little, less ostentatious?
Chris (6:55:00 PM): [Suki looks at Sarah] Do you have any preferences?
James GM (6:55:27 PM): An-Sain: My apologies, I thought you're earlier statement suggested that price was no object.
Carrie (6:55:48 PM): Sarah just… stares at the idea of the 'very top', then starts laughing softly as Suki facepalms, just… shaking her head. "If it doesn't involve sleeping in my tank or on the ground, I'm fine with it."
Chris (6:56:47 PM): [Suki] Lets just start at the upper mid range and go from there, would that be okay? [She asks]
James GM (6:58:30 PM): An-Sain: Very Good. If you would care to step in the car, we'll start with southern sided of Upperton.
Carrie (6:59:35 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit and offers a smile, just letting Suki lead on.
Chris (6:59:46 PM): [Suki grab up the helmet of her CVR-3 and waits for Sarah and the Seargent to enter the car first then gets in]
James GM (7:00:15 PM): [Perc Rolls]
OnlineHost (7:00:25 PM): Carrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 8
Carrie (7:00:41 PM): [+1 - ouch]
Chris (7:00:54 PM): //roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (7:00:54 PM): Chris rolled 1 20-sided die: 10
Chris (7:00:57 PM): +3
James GM (7:02:38 PM): Sarah notice several large dents scattered throughout the car. Suki, after the driving has begun, realizes that An-Sain must have learned to drive in the school of "The Fine Art of Barely Car Dodging."
Carrie (7:02:55 PM): [rotfl]
BmurderH8s (7:03:16 PM): lol. sorry
James GM (7:04:26 PM): [No, it's good, you can make out of character comments.]
Carrie (7:05:03 PM): [sounds like how I used to drive. I'm better now though]
Chris (7:05:26 PM): [Suki is thankful she and her troop are in their CVR-3 still, and would be lying if she wasn’t slightly exhilarated by the 'roller coaster' aspect of the ride.]
James GM (7:08:51 PM): After surviving the trip to southern Upperton, An-Sain parks in front of a townhouse colored an unusual cherry red. The place itself is arranged with one large common room, a shared kitchen and several small studio rooms with individual locks, bathrooms and small offices.
Chris (7:08:56 PM): [I'm me, my mind is ALWAYS in the gutter!]
Carrie (7:09:24 PM): Sarah watches out the window at the city going by, still amazed by the sight of it. She blinks at the stop, cocking her head slightly at the sight of the dwelling.
Chris (7:09:29 PM): [What’s the architecture like?]
Shannon (7:10:09 PM): Tiera would snap out of her small trance to hear the commotion before shaking her head, looking around to see the tigers gone and she left with the waiter looking at her and then looking to the bill, in an obvious, You ARE intending to pay this, right? Kinda look. Sighing, she pulled her wallet out and handed the appropriate amount of currency over before sitting back and sipping her tea until they were done looking at their apartments.
Carrie (7:10:44 PM): [aww. Well, Sarah doesn't eat much, as consolation]
Chris (7:10:53 PM): [hey, yall said that military would pay the tab… lol]
Chris (7:11:14 PM): They've got a range of things to dine on, so have at it and don't worry about the bill."
Shannon (7:11:16 PM): [She IS military.]
Chris (7:11:24 PM): [quoting you there ^_^ ]
Shannon (7:11:37 PM): [And I never said the military would pay the tab, just not to worry about it.]
Carrie (7:11:43 PM): [eep, aww]
Shannon (7:11:45 PM): [She is their sponsor after all.]
Carrie (7:12:00 PM): [again, not much bill from me]
Carrie (7:12:06 PM): [anyhow…]
Shannon (7:12:11 PM): [It's fine. Was just adding some humor.]
Shannon (7:12:16 PM): {I missed you guys.]
James GM (7:12:30 PM): [rotflmao, 1- you said you were gone so I have no excuse to zap you. 2- My mind wasn't in the gutter but once you suggested it, it went that way. 3- you are WITH the tigers, the waitress is cursing that she'll not be getting a tip as the military left pre-paid coupons for instances just like this.]
Chris (7:12:33 PM): [huggles]
Shannon (7:12:53 PM): [-Snaps her fingers- Damn.]
Shannon (7:13:12 PM): [I mean…Yay! Not getting zapped, whipped or chained!]
Carrie (7:13:33 PM): Sarah looks around a little bit at the dwelling and the shared kitchen, cocking her head just a little bit. She mumbles to Suki. "I would have thought that upper mid range would include having a kitchen in each apartment."
James GM (7:13:41 PM): [So. Many. Comments.]
Shannon (7:14:04 PM): [Behave and you'll get your cookie later. -Pat pat-]
James GM (7:14:10 PM): [Architecture is like what you would see in suburban United States pre-Global War.]
Chris (7:14:37 PM): [Suki will be amenable to Oriental architecture ^_^]
Chris (7:14:53 PM): [Japanese specifically]
Shannon (7:15:54 PM): "Think of it like a college campus dorm apartment. Shared everything except the bath and bedrooms." She would speak up, looking around at the semi-swanky digs before shaking her head, "Just be thankful the others in the list are within walking distance…." She sent a scowl to An-Sain as she spoke to Sarah and Suki.
James GM (7:16:00 PM): An-Sain: Well, real estate for apartments is getting kinda pricy, with all the military moving in and all. It'd be cheaper just to get a house or that Shrine I've been trying to sell.
Chris (7:16:21 PM): [Suki perks up] Shrine?
Shannon (7:17:04 PM): Again, another shake of her Tirolian head before she wandered into the kitchen to poke about, noticing that her place was a little bigger. Snicker snicker.
Carrie (7:17:25 PM): Sarah blinks at those comments as well, nodding just a little to Tiera and blinking just slightly.
Carrie (7:17:51 PM): [*snoogles Shanni* we missed you too]
James GM (7:18:10 PM): An-Sain: Some colonist bought the property during construction but died before final build was complete. The Yamato family has been trying to sell it ever since.
Chris (7:18:32 PM): {Suki puts on a poker face as her heart skips a beat] may we see it?
Shannon (7:19:15 PM): Peeks out from the kitchen, "I think that should translate to, 'How much is it?' " She'd comment to An-Sain, smiling brightly to Suki.
James GM (7:19:42 PM): An-Sain- It's about ten blocks from here. If we could all get back into the car…
James GM (7:20:04 PM): [I forgot to mention that the car was a small sub-compact.]
Chris (7:20:04 PM): [Suki nods and makes her way to the car, waiting for the others]
Carrie (7:20:28 PM): Sarah laughs a little and follows to the car, her small form slipping into it easily.
OnlineHost (7:21:24 PM): James GM rolled 1 10-sided die: 5
Carrie (7:21:34 PM): [eep]
Carrie (7:21:47 PM): [it only hurts when the GM rolls the dice]
OnlineHost (7:21:52 PM): James GM rolled 1 100-sided die: 31
OnlineHost (7:21:55 PM): James GM rolled 1 100-sided die: 63
OnlineHost (7:21:57 PM): James GM rolled 1 100-sided die: 12
OnlineHost (7:21:58 PM): James GM rolled 1 100-sided die: 9
James GM (7:24:31 PM): The car skids into the entrance to the shrine before rolling over 5 times, miraculously landing on its tires. An-Sain, Suki and Tieria walk away a bit shaken up but fine. Sarah, on the other hand, has a mild case of whiplash and she swears her tail end is going to be bruised for this.
Carrie (7:24:44 PM): [eek]
Carrie (7:25:11 PM): [and of course, Sarah gets it for that]
Chris (7:25:56 PM): [Suki] Woah! Okay, seriously! [There is a string of Japanese: one figures it may be profanity, but one never knows]
Carrie (7:27:19 PM): Sarah squirms slightly and sighs a little at that. "Ouch…" She looks around, careful about moving her neck. "I thought the inside of the city dome was supposed to be less dangerous than the enemy."
James GM (7:27:28 PM): Suki takes step out of the car to find she has one foot in a stream with a Japanese gold fish nudging at her armor.
Chris (7:28:17 PM): [Suki waves her troop over as she steps out of the water, looking at the fish and remarks happily] Koi!
Carrie (7:29:53 PM): Sarah crawls out as motioned to, blinking at the stream and cocking her head slightly.
James GM (7:30:21 PM): [PERC checks]
OnlineHost (7:30:29 PM): Carrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 7
Carrie (7:30:33 PM): [+1]
James GM (7:30:39 PM): [After whatever you were going to type.
Shannon (7:30:48 PM): "When on the road, An-Sain is the enemy." Tiera would step out, making sure to bypass the stream. [Want me rolling as well?]
Chris (7:30:52 PM): //roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (7:30:52 PM): Chris rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
Chris (7:30:55 PM): +3
Chris (7:31:16 PM): [Suki would with stern yet gentle hands inspect her troops neck for injury]
James GM (7:31:21 PM): [Yes.]
OnlineHost (7:31:31 PM): Shannon rolled 1 20-sided die: 13
Shannon (7:31:34 PM): [+3}
James GM (7:35:17 PM): Suki, after coming down from Nirvana and foreseeing the mass extinction of the Great Old Ones, realizes that though the house is built visually in the style of classic Shinto Shrine actually hides several highly advanced technology throughout the shrine and grounds. Tieria notices the tell-tale signs of wireless low-power transmission throughout the complex.
James GM (7:36:01 PM): [Nothing that would cause real harm, but grounding yourself against static shocks will likely become a habit.]
Chris (7:37:27 PM): [Without looking back at An-Sain Suki asks] What have you been asking for this location?
Shannon (7:37:55 PM): Tiera would grin, whispering an aside to An-Sain, "See…I told you she had meant to ask what the price was before."
Chris (7:38:06 PM): [Suki then turns after a pause] Be honest. [Her eyes are unrelenting]
James GM (7:38:36 PM): An-Sain: The asking price is 450,000 credits, 100,000 credit down payment.
Chris (7:39:10 PM): [Suki smiles] How much do you suppose would be fair to deduct from that for the multiple roll over?
James GM (7:40:07 PM): Al-Sain suddenly realizes his driving is now costing him: I could probably pay the down payment and closing costs myself.
Carrie (7:40:09 PM): Sarah blinks at the phrase, and listens quietly, glancing around at the place quite interestedly.
Chris (7:43:30 PM): [Suki nods] That would be amenable to me. [She looks to Sergeant Langley] How much would the BAH cover in terms of monthly and utilities?
James GM (7:44:41 PM): Tieria realizes that her cell phone has been vibrating for the last few seconds, and is moving out of place.
Shannon (7:45:35 PM): She'd chew on her bottom lip a little, doing the math in her head, "A little under….Erm..one second. My apologies." She'd snag her phone and walk a few paces away, "Langley."
Chris (7:46:09 PM): [Suki nods and starts to explore the grounds]
Carrie (7:47:16 PM): Sarah mostly follows Suki along, but does wander a bit just to see if there are bedroom and kitchen facilities and such, proper to a semi-modern dwelling and whatnot.
Shannon (7:48:06 PM): "Look…I can hear you breathing..so please just respond.." {JK!]
James GM (7:49:04 PM): Sanchez: [at first doing some heavy breathing for a bit] "Have you been having any luck with finding them a place yet?"
James GM (7:49:34 PM): Sanchez: And please tell me you did not let An-Sain drive.
Carrie (7:49:52 PM): [rofl]
Shannon (7:50:21 PM): She twitched a little at the creepy way he was breathing, having gotten used to his antics though, "We are currently over at the Yamato place, and yes….sadly, they sent An-Sain over…we've already had a multiple roll over and managed to do some haggling for the temple."
James GM (7:52:16 PM): Sanchez: I'll have Isavia put him under arrest for driving without a license. Heh, we should give them a bonus, I think that place has a direct link to a nearby hangar.
Shannon (7:53:29 PM): "Trust me, we've already managed to knock out the down payment and closing cost, but I agree…he's a little reckless. I should have pistol whipped him and driven them myself." She'd shake her head, sighing a little, "I think you're right. I'll check around though to double check."
James GM (7:54:12 PM): Sanchez: Anyway, get them through the paper work quickly we need to get them new gear issued and fill out paper word for advances so they can pick up some necessities… Also I need to introduce them to a few people.
Chris (7:54:54 PM): [As Langley converses, Suki continues to wander the grounds, running her hands reverently upon the finishing’s and the Torii arch supports, feeling as close to home as she has felt since being forced to leave Nihon at such a young age.]
Shannon (7:55:37 PM): "You got it boss man. I'll text you the info once we're done here. I think we've just about sold them on the temple. I'll chip in as well." She'd wait for any further response before looking back, first to An-Sain, and then to Suki and Sarah, as the girls wandered off, "Need to keep a leash on these people, I swear."
Carrie (7:56:01 PM): Sarah just looks around curiously, since she knows… essentially nothing of those thnigs, and scratches her hair idly.
James GM (7:57:21 PM): The shrine is divided into several sections including a training section, a residential area with biometric locks and a common living area.
Chris (7:59:47 PM): [Suki walks into the shrine proper and, overcome, falls to her knees as tears stream from her cheeks. She bows her head and recites the Shinto prayers of her family line in her native tongue.]
Shannon (8:00:42 PM): Talk about the intensive training. Heh heh. Talking to herself a little, Tiera would wander over to grab Suki's attention, "It's doable for the plot and pricing, if you want it. Boss just called and said to get you guys all set up and then bring you over to see him. We need to get your new gear issued and some papers signed." Obviously, she waited until Suki was finished saying her prayers and wasn't caught up in the joy.
Carrie (8:04:30 PM): Sarah watches Suki quietly, offering a gentle look as the poor girl falls to her knees like that. She walks over quietly after the prayers and such are finished, offering a gentle hand to her shoulder. "Are you all right, ma'am?"
Chris (8:05:11 PM): [Suki finishes her recital then lifts effortlessly from her kneeling position and draws herself to her full height, taking a deep breath she nods stoically to Langley’s comments.] Hai, let us see to that. [She smiles warmly, but only for an instant.]
James GM (8:05:38 PM): An-Sain digs through the back of his truck and pulls several sheets of plastic flimsy and an electronic stylus out. "If you sign these, I'll be able to get you living in this place by tonight. We can discuss payment plan and deed tomorrow.
Chris (8:05:43 PM): [To Sarah she nods] Hai, dijobu.
Chris (8:06:21 PM): [Suki takes the paperwork and with practiced ease signs her name in Kanji Temple script]
James GM (8:08:24 PM): Back at the base, you are escorted Commander Sanchez's office. The first thing you notice is an over-sized uniform and a muscle suit hanging on the wall with a positively scrawny Sanchez sitting behind a desk.
Carrie (8:08:59 PM): [lol]
Chris (8:09:28 PM): [Suki by now has regained her full measure of military bearing and reports as ordered.]
James GM (8:11:05 PM): Sanchez: Welcome back, the QM is rounding up some spare uniforms for you. We ganked the sizing from HQ, and please tell me this "Camel toe" request is some sort of prank.
Carrie (8:11:48 PM): [lol]
Chris (8:11:58 PM): [Suki doesn't even blink] I'm sure I don't know what you mean sir.
Shannon (8:12:07 PM): Tiera would move into the room, walking over to stand by the side of his desk before hearing him speak, nearly choking on her breath of air but managing to remain composed.
Carrie (8:12:14 PM): Sarah keeps herself at full military bearing behind Suki, and just… blinks at the camel toe comment.
James GM (8:12:59 PM): Sanchez: Prank it is then. Dirk Revan will be so disappointed.
Chris (8:13:38 PM): [Suki] He survived? [Her tone is positive]
Carrie (8:14:19 PM): Sarah smiles at that news as well, relaxing just a tiny bit.
James GM (8:14:22 PM): Sanchez: You met him. Yeah, he survived, don't know how though. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he made a deal with a devil to do it.
Chris (8:15:04 PM): [Suki smiles] Then the devil got taken. Ha!
Carrie (8:15:37 PM): Sarah laughs a little bit and shrugs slightly, settling into her spot.
James GM (8:17:35 PM): Sanchez: Anyway, seems we picked up several survivors from the Reaper Squad, Jackass Revan included. Also, there seems to be a request for you to be a bunch of hamsters for R&D.
Shannon (8:18:29 PM): "That should prove to be fun. Hope you all enjoy the experience."
Chris (8:18:38 PM): [Suki nods] Happy to be here sir. Proud to serve! Tigers at the front! [She flashes a devlish grin full of eager and reckless abandon]
Carrie (8:19:38 PM): Sarah stands back up to attention then, smiling as Suki gets so eager, and glancing to Sanches interestedly.
James GM (8:19:42 PM): Sanchez: Okay…. I'm going to assume that shrine left you in a euphoric state.
Chris (8:20:00 PM): [Suki] I have never felt so alive sir.
James GM (8:20:17 PM): Sanchez: I'm actually surprised you haven't asked about the toaster you brought in.
Chris (8:21:39 PM): [Suki smiles] And how is our wayward appliance doing?
Carrie (8:22:11 PM): Sarah cocks her head and frowns slightly, listening interestedly then.
James GM (8:22:24 PM): Sanchez: Total self-destruct, well the toaster itself anyway. The Wraith is giving us all sorts of goodies, like a piñata.
Chris (8:23:06 PM): [Suki nods in respect] Enemy or no, seppuku is to be respected. [She bows her head slightly]
James GM (8:24:39 PM): A clip board smacks Sanchez in the face as the door opens. "Did you even tell them I was coming?"
Chris (8:25:01 PM): [Suki, without turning says] MacGregor.
Carrie (8:25:51 PM): Sarah blinks as clipboards smack people in the face. She looks to Suki and shakes her head just slightly.
James GM (8:27:11 PM): Melanie: I'm not Irish, or Scottish, or whatever. Well, I really don't know my human ancestry, but anyway, the name's Melanie McGregor, pronounced MIC Gregor not MAC Gregor."
Chris (8:28:17 PM): [Suki turns to face the colonel and bows respectfully] Hai McGregor-sama.
Carrie (8:29:26 PM): Sarah blinks as she hears Melanie's voice, offering a bright smile. "Hello, ma'am."
James GM (8:29:54 PM): Melanie: Better. I bring news from on-high. You all are being transferred to the Magelan, officially under me, but as I'm not going to have too many missions for you, you'll be "loaned" to the Magellan's CDF.
James GM (8:30:56 PM): Melanie: Do your best not to die. Lab Rats are so hard to come by.
Chris (8:31:18 PM): [Suki] Tigers ma'am, not rats.
James GM (8:32:21 PM): Melanie smiles: Lab tigers then, even rarer. Regardless, the Haydonites are supposedly coming back for a second round. They've been detected out near Pluto.
Carrie (8:33:07 PM): Sarah frowns and straightens up then, glancing to Suki and back to Melanie.
Chris (8:34:13 PM): [Suki] ma'am a question?
James GM (8:35:31 PM): Sanchez: Tigers, you should expect to see combat near the city dome.
James GM (8:35:35 PM): Melanie: Sure.
Chris (8:35:36 PM): "The Haydonites? They are the 'fathers' of Shadow Technology no? How did we detect them? [Suki inquires.]
James GM (8:36:44 PM): Melanie: Good question… One I don't actually have an answer for, but I'm guessing it involves patrol craft. That have probably been lost.
James GM (8:37:02 PM): Melanie: Or they aren't Haydonites.
Chris (8:37:53 PM): [Suki nods] So kah. [She turns to Sanchez] Sir, some of our mecha was damaged earlier, how soon do you think we could get that repaired?
Carrie (8:39:22 PM): Sarah cocks her head and ponders. "Lost patrol craft or visual sighting, anyway." She murmurs that thought quietly though, glancing up at the question.
James GM (8:39:29 PM): Sanchez: We're already working on that. Worse case scenario, I loan out a few museum pieces in the form of a Armored VF-1, the Z-4 and Super Logan.
Chris (8:40:47 PM): [Suki nods] if you need us in the air immediately the VF-1 will do nicely, our VHT is still in tip top shape.
Carrie (8:41:45 PM): Sarah nods a little bit. "It's in good shape; though a little slow in space. Only took a few scratches."
James GM (8:42:09 PM): [It's STUCK in armored mode.]
Carrie (8:42:23 PM): [lol]
Chris (8:42:38 PM): [Shows how much Suki knows about tanks lol]
Chris (8:42:52 PM): [Suki knows diddly/squat]
James GM (8:44:30 PM): Sanchez: Well, all I got left for you is some forms to fill out. The Captain is still too busy planning her next move to actually talk to you like she would normally.
Chris (8:45:05 PM): [Suki nods and accepts the forms and reads them down to the fine print, and, if all is in order, will sign them]
James GM (8:46:21 PM): [Well, I'm exhausted and would like to call it a night. It is almost midnight where I am.]

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