Chapter 2: Night 3


[07:05:42] (GM): Upon reaching Pipestone the crew sees the barren wilderness of North America. Fall yellow’s and red are beginning to vie for their place against the green of summer and the ruins of small towns can be seen here and there, shallow craters, scars of a past war dot the landscape, covered green now, all but healed. Moving closer to the husk of Pipestone the plains nearby hold what at forest appear to be tree trunks, but in fact are long slender polls, rusted brown. Some have fallen over the ages, a few bent, one or two still mount what had been a large windmill. Remnants now, to one of the largest wind farms in Pre-Rain America.
[07:08:08] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki Ishida at the controls of the Sprint Class transport maintains a steady course some 1500ft off the deck heading towards the coordinates Sarah has provided.
[07:08:16] Lt. Lurana: "Suki drop power output to minimal to keep flight, try not to damage the healing landscape any more than we have to."
[07:09:15] (GM): GM NOTE: I have changed the class of the ship from Marathon to Sprint. The Marathon has a large cargo container, that runs the length of the ship and allows for NO cannons, the Sprint, will have a half sized cargo container, that CAN mount the turret.) Handwavium! It is so! OBEY!
[07:11:17] Lt. Ishida (GM): "Aye aye ma'am. Speed to 1/3, leveling out at 900 feet, course steady."
[07:11:54] (GM): whoops, my bad, sorry, John is in the ship manning the turret, John and Jaron, to close!
[07:12:09] Sarah watches quietly from her own console as the trip continues, sighing softly and relaxing as she sees familiar terrain.
[07:12:17] Lt. Lurana: "Take us in, do we happen to have any cyclones aboard i wanna take a look around when we land?"she thinks a moment and checks her self either way
[07:12:41] (GM): You have no cyclones aboard.
[07:12:55] Lt. Lurana: "Well crap guess ill take a walk then"
[07:13:06] (GM): The only cyclone in the party is Jaron's, aboard his Alpha.
[07:13:11] Lt. Lurana: (could assume Jaron is napping)
[07:13:29] (GM): no
[07:13:32] Lt. Ishida (GM): [1d100] => [60] = (60)
[07:13:36] Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:14:36] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki brings the ship down upon a relatively flat portion of ground kicking up a slight dust could as the ship settles into the soft soil.
[07:16:36] Sarah looks over the terrain, trying to remember the exact spot she parked her mecha in so long ago. She glances to Lurana quickly. "Permission to briefly disembark, ma'am?"
[07:19:02] Lt. Ishida (GM): okay, … Suki nods. "Your call ma'am."
[07:19:08] Lt. Lurana: "Permission Granted Sarah, I'm going with, Suki your choice stay here if or come i only got 1 extra blaster to pass on."
[07:19:15] John: "I would like to come too, sir."
[07:19:45] Lt. Lurana eye rolls at john "Please call me ma'am… if your gonna be formal…"
[07:20:25] Sarah cocks her head a little bit. "Won't need the extra blaster myself this time, obviously…" She smiles just a bit.
[07:20:45] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki nods, the decision made. "I'll head topside and take a peek around then, stay with the ship." she says as she picks up her CVR-3's helmet, after setting the ships systems to standby. The remaining bridge crew, comms, and fold ops, remain behind, to monitor the screens.
[07:23:16] Lt. Lurana tosses Suki her extra pistol an LPP-2H*
[07:23:24] Sarah: (( rwar ))
[07:23:31] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki catches the pistol and looks at it quizzically. The looks down to the Gallant on her hip rig and her M-37 holstered at the small of her back next to a sheathed knife. She tosses the pistol back "I'm good ma'am. Thanks anyway."
[07:34:36] Lt. Lurana shrugs then and puts the pistol back into her other holster for it, the long holster strapped around her thigh as we begin to step from the garfish Jaron landing beside it?
[07:36:19] (GM): okay, Jaron, what are you doing?
[07:37:30] (GM): Sarah and Lurana exit the ship into the crisp northern air. The grass laden ground is soft and squishy after a recent rain. The moss and ivy covered ruin of Pipestone lie before you.
[07:38:00] Lt Jaron lands his alpha in guardian mode, then has his cyclone pop up to get inside.
[07:39:19] Sarah sighs at the view of Pipestone, closing her eyes very softly as she sees the ruin, and looking around again, starting to wander towards where her battloid should be.
[07:40:04] (GM): The Alpha settles into the moist ground…you don your Cyclone and to your left see Lurana and Sarah walking towards what remains of a city.
[07:41:12] Lt. Lurana flips her visor up looking about with her natural eyes as she semi marches with Sarah protecting her
[07:42:20] Lt Jaron checks sensors from cyclone systems (sensory equip [1d100] => [14] = (14), perception [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22), detect concealment [1d100] => [50] = (50))
[07:45:27] (GM): @ Jaron: Looking around you, you see rolling hills and the shattered remains of what once was a small city, none of the ruins are over 15 feet and the chunks that are, are rounded, most likely heaps of grass covered debris. You see tracks of wildlife, plains creatures, and some, that aren't, those tracks are alien, deep set, and sparse.
[07:45:56] John has his Gallant at the ready. "Wow! They really did a number on it."
[07:46:33] Lt. Lurana: "Not familiar with the first Robotech War are we…."
[07:47:09] Sarah shrugs just a little bit at that. "It's been like that ever since I was here. As I understood, it's been that way since the Zentraedi bombardment."
[07:47:43] Lt. Lurana: "Right, my mom told me about that… pretty much leveled the entire surface of the planet in a matter of hours"
[07:47:52] John: "yea. But it's still not a pretty sight."
[07:48:27] Lt. Lurana: "Least its healing its self… if no one ever causes a fight here again at least…" She rubs her weapons hoping that stays true
[07:48:35] Cutscene: Suki makes her way thru the interior of the ship and to a topside hatch, undogs it then climbs the ladder and exits atop the hull of the Garfish, with a pair of borrowed binoculars, she starts to take a look around.
[07:49:11] Lt Jaron: "What exactly are we looking for here?"
[07:49:56] Lt. Lurana: "Her mech… I'm assuming you were told that our lil beauty here is an Invid?"
[07:50:35] (GM): Sarah, feel free to roll perc here, maybe an INT check or two.
[07:50:45] Sarah nods just a little at that. "The point is to make certain no one does it again." She sighs softly. "Yes, he knows, may have just not heard about the pickup."
[07:51:21] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6)
[07:51:34] John: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[07:51:39] Sarah: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[07:51:40] Sarah: [1d20] => [15] = (15)
[07:51:41] (GM): @ Jaron, you have, I assume, linked up with the others, you are the only on in Cyclone armor, the others are all in CVR-3
[07:51:57] Sarah: (( er? Didn't think I was in any ))
[07:52:22] (GM): okay, all but Sarah are in CVR-3
[07:52:48] Lt Jaron nods "Why not just have a recover team to get it?"
[07:53:02] John: "We should use caution. There could be anything in theses ruins now."
[07:53:45] Sarah looks over to Jaron. "Because it's underground and would take quite an effort to dig out otherwise. It won't under its own power."
[07:54:57] (GM): @ Sarah, you can pick out some familiar landmarks that point out you are on the right track to the cache.
[07:55:07] Lt Jaron: "Yea….but the recover team would use proper machinery to dig it out"
[07:56:20] Sarah shrugs a bit. "Well, I have to make certain of exactly where it is, first. It's been two years since I dug it under and abandoned it."
[07:56:22] John: "I don't think they believed her." John says to Jaron.
[07:57:57] Lt Jaron quirks a brow "You really think its still there or even operational?"
[07:57:58] Lt. Lurana: "If she can get to her mech its better she pilots it out any way, her stuff right?"
[07:58:22] Lt. Lurana: "Im pritty sure its like ours in cold storage they can remain active for years"
[07:59:03] Sarah laughs just a little bit. "Oh, it'll be operational…"
[08:02:05] Lt Jaron steps forth and checks sensors for any underground readings (sensory equip [1d100] => [61] = (61))
[08:03:04] (GM): Following Sarah as she wanders almost illy nilly towards where she believes her mecha to be, you approach a clearing in the midst of what would have been a town square, or main street… rows of debris, walls, husks of buildings and rusted out cars form a road of sorts.
[08:04:06] (GM): @ Jaron, you pick up faint heat traces from underground, might be wildlife, might not, the ground clutter and the faintness of the signatures make it hard to tell.
[08:04:40] Lt Jaron clunks along to the right flank of the others "Its under this town?"
[08:06:11] Sarah glances around quietly at the city at large, watching for more potential landmarks to where she hid it, trying to remember. "That's where I hid it anyway… not right under a street mind you…"
[08:07:58] (GM): roll percs folks
[08:08:19] John: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
[08:08:32] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
[08:08:41] Lt Jaron: [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)
[08:09:34] Lt. Lurana: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[08:11:15] (GM): @ Sarah, you see a familiar landmark, a bent up busted sign with the words "Amdahl Automotive" on it.
[08:11:19] Lt. Lurana: "Something is under there…"
[08:11:38] Lt. Lurana: "Jaron scan right here at my feet deep scan if you will?"

[08:12:00] Cutscene: “Sir.” An aide to Eli Leonard states as he enters his superior’s office. “We have reports that that Garfish that landed yesterday has taken off and moved west, south west.” Eli Leonard looks up at his aide and scowls. “Are they moving towards Sioux Falls?” His aide shakes his head. “Not directly, but close.”

“Do we have any assets in the area?” Eli asks. “Yes, I took the liberty of making a few calls; we should have eyes on inside the hour.” Eli nods, pleased. “Very good, tell our, asset that they have a free hand, and, call Reece; tell him that the UEEF are in his backyard, he may deal with them as he sees fit.”

[08:12:51] Lt Jaron nods and scans (sensors [1d100] => [28] = (28) vs 50%)
[08:14:26] (GM): @ Jaron (And ONLY Jaron) you notice some of those faint heat traces you first noticed earlier, moving…
[08:15:37] Lt Jaron: "Ummm picking up something but its moving"
[08:16:25] Sarah smiles a little as she sees the sign, then blanches and frowns as she hears Jaron.
[08:18:45] Sarah sighs. "How many and how close?"
[08:19:38] (GM): @ Jaron: Hard to tell, more then one, maybe 4, about the size of a large boar.
[08:20:04] Lt. Lurana: "Point one out and dig it out?"
[08:20:04] (GM): @ Jaron one is directly underneath, the others to your flanks
[08:20:05] John sets his Gallant to the highest setting and says to Jaron. "Can you see where it's moving to?"
[08:21:39] Lt Jaron relays info
[08:21:46] (GM): @ Jaron, the three to the flanks seem to be moving towards the ruins,
[08:21:56] Lt Jaron moves back some.
[08:22:36] Lt Jaron: "I could be paranoid but the signatures seem to be performing formations"
[08:24:05] Sarah blinks just a little, frowning slightly. "Great…." She looks around, frowning and trying to think about where she could get a closer look at the problem, and trying to find her battloid more quickly.
[08:24:36] Lt Jaron backsteps towards their vehicles, watching to see what the signatures do.
[08:26:58] John: John will try to find the highest point on something. Cars, mounds etc..
[08:27:50] (GM): @ Jaron, John moves to high ground, but the direction he moves in puts him close to where one of the traces has moved towards, roll RSI please
[08:28:27] Lt Jaron: [1d100] => [36] = (36)
[08:28:33] Lt Jaron: (vs 50%)
[08:28:45] (GM): right now the only sounds are the wind against the grass, a few birds overhead and your heart pounding in your chest
[08:29:10] (GM): @ Jaron: the traces are becoming stronger, as they near the surface…
[08:29:31] Sarah blanches slightly and looks down at the spot Jaron is backstepeping from, frowning. "Faint protoculture trace… not a mecha or anything refined, but… its so faint it could be an altered animal…" She looks around quickly.
[08:29:56] Lt Jaron: "They are closer to the surface…be careful." (size of signatures?)
[08:30:08] (GM): @ Jaron, man sized
[08:30:30] Lt. Lurana clambers onto a wall then and balances her self looking around and taking her gallant and its parts putting it together into rifle and clicking it to highest setting
[08:31:25] (GM): Perc
[08:31:33] Lt Jaron: [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
[08:31:36] (GM): y'all get a +2 for PARANOIA!
[08:31:51] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
[08:32:14] John: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[08:32:27] Lt Jaron: (22 then)
[08:33:10] Lt. Lurana: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[08:33:14] Lt. Lurana: (18)
[08:33:14] (GM): @ Jaron! You see it, straight away as it breaks the surface, an ungodly beast, rust brown with greenish highlights, quadruped, low to the ground, reptilian, with nasty claws, and even nastier teeth.
[08:34:22] (GM): @ Lurana, you see it as well, and then you hear a noise from behind you! Whirling about, you see another one! it's slobber dripping from eager fangs.
[08:35:03] Lt Jaron "what the !!!" he takes a step back
[08:35:44] (GM): Sarah, you see the one that Jaron spotted, but feel scratching from below you
[08:36:03] (GM): John, you are, DANGEROUSLY close to the one Jaron spotted
[08:36:30] (GM): Horror Factor everyone
[08:36:55] John: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[08:37:12] Sarah: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
[08:37:15] (GM): The number to beat is 14 on a 20 sided …OOOOo johnny! you a lucky clucky boy
[08:37:20] Lt Jaron: [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16)
[08:37:25] (GM): And, Sarah, she ain't 'fraid no ghost
[08:37:34] Sarah blinks suddenly and skitters back from where she was, gaping at the spot she was standing on and the thing that surfaced. "Scratching below me as well, that's why I moved."
[08:37:40] (GM): Jaron, he's ready to kick some
[08:38:07] John moves back slowly
[08:39:27] Lt. Lurana: [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
[08:39:43] Lt. Lurana: (fail)
[08:39:54] (GM): Lurana is frozen with fear, the only word to escape her lips is a high pitched "mommie!"
[08:40:15] John: lol
[08:40:29] John: int?
[08:40:47] (GM): Oh john john john….The one nearest you, leaps! and he's leaping at YOU!
[08:41:12] John: John attempts to dodge
[08:41:26] (GM): [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)
[08:41:32] (GM): do it to it
[08:41:39] John: Will leap to his right and fire from the hip
[08:42:15] (GM): oooo tricky tricky
[08:42:38] (GM): you'll have to roll the dodge first, then the strike after
[08:42:43] John: [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9)
[08:42:51] (GM): (by after I mean when it's your attack)
[08:43:18] (GM): The creature lands atop you!
[08:43:18] (GM): [4d6+8] => [6,4,4,1,8] = (23)
[08:43:47] (GM): It's claws digging into your armor like daggers
[08:43:58] John: "AHHHGH!"
[08:44:14] (GM): [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
[08:44:48] (GM): One leaps at Lurana! misses and bounds off the wall, snarling angrily, it's tail whipping back and forth as it prepares for another attack…
[08:45:03] (GM): [1d20+6] => [20,6] = (26)
[08:46:25] (GM): Jaron! A Third creature, from behind you, leaps at you! Hungry for you! (creatures got the init for the surprise ambush, they get these attacks free, init after this.)
[08:47:00] Lt Jaron tries to sideskip out of the way (auto dodge [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9))
[08:47:06] (GM): but Jaron will get a +4 to Init roll since his sensors found them
[08:47:17] (GM): [4d6+8] => [3,2,2,3,8] = (18)
[08:47:22] (GM): 32
[08:47:56] (GM): The creature land on your back, slamming you to the ground, then bounds off, to circle for another attack
[08:47:58] (GM): Init
[08:48:10] (GM): Lu, you are at -3 for fear
[08:48:11] John: [1d20] => [13] = (13)
[08:48:30] (GM): [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)
[08:48:30] (GM): [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6)
[08:48:30] (GM): [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2)
[08:48:30] (GM): [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
[08:48:33] Lt Jaron: [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
[08:48:36] (GM): Creatures
[08:48:36] Lt. Lurana: [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5)
[08:49:21] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
[08:49:58] (GM): Jaron! your strike!
[08:51:26] Lt Jaron turns as the creature lands and fires a shot point blank at its head (ion [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12), dmg [4d6] => [2,3,2,4] = (11) MD)
[08:51:30] (GM): Jaron is Chargin his Lazer!
[08:51:45] (GM): [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9)
[08:52:30] (GM): The creature tries to skip out of the way but is hit! It howls in pain with a terrifying screech and backpedals some.
[08:53:39] (GM): Creature 4 erupts from the ground at Sarah's feet! Turning towards her it makes a 'chuff chuff' noise then turns it's back to her, placing the rest of the party between you and it.
[08:54:12] (GM): Creature 1 has recovered from its embarrassing first attack and pounces again at Lurana
[08:54:19] (GM): [1d20+6] => [12,6] = (18)
[08:55:12] Lt. Lurana: [1d20+10] => [5,10] = (15)
[08:55:29] (GM): The creature launches its;ef at you and impacts you!
[08:55:40] (GM): [4d6+8] => [3,2,6,3,8] = (22)
[08:56:08] (GM): Knocking you form your perch, dealing you damage. MDC, it bounds away, circling for another attack
[08:56:25] (GM): John! your attack
[08:57:40] John fires his gallant point blank to it's head.
[08:57:53] (GM): Yes, it is snarling at you, it's drool sliming down your face plate.
[08:58:01] (GM): fire
[08:58:18] John: [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3)
[08:58:42] (GM): Your gun fails to fire, it's safety still engaged
[08:59:15] (GM): (yeah, lame I know, but what else am I to do on a 1?)
[08:59:31] (GM): Sarah your up
[09:00:08] Sarah frowns at the creature putting itself between her and the group, trying to edge back and see if she can reach Lurana without the creature blocking her too much. "Keep away from me…" She frowns at the rips in the armor, considering her rather poor odds if one rips into her.
[09:02:59] (GM): The creature RESPONDS! And moves away from Sarah, about 10 or so feet away, still keeping itself between you and the group
[09:03:14] Sarah: (( o.o ))
[09:03:46] (GM): Creature 3 leaps again at Jaron
[09:04:10] (GM): [1d20+6] => [6,6] = (12)
[09:05:27] Lt Jaron tries to evade (auto dodge [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25))
[09:06:12] (GM): The superior dodge ability conferred by the Cyclone enable you to dance, with a flouirsh no less , out of the path of the onrushing beast.
[09:06:35] (GM): Lurana, your action
[09:08:25] (GM): Lurana?
[09:08:38] John: *Poke*
[09:09:31] (GM): Lurana will fire on the one closest to her!
[09:09:32] (GM): [1d20+10] => [14,10] = (24)
[09:09:39] Lt. Lurana: (hey I'm here)
[09:09:40] (GM): [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
[09:09:45] (GM): Hitting it!
[09:09:50] (GM): Roll damage Lu
[09:09:54] (GM): and sorry
[09:10:05] Lt. Lurana: (i can roll for my self *smacks*)
[09:10:37] Lt. Lurana: [6d6] => [3,2,1,4,3,4] = (17)
[09:10:59] (GM): You strike the creature dead center! it reels, and snarls at you angrily!
[09:11:14] (GM): Then leaps at you!
[09:11:17] (GM): [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
[09:11:39] (GM): Missing, bounding off the wall once again.
[09:11:45] (GM): Jaron, your action
[09:12:35] Lt Jaron fires again at his attacker ([1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18), dmg [4d6] => [1,2,4,5] = (12) MD)
[09:13:14] (GM): You strike the creature hard, it shrieks, and bolts, heading full tilt towards the hole from whence it came.
[09:13:57] (GM): john, roll a d10, I'm doing a tie breaker here
[09:14:01] (GM): [1d10] => [2] = (2)
[09:14:09] John: [1d10] => [3] = (3)
[09:14:17] (GM): You go first, your action
[09:15:37] John just about shits himself that he left the safety on. He switches it to HOT and fires point blank again.
[09:16:04] John: [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
[09:16:19] (GM): [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
[09:16:56] (GM): You hit! apparently the creature was using your face plate as a mirror to do it's…scales…
[09:17:18] John: [6d6] => [2,5,6,3,4,6] = (26)
[09:18:36] (GM): The creature leaps back singled badly and screeches!
[09:18:39] (GM): Sarah your turn
[09:19:03] Lt. Ishida (GM): [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)
[09:19:07] Lt Jaron comments "I guess this is a first for everyone here? They remind me something called a dinosaur my parents told me stories about"
[09:19:31] (GM): A blast of energy impacts the ground near the creature before you, missing.
[09:20:55] Sarah keeps frowning at the creature's reaction to her, trying to keep moving to Lurana as quickly as she can. She moves to where the creature blocks her, and glowers once again. "Not quite a dinosaur, but pretty ugly all the same. But it listened once…" She peers at the creature again. "Away. And take your 'friends' with you." She tries to put all her will into that, glowing yellow slightly. Though she jumps out of it when the blast hits the ground.
[09:21:43] (GM): Roll vs your MA
[09:22:54] Sarah: [1d100] => [39] = (39)
[09:23:06] Sarah: (( vs 94% ))
[09:23:58] (GM): The creature 'trills' at you then bounds away, and trumpets a shriek. The others pull themselves away from the others, amids angry snaps and hisses as they disengage and retreat down their holes.
[09:25:22] Sarah stares at that and frowns. "They need to be hunted down, but we're not equipped to do that." She sighs and blushes softly.
[09:25:33] (GM): @ Jaron "Arrow Wolf, this is Base 1, please repeat last transmission! You are being attacked by what?
[09:26:31] (GM): @ Group: You hear Suki's voice over the comm "You okay down there!? I saw four retreat underground!"
[09:27:05] Lt Jaron replies to com channel "Negative….just encountered unnatural fauna. Like dinosaurs but they've retreated"
[09:27:38] (GM): "Roger that Wolf. Hostiles have retreated…over."
[09:28:05] John: "Holy crap! I thought I was done for. What the hell were those things?"
[09:28:42] John: He gets up and dusts himself off.
[09:28:44] Lt. Lurana finally gets up looking at the claw marks. "Judging by their strength I'd say they were created by the Invid…"
[09:29:53] John: "Fucking Invid! They couldn't leave well enough alone." Scowls at Sarah.
[09:32:01] Lt. Lurana shoves John. "Watch it shes not Invid any more, shes more human than Invid now."
[09:32:29] Sarah glances over. "That, the protoculture trace, and the idea it listened to me." She shrugs and peers at John. "Not my doing. Think I liked those things any more than you? The only reason I wasn't shooting from go is that I'm unarmed and was trying to get to someone who was armed. Unarmed and unarmored. It's only luck that they were programmed to listen to a master, or I'd be a pile of body parts right now with a puddle beneath."
[09:33:27] Lt Jaron scans the area again for anything else, noting the signatures to his database (sensors [1d100] => [70] = (70) vs 50)
[09:33:38] John: "Yea. Well fuck that bitch! I'm sick of all this. Why are we even here. And she should be locked up!"
[09:34:57] (GM): @ Jaron, nothing else out of the ordinary, aside from the fact that it has become very very quiet, all the wild life scared off by the weapons fire and ungodly screeching, nearby, the air has suddenly gone cold as the tempers of your compatriots flare…
[09:36:17] Lt Jaron: "I with John in that we shouldn't be here, its a job for a trained recover team"
[09:38:24] Sarah shrugs. "I already was. Then they read the reports from Reflex Point and the teams I was protecting and the missions I was running. Particularly the rifle team I'm guessing. 'Run out and draw fire in a 38 light'. Yeah." She laughs a little then. "Ranks right up there with the craziest things I've done." She peers at Jaron and shrugs. "That's Lt. Fallyna's call, really." She looks to Lurana. "If you want to just flag the spot and leave it for a recover team…"
[09:39:26] John ignores Sarah."How do we know we can even trust her? She could power up her mech and kill us all, or escape."
[09:39:56] Lt. Lurana: "We recover it now"
[09:40:16] Lt. Lurana: "I trust her more than i trust you, she covered my ass 3 times now"
[09:41:42] John recovers from most of his anger. "whatever, She and her kind can go to hell. If you want to follow her, go ahead."
[09:43:19] Lt. Lurana: "Just remember butter bar i out rank you, i can throw you in the brig if i chose"
[09:44:31] Sarah ponders just a little bit and frowns, considering. "The others don't know me as well, though. And it is a subject of some contention…" She cocks her head a little. "Depending on if we have an explosives tech here, I seem to recall hearing something once that might put them more at ease. Where a prisoner in a similar situation was fitted with an explosive collar, so if there was a betrayal, it could be detonated, to kill them." She peers at John.
[09:45:41] Lt Jaron: "Anyways, lets just get this over with"
[09:46:07] Lt. Lurana: "Since you have the suit Sarah you show him where to dig and get to work
[09:46:26] John: John straightens up and says to Lurana. Sorry ma'am. I just think someone should off'er before she does the same to us is all."
[09:47:18] Lt. Lurana grabs him by the ear and drags him off a moment to speak.
[09:47:30] Sarah goes back to looking for the spot, after offering the suggestion.
[09:48:32] Lt Jaron follows behind Sarah a short distance more as a garrison then eager laborer
[09:49:06] (GM): @ Sarah, the sign is still present, you remember seeing after you had buried your mecha.
[09:49:30] Sarah looks for a further landmark, to know exactly where it is.
[09:49:47] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [8,1] = (9)
[09:50:07] (GM): This looks like the spot…
[09:50:08] Lt. Lurana cruelly yanks john's helmet and takes him out of earshot of the others a moment to speak privately
[09:50:49] Lt Jaron asks Sarah "Any luck of location?"
[09:51:37] (GM): @ Sarah, with that roll, yeah, this looks like it
[09:52:16] Lt. Lurana: "All right Butter Bar, I'm sorry but i am more protective of her right now she has given me no reason to shoot her just yet"
[09:52:46] Lt. Lurana: "And yes it is a part of my orders to shoot both her and Lt. Ishida if they gave me trouble, which neither has just yet"
[09:53:15] John: "understood ma'am."
[09:53:19] Lt Jaron steps back and fire a ion blast into the ground where Sarah points
[09:53:34] (GM): roll damage
[09:53:45] Lt Jaron: [4d6] => [4,1,1,4] = (10)
[09:53:59] Lt. Lurana: "Now i need you to focus, forget the fact that shes an Invid for now, just treat her like a human, it wasn't that long ago your race treated mine the same as your treating her now"
[09:54:13] Sarah nods just a little and peeks around. "I think this is the spot, actually… I'll need to check really quick to make sure though." She glows yellow and turns completely into energy promptly, sinking beneath the ground to look for where it went. "C'mon… be here…" (well, she thinks that anyway)
[09:54:38] (GM): You gouge a nice 4 foot crater out of the ground, but no mecha presents itself
[09:55:16] (GM): Roll … hmm, what would you roll…lemme look
[09:55:23] John: "Yes ma'am. We have been fighting them for so long that it's hard to forget they screwed us all over."
[09:55:31] Lt Jaron asks Sarah "Umm how far down is it?"
[09:55:58] Sarah: (( Sarah just sank into the ground, She not there right now ))
[09:55:59] (GM): Roll vs Detect Concealment
[09:56:13] John: "But I will make more of an effort to get along."
[09:56:19] (GM): Yes, Sarah just did an CIT (Creepy Invid Thing)
[09:56:28] Lt. Lurana: "Look what my race did here! and you forgave us!" *she points around at the evidence of mass destruction
[09:57:06] Sarah: [1d100] => [38] = (38)
[09:57:11] Sarah: (( vs 50% ))
[09:57:25] Lt Jaron looks around for Sarah, just registering the CIT
[09:58:04] (GM): You meander about underground for awhile, flitting this way and that until you by chance fly thru a cavity in the ground.
[09:58:43] John: "My hate doesn't fade that quickly. Our two races had decades to figure it out. I don't think I can ever forgive the Invid for what they have done."
[09:58:47] Sarah slows down from her flitting at the cavity, to see if it's her mecha to unbury.
[09:59:32] Lt. Lurana: "You will have to while under my command mister or at least show her a lil respect."
[10:00:09] John: "Yes ma'am. I just got too angry."
[10:00:30] (GM): [1d10] => [7] = (7)
[10:00:42] (GM): The cavity seems to be….EWWWWWW a septic tank
[10:01:04] Lt. Lurana: "Learn to cool your self, Its what will help you when you start to lead your own troops"
[10:01:04] Lt Jaron: (haha)
[10:01:09] Sarah: (( rar ))
[10:01:23] Lt. Lurana: "And if you find it hard take it from me i had it tougher keeping my cool"
[10:01:36] (GM): it takes another few minutes, 6 exactly before you finally flit thru your old mecha
[10:02:06] Sarah would eep loudly if she had enough physicality to do so, instead she starts flying a search pattern, sighing softly as she hits her mecha, and settling into it, trying to power it up.
[10:02:23] John: "Yes ma'am."
[10:02:40] (GM): The systems power up no problem, the faint yet familiar glow of your sensors spring to life.
[10:02:48] Lt. Lurana: "Now lets go help them, got any cobalt grenades handy?"
[10:03:02] Lt. Lurana begins to wonder back in the general direction of the other two
[10:03:15] John: "I think so ma'am."
[10:03:16] (GM): The power reserves are low, tapped thru prior use and energy bleed thru neglect down to 32%
[10:03:19] Lt Jaron sighs and scans the area as he waits (sensors [1d100] => [53] = (53) vs 50, detect ambush [1d100] => [80] = (80) vs 55, detect concealment [1d100] => [29] = (29) vs 50 and perception [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8))
[10:03:37] Sarah phews softly as it powers up, and starts trying to push through the rubble above the mecha with it.
[10:04:26] (GM): Jaron notices nothing out of the ordinary, well, that is if he doesn't count a pair of those creatures, hunkered down, watching you some 70 feet away, their tails swishing to and fro
[10:05:55] Sarah just keeps trying to unbury, pushing on the thrusters some to get it to push out.
[10:06:15] (GM): @ Jaron, the ground nearby heaves
[10:07:17] Lt Jaron leaps out of the way, giving plenty of room for whatever is coming up
[10:08:47] (GM): Presently the ground bursts open and the awesome frame of an INVID ROYAL COMMAND BATTLOID erupts from the earth! It settles nearby, the dust settling, as chunks of dirt fall from it's unused frame. The eye glows an ominous red as it surveys you and all feel a tinge of dread as you gaze upon something out of nightmare, never before have you stood so close to a mecha such as this, outside of mortal and final combat.
If ever you have felt helpless, now is the time, as you in CVR-3 and one LONE cyclone stare UP at the RCB
[10:10:41] Lt Jaron calls for reinforcements…
[10:11:18] Lt. Lurana would look at it prolly with recognition* "all right Sarah step out a moment"
[10:11:30] (GM): Arrow wolf roger that, confirmed sighting of an Invid RCB, units inbound hot!"
[10:13:53] Sarah pops the canopy open as soon as the battloid is settled onto the ground. She doesn't so much as climb out as nearly slide out, practically falling to the ground before she moves a little away and back, doubling over almost immediately and making a distinct sound of someone throwing up.
[10:15:51] Lt Jaron replies to all "I called in forces to handle to help…" he just nows sees Sarah.
[10:16:17] Lt. Lurana: "Call them off or your gonna get a shot to the face for going above my head"
[10:18:05] John: "Is that her ma'am?" To Lu.
[10:18:32] Sarah glances back and frowns at Jaron, sighing. "Er… I'm sure Intel would like it better intact." She sighs then, still not looking entirely well.
[10:19:28] Lt Jaron comments "Maybe if you was a little more giving with information plus I was assigned to Earth and its still my duty as long as I'm here."
[10:20:20] Lt Jaron hears Sarah and nods and gets hold of HQ "Negative, negative. Its not active. Repeat not active. Just gave us a scare of our life thou"
[10:22:14] (GM): Roger that Wolf Arrow, scared us to death as well, next time be SURE! Our forces are RTB." You hear Base 1 respond with a mixture of relief and annoyance
[10:22:29] Sarah: "It was just a weather balloon?" She suggests it in a facetious enough tone to indicate she's not being serious.

[10:22:55] Cutscene: Atop the Garfish Suki continues her visual reconnaissance of the surrounding area. She looks as the RCB erupts from the ground, awed and frightened at the same time, but her heckles drop as she sees Sarah exit, and after assuring she is all right, at least visible, resumes her sweep. As she pans her binoculars she catches the glint of sunlight against something reflective. Pausing, she tries to zoom in, and again, notes the telltale of sunlight against glass, or metal some mile or so away.
One and a half miles away: The tracker, observed the lone trooper atop the landed ship within the scope of his Barrett Light 50 sniper rifle. His breathing echoes in his ears as he watches his quarry. But what the hell was that! An Invid RCB!? Looking back to the person atop the ‘Fish. A young woman, that’s interesting, she doesn’t seem bothered. Wait!? Has she seen him? He tenses, waiting, she seems to adjust, the iris of her binoculars narrowing. She HAS seen him!
With slight motions he raises the barrel while cursing himself for allowing himself to be seen, a rookie mistake, one he will remedy soon enough. The crosshairs move up, and descend upon her forehead, and squeezes the trigger.

[10:23:22] Lt. Ishida (GM): Atop the Garfish. Suki couldn’t be sure, but something WAS out there. Lowing her glasses she turned her head down to key her radio. “Guy, I think we have som….” Her sentence is cut short as a .50 caliber round impacts where her forehead would have been, instead, hitting the lip of her CVR-3’s helmet.
[10:23:31] (GM): Suki is lifted up and off the hull by the impact as the shock throws her onto her back, her legs splayed out her body landing with a muffled thud.
[10:23:33] Lt. Lurana: "Sarah is her name yes"
[10:23:39] (GM): The others hear a crack, what sounds like distant thunder, play over the hills.
[10:24:25] Lt. Lurana would move to step into the mech tho and then turns to the crack "Crap, Sarah in it go see what made that noise over there i think?"
[10:24:36] Lt. Lurana tries to point where the echo seemed to originate
[10:25:04] Sarah nods quickly and hurries over to the Garfish where the crack hit, trying to run for the top as quickly as she can manage.
[10:25:43] (GM): @ Sarah, you no more then make it three steps then a gout of earth erupts in front of you, a crack is head a few seconds later
[10:25:54] Lt. Lurana: "Back to the garfish butter bar, you back to your mech" *radios Suki to see if she is around*
[10:26:30] John runs for the fish.
[10:26:34] Sarah yeeks and jumps back. "Can the Garfish sensors spot a potential sniper? Maybe Suki or the gun techs could cover us."
[10:26:39] (GM): @ Lurana, a terrible impact hit your chest, toppling you out of the RCB and onto your back, a crack is heard a few seconds later
[10:27:02] Lt. Lurana: (damage?)
[10:27:05] Lt. Lurana: (or is it SDC shots?)
[10:27:08] Lt Jaron glances about and tries to locate position from the way Suki is hit (military tactics [1d100] => [20] = (20) vs 50, intelligence [1d100] => [6] = (6) vs 48, perception [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15))
[10:27:13] (GM): 5 MD
[10:28:00] (GM): @ Jaron, the sniper is PRESUMABLY one a hill maybe a mile, maybe 2 miles away, based on the time between impacts and the sound of the report
[10:28:40] Lt Jaron tries to get cover using the walls and relays info the others "Lt Lurana, the garfish have any weapons ready?"
[10:28:45] Lt. Lurana curses and rolls behind the leg and snaps her rifle around again looking where the she took the hit from and scans using the scope on her rifle.*
[10:28:47] (GM): @ John, a gout of earth impacts to your left and you hear a snap WIZZZZ as a bullet nearly misses you
[10:29:20] John keeps running
[10:29:30] (GM): In the space of 4 seconds and 3 shots, the sniper has pinned you
[10:29:40] John: On comm. "I'm taking fire here!"
[10:29:41] (GM): well except for John! that crazy bastid!
[10:29:51] (GM): [1d20+8-4] => [8,8,-4] = (12)
[10:29:54] Lt. Lurana: "Garfish ready weapons fire on the hill if we have an spare gunner"
[10:30:21] (GM): John, you take a hit dead center, that lifts you up off your feet and slams you onto your back, your armor takes 5 MD
[10:30:42] (GM): The Garfish is faced the wrong way, the sniper is behind the 'Fish
[10:30:47] Sarah hurries back to her mech then, pausing at Lurana. "Think your armor will hold to the ship? Otherwise I /think/ you can fit on my lap."
[10:30:57] Lt. Lurana: (uh turret can rotate cant it?)
[10:31:12] (GM): not unless it wants to blow apart the cargo pod to do it
[10:31:18] Lt. Lurana: "Stay back behind the leg"
[10:31:31] (GM): [1d20+8-4] => [4,8,-4] = (8)
[10:31:35] Lt. Lurana scans the slopes looking for the sniper with her own scope
[10:31:39] Sarah nods just a little at that, staying there. "Right…."
[10:31:56] Lt. Lurana: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[10:32:05] Lt. Lurana: (12 perc check for him)
[10:32:06] (GM): A loud SPANG VWEEEEEEEEE of a ricochet impacts scarily close to Lurana's head
[10:32:35] (GM): @ john, a dead car, and a mound about 50 yards past it
[10:32:36] Lt Jaron: (so a weapon has range, is there a penalty for shooting past that range?)
[10:32:45] (GM): thats why you see the -4
[10:33:10] John: John dashes for the car.
[10:33:17] Lt Jaron: "Lt Lurana, I will move out into open, you fire your best shot"
[10:33:26] (GM): for you, none of your side arms have even HALF the range to hit your aggressor
[10:33:42] Lt. Lurana: (I'm using rifle form?)
[10:33:49] (GM): even then
[10:33:57] Sarah frowns and looks at Lurana. "If I can get into the cockpit, I can cover everyone."
[10:34:04] Lt. Lurana: (do i even spot him?)
[10:34:15] (GM): No
[10:34:34] Lt. Lurana: "Do so and do it quick"
[10:34:57] Sarah nods quickly, and makes a break for the cockpit seat, trying to jump into it and touch the control pads in as big of hurry as she can.
[10:34:58] Lt. Lurana rolls and crawls to cover if theres a wall or even drops into the hole she made pulling her mech free
[10:35:08] (GM): [1d20+8-4] => [17,8,-4] = (21)
[10:35:27] (GM): Sarah, you are hit
[10:36:31] (GM): [1d6*10] => 10
[10:36:41] Lt Jaron replies to com "Dammit, you could've told us to give some cover fire for her Lurana or told her to wait a second"
[10:36:51] (GM): that damage is SDC
[10:37:18] Lt. Lurana: "And how are we suppose to cover her? We cant even reach him"
[10:37:37] (GM): Sarah the impact smacks you high and left, and you crumple into the pilots compartment
[10:37:50] Lt Jaron replies "Its call drawing fire"
[10:38:21] (GM): [1d100] => [41] = (41)
[10:38:46] Sarah gets hit and squerks suddenly, a little splatter of green landing on the ground near her as she crumples, trying to get herself coherent to pilot, slumping her hands onto the pads.
[10:39:34] John hears the call over comm. He dashes out into the open trying to draw their fire.
[10:39:43] Cutscene: Atop the Garfish a dazed Suki groans her head swimming and rolls onto her stomach, and low crawls to the hatch, and pulls her self into it, letting gravity do the work, as she topples down the ladder and into the ship.
[10:40:17] Lt. Lurana: "Ive got a better idea, Jaron you got the muscle and the speed to as well, go play scout for the target and call it out for Tarah once she gets airborne"
[10:40:18] (GM): [1d100] => [57] = (57)
[10:41:03] Cutscene: The sniper sees Jaron's move, and recognizes it for what it is, and fires once again at the figure trapped behind the leg of the RCB
[10:41:13] (GM): [1d20+8-4] => [14,8,-4] = (18)
[10:41:20] Lt Jaron walks out into open and fires in the sniper's position. Then replies on com "If he is worth his salt, which I wager. He'll fire a few more rounds and be gone when I get there. best to try a distraction"
[10:41:32] (GM): Lurana, you are spun onto your ass as a round clips your shoulder
[10:41:51] Sarah starts powering up the mecha, trying to run scans for the sniper, and trying to move to cover Lurana better.
[10:42:21] (GM): The pilot compartment's covering swings down, protecting you and the mecha powers up
[10:42:40] Lt. Lurana: (oh wait I'm not behind the leg remember )
[10:42:47] Lt. Lurana: (I'm in the hole behind it
[10:42:53] (GM): nod
[10:43:03] Lt. Lurana: (rolled out of the way so i don't get crisped by the thrusters)
[10:43:07] (GM): the sniper tagged you on the way to it
[10:43:25] (GM): you are in the hole now, but not the way you wanted to be…
[10:44:03] (GM): John, you are in the open trying to draw fire, but the sniper has decided it's targets near the RCB are more important
[10:44:04] Sarah: (( rofl ))
[10:44:15] Sarah: (( meanwhile I'm not firing thrusters ))
[10:44:17] Lt Jaron on radio "Lt. Ishida, Lt Ishida….you there? If so, you got any sniper rifles on board?"
[10:44:22] John: Going for the fish.
[10:44:53] Lt Jaron leaps, skips towards the hole the RCB came from to check on Lurana.
[10:45:19] (GM): @ john, after what seems to be a 100 miles and 10 hours of travel, you reach the cargo pod of the 'Fish and scramble inside, as you hear the cracks of a few more shots echo over the hills
[10:46:03] (GM): @ Jaron, you do not get a response form Lt. Ishida
[10:46:42] John heads for the gunnery controls.
[10:46:46] Lt Jaron tries to get hold of another crew member "Anyone of the Garfish? Reply please"
[10:47:19] Lt. Lurana lies in the bottom of it a tangled mess from the shot groaning
[10:47:30] (GM): As John climbs the ladder and enters the 'Fish itself you are met by a startled crewman, apparently none the wise to what is going on outside.
[10:48:07] (GM): @ Jaron "This is Hennasy, comms, go ahead! Are you being shot at?"
[10:48:32] John: "Get to your fucking post! We're under fire!"
[10:49:14] (GM): @ John: The crewman blanches and salutes, "Y…yessir!" and runs off to his post.
[10:49:29] Lt Jaron replies on com "Check weapons on board for sniper rifle if you have any, but find Ishida, I think she was hit"
[10:49:29] John: runs for gunnery control
[10:49:50] Lt Jaron looks down the hole at Lurana and hops down.
[10:50:22] Sarah tries to get the mecha into a firing position, to see if she can spot anything close enough. Or at least fire a cover shot in front of the hill… "Should I shoot a missile or two in front into the ground for cover? Only thing I have to reach that far."
[10:50:36] (GM): @ Jaron, you hop down and see Lurana, she has a few nasty divots in her armor, a testament to it's protective qualities as it has held up rather well, considering.
[10:51:00] (GM): @ Sarah, there are no more shots, and you cannot see much on your sensors
[10:51:11] Lt Jaron: (Sarah have a radio?)
[10:51:31] Lt Jaron ask Lurana "You ok Lt?"
[10:51:40] Lt. Lurana: "Yea… winded"
[10:51:50] (GM): @ Jaron, in a sense, she has her flight suits comm, but nothing more,
[10:52:46] (GM): @ Jaron, "Lt, Fariman, we found Lt. Ishida, she's being brought forward now. She's alive."
[10:53:12] Lt Jaron replies to Sarah "Just get between him and us for now." then on com to crew "Good job"
[10:53:17] (GM): (and one more plot hole is filled)
[10:53:39] Lt Jaron kneels down and checks Lurana quickly (first aid [1d100] => [44] = (44) vs 45)
[10:53:55] Sarah nods quickly inside her cockpit and tries to do exactly that, to keep the crew covered. "I'll move slow, maybe I can keep cover going right to the Garfish.
[10:54:00] (GM): @ Jaron, she is gonna be SORE!!! but nothing penetrated
[10:54:13] Lt. Lurana: "I'm not injured just winded"
[10:54:19] Lt. Lurana maneuvers to stand up
[10:54:24] (GM): @ Sarah, you move out, but again, no new shots ring out,
[10:54:57] Sarah: (( yeah, penetrating on her is for *censored* ))
[10:55:06] (GM): ((LOL))
[10:55:15] Sarah: (( *halopolishes* ))
[10:56:19] Sarah frowns at the lack of fire. "He's either gone, or he's trying to lure us into being complacent long enough to expose ourselves."
[10:56:30] (GM): @ john, you reach the bridge and take the gunnery station, a few worried crewman, at their stations look to you for guidance
[10:56:58] Lt. Lurana: "Do a circle visual check the mountain range…"
[10:58:05] John: John runs through his weapons startup. "Don't just stand there, fire this thing up! We need to give the others cover."
[10:58:20] Lt Jaron offers an arm for Lurana "Need a lift up?" then replies to com "Sniper has probably moved out, we wont see him until he fires again"
[10:58:47] Lt. Lurana clambers up taking the hand
[10:59:02] Sarah sighs at that, cocking her head. "Shouldn't the sensors on the 'fish be able to pick him up before that?"
[10:59:12] Lt. Lurana: "Garfish, stand by"
[10:59:12] John: [1d100] => [34] = (34)
[10:59:19] John: RSE
[10:59:25] John: pass
[10:59:30] Lt. Lurana looks up and tries to climb up
[11:00:02] (GM): @ John, as your weapons console initializes the other crew begin power up procedures. a minute later a bedraggled Suki is helped to the bridge, her legs are wobbly and her helmet visor is shattered and spidered and a nasty inch deep dent is above her right temple.
[11:00:09] (GM): [1d100] => [23] = (23)
[11:00:14] (GM): You see nothing
[11:01:01] John: "Are you ok LT? We're pinned down out there."
[11:01:02] (GM): @ Sarah, either your target is gone, or has gone to ground so well that you cannot see him
[11:01:23] Lt. Lurana: "Hes stopped firing…"
[11:02:31] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki replies in muttered Japanese as she is helped into a nearby seat, you can see she has hurled
[11:04:07] Lt Jaron leaps out of the hole, grabbing Lurana along the way.
[11:04:37] Lt. Lurana feels him grab her buttocks by accident when he went to and shoves him off blushing badly
[11:05:00] Sarah tries to keep providing cover for both of them, moving to offer one of the mech's hands down to Jaron. "I can keep you both better covered if I keep the back to the hill, and hold you both in front."
[11:06:14] (GM): Tense minutes pass as the RCB with Sarah at the helm covers the others retreat to the safety of the Garfish. It is clear by the time the arrive that the Sniper is well and truly gone, or, has decided not to ghost his position in the face of a Royal Command battloid
[11:06:25] Lt Jaron quirks a brow as he is shoves ever so slightly and moves onward
[11:07:40] Lt Jaron hop onto his Veritech and comes out of his battloid, storing it quickly before hopping into cockpit
[11:09:14] (GM): @ Jaron, you transform into battloid and join Sarah, it is mighty odd to you, in your Alpha, to be STANDING next to a RCB, the sight would be almost surreal, if not the dire situation.
[11:10:34] Sarah stands there in the battloid next to the Alpha, sighing softly into her radio. "So what's next? Getting out of here completely, I hope?"
[11:11:13] Lt Jaron replies on com "Yes….Lt Ishida or Lurana can we please return to base now?"
[11:12:49] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki replies "Hai! load up and RTB" She says…her voice woozy, but still focused
[11:14:57] Sarah whews softly as she hears that on the flightsuit radio, turning the battloid and marching it into the back of the cargo bay to be strapped down. She keeps her hands on the pads for the controls for a moment though, a soft 'chunk' noise as a compartment in back opens up. She walks behind once she gets out, to pull the protoculture canisters, looking over towards Jaron and his inbound mecha. "Feel safer if these were locked in the Alpha? I'm sure some others would…"
[11:15:02] John: John sighs in great relief.
[11:17:32] Lt Jaron goes guardian mode and gets out, moving to Sarah "I don't know Sarah, its one those sticky situations"
[11:17:38] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki: " Jaron, would you come to the bridge please." Suki says
[11:19:32] Lt. Ishida (GM): [1d100-10] => [74,-10] = (64)
[11:20:30] Sarah nods just a little bit and considers it. "Yeah… If we have to keep the ship defended before we get back, I'll have to get them from you. Seeing how we only have new two mecha on the ship. And one Cyclone."
[11:20:43] Lt. Ishida (GM): As Jaron makes his way to the bridge the engines of the Garfish fire up and the ship lifts into the air in a almost drunk fashion
[11:21:19] Lt Jaron quirks a brow and replies to Sarah before he goes "Sarah, just replaces them or put them in a secure crate or locker" then heads to bridge.
[11:21:44] Lt Jaron looks over the bridge and ask "What is it Lt Ishida?"
[11:22:05] Sarah nods just a little bit. "All right." She shrugs and puts them in a crate for the moment, before heading out as well. She heads for the quarters herself, visions of a nice long shower filling her head.
[11:23:56] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki looks up at you from the piloting station and staggers out of it, picking up her helmet, the damage to it plain. "I can't fly like this…you're rated. Please, take over." She says, a tinge of embarrassment in her voice.
[11:27:04] Lt Jaron nods to Ishida "Pleasure Lt, get some rest" and sits down
[11:28:02] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki nods "Domo arigato gozaimasu" She replies as she leaves the bridge.
[11:29:12] (GM): Lurana takes her place in the captains chair and states "Mr. Fairman, back to base if you please!"
[11:30:04] Lt Jaron replies "yes Lt" and does so (what a roll?)
[11:30:19] (GM): roll vs Light and Medium spacecraft
[11:32:28] Lt Jaron: [1d100] => [4] = (4) vs70
[11:33:22] (GM): Dayumm! Jaron, you pull the Garfish up and out of the area with grace and skill, despite the laden cargo pod it has slung beneath.
[11:33:28] Sarah: (( *snugs people* ))
[11:34:43] Lt Jaron likes to the controls as its be awhile since piloting a shuttle
[11:36:58] (GM): It takes no time to return to base, the storm, hainvg all but blown over. Jaron, roll on more tiem!
[11:38:18] Lt Jaron: [1d100] => [52] = (52) vs 70
[11:38:56] (GM): The landing is not as spectacular as the take off but is professional enough!
[11:39:00] Sarah: (( Taking off is easy. Landing… that's hard ;p ))
[11:40:22] (GM): Nah, landing is a cinch, it's guaranteed…it's the manner in which you perform it…
[11:41:04] Lt Jaron smiles as he lands then turns about "The rest of the cargo ready to go now?"
[11:41:07] Sarah: (( rofl ))
[11:41:31] John: so true


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